The next General Election

There have been all kinds of speculation of a snap election. The only thing that got snapped was the merlion. What else will be snapped? Another interesting question that is being raised is the possibility of LKY contesting for another term. How preposterous to suggest that he is too old and should resign. At 85, he has done everything, he should be singing My Way in the karaoke clubs. Now, would the electorate still think that it is worthy and deserving to vote an octogenarian to be an MP? I think everyone will have his way of looking at this queer possibility. There are many reasons for him to stay in politics, and many reasons for him to quit. Should the decision be made by him or should it be a decision to be made by the party, or by the people? The story will not have a pleasant ending should he be voted out by the people. Would he consider leaving a legacy as a never defeated MP? Or would he dally with the possibility of a bridge too far?


Anonymous said...

Not only will I believe he will contest, he will have to be there to provide the coat-tails for the 'wet behind the ears' politicians to get into Parliament by the backdoor.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

Let the party decide? He is the party!! So, we know how that will turn out. The electorate in Tanjong Pagar will have to grom some balls and be courageous enough to put this old man out to pasture. Voters in TP GRC, please take a leaf from our northern neighbours who one year ago threw out several senior but useless ministers in the watershed Mar election.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The next election? Same-o same-o.

PAP: blah blah blah

Opposition: counter blah blah blah

PAP: counter to the counter blah blah blah

... ad nauseum.

It doesn't matter who or which party wins the election — the government always gets in!

.. and the good old inviolable and immutable universal natural law of socio-political reality:


Anonymous said...

'Who are the real fools, clowns and traitors?'

Will they all be found in Tanjong Pagar where majority of voters are Chinese(Singaporean)?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i think the next election is not going to be the same. the oldies who were strong supporters of pap were either gone or disillusioned.

and the young is not going to be manhandled like the oldies in the past. they are going to have their say. and given the things that have happened recently, and the self inflicted credibility, don't be too sure.

in the case of tg pagar, the young are not affected the the past halo effect. we will see.

and don't forget, if lky cannot carry a grc, it is a grc lost.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, from my personal observation, old ladies, and I mean those above 65 years, are more prone to support the PAP. Old men, who sit with friends in coffee-shops are more politically informed and are less supportive of the ruling party.

When these old folks pass on, I think the votes will swing perceptively towards the opposition. The only problem is will there be capable and credible candidates to stand on the opposition platform.

In Tanjong Pagar, if the old 'pagar' is gone, expect to see the opposition moving in to contest.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

Surely the GE will happen this year. All the key ministers are saying the same tune: Singapore economy is getting worst. Hence, they will say: Singapore need a capable, world class and credible party to lead the country through the storm. The history is repeating. Same threaten tactic and same dirty trick.

Anonymous said...

I hope the opposition don't get caught with their pants down. What they are saying and repeating, from the top to the mouthpieces, about the election not expected this year, do you trust them?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

the opposition should prepare for all scenarios. take people's words at face value but be aware that not everything or every word is what it is.