Victims of ethics

Madam Chiang Meng Lee wrote to ST about her involvement in an accident which was clearly the fault of the other party and a few days later a legal letter came accusing her of being the cause of the accident. I too had such a case in the past when a reckless taxi driver swerved into my lane. And I was accused of causing the accident. This kind of tactic, to point the guilty finger at the other party cannot have come from the drivers but must come from other interested parties. Whoever offered such advice must be totally devoid of morals and ethics. The main intention is to win even if turning the table against the innocent parties. This is how dark our society has become. And if one does not have the money to engage an equally good lawyer and pay through your nose, just too bad. Be prepared to become the victim and pay for all costs, including legal cost. Yes, our judicial system is fair to all, but conditional that you have more money than the other party. Where is the ethics?


Anonymous said...

Life is never about fairness. The law favours the rich, true and simple.

Have you forgotten the saying that the rich can get away with murder?

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

All laws, whether ancient laws or modern laws, are being executed by human beings. And human beings are not perfect.

Especially in modern days, every one seems to have a price tag. Money can buy almost everything, even lawyers, juries and judges. It is even better if you have money as well as power or influence. You can buy loyalty as well as betrayal.

This is how the world really works. This is the reality. Altruism, ethics and morality are only good for the kids in school.

The working world is a jungle that only the fittest (cunning, powerful, connected, rich and fast) rule and the rest shall simply abide.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

agree that life is never fair. but the victims of unfairness must not take it lying down. do whatever to make it fairer at least for themselves. at least kpkb and let it be heard.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

no one agree that we should make life fairer? everyone agree that they have to accept and live with the unfairness and be a victim to such unfairness?

Anonymous said...

If there is fairness

then there shall be no hell.

And if there is hell

then there must be qualifiers

for it, the people who don't

believe in fairness or justice.

Fair to say so ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

this is something that i wanted to write about but just find it too difficult to do so. in this world there are rule of law, rule of power and wealth all for the rich and powerful.

for the downtrodden they can only hope for the rule of god or nature which they believe will bring some fairness through the concept of karma or retribution. but this rule is hard to prove as it is not always true. the poor or losers can try to use this rule to frighen the rich and powerful. but they will not care a dime.