Singapore United the way to go

This is the new war cry of Hsien Loong. He is calling on Singaporeans to work together to find solutions to the crisis. How real and relevant is such a call? The work together may be a bit real as everyone has to work to keep the machine running, the economy running. If everyone just plays his part be it a cleaner or a minister, things will continue to move. The part about finding solutions to the crisis is best left to the super talents. How could the less able be in a position to find solutions when the greatest minds in the US are still fumbling along? Even if they have any small ideas, they will quickly be brushed aside by the supertalents. They will be a laughing stock to have the audacity to suggest a solution to such an immense problem when supertalents could not resolve. And if assuming that they could get the idea across, make known to the supertalents. Oh yes, they can write to ST Forum or to Reach with their great ideas. I rather be real. Every one just do their parts well. Let the cleaners do the cleaning and the govt do the governing, the thinkers do the thinking. Hey, this is very Confusion, oops, Confucian I mean.


Anonymous said...

His message is quite clear and straight forward to me. He is telling all of us that he and his team of elites have run out of ideas and now needs commoners like the cleaners and taxi drivers to help him find solutions but remain getting paid less than 300,000th of his monthly income.

I think most politicians are very thick-skinned and shameless.

Anonymous said...

I think most politicians are very thick-skinned and shameless.

You are absolutely right! One of them even allows us to use CPF money to spent on healthcare in another country instead of lowering the health cost here. He is a malaysian and so suggests we empty our CPF in malacca. What a "pabo"!(in Korean)
We have such talented ministers, our PM shouldn't have problem finding solutions.
If he wants me,a Singaporean, to help find solutions,then he has to share his pay with me!:-0

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

today the perception of people has changed. it is no longer right to ask to the people for ideas, like what you people had said.

how could million dollar decision makers be asking untalented and unpaid people for ideas? the expectation now is that they are paid handsomely, and they are expected to do the job. if they did well, ok. if not, they will be subject to criticism. it is the right of the people to criticise if the well paid employee failed to perform.

Anonymous said...

I think before he tells Singaporeans to unite, he and his people must practise what they preach.

Fixing the opposition or denying facilities to opposition wards is hardly the way to do it.

I rest my case.

Lost Citizen

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

> How real and relevant is such a call? <

It is total, unadulterated political-ese and an excuse to cut your fucking already small pay further, and expect you to "sacrifice" if you eventually lose your job.

Meanwhile, the top-dogs in the government are still drawing their millions, and to add insult to injury their "jobs" ( as if they actually create anything — they don't) are SAFE.

Anonymous said...

He is sending the rite message at the rite time.

with due respects however, i just hope it is not another one of those LIP SERVICEs like .. liberalisation now, when in fact the opposites happened.

singapore is now more tightly controlled than ever if you ask me, while china is exactly the opposite. strange irony huh?

Anonymous said...

We are becoming the next Myanmar, but some sillyporeans don't realise that.