Newton BBQed

It is good that the Newton BBQ stall has been suspended from business for 3 months. That is what the Singapore Brand is worth. I thought the Singapore Brand is worth more than that. But I hope all the tourists would avoid Newton altogether. The locals should avoid the place as well. And another big mess in Sim Lim and other shopping centres are about to unfold. Maybe the shops will also be suspended from operating for 3 months if they are caught fleecing their customers. In the case of Dr Clemen, he did not fleece his customers. They came willingly to give him the money.


Anonymous said...

God help those who help themselves.

Anonymous said...

Suspended for 3 months only? The hawker who looks reportedly like a hawk with shifty eyes and glistening sweat on his forehead and droooling saliva at the money he is conning every night should be barbecued like his prawns and jailed for 3 years for cheating.

And to think that 4.5 million of taxpayers' money was spent "sprucing" up the con job pit to help this asshole to cheat unsuspecting tourists! Jeez, give me a break will'ya.

That's the trouble with this shithole. A slap on the wrists only for non capital offences!


Anonymous said...

Buddha help those who help themselves too.

And God and Buddha are right. We should help ourselves by avoiding such places, no matter what they say about the food. I am sure that is not the only hawker doing the conning over there.

Lost Citizen

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

should let newton be infamous for daylight robbery and turn away all the customers.

can STB condone such things while at the same time spending millions to promote visiting singapore? and spending millions to bring people to newton to be cheated!

Anonymous said...

Newton is overrated and overpriced. If any of my visiting business associates ask me to take them there, I will always talk them out of it. I've clipped out the reports regardign Stall 43, and plan to frame them and put them up on my office wall so that I can point to it to the next visiting foreigner who asks me about the place.

Oh, and redbean, from what I know the place operates primarily at night, so it should be night time robbery instead. :-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

A large majority of my friends avoid Sin Limp like the plague. Not me.

I've got some of the 'best deals' from shopping at Sin Limp, because (I hate to boast) I know all their tricks, and therefore go there not only to shop but to practice my "skills".

unLucky Plaza used to have a similar reputation. I used to purposely go there to play one tout or shop against the other. Most of the time they would "give in" simply to get rid of me or face the prospect of wasting more of their time and thus potential to make a buck from some other more gullible and easily intimidated individual.

Capitalism is a fun game to play, especially if you're better "armed" than your opponent. My fall back position was this: if the situation deteriorated where my physical security was threatened, I'd simply call the cops (government intervention), and only a fool would fuck around with the good folks from the SPF.

I've had many other "wins" against would-be rip-off merchants in S'pore. These include a certain well-known bank — occasionally involved in the odd scandal, and a fraudster who took many millions (from many so-called 'smart' people and institutions) before being caught.

Ah, yes. Capitalism is both entertaining, challenging and humbling — because it is impossible to "win" everytime.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matilah, you're my kind of guy. After reading what you wrote I wonder whether you are me? LOL.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I'm sure I'm not you. However if you're in doubt over your identity, you might want to check that with a qualified medical practitioner :-)

I'll be scaling down my activity on My Singapore News soon — because of time constraints. My commentary on the political economy will decrease, truth be known, I'm resigned more and more to the fact that the political economy is chosen by the people whether they choose to believe it or not, and there is little else I can do except alert and entertain the "deluded flock".

I'm moving over to the skeptics arena to "bust" grifters and other confidence artists out there.

In times of economic crisis, as I've indicated, there are huge opportunities. Many con artists know this and create and market all sorts of dubious schemes — investment schemes, multilevel marketing/pyramid schemes, bullshit "natural" healthcare products, future predictions, faith healing, Law of Attraction/Get Rich Quick scams, internet scams and fraud, paranormal claims etc etc.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

matilah, why can't you be less of a bum? can't you have a more pleasant word for your fans?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Eh redbean, is your underwear too tight? I had to ask the question because you are showing signs of being a nenek kapoh with really bad eyesight, sagging papaya teteks, bone dry vagina... but aside from that DELUSIONAL.

You accuse me of being "unpleasant" in words in some previous post. WHERE? Please point out, oh crazy grandma.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

oh you joker. can't you read what orroz said. there are many people who enjoy what you post and your free wheeling and to hell with the world attitude.

just be more appreciative of others and don't just rub people down for no rhyme or reasons. make more friends and enjoy the chat lah. not everyone is as thick skin as me. ok, don't be an ass. can?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Eh Uncle, I can read perfectly but my brain is definitely different from you.

You don't tell me who or what to be. Go terrorise someone else, because you are only going to embolden me and make me more combative :)

If I'm going to behave like an ass, I will. Last I heard you welcome all views — and I take that to include light hearted banter, the occasional scornful and derisive post.

Time for your medication and meditation redbean. Do it before you shit in your pants and embarrass yourself.