Clever Idea!

A Choo Kay Wee wrote to the ST suggesting that the damage by lightning on the merlion be left as it is. His reason is that it would create a lot of interests and people may just want to see it. But his brilliant idea is to charge a fee for people wanting to see the broken head. Now that is simple ingenious. A uniquely Singaporean way to make money at all opportunities. I would suggest to include stories on the significance of the lightining bolt and lightning strike and engraved theme on a plague to be attached to the merlion. That would be a wonderful story.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Fuck the Merlion. What a stupid piece of shit that is. Fictitious creature — invented by the government. Come on now!

Let's get real people!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a fictitious piece of shit for an icon.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not only leave the damage as it is, put the PAP flag with the lightning logo to give it more credence that it was lightning that caused the damage.