Promotions, promotions and promotions

Everyone is happy when they are promoted. But promotions do not come free. It means more pay! How much more pay and who is paying? Where are the money coming from?


Anonymous said...

I think it would be more appropriate to have this topic and the one on $20 million bonus together as "When the rot sets in".

Anonymous said...

Wow, its getting better and better. Now the best PM in the world needs 1 MM, 2 DPMs, 3 SMs and a couple of Ms in the PMO to hold his hand. It is getting out of proportion.

I think he really is enjoying his $3.7m salary, every penny of it, because the work load is shared by so many people.

Lost Citizen

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The best part of feudalism occurs when the fiefdoms eventually collapse.

Everybody has to be paid. The superstars in any field earn more than the average jo or jane — that is the nature of the wonderful jungle of capitalism.

However, if it is a "closed shop' govt-influenced enterprise, the the scenario reduces to protectionism and monopoly.

Sure, get a bonus of 20million. There is no problem with that if the corporation's "value" increased more than that amount.

Anyway someone (or a board) had to "approve" the figure.

Don't blame the person receiving the "good fortune". That's really bad form.