Time for a petition to the govt

The motorists must do something to prevent the motor insurance companies from reaping them off with the reckless increase in insurance premiums. Many motorists have clean driving records and the NCD is supposed to recognise this by reducing their insurance premium. Instead, their insurance premiums are now ever higher than before. How can this thing be allowed to go on and nothing can be done to it? Is there any govt organisation that can put a stop to this mindless daylight robbery? It is time to petition the govt for action. Innocent motorists cannot just keep quiet and let the insurance companies imposed whatever premiums they deem fit when the high cost is not due to these motorists. Can the govt agencies do something immediately? There is no point in talking cock and wasting time. Action is needed now. At least freeze the rate to last years and talk later.


Anonymous said...

There are many kayu drivers on the road. They are the cost why driver with clean record need to pay for their mistake. Driving center is producing more and more of this Kayu drivers. I, myself has seen and encounter them daily on the road and even on the pavement. Watch out!

Anonymous said...

the answer to this latest scam is to give up your car and buy a bi-cycle, motorised. version.

Irate motorist said...

The insurance companies are all sharks and greed. For just a minority claimants, we who have been paying for more than 30yrs without claims are being unjustly penalised...having to pay increasing annual premiums. Just wonder how much bonus the CEO and directors of these insurance companies are receiving each year?!!
I believe the relevant ministry is fully aware of this malpractice but chose not to open the "can of worms". There could be other reasons best known to themselves.
It's high time the transport minister look into this matter.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi irate motorist, welcome to the blog.

i am just hoping that the govt will do something immediately while everyone is pondering is happening and what should be done next. there are many problems in the industry that lead to the high claims.

it is very unfair to the innocent motorists whose insurance premuium should get lower with proven safe driving and no claims record instead of being made to pay more and more.

an immediate moratorium to freeze premium hike must be made now and talk later.