S Chips in the news for all the wrong reasons

Well, after warning about the corporate governance and trustworthiness of S Chips, finally the old media is catching up on this act. Two reports, one in the ST by Yang Huiwen and another in Today by Conrad Raj, posed the same concern about the dangers of playing with S Chips. At the rate the S Chips are turning turtle, just give another couple of them going into the rubbish dump, I think it will be enough for the investors to dump them completely. They are looking to become so wild, as wild as the days of Malaysian Clob shares. Be warn. Tread with care. We have very little control and knowledge of what is going on. For those who are not in stockbroking, S Chips refer to Chinese stocks listed here. Now the there is a new version of this which refers the S Chips to Scam Chips.

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