To spend or not to spend

Like real, as if I got all the money in the world to spend, to help the economy. I was planning to go for a foot massage. But now I am not too sure. LKY said, "I've got economists saying you've got to change your system. Wall Street Journal has said, 'Oh, this won't work, consume yourself'. Four million people to consume and keep an industry that supplies the world with top-end goods - it's rubbish." If what we spend, no matter how much, is not going to make any difference, I think I better save my $20.


Anonymous said...

The quote should be attributed to Lee Kuan Yew, if I recall correctly. But Hsien Loong is smart, yeah.

Anonymous said...

That's why they always seem to contradict each other.

SM said go for the foot massage, spend and help the economy.

MM said that is rubbish, it will not work.

Which of the old men should the lesser mortals follow? Obviously redbean is following the MM's advice. Maybe I should too, like real.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...


don't You think if our parliamentarians, top civil servants and their families do the spendings, the local economy will get a big boost ? No ?

Mind You; a few days' course in Paris was SIN$50,000. Right ?

redbean said...

spending here is useless as everything is still affordable. unless they want to spend on medical bills.

think they will rather spend in europe or usa.

Abao said...

I'll say to spend, though watch what you spend them on.