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Rainbows and omens

The sighting of rainbows is now arousing a lot of interests. Every sighting keeps people guessing, is it a good sign or a bad sign? The lightning strike on the merlion is definitely a bad sign. It caused damages and money to repair. And some tourists may not have the chance to take pictures with the merlion in the background. It may be a disappointment in their holidays here. Rainbows are a different kind of things. They don't hurt or harm anyone. Quite a pretty sight actually. And they appear often after a downpour, washing away all the bad stuff in the air and on the ground. It gives the impression of a new begining, leaving the unhappy past behind. A better and promising tomorrow awaiting. That's what a rainbow says.


Anonymous said...

What's the big deal about seeing a rainbow? I think the MSM has run out of decent news. All covered by Redbean and other bloggers.

Lost Citizen

Matilah_Singapura said...

A rainbow is a phenomenon of nature — the physical laws of the universe in action.

No need for any fucking superstition, mindless new age mumbo jumbo or junk science (probably learnt at a government school)

Anonymous said...

When the lightning struck the Merlion, it's disaster(immediate future).

After the disaster; new lease of living with four pots of gold, two at each end of a rainbow times two.

After death, there will be new beginnings. Divination of a new age geomancer. Remember death first.

Anonymous said...

Attempted human barbecue, lightning strike, bad recession.

Hmmm, bad 'old man' hor!

Anonymous said...

Who is this stupid creep? Why is he telling the already known(rainbow is a natural phenon) and thinks that he is so clever?

For goodness sake, everyone is just joking about this rainbow and omen things. Why get so disturbed by it?

Is this a man or an imbecile?

redbean said...

hi anonymous, matilah is not a creep or an imbecile. he just had a drop too many of toddy, that's all.

whenever he is like that, just ignore him. talk to him only when he is sensible. no one is obliged to reply to him if he/she doesn't want to. at times it is better to leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

Wait till he issue a fatwa then you know.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I hereby issue a fatwa to anon 442.

Redbean is still doing his excellent job in analysing me and speaking on my behalf. He must be doing more than observing rainbows and writing bullshit.

Anonymous said...

or maybe redbean also had a drop too many of toddy, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Redbean with toddy? Is this the next big thing after bubble tea?

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure if bubble tea comes in red bean flavour.

do you know, redbean?

redbean said...

you people loves redbean and bubble tea huh? as far as bubble tea is concerned, the concept is to create whatever combination as long as the customers want it.

can try redbean bubble tea. it may be the next hot item.