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MBAs needing help?

Two British dons here to give suggestions to MBA graduates on what they can do in this recession. My eye balls are rolling. Shouldn't these highly qualified and trained professionals be looking after themselves or teaching the more lowly educated populations on what to do? The thought that they are lost and needed help or guidance really baffles me. Dum da da dum dum, dum dum.


Anonymous said...

Hi redbean. IS this in the ST? Can you post a link to the report?

redbean said...

it is on B17 of ST today.


Jaunty Jabber said...

When you are qualified with flashy degrees under your name, you could generate income anytime by giving some kind of seminars/training/talks.

redbean said...

ya, training and giving talks are big biz now. but need to be good at giving lectures.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, creating the next big bubble ie 'Talkingcock' bubble. The whole financial mess is the result of these people with such titles thinking up unscrupulous deals and demand unrealistic salaries to satify their inflated egos.

redbean said...

all these fine talents from the Ivy league universities. sure bright sparks. so talented.

Anonymous said...

Redbeans, morning CNA features one ang mo after another. One for being mountain bike inventor; another one for motorcylce skill riding; There are no skills among the Asian good enough to go on CNA.

Many years ago this was what was featured in Chingay procession. They invited the Australians girls baton team to twirl a couple of batons wearing short skirts, They had Halley Davidson riders to support these Australian girls, they also had SINGAPORE girls in equally short shirts acting as side-supporters. After the baton twirlling is over, the Australian girls were ridden on Halley bikes -boom boom they goes - GUESS WHAT, our stupid SINGAPORE girls were left running after the Halleys. It was such a shame that i promised never to return to see another Chingay again.

Kudos to our People Association's planners. Will CNA head that way soon.

redbean said...

hi anonymous, i can sense a little rejected pride in being singaporeans. having angmos or foreign artistes to participate in our chingay festival is a good idea. but, like you say, we need to exercise a bit of sensitivity and not to put our own people down.

basically we need to treat everyone with respect and dignity. but to make our own people look silly is a no no.

maybe a few of the MBAs can offer their services to the organisers in this area.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The modern MBA is the biggest bullshit degree ever concocted by the fake 'education system' — the one we're supposed to trust to 'educate' human beings.

The best job for an MBA holder is to join a government stat board, and revel in the company of fellow losers who can't perform in a free economy by actually being of VALUE to customers.