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Community hospitals up fees

By Amresh Gunasingham on 2 Feb 09 THREE of the largest community hospitals here have raised their prices sharply, and a fourth is set to follow suit. Soaring costs of food, medical supplies and qualified staff had forced them to so, they told The Straits Times. Revised ward charges for the cheapest beds have increased by at least $50. Some patients will end up paying $3,900 - almost double the previous charges - for a typical month-long stay in C-class wards. The above is quoted from ST Online. World class hospitals will end up with world class cost and world class fees. That is basic economics. But we tend to forget if the not world class patients can afford world class fees or need to be warded in world class hospitals. Also, can a middle world class hospital be adequate for not world class patients but charging not world class fees?


Anonymous said...

u die ur business as usual in singapore inc.
where is khaw when u need him? didn't he say healthcare is always affordable because of how great a job he has done?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Of course it'll go up. What's the problem? Are you too cheapskate to pay for your own health?

Anonymous said...

Bad news for patients and old people.

Good news for the other hospitals and health insurers. It is an onimous sign!

bbqchickenwings said...

Stock up more panadol. It cures everything.

redbean said...

can't blame them. the cost of a medical education is killing the parents and they need to earn back the money spent.

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