Would Heng Swee Kiat be the next PM?

This is a funny question indeed. Some may think it is mischievous. He has
just been appointed as the next DPM, the only DPM with the two incumbent DPMs
being sidelined to become senior ministers to make way for him. It is only natural
and only time is in his way to be the next PM. Everything said so far about him
is good, he has the support of Hsien Loong and his peers. The two DPMs
also have good words to say about him. His appointment as the next PM is
double or triple confirmed.

Can anyone be so certain of what tomorrow brings, what would happen
tomorrow? Man proposes, man designs, but they always say God disposes what
man proposed. There is something called destiny, fate, what is yours would
be yours, what is not yours would not be yours. If Swee Kiat is destined to
be the PM, he will be.

Until the day comes, no one can be 100% sure of this event. Should events
take an unfortunate turn and Swee Kiat’s position is challenged, who would
be the next obvious choice? Chan Chun Sing would be next in line if
according to an earlier plan. People were surprised that he was not named
the 2nd  DPM. Is there anything to read into this? And there is Chee Hian
and Tharman still hanging around. Further down the ladder there is Ye Kung
and Shanmugam.

Do not rule out the dark horses. If there is a leadership crisis at this
moment, the game is open to all, and dark horses would likely to emerge to
challenge Swee Kiat for the PM post. He is still feeling around and not
really in it yet.

Until the fat lady sings….whatever will be will be. Anwar’s position is
even nearer but still an uncertainty. He was so near yet so far. It is not
that easy to be a PM unless one has the good fortune to be one.
'A Blackbox survey commissioned by Yahoo Singapore confirmed the results of our poll. In that survey, 69 per cent of 897 respondents said they would support Tharman as a candidate to become prime minister.

Netizens responding to Tharman’s latest post echoed these sentiments as they asserted that they are ready for a non-Chinese PM. Some hoped for a “miracle” that Tharman would assume the top post as others opined that they do not like Heng as much as they like Tharman:'  Copied from theindependent.sg

In another poll from the same article said 92% was in favour of Tharman as the PM, only 8% was in favour of Swee Kiat. Maybe should rule these polls as fake news, unreliable and causing confusion.


Anonymous said...

Now when I think Heng SK, I think 10 million population, 9% GST, more open SGP more foreigners, one of the negotiators in CECA, etc . . . .

Virgo49 said...

Another DPM will be the SHAME.

They are ready for Sinkieland to be the colony of MODI.

Cannot reveal the plan so fast.
They just loved Indian Curry.


Anonymous said...

Singapore not stupid to 100% align with any 1 country. PAPies strength is in playing US, China, India against each other ... and we then offer to help each 1 of them for a good price too!

E.g. naval repairs & maintenance and aircraft MRO for US; infrastructure engineering & project mgmt knowhow for Cheena; cheap doctors & nurses from Ahneh as well as extremely cheap army training sites in Ahnehland for SAF.

Good for SG war stocks.

E.g. Latest is ST Engineering getting up to SGD2.6B for US Navy contract.

Anonymous said...

The Smart Ones, like Tharman, shall avoid the Premiership with whatever reasons.

The Smarter Ones will not contest the Next General Election. Maybe some will quietly leave Sin to enjoy their Live of Plenty.

Sin can be a dangerous place to stay.

Anonymous said...

theindependent.sg run by WP's ah nehs ??

Anonymous said...

Please lah don't worry!

He is very very the heng Heng!

Kena very very serious stroke also like nothing.

You say Heng not Heng? Tell me lah.

You know why?

Cause surname is.......HENG!

Very very the Heng Heng!

Will Sg also like him Heng Heng?

We shall see!


Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.37

Heng,Ongg and Huat.

Next in line Ongg? OYK? Any Mr What?

Genting Slogan Heng. Ongg and Huat Ah!


Anonymous said...

Hi 916am

Dangerous????? Why are you still here?

Sg really so very siong? So very dangerous?

Anonymous said...

9:16am, your comments want to laugh also cannot.

'E.g. naval repairs & maintenance and aircraft MRO for US; infrastructure engineering & project mgmt knowhow for Cheena; cheap doctors & nurses from Ahneh as well as extremely cheap army training sites in Ahnehland for SAF.'

Can't even manage MRT want to teach China about infrastructure engineering and project mgmt knowhow? You know how long China's hi speed train network? You know how big China's infrastructure projects? They have projects all over Asia, Africa and Latin America. Even the San Francisco Oakland bay bridge was built by China.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans do not have the right to elect their PM. The PM was decided for them to elect.

Who elect the PM of Singapore? Or who decides who should be the PM of Singapore?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ almost a sure bet

According to my sources, Heng is the next PM , and Chan is the next deputy under Heng.

This is almost a “sure bet”. But “almost” is not certainty. And RB has correctly pointed out that “the game is open to all” if there's a leadership crisis (which isn't happening...yet, or may not happen)

Polls are very unreliable. In fact, the results of a poll can inadvertently and unconsciously “prime” others to double-down on their already ingrained biases, or sway those who haven't made up their minds. Also what people say when polled and what they'll actually DO when they cast their ballots has not been investigated thoroughly to get some idea of correlation so that we can predict with some level of certainty how an election will turn out.

Anyway by now it should be obvious that the citizens don't actually get to CHOOSE who their next PM will be. That will be decided for them, and once a decision is made, it's almost certainly fait accompli. That's Singapore for you!

Anonymous said...

Chan is too healthy to be PM . . . may sit too long.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ this is also Singapore for you:

Another data point to bolster the idea that HDB is NOT your property. This guy didn't disturb anyone... But HDB not satisfied. HDB, damn fucking unreasonable.
HDB are fucking dickheads.


Anonymous said...

If HDB allows the koi tank, then many other people will build this and that around HDB blocks. HDB officers will then be very busy, have to run here and there to inspect.

Recently I asked HDB if I can put bluff CCTV camera outside my flat. The HDB woman officer said cannot. I asked why, it's only a mock camera bought $4 from Lazada, also cannot. She said if people see the camera they may think it's real, they then call HDB, and their officers have to go down to inspect, make them very busy. So cannot!

So still think u own yr HDB flat?

Anonymous said...


HDB & CPF are not yours. Just view them as taxes for the privilege of staying in a relatively safe city & ability to earn among the highest salaries in the world for average people.

E.g. the average Sinkie household earns 2X income of the average US household.

The only assets & $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that are fully considered yours are those secured overseas in countries with strong human rights & property laws.

Even $$$$$ in banks here or freehold property is not safe. SG govt has used the Emergency Powers Act and the Land Acquisitions Acts before to acquire both savings deposits as well as private land & other private property. There are also various laws such as the Income Tax Act, IRAS Act, CPF Act, HDB Act, etc to garnishee $$$$$$ from your bank account and/or your salary/employer.

Anonymous said...

Prohibition of real CCTV cameras because of invasion of privacy - Justified, acceptable.

Prohibition of toy CCTV cameras because will make HDB officers busy - justifiable meh ??

Anonymous said...

Hello 1242pm

You seem to be an expert!

How about share share some tips here?

How about writing a book? Sure can sell!

Anyway, why are you still in Sg?

Tell us! Tell us!

Anonymous said...

Best post is the press dent

In SG.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

FYI. Search YouTube for relevant video.

Anonymous said...

"Would Heng Swee Kiat be the next PM?"

Why should anyone care
- will anything change?


b said...

If you want to own assets, do what most rich people are doing - invest in oz/uk/us.

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