When jobs run out for generals

First they were first choice for ministers. Then there were offered jobs as top civil servants and CEOs. The latest offer is COO, a level or two below a CEO. What would happen when there is no more minister, top civil servant or CEO jobs for the busloads of generals retiring from the services for one reason or another? Would they become taxi drivers or more appropriately security guard chiefs, more related to their training and experience and still can wear decorated uniforms with medals hanging everywhere?

How many generals are being promoted every year and how many are being retired at the same time? Our SAF general making machine is very productive and producing generals non stop and in great numbers. But not only minister's jobs are limited, top civil servants and CEOs of GLCs are also limited, and so are COOs. There must come a time when there will be an oversupply, just like too many graduates looking for too little jobs and out of no choice they have to end up as taxi drivers or part timers.

When would a general be reemployed after leaving the service as a dept manager or a VP, sounds so much better, still sounds like a president if not of the vice upfront.

And as they said, all govt policies are double edged swords and will cut both ways, only when. The high pay for ministers, for top civil servants, for top GLCs, would eventually kill the system when they cannot find the money to pay for so many of them, or not enough to go round.  The CPF, ever increasing property prices, specifically HDB flats, high medical cost, high influx of foreigners, would eventually take their tolls on this little island economy of paying millionaires and making millionaire employees.

You cannot keep kicking the can down the road. The end is nearer than you think.


Anonymous said...

Paper Generals are not the same calibre as really gone through the mills US Generals. Singapore's paper generals are only good when protected by the Singapore Government and the Incubator System. Without the Government and the System to give them jobs or to help them get jobs by coercion, they really, truly and honestly are not able to get "good" jobs on their own.

George Yeo is a good example.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland's generals are fast-track A-level students. Nothing else. They are only good at studying for exams. Period.

b said...

Better invest your kid in a Oz/Uk/Us degree and try to migrate otherwise they will suffer like many here.

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

Writing or angsting over it is a useless time waster. The best u can do for urself & ur family is to be a rational, learning, nimble, money making machine. SG will remain a money making enterprise long after u ppl on this blog r dead.

If ur so worried abt SG future, then all the more u shld focus on having easily portable money making skills, ensuring low physical assets here to tie u down & ensuring cpf is just a very small portion of ur savings n investments. Be local asset light & foreign assets heavy.

But I see sinkies doing the opposite -- buying condos or hdb that they can barely afford, stretching the max 90% or 80% loan for 25-30 yrs, and doing the same old shit at work. And then in ur 40s & 50s kpkb about jobless, no money, cpf cannot touch, pty loan still havent paid, stuck in sinkieland, and totally dependent on govt while at the same time kpkb abt govt. LOL!

Anonymous said...

The high pay for ministers, for top civil servants, for top GLCs, would eventually kill the system when they cannot find the money to pay for so many of them, or not enough to go round.

PAP govt have hundreds of billions in reserves and billions invested all over the world, u know.

U know why Sinkies pay such high prices for their HDB pigeonholes? U know their money go where?

And PAP as govt can always suka suka raise taxes and fees for Sinkies to pay and still can win big in election some more.

So where got no enough money, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

And PAP as govt can always suka suka raise taxes and fees for Sinkies to pay and still can win big in election some more.
10:01 am

RB, do u think what the above anon said is true?

And if true, why like that ah?

And if u know "why like that ah", can u do a post on it? And maybe also suggest to the Sinkie opposition how to make PAP lose the coming election.

I am sure this will stimulate a lot of comments and traffic to your blog. Huat ah, I mean for comments lah, not $$$.

Anonymous said...

There is going to be plenty of money coming to Sin, so long it remains a haven for the Rich and their Assets.
be reminded that they are aliens.
As for the Native Sinkies,
they can scrap and struggle to survive by servicing the Rich Aliens, be they lnstant Citizen or Tourist.
local shall have to compromise, staying single, live in dove cage or rental one room 10 metre square public housing and cycle or walk to work long hours as driver, security guard, cleaner, warehouse helper and other low pay jobs.
Many will die and death will only be known when the rotten stench of their decaying bodies get detected.
There shall be no burial ground for the dead.
This is Sin in the near future.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Let's get this cunt. Fucking piece of shit coward motherfucker, hitting a woman. He's the boss. Notice how intimating and threatening he is to her. Let's fuck this low life scum up.


Arsehole boss: https://youtu.be/MofTxw5tsYo

Anonymous said...

No worries. The ruling dynasty is very creative. Rmbr they have created SM and MM, GRCs, Snr MOSs, Ministars in PMO, ambassadors to foreign countries,and not forgetting ESM, etc, etc to fill up the posts. I predict that in the future, they may even create a VP at Istana. So, that they can a Swiss standard of living for the white elites

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Fail safe career path in Singapore: first attain a high ranking position in MINDEF. Anything from colonel onwards, nap shot at any job after you leave MINDEF/SAF.

Comfort Delgro bought Swan Taxis in Perth for a pittance. 91% market share. Who's the boss? Ex MINDEF-Temasek-SBS dude.

Just last week Comfort bought an Aussie bus company. They've been quietly acquiring cash-flowing assets in Australia, big time.

War Stocks Guy is right. He echos another wealthy Singaporean, Adam Khoo, who teaches financial literacy and investing/ share trading. If you're relying on "job security", you're setting yourself up for massive financial FAILURE.

Better get "money generating ideas" happening, and learn to sock away your profits into good, steady and safe investments, and let COMPOUNDING do it's MAGIC.

Even if you leave Singapore, no point. As long as you're a wage earner, there will be DOWNWARD PRESSURE on your pay...in every cuntry. Times have changed, so all of us have too, or we'll cease to exist.

Cold Hard REALITY lah

Anonymous said...

Buying foreign properties so easy ah? Remember, things that you cannot control is not yours.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1237

Aiyoh. Buy REITs lah. Capital Land (Temasek) very happening lah. Twin towers in Shanghai, Raffles City Shanghai...HK, Singapore etc. Yah owning foreign properties very easy lah

Anonymous said...

Sinkies shall have to service the ruling class, aristocrat and their cronies and the elite other than the filthy rich foreigners.
This is the fate of the peasant Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

@ All,

09:35am is correct.

Singapore's present situation was predictable from 1990, when the Wooden Block-Head took over as the Knuckle-Duster.

All his promises to improve the life and lot of Singaporeans had failed to materialize. Only the costs of living and doing business have increased. And only the life and livelihood of ministers and top civil servants have quantum jumped in leaps and bounds.

When Ali Baba took over from him, instead of correcting the blunders made by both predecessors, he made the situation from bad to worse.

25 years ago, many of those Sinkies who were in their 30's should have known that the writing was shown clearly to them on Cloud-9 high above. They should have planned for themselves and taken actions to protect and safeguard themselves. If you did not take any action to change but remained doing the same things and expected different results, then you must be suffering from insanity (due to having been poisoned by small doeses of indoctrination on a daily basis, until your brains are too rigid and conformed that you felt comfortable to let the status quo drags on and on and on ....) until it is now too late - You have already past your prime time!

For those who are now in your mid 20's to 30's, it is time you start planning and act to safeguard yourself and your future generations. No time to waste

Act now!

Anonymous said...

I see prices for houses near crematorium will go up.

Anonymous said...

There are very few houses in Sinkingapore. Most (90%) of dwellings are FLATS, either HDB flats or Private Condominium appartments.

It is better to build a Crematorium yourself - for yourself, your future generations, relatives and friends.

Anonymous said...

8,54pm anon don'tsay thing like an idiot lar. Everyone also know that like last time Bishan etc. U need to be sodomized like some anons said so u can wake up

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