Trump's Outrageous Wall

 The Mexicans should invoke their human rights to return to their ancestral lands now illegally occupied by the Evil Empire - the United States. The United States should return all the stolen lands to Mexico and in this way it solves the problem of building the wall which will cost a lot of money . 

     Trump likes to complain and tell the Americans that if China was able to build a wall why can't the United States ?  First before he talks about building his stupid wall I would like to advise him and the Americans to delve into the history, philosophy and social-political cum economic objectives of the Chinese in building The Great Wall of China. 

The Chinese Great Wall is more than 6000 Kilometres long. It was and has been one of the world's greatest scientific, engineering and technological feat. The Great Wall of China has been long lasting and enduring and has stood the test of time and history. It is a great monument to the indomitable fighting spirit of the Chinese people and nation as well as the epitome of Chinese culture.

The Great Wall of China was built more than two thousand years ago  It wasn't built in one year, or ten years or hundreds of years. It was built over a period of over two thousand years. The Chinese started building the Great Wall long before emperor Ch'in Shih Huang Ti or hundreds of years before Jesus Christ was born. Subsequent Chinese dynasties continued to build and extend the wall up to the time of the Ming Dynasty, 1368 to 1644 AD.

Why did the Chinese build the wall ? Since time immemorial China was always incessantly attacked by wild savage barbaric warlike tribes in the north and west of China and beyond who descended from Siberia to the rich Chinese plains to rob, pillage and kill.. They descended on the Chinese plains like the whirl wind and after robbing, killing and pillaging they disappeared back into Siberia on horse backs just as fast as they came. The wild tribes were the fierce barbaric Hsiung Nus in which Attila and the Mongols were their descendants.

The Chinese built the Great Wall to stop and prevent the Hsiung Nus from their frequent aggressive and cruel raids into the Chinese plains. The appearance of the Hsiung Nus usually mean death and sorrows to the Chinese as well as tremendous destruction of husbandry and properties. Thus the Great Wall was built as a bulwark against attack and invasion by the Hsiung Nus, Mongols and at times other tribes like the Tunguts, Junggars and Kymucks. 

The Chinese could have pursued the Hsiung Nus right into the vast Siberian steppes or grassland and destroy them. But they did not do it because the Chinese believe in the philosophy of amity and peace. Each and every succeeding Chinese dynasty would always prefer to talk and pacify the Hsiung Nus and other wild war like tribes with bountiful gifts and provision and even allow as requested by the Hsiung Nus or Mongols Chinese princess or ladies for their tribal leaders betrothal . 

In this way the Chinese wall brought great economic benefits to the Hsiung Nus or Mongols with rich Chinese gifts and provisions and the Chinese plains avoid great destruction by the marauding wild tribes of the north.Thus the Chinese Great Wall served a grand social-political purpose of ensuring peace and harmony between the Chinese and the Hsiung Nus or whichever tribes were concerned. 

But historians have claimed on hindsight that the Chinese Great Wall incidentally deflected the Hsiung-Nu - Mongol attack on China to their subsequent incursions into Middle East and Europe especially on Russia and Eastern Europe, though the Mongol invasion reached as far as France in the city of Toulose.

Now, what nonsense is Trump talking about building a wall to keep out the Mexicans. He better has his head examined in the mental hospital. Does he know what he is talking? The Mexicans were the victims of White American aggression and invasion. The Americans are now sitting on Mexican lands illegally. So Trump and the United States want to build a wall to stop the Mexicans from returning home to their ancestral lands. 

From 1840s t0 1890s the United States took liberty with a weak Mexico and started a brutal war of aggression and invasion of Mexico. By brute force of military might US wrenched from Mexico huge swathes of territories which they are now still occupying illegally and illegitimately. These Mexican lands now under US illegal occupation include the present states of Texas, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and California , a combine territory of over One Million, Six Hundred and Sixty-Five Thousand square miles. 

So US  wants to build a wall to hem in and secure all the stolen lands from Mexico as fait accompli. They should not build a wall to  stop the Mexicans from going back to their ancestral lands . They should not build a wall of sorrow, of grief and tears for the wronged and aggrieved Mexicans whose lands had been seized and robbed from them. The American wall will be a wall of shame, a wall symbolic of American brutal aggression and plunder. The American wall of Trump is thus both evil, wicked, satanic and outrageous . The Trump wall does not and will never change the fact that the stolen lands rightfully belong to Mexico and the Mexicans have the right to go back to their own ancestral lands. 

Trump should not talk about his wall of evil intent in reference to the Chinese Great Wall which is a wall of dignity, pompous and majestic and a wall of peace, hope and tranquility for the Chinese and Hsiung Nus and Mongols.

The Chinese wall was built to preserve and maintain peace and harmony among the Chinese and the various tribes of Siberia and Central Asia. Trump's American wall is built to deprive the Mexicans' right to return to their ancestral lands now under American occupation.


Friday, 12th April, 2019.


Anonymous said...

Sad thing for Sinkie PMETs is that Singapore got no wall, kena flooded with 2-million plus aliens, with planned 4 million more to come to hit a 10-million population target.

Anonymous said...

History is time.

Time goes round.

Anonymous said...

Shame on the Evil Empire and white supremacists who are land thieves and robbers. They robbed all the lands from the native Americans, from Hawaii and Guam and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Now Trump and his pack of evil Jewish Neo-Cons in his administration are trying to rob the Venezuelans of their country. But fortunately the Venezuelans are lining up with steel of nerves behind their country's leaders and with powerful support from Russia and China and the world they will surely succeed in resisting the Evil Empire's aggression.

Anonymous said...

These evil white men, after destroying the Venezualan economy and the lives of Venezualans, they pretend that they want to help them, want to send aids to them when they are the schemers that destroyed Venezuela.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ tourist potential

Dun worry lah. Just like the Great Wall, Trump's Wall will be a money-spinning tourist attraction in a few hundred years.

Meanwhile, our champion is hard at work:

Trump Has a Message for the World: My Trade Wars Aren't Over Yet

As the Chinese saying goes: May you live in interesting times.

Anonymous said...

The evil empire's secret intelligence organisations like the CIA, the FBI, NGOs and its embassies always plant spies, Fifth Columns, traitors and American lackeys in all countries around the globe. They infiltrate the government departments and the military of other countries and work from within to undermine the countries which are targeted for regime change.

One internal Venezuelan traitor is Guaido. He was recruited by CIA to create Choas and instability in Venezuela to topple the democratically elected government of Nicholas Maduro. He is made used by the Evil Empire to provide a legitimate basis for CIA's plot to regime change the Maduro government. The Evil Empire wants to overthrow Maduro and replace him with a pliable pro-American stooge so that US can grab all the oil and rich mineral resources of Venezuela. However, the traitor Guaido will be dispensed with and charged with treason should he fails to carry out the Evil Empire's instructions or dictates.

Guailo was like the Chinese Ming Dynasty traitor 'Wu San Guei, who helped the Manchus to overthrow the dynasty. Wu San Guei was eventually beheaded by the Manchus. Guailo must face the same fate and be executed by the Venezuellan government for treason .

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

Even before building the Wall, they already have problems with funding. Trump lied about Mexico going to pay for the wall. Mexico gave him the middle finger and he had to declare a fake emergency. Now it looks like American taxpayers will be funding the wall, whether the Pentagon or whoever takes money out to build it, it still is taxpayer's money. Americans deserve the President they voted for

How can that Trump wall be compared with the Great Wall of China? Built over terrains that includes high mountains and without the use of heavy machinery, it is a marvel of building technology, even though the word 'technology' in today's context probably did not exist then.

Anonymous said...

Ramification of no Singapore wall: S-pass holders aplenty, Sinkie graduates cannot find jobs

From TRE, Simon Lim says:

"An article in TODAY newspaper showed that 27.2% of fresh graduates from private education institutes (PEI) were either unemployed, or in part-time/ temporary employment even 6 months after graduation.

Private education is not the first-choice education route for any average family students. They are ‘consolation prizes’ for our young people who failed to earn a place in our tertiary institutions and they are expensive for many working class parents who love their children too much to pass.

So, why are PEI graduates unable to secure decent employment opportunities in Singapore?

Were the education that they received inferior education? Or is it because what they have studied has no relevancy in the job market? Or are they perceived as expensive and inconvenient second rate Singaporean graduates? Or is the civil service (being the biggest employer in Singapore) harbouring employment prejudices against them and employers in the private sector simply do likewise?

It is such a crying shame if many of our PEI graduates eventually end up as another private car driver or “protection officers” who are really just security guards. These is a grim situation against a backdrop of thousands of foreigners who are holding Employment Passes and S-passes in Singapore

Singaporeans must pay dearly in different ways when they elect an incompetent government that is unable to create any more opportunities for its people. Our citizens must by now realised that there are heavy prices that they must pay for electing a useless PAP government who cannot fly any higher or any further anymore.

Today’s PAP government is no longer the very capable PAP government of yester-years.

Time to wake up before all is too late."

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ toe to toe market competition

Recent graduates in China, India and The Philippines are also having challenges in finding employment in their depressed job markets.

Thus, it is reasonable to expect them to "try overseas", and it's a safe bet to assume that SINGAPORE is at the top of their list.

It's not the government's fault lah. If you want to blame anything, blame the vicissitudes of the labour market. Resources go to the place they are treated the "best". Although Asian economies are down from previous "high times", Singapore can be considered "the cleanest shirt in a bag of dirty laundry", ie. it's not as great as it was, but it is still better than any of the alternatives.

ShawnTan117 said...

Venazuela destroyed themselves with socialist policies. America had nothing to do with it. U and this writer clearly have no idea the history of Venezuala's failed policies that brought about poverty and starvation of every citizens there

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