Locals Heavily Marginalised By FTs In Singapore

Recently, had a friend, ex PMET came back from State after hearing all the stories from our state media that Singapore is booming and needed local talents to return to help. But after his return, months turn into year, he already unemployed for more than 1 year.

He told me he went to many interviews and the hiring managers he met are mostly foreigners and almost all are from third world. And he checked out their linkedin profiles, all of them have inferior qualifications and unrecognised degrees. Some don’t even speak good English and yet they are management in Singapore. But he sees a trend, most have become new citizens. Against all odds, he  still tried very hard and many occasions, he performed really well but he wasn’t selected and days later, he found another foreigner  hired. For example, a Pinoy will hire Pinoy and Indian hires Indian. In one classic case, the human resource from UK company HQ  was so impressed with him, they put him to the local Pinoy GM in Singapore, he was not selected because Pinoy GM felt he was not  good enough. A few days later, another Pinoy was hired. But the UK head hunter wrote a thesis to tell him to apply later for other  position. This signals something to all Singaporeans reading, the heavy discrimination of locals have become very significant with our  FT working population breaches 50%. Singaporeans may not hire Singaporeans but FTs will 100% hire their own skin.

So my friend decided to go WSG workshop, all he got was to re-write his CV. He told me the trainer can’t even write a better CV than him and he had to pay to attend such lousy class. In addition, the WSG asked him to be a security guard! The reason WSG said was it is better to have food on the table or to remain unemployed! And later, I heard from many PMETs who went to WSG, they were advised the same, all asked to be security guards!

Singapore management jobs are reserved for FTs, Singaporean experienced PMETs are only capable to be security guards. A third world inferior qualification and degree can be management in Singapore, our local degrees can only be underemployed, unemployed or self employed.

Remember FTs are ruling the corporate now, they maybe inferior but they are management and supported by PAP and also they have become new citizens, no longer FTs on paper. If you been hit, it is almost impossible to land another job as these FTs continue to discriminate and growing in numbers. We are heading towards 10M, so another 4M of FTs to import and convert to PRs and new citizens.

Last GE, 69.9% voted for such situation. My friend who came back from US is a very pro PAP supporter and today, he felt with disbelief that the main stream media is cooking up stories of vibrant economy and asking local talents to come back, its all fake! And he is now extremely disappointed and felt betrayed.

The next GE if you vote for them again, just don't cry for Argentina, you voted for it!

DuGu QiuBai


Anonymous said...

Read this comment by DuGu QiuBai also at TRE. Wonder if it's true.

CPF Medishield Life Horror Show Is On !

"Last GE, Minister of Health was going to give power to the govt to take money directly from your bank account if you fail to top up your Medishield Life. Many people think it is just for show and still voted PAP overwhelming. 4 years after the regulation made mandatory, it is going into enforcement.

We have many people telling social media how their money in the bank was deducted without consent and to find out they were deducted by CPF for Medishield Life. We also have another group saying CPF suka suka arrowed them to be the top up for their direct family members or distant relatives without their consent. And the arrangementauto mated without their consent too!

So my friend the absolute greed of CPF and the govt is now showing. Remember you voted for it last GE. CPF has become somewhat ruthless in carrying out to milk more cash from public, that even it is not mandated they still go ahead. The reason is clear, they know the public will still vote PAP despite bullied, voters after the feeling pain, they will forget like every GE. We expect more changes to CPF to continue to milk more cash from members. Remember you have to live till 94 to see all your CPF money!

The fake news law is to curb people complaining and criticizing the govt, so we expect they will increase the pain of our sufferings with massive changes to all policies to milk more cash from us right after they introduce the fake news law.

Singaporeans remember you voted for it and like Heng recently endorsed Dr Liu’s 10M population. It is real and enjoy!"

Anonymous said...


too late too late!

long ago......sg already like that liao

the masses will only tcss and kpkb.....no action!

but when come to voting........pap!

furthermore...the masses also bo-chup bo-chup cheng-hu!

everyone very very busy trying to 3 Ms

in this very very expensive and you-die-your-business society

so.....no point! no point! the masses deserved it! yes! deserved it!

long ago.....sg already like that liao!

already like that liao! already like that liao!

Anonymous said...


Very good!! In some ways I support the PAP actions as will maintain or increase economic activities in Sinkieland & also allow freeflow of money in and out of red dot (little capital controls).

This will allow me to enjoy staying here in a safe, good quality & economically vibrant environment, while able to control the bulk of my portfolio overseas making money in better companies & faster growing countries.

The 2.5M foreigners (soon to be 4M) also help to depress wages, especially in services sectors, allowing me to enjoy a lower cost of living here in Sinkieland.

Best of both worlds!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1005am

Very good for you! Congrats!

But...how about your next and next next generations?

What say you?


Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:15am

///But...how about your next and next next generations?///

No worries. I emphasise independence & street smarts for them. E.g. instead of extra tuition & enrichment classes (which are a fucking waste of time & money), my kids work part-time or full-time during school holidays, once they reach upper Pri.

From my own (as well as my kids) experience, if you have the interest & motivation, you can do very well in various subjects & overall studies, even without tuition.

And the big "secret" is that a person with average school certs or grades but with grit, street smarts, situational awareness will often be more successful & happier in life compared to someone with straight A's but with a very straight & narrow-minded upbringing.

This "secret" has been true throughout world history, and in Singapore it has become very true since the early 2000s.

Anonymous said...

The next GE, which is around the corner, probably Sep this year, the PAP will score again.

Daft Sinkies are a condemned lot. They condemned themselves. They will always take their
own prick to hit their own heads.

For the women folks, they will be too scared to vote other parties. They think that washing dishes and collect bowls, cleaning toilets and collecting cardboards are okay jobs, at least they have some income. They are satisfied.

They forgot they have a brain. They only know they have a pair of hands that can do work, and in the process earn some money to help out in the family. They left their brains in the toilet, when washing toilets, and forgot to bring home. As a result, they forever lost their brains. Some of them sikit atas, they become members of RC and help out the MPs. So, they think they are good and on-the-ball, and very happy. Don't believe? Just go to Meet-The-People-Sessions, observe how those aunties look, smiling and arrogant, like they own the whole world........

Who built this Nation? Who converted this nation to Neh-tion?

Sad, shame, pathetic, tragic!

Anonymous said...

BTW, Iran has declared the US Military as a Terrorists Force, in retaliation for the US's labelling Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards as a Terrorist Group.

The whole world must now be very careful not to mix with the US Terrorists Force, otherwise, Iran and the Islamic Forces in the world will take action against you!

Those who keep boasting about their prowess of making money from war stocks are advised to be careful. Better keep you fucking mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

11.31am anon I agreed. The WSG May Kena fatwa then he Kena. For all u know if he can't keep his fucking mouth shut, someone may stuff a rod into it and sodomize him at the sametime😀

Anonymous said...

Hi 11.20am

Talk so much for what!

Tell us what is your forecast! PAP=??.?!

Quick! Don't waste our time!

FL said...

RB, your last para or sentence should be "Dont cry for Sinkapoor". Y Argentina ? Nothing to do with us here. Thanks.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Keep Singapore rocking and awesome

Seriously, this whining is getting old already. Foreigners obviously create more "value" than complacent Singaporeans who over value their worth in a more modern and efficient business environment.

I visit Biopolis, One North and Changi Business Park occasionally on my Hotel visits. They are smoking with activity and productivity lah, and of course the proportion of foreigners is very noticeable.

Perhaps it is a good idea for these "out of touch ex PMETS" to enter the security sector to jaga the productivity of our guests, who work hard to increase the values of our commonwealth.

Anyway they are here because the govt encouraged them to come. You can't really blame them. If there are jobs on offer, everyone should be able to apply with no boundaries on race, nationally or citizenship. "Work done" or "productivity" is BLIND. Who can deliver the goods at a lower price wins. Economic law lah.

As long as my Hotel keeps rocking, I say so business as usual. Don't fix what's not broken.

Anonymous said...

Qing Ming period ending soon. The ancestors need travel back to the other world. Too hot or sunny they tak bolek tahan? Is it why the weather so GLOOMY so that the tinkies can move around much more easily?

Today weather also GLOOMY?

Hope they or the cow and head DON'T come to drag some people (with them reroute to the other world)?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

KNN Matilah, you smoking grass again?
Do you know what we are talking or not?

Anonymous said...


Makes me laugh & happy whenever I piss off people due to my financial freedom from War Stocks.

I actually don't agree with many things PAPies do, but after interacting & looking at the Sinkies around me ... I fully agree that they will be better off being security guards or cleaners.

BTW even Sinkies doing security guard job also CMI ... there was this famous incident when a pro-PAP PLP went around Tai Seng & Ubi areas at night to video security guards sleeping on duty. About 90% of them were kooning.

Those videos played a large part in PAPies changing the law for security guards such that they will soon be liable to be charged & jailed and/or fined for sleeping/AWOL/dereliction on duty. Thanks pro-PAP PLP!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Let's face it. If you're a foreigner in senior management, you will definitely favour hiring people from your own culture, because of familiarity, language etc.

Why should you hire a Singaporean with a "bad attitude"v who goes around thinking he's King of The World, and that foreigners who are senior to him, more successful than him, making more money than him...are all cheats, economic refugees, wildlife, and {insert your preferred racial slurs} who are third rate people from Turd Whirled Cuntries aka the way a Singaporean like RB considers them to be.

Fuck that shit. I'll hire people from my own culture first, and consider those Singapore arseholes LAST because they deserve it and karma is a bitch 😂🤣

Anonymous said...

Another F35 stealth fighter aircraft built by USA has crashed on Tuesday in Japan.

Japan, like Singapore, trying to carry Dotard Trump's balls, has bought an undisclosed number of F35A's from USA at the cost of more than US$100 million each, not counting the spare parts and accessories (bombs, missles, avionics).

The pilot is believed to have ditched and died.

The remaining F35's of Japan has been grounded.

Singapore's would be F35B's pilots had better buy plenty of life insurance policies, so that your wives and children can enjoy a good life while you are gone.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.54am ///..will often be more successful & happier in life compared to someone with straight A's but with a very straight & narrow-minded upbringing.///


That's why many straight As cha bor who became scholars are either single or no child to their name?

They thought they are the best among their peers but actually the opp bc they are been "deselected" by Darwin evolution and their genes are not good enough to be passed on to the next gen (by virtue of their childless status by the late 30s to 40s? Those in the 50s and 60s and beyond who are childless need say anything about them? It is a no brained? No? )

Many straight As cha bor who are in their late 30s and 40s almost confirmed too late liao to procreate and otherwise would likely have problematic offspring when they give birth after 35?

Anyway, many women after 30-yo looked quite old and (over) "used" Liao?

If they are still single, those in the late 30s and 40s are likely not going to attract many from opp sex unless lao uncles or people like Maltilda or agk?

If you happened pass by the filthy red light areas in little ahnehland, those who go for the old and haggard prostitutes are mostly the ah nehs ?

The lao ah pek oso quite choosy only go for those younger (and more tender) "new arrivals"?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous April 10, 2019 9:43 am
//High time to raise interest rates in Singapore too.//

Many eCONomics IGNORAMUS do not understand how the MP (monetary policy) in the tiny dot works or how interest rate changes might affect the world economy or the tiny dot itself (since it is a price-taker in almost all goods and even in the interest rate)?

The tiny dot does not have an independent interest rate policy and basically is a "price-taker" (and effectively has NO CONTROL over its interest rate)?

The SIBOR predominantly tracks the short term US federal funds rate?

For example, currently the fed fund rate is 2.5% which was decided by Jerome Powell led FOMC in Dec 2018?

The current SIBOR ranges from any 1.82% to 2.13% depending on the period.

Thus, between 2009 and Dec 2015 the one -month SIBOR was mostly below 1% as the US fed fund rate was at 0.25% throughout this period?

Whichever eCONomics IGNORAMUS (think one Matilda) said tiny dot interest rate policy was ZIRP since 2001 must be that + an eCONomics MORON?


"Singapore has been allowing a virtual ZIRP since 2001, aka financial repression, much longer than US or Europe. Only Japan has been longer than Singapore. Hence savers have been screwed with very low interest rates -- whether in CPF, bank savings accounts, FDs, or par insurance plans." @ Maltilda 10.04am, 10 April 2019


This MALTILDA thinks eCONomics concepts, practices, empirical data/ facts and policies can be "copied and pasted" like other topics he wrote in MSN all these years?

And "get away" with it as if he damn "kiang"?

Alas, Econs is like Mathematics Statistics lah , dude!

If u dunno and kay kiang (and try to BS in economics, straight away will be like chatao own self gives own self away)?

Historically, in the past 18 years, the SIBOR went above 3% for the whole of 2006?

Where got ZIRP in tiny dot since 2001?

BIG factual and concept error, man? OMG! !!?

This MALTILDA copy and paste also dunno how to counter-verify?

Anonymous said...

Tiny dot has been managing its economy via exchange rate-based monetary policy since GKS time?

So in the first place, where did tiny dot ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) come from when TINY DOT does not practise/ use any interest rate-based monetary policy at all? ??

This MALTILDA's eCONomics knowledge and understanding worst than kindergarten level? (very the TOK KONG? Can go teach 3-yo nursery classes le, tell fairy tales? No wonder he has some of the most "patriotic" fans in the land? A blind ox being led by a blind man? )

Chio Si Lang?

Still everyday yayapapaya in MSN?

OMG? ??

How many (gazillion )facepalm to award him?

Yew decide .....

Anonymous said...

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange has been arrested by UK police through the help of the present Ecuadorian government.

The world of free speech championed by a USA that exports democracy through regime changes, bloodshed and war, and now lawlessness, has crumpled.

All across the globe, dictatorship is taking the front seat, with Trump's USA taking the main prominent seat, leading the world to the inevitable Global Revolution.

Anonymous said...

Maltilda, dun try to divert attention lah?

Cheap tricks

Typical devious modus operandi of unprincipled man to wriggle out of serious mistakes and get away?

People not stupid lah

Even if u try to plaster another 100 other news in MSN, readers are not blind lah ...

Anonymous said...

@ Maltilda 10.04am, 10 Apr 2019:
///However this S'pore policy has been very good for companies, businesses, investors, property buyers, SG govt, etc.///


Chio si Lang?

Is Tiny Dot not an interest rate taker ?

Since that is the case, where on earth "this S'pore policy" came from?

Maltilda, did u mean to say the Sg govt set the interest rate when it does not have the independence or means to do so, having chosen the exchange rate based path?

So how can the low interest rate be the S'pore govt policy when it does not set any interest rate in the market at all?


Maltilda, go read what Economics Nobel Prize laureate Professor Robert Mundell as well as the late economist Marcus Fleming wrote about the Mundell-Fleming Model in international finance.. ?

Then mb next time you can try to Hsiantology the oldies in MSN about economics with more confidence via your usual modus operandi of copy and paste and amend here and there (to make yourself appear very "intellectual" than your "patriotic" fan [though in the eyes of the economics fracternity, both are equally as "knowledgeable and intellectual"]?)

Not knowing is one thing and perfectly OK.

Not knowing but trying to how lian and understood economics totally in the wrong way is not only knowing NUTS or zero about economics?

It is having deficit or negative knowledge of economics which is much much worst than those who know NUTS?

In the Chinese pugilist world, it is known as zou huo ru mo?

Possessed by demons liao?

Became crazy?

Siao ting tong ?

Like those filthy crazy women who are actually mad and plucked road side flowers to adorn their messy unwashed hairs?

Anonymous said...

Article is true, same happening in my office, only is ex-Malaysian HR hiring more Malaysians......unfortunately situation may be already be irreversible as many of these ex-foreigners are now new citizens and will vote for the ruling party wholesale.

Anonymous said...

Market Place
Business are
linear as some expurts deem them
to be.

Anonymous said...

Graduate unemployment Today online
1 in 4 private school grads unemployed, involuntarily
working part-time 6 months after graduation
This is the first time that the Committee for Private
Education, which released its findings from the annual
survey on Wednesday, has tracked involuntary part-time
or temporary employment among private school graduates.

Anonymous said...

@ Maltilda and Patrait Anonymous April 11, 2019 8:43 pm
Market Place
Business are
linear as some expurts deem them
to be.///

Do u (even) know what is meant by linear, quadratic, polynomial, parabolic, parametric, etc to begin with?

You are the ezpurts?

Bring it on. ..

So what is the market place?

What is the business?

And who said the market place and business are LINEAR?

Trying to sound "bombastic" in sthg u do NOT even know (what u are talking about)?


Maltilda and Patrait, let's see how fast yall can copy and paste from googling.. .. all OVER the world wide web ...

Ha ha ha

Let's start with an appetizer ...

Can you two (Maltilda and Patrait) pray tell whether is the function ln x linear or non-linear?

How about simple functions such as sin x, cos x, cosec x etc. ..?

Let's see how fast you two "sifu and disciple " or "idol and fan" can google. ...

If you two can clear the appetiser, up next will be the main "10-course" linner...

Ha ha ha

Dun be SHY. . Matilda and Patrait,

All the readers, oldies etc will be awaiting ("eagerly") for your "expurtease" . ..

Anonymous said...

Business and market are fraud with sophistry and powerplay.
They do not conform to science, logic and propriety.
The Dynamic is variable.

Anonymous said...

Dun change topic.

Maltilda said ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) is "S'pore Govt policy" but neither MAS nor MOF set the interest rate.

So your comment is totally irrelevant and trying to divert attention from your idol embarrassing IGNORAMUS

Anonymous said...

Just like Boeing 737 MAX and F35 Fighter Aircraft of USA, Israel's "private" spacecraft (partially rolled-on by NASA) crashed!

The Western technology, spearheaded by Jews, the smartest people on Earth, who won the most Nobel Prizes, is seriously lacking behind Chinese technological advancements. That's why Dotard Trump, the dirty, lawless, unethical and immoral pussy-grabber and adultery expert, is playing dirty with Huawei and China's 5G technology.

The recent crash evidences speak volumes.

Anonymous said...

Let me start by stating that I've been voting wisely in the past few elections.

By now, it should be obvious that PUB is taking advantage of a poor contract signed by Hyflux to get cheap desalinated water and threatening to confiscate the Tuas Desalination plant at $0 when it was partially paid for by $900M from 34000 retail mom-and-pop investors. They say that according to the contract, Hyflux should compensation PUB. So PUB is very magnanimous to just confiscate the water plant at $0.

There are so many secrets governing the water contract signed by Hyflux. With so many info undisclosed, they blame us for not doing due diligence. They ownself cleared ownself. Not PUB fault. Not EMA fault. Not DBS fault. Not SGX fault. Not MAS fault.

And some Singaporeans are agreeing with G that Hyflux shouldn't be bailed out with taxpayers money. Even as our taxpayers monies are being used to bail out other companies like steak house, junk-bond grade telco, airline... All this while, Hyflux, our very home-grown company, producing water which is now a subject of dispute with MY, doesn't even deserve any help.

Sporeans, open your eyes. We really need to rally around one another. Since 34000 votes is clearly loose change to the incumbent, you can only imagine how many FTs-turn-SG there are. If we continue to discriminate amongst ourselves...

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