Call for vigilance

More than 2,000 dengue cases reported in first quarter of 2019

The National Environment Agency expects an increasing trend in dengue cases in the warmer months ahead, if active steps are not taken to keep the mosquito population in check. Today paper

Is there any need to fear the widespread cases of dengue? Is there any need to fear c. auris fungus? It is reported that half of its victims died within 90 days. Singapore already reported 11 cases with 2 dead. C. auris is imported. What about dengue, due to too many mosquitoes or too many wildlife being imported?
Singapore is taking the influx of wildlife and what that came with them very lightly as if nothing serious will happen to Singaporeans. If only there is a major outbreak of serious and deadly diseases, an epidemic, only then would they think the unrestrained influx of foreigners comes with a heavy price. It may be too late then to unwind the clock.

Oh, other than C. auris, aka super fungus, that is normally found in hospitals, there is also the superbugs that are resistance to antibiotics. Dunno got other more serious ones hiding in the corners and waiting to surface. 

How is the state of TB infection in Singapore, going up or down?

Should Singapore start to spray disinfectants on the passengers in the airline cabins on arrival like the Aussies used to do as a precaution?


Anonymous said...

Rb, dun go fxxx around lest got HIV or HPV or VD already widespread in Sinkieland. Also dun forget about SARs or H1N1 variants diseases coming also..all sorts of funky diseases never seen elsewhere like the hidden mental illness etc..

Anonymous said...

no point talking about this

really no point! waste time!

the 70% did voted for it!

we asked it! we got it! we deserved it!

so....no point kpkb and tcss

what can we do now?

sg is like that liao...................

Anonymous said...

Hacker real reason.what illness SG have.

Difficult to cover nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Yes, no point talking about this. No point.

Sg is like that liao.

Cannot cure. Nothing can cure already. Short of revolution.

But there cannot be any revolution because Sinkies are well-known for being Kiasu and Kiasi (Cowards), Kia Bor, Kia Chenghu and Kia Luo Kwei.

Also, anybody trying to stir up shit, will be nipped in the bud (chopped head) or butt (sodomized).

So, no point KPKB. Just accept it and go with the system. No point fighting the system.

Study the system. Blend with the system. Make full use of the system to your advantage. Exploit the system's loopholes and make yourself a $billionaire$. So that your own family and your future generations will have the clout to live comfortably and happily.

Follow your leaders. They have set good examples for you to follow. Imitate them and think of ways that you can shake legs and yet collect $millions every year, without having to take responsibility. If something goes wrong, just be quick to say "Sorry" will do. Like that, you will be absolved from all responsibilities. Yes, as simple as that. The ministers have done that. So can you.

Yes, we can!

Anonymous said...

Killer Diseases shall
be the Death knell for Sin.

Anonymous said...

Hi 909am

Congrats! You must be very very successful!

Good for you and family! Well done!

Btw, based on your comments, there is NO need for GEsssss in Sg. Correct?

What say you?

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is actually no need for GE. It's a waste of time, effort and money (public money, not PAP or LHL's money). Basically, for the past 54 years, the elections were just for show (wayang) to the Western World, especially to UK and USA. That's all.

In effect, Singapore has been ruled by a mini-king, whose words are commands, decrees, dictates, directives, enforced orders and laws. His decisions are final. Full stop.

It has never been a parliamentary democracy. From the very start, from 1965, it was a dictatorship based on half-imperial China, half-communist China, and capitalism.

Administratively, the Singapore civil service operates like a feudal system of ancient Mandarin-Confusian Lord-Subject relationship between the Ruler and the ruled.

Politically, the tiny kingdom was managed/staged like a communist system of One-Party Rule. The other political parties and just decorations allowed to exist in order to give some semblance of a "parliamentary democracy. Ironically, the parliament was never a parliament and the democracy was never a democracy.

The parliament was a Pa-Lee-Men, meaning Papa Lee's Men. And democracy was a demonstration of meritocracy (just a show).

Economically, it is a capitalist system coupled with monopoly by state-owned and state-affiliated organizations. The state owns and controls everything under the sun.

Legally, no need me to say, it is based on the Ancient Mandrin Courts system. No jury. Only one single judge or a panel of three to five judges to decide on matters of liberty, freedom, conduct, life and death. The Chief Justice is not the highest arbitrator of justice. The Symbolic President is. However, the Symbolic President acts on the "advice" or the PM and a panel of "Advisors", who are appointed by the PM. So, basically, the Symbolic President is just a Symbol. He has no powers whatsoever. Then who really is the Highest Arbitrator of Justice? Yes, you guess correctly. It is the King, the Primordial Majesty (PM).

So, yes, there is no need for GE's. Just declare the tiny kingdom as the Kingdom of Fake Lion.

Anonymous said...

Good news ! Debt-ridden Indian carrier Jet Airways suspends all flights to and from Singapore.

They would reduce the onslaught of India's millions of job seekers to Singapore ,albeit temporary!

Anonymous said...

///Good news ! Debt-ridden Indian carrier Jet Airways suspends all flights to and from Singapore.
They would reduce the onslaught of India's millions of job seekers to Singapore ,albeit temporary!///

Don't worry, the ahnehs transferred to Scoot, IndiGo, Air India Express airlines liao!!

Higher-level ahnehs no problem --- all along they use SIA or Silkair.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Should Singapore start to spray disinfectants on the passengers in the airline cabins on arrival like the Aussies used to do as a precaution? <<

Australia stopped doing that a long time ago. That was akin to "security theatre" than actually being effective.

Nah, fungi, bacteria, and viruses were the very first organisms that popped into existence. The natural world is one of an arms race. ie. evolution only occurs when there are "stressors" from the environment. In order to prevent itself going extinct, species evolve by natural selection: i.e. members who have an "advantage" will stay alive and replicate. These lucky ones have slight genetic variations (caused by randomness) which afford them some kind of advantage for survival in the face of environmental stressors.

So in every generation of bacteria, fungus, and virus, there will be some members which have "freak genes" due to randomness introduced during replication fro previous generations. So some bacteria or viruses in a particular generation will be resistant to specific antibiotics or anti-viral. Those that aren't will be killed off, and the survivors will replicate. That repication introduces random changes in the genes of some of the offspring. And so on.

After many generations and adaptation by natural selection, we now have super bugs in hospitals, because that is the environment which which relies heavily on disinfectants, anti-virals and antibiotics, causing VERY RAPID RATES of evolution of those bacteria and viruses.

BIOHACKING is gaining immense popularity. You can DIY all sorts of "bio hacks" with very little capital outlay, and at home. Do a google search to see how INSANE some people are with this ne "hobby". You can buy a USB-connected gege sequencer for around $1000
https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/151086-minion-a-complete-dna-sequencer-on-a-usb-stick, and there is no govt oversight or regulation. Very soon you can EDIT DNA AT HOME with a DIY CRISPR Kit. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/mail-order-crispr-kits-allow-absolutely-anyone-to-hack-dna/

That means you can sequence a bacterial DNA, edit it with CRISPR....say splice in a virus strand, add some vegetable DNA or cat and dog DNA strand....whatever lah. Be creative!

....and that will make the world lagi entertaining. 😂

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I would like to see how "vigilance" will pay off when itchy-backside teenage hackers are making viruses and bacteria in their rooms. Knowing teenagers, they will each try to "out-do" or "top" each other for peer-group respect. They also like to play pranks without any regard for the consequences.

Biological warfare in the HDBs? Fucking crazy man!

MP or minister goes on one of their "heartland walkabouts" and kena "homemade bacterial spray" by one of these naughty kids. Wah, best! 😂👏🏻👍🏻

Anonymous said...

too bad marvel no nursing heroes.

Anonymous said...

Rb://Call for vigilance
More than 2,000 dengue cases reported in first quarter of 2019 //

In Chinese, the word mosquito is "wen zi" ...

It is not by accident?

The literati/ scholars in Chinese are called "wen ren"

"zi" in Chinese is associated with "son", "offspring ", "child " etc

So when combined "wen zi" means what?

The mosquitoes "wen" character got one extra "insect" though

Since ancient time, the Chinese people perceived mosquitoes (aka "wen zi" in Chinese) as learned, smart?

Within such a short period, unlikely mozzies can evolve so fast and become smarter than human beans?

Means what?

The mozzies "Wen zi" (insect literati) in a tiny dot have (even) "outflanked " and "outwitted " human beans scholars (wen ren) by the fact that they have proliferated their "WMD" (aka dengue disease) despite all efforts to exterminate them?

The ubiquitous black mozzie container traps are practically planted everywhere backed by an army of mozzies exterminator who periodically check and collect samples?

After donkey years of the "tug of war" between the mozzie "wen zi" (literally literati offspring) and the human beans scholars literati (wen ren), the outcome as of now seems quite obvious?

Perhaps, anyone (including high 5) who are contemplating to contest against the army of lab "wen ren" and scholars residing in ivory towers ... Oops... office towers can take a leaf out of the "battle for the heartlands" (between the mozzie "wen zi" and human beans "wen ren") and "give them a run for their $$$"?

It is not for nothing that ancient Chinese termed mozzies as "wen zi"?

They are extremely "smart and witty "?

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