Teymoor Nabili, a talent wasted, used in wrong areas

Keyu Jin earned her PhD from Harvard and is currently a professor of macro economics in London School of Economics. She has been giving lectures on China and understanding China, economics, social and political and anything relevant to China from a native Chinese perspective. Her views are refreshing not that Americans or the West would not see China that way, she has a very good grasp of economic issues and speaks very eloquently like an American without the Chinese accent. Google the youtube to have a different perspective of China instead of the dull and mundane silly views from the West and pseudo academics.

Two equally articulate Chinese presenters on contemporary issues concerning China and its relations with the West are the hosts of The Point programme in Tian Wei and Liu Xin. These two ladies are equally brilliant in their understanding of the issues of the day. In particular Liu Xin, she has a very professional and no nonsense approach to the issues under discussion and would brush off any silly bananas or westerners that parrot unthinkingly on stereotype western agenda, myths and smears on China.

What have they got to do with Teymoor Nabili? For those who are in the know, Teymoor Nabili is an excellent programme host/journalist on contemporary issues particularly big power relations and politics. When he first appeared on Channel News Asia, it was something good that finally happened to CNA, a very high calibre professional that could raise the standard of its programmes and someone that I would not mind listening to. This did not last long, as they said about good things.

No, he is still a presenter in CNA, but the topics he is presenting today are so tame and lame in a way. Climate change, green energy and blockchains in the Perspective programme. I would not spend more than 5 minutes on such stuff.

The big question that I am asking is why would such a gifted and talented TV host not be assigned to deal with political issues that were his forte, issues that he is very comfortable with and would generate a lot of interests among the audience? Is it because he did not give face to silly westerners and brushed them off when they started to utter nonsense, something that is unpalatable and unacceptable to western audience? I have seen and heard him did it several times to the chagrin of the westerners in the panel or in the audience. Never have silly westerners uttering their nonsense and parroting political agenda been told off or brush off so abruptly and publicly by the host of a talk show.

Perhaps his Iranian heritage may have something to do with it. The West, in particular the Americans, cannot tolerate Iranians and would not want to be seen sitting at the same table with an Iranian or an Iranian TV host. Worse, to be belittled or made to look small with their stupid comments by an Iranian is something they cannot live with.

It is a pity that Teymoor is not given more opportunity to host more contemporary political issues than talking about the environment. One thing for sure, Teymoor would never use American catchphrases like other silly presenters would do so to promote American agenda. Lame topics should be left to the academically oriented or our young local TV hosts to gain more experience and exposure before they graduate into serious and hard topics like telling the westerners off when they try to patronise the Asian audience with their myths and political agenda.

Liu Xin and Keyu Jin are in the same class as Teymoor Nabili, telling different stories from an Asian perspective that are rare in the English medium media dominated by the West and the bananas. The world needs more of them to give a more balance view of what is happening and calling a spade a spade. They should be given more space to keep the world informed and see things on a balanced perspective, not the American or western perspective that white is good and must be good, any other colours are bad.

PS. Singapore is very good in employing top professional talents, pays them like top professional talents but used them to clean the tables?  Did anyone say waste of money, waste of talent?


Anonymous said...

The PAP governing body has a two-face agenda - open and secret. The open agenda is tactical and everyone knows. The secret agenda is strategic and only a handful of the highest top cadres know

The fifth column (old mass media) and now the sixth column (new online media) are directly controlled by SPH and the Ministry of Communications (read Propaganda) respectively, using official channels and organizations for PAP's own private political agenda - the secret agenda.

Everything in Singapore, every ministry, every department and every organization of state operates to serve the PAP secret and strategic agenda. If this is not abuse and misuse of power, what is?

Virgo49 said...

LHL told China, we can be of "small" service to your BRI.

"Small" means we are not totally in agreement of your BRI.

But, our Big Bro USA we are in agreement with them your Debts Traps.

So, how can we have these brillant commentators that sang praises of China's Achievements and their Non Agression Humble Genes.

Further more, we loved the Black Ants more than the Chinamen.

We had ate Modi's curry more than Masasla.

Anonymous said...


It's just a fucking job, in it for the good $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

If it's really bothering him that much, he would have quit & gone to bloomberg, or reuters, or wsj, or nyt, or ap, or afp, or bbc, or what not.

Many PAPies are also in high paying jobs but obviously no talent, or beyond their talent. They also happily sit on their ass & collect $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ right?!?

Anonymous said...

IMO,Teymoor Nabili is probably the only current affairs commentator in cn asia with substance and objectivity. Perhaps that's the reason he has been sidelined, because cna is supposed to be channelnews america?

Anonymous said...

2.37pm anon, don't be so childish and naive lar. U need to be sodomized to grow up😀

Anonymous said...


Presenters & producers in CNA & Mediacorp are paid well ... well above $10K a month. Even radio DJs are getting $10K & above salaries.

They may work odd hours, almost like shift work, but definitely not more than 40 hrs a week.

If I was back in my 20s and early-30s getting this type of pay, I will also do whatever my company tells me to.

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