USA Evil Plot For South East Asia

                                    PART     ONE

The Evil Empire has no interest in a peaceful world. It thrives on permanent warfare in the service of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionists Rothschild Cabal and the 1% elites war barons in Wall Street and Washington. US now has over one thousand military bases all over the world not just to contain Russia, China, Iran and DPRK but to hold all other countries in servitude and fear .

USA the Evil Empire of choas has since the 1600s inherited from its forebears the satanic British Empire the inherent penchant for wars of aggression and conquest. White men from Europe first went to America empowered by an aggressive militant religious doctrine " The Doctrine of Christian Discovery " to search for non-Christian lands to conquer and to dispossess and kill all those natives who refused to be converted to Christianity. Armed with this pathological doctrine and subsequent other evil doctrines like the ' Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny " and  US Exceptionalism " the satanic United States went on a never ending rampage of conquests of all the then existing independent native American states, killing, murdering, and genociding all the natives.

This was followsed by decades of never ending wars of conquest against Mexico from 1840s to 1890s. Having conquered all the lands in continental North America except for British Canada the Evil Empire cast its evil eyes for territorial expansion across the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. From 1890s to 1905 It destroyed the Hawaii sovereign nation , deposed its queen and took control of the Hawaii Kingdom by force beforc formally  annexing it in 1957.

Other Pacific Ocean islands were similarly conquered including Guam and the Philippines which the Evil Empire occupied and ruled brutally from 1898 to 1948.

The Evil Empire thirst for aggression and conquests seem to be endless It has openly stated that it intends to form a one world order under the total control and hegemony of the United States. This evil dream and intent of subjugating the whole world under US dominant control and hegemony however is objected and fiercely opposed by all countries in the world and vehemently challenged by Russia, Iran, North Korea and China.

The Evil Empire created endless brutal wars in the Middle-East with the objective to obtain full control of the region so as to grab the rich oil and mineral resources of the region. However, it is checkmated by the Russians in Syria and face strong opposition from Iran .

As its aggression in the Middle East faces temporary setback it strikes out against its backyard neighbours in Latin America . Venezuela is now facing the gaunlet of American aggression. Other victimised countries are Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Mexico, Ecaudor, Chile, Brazil, Peru and Argentina.

However the Evil Empire's plan of military intervention in Venezuela is now thwarted by Russia which has been officially invited by the Venezuela government of Maduro to send both civilian and military aid in helping Venezuela to resist American aggression. US now resorts to subterfuge of economic sabotage like sanctions, blockade, cyber warfare and destroying Venezuela's power stations.

With its aggression being stopped by Russia in Syria and Middle East and now in Venezuela, the Evil Empire is now planning to shift its war of aggression in the South China Sea posturing a geopolitical action against China to constrain and contain China;s peaceful development under the guise  of freedom of navigation and under the false pretension of helping the South China Sea littoral states vis-a-vis China.

In actual fact the Evil Empire intends to eventually take control of the South China Sea so as to grab all the vast oil and mineral resources under the sea bed. To achieve this sinister objective it has to instigate and foment wars among the South China Sea littoral states against China. This will both enable the US evil Pentagon's Military Industrial Complex to sell billions of dollars of its military hardware and weapons to the unsuspecting South East Asian countries and to eventually hold sway over the entire region up to Papua New Guinea and Australia.

If the South Chiona Sea countries are not careful they will fall into the insidious trap of US evil designations. South East Asian countries must think carefully whether US is a friendly benign power or a satanic power bent on subjugating the whole world in slavery to its evil dictates and machinations.

In the 242 years of its independence from Imperial England, US has fought not less than 230 years of aggressive wars of conquests and domination leaving behind endless trails of death, killings, murders and genocide of native people and causing tremendous pains and sufferings to the fateful survivors who are kept in isolated derelict places which they call " Native Reservations " an euphemism for concentration camps. In the concentration camps the natives are ill treated and starved with very meagre food and limited water supply. They are given laborious low lying jobs with no pay or little pay. Their women folks are being sterilized with injections to prevent them from being able to procreate. Their children are being taken away from the warmth of their parents and family and most of them die a miserable death due to bad treatment and starvation. This abominable practice is still carried on in United States and Australia.

                          PART     TWO

China, a civilization of more then 5000 years where the people are known as the Han people had never attack or invade other countries except for two short periods where the Chinese themselves were attacked and invaded by the Mongols and the Manchus. The Mongol invasion of China , Asia and Europe was short lived . The Manchu invasion of China, Burma, Indo-China and Japanlasted a little longer from about 1644 to 1911 .

But China like most other countries in the world and ain all the continents were soon succumbed to 500 years of the most abominable western imperialism and colonialism. This western imperialism adopted a policy of divide and rule and subjected all invaded countries to slavery and servitude and unlimted exploitation of their wealth and rich natural resources.

From the period of the Opium Wars 1832 - 1856 to early 1940s China was torn asunder, her lands ripped apart and occupied and colonized by England, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Russia and United States. It was not until 1949 when China after a long struggle and fight against these imperialists managed to unite and coalesce again as a great country under the leadership of the Peoples Liberation Army - PLA , led by by Chairman Mao Tse Tung and his colleagues with the patriotic of the Chinese people.

With the example of China shaking off the yoke of Western imperialism and colonialism , China showed the way and helped all the Asian countries to fight and struggle for independence after the Second World War in 1945.

But the western imperialists and Japan were not happy that because of China they had all lost their colonial empire. The British lost India, Burmaand Ceylon after over 300 years, the Dutch of Holland lost Indonesia after 400 years of occupation, France lost Indo-China after about 100 years and of course US lost the Philippines after about 60 years. Japan was driven out of Asia and China by the Chinese people.

However, because of the grievous grudge the imperialists West and Japan bear against China for the lost of their empire and colonial territories they have never stopped as a revenge to demonise China and to to paint China in a bad light in the same canvas of evil western imperialism. In doing so they hope to stir up animosity and hatred among the South East Countries against China which has acted as a bulwark against return of western imperialists now epitomize by US wild ambitions.

US has since the end of Second World War fought many endless wars of aggression and conquest killing over 20 million innocent lives and causing immeasurable suffering and pains to many more millions of others. The wars on DPRK, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan. Somalia and Yemen and many others were savage, brutal and most inhuman in cruelty.

Now South Eazst Asian countries and their leaders have to think wisely and decide which country is evil and post great danger to their countries. USA has never stopped attacking and invading other countries since its independence. It is on the verge of invading Venezuela now. It is sowing seed s of choas and dissension in many other countries in South and Latin America and in many countries in Africa and Central Asia. All these evil plot for what if not for the pruposxe of enabling the Americans to grab power, riches and wealth in the service and for the benefits of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionists Rothschild Cabal and 1% elites  of the rogue robber barons in Wall Street and Washington.

Has China ever invaded your country both past and present? Has China ever exploited your country? You think for youselves. The answer is definitely NO.

China has amicably settled and signed border treaties with 14 of its 16 neighbouring countries except India and Japan. In dia wants to hold on to the mantle of British imperialism by holding on to Chionese llands forcibly taken from China by the British. Japan refused to to return to China the Diao Yudao and the iu Chiu islands.

South East Asian countries must be wise and not fall into the US trap of plunging the South East Asian region into another warfare of endless dimensions and quagmire just for the benefits of the American imperialists.

It is worth to preserve the peace and live in harmony with China. Sleeping with the predatory American eagle is a sure sign of death and potential demise of your country.

Southernglory 1

Monday, 8th April, 2019



Anonymous said...

U.K. also evil. Recently their Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson suggested establishing a new British military base in Singapore to fight China.

The Brits still think they are the colonial masters of Sinkies, and can suka suka establish a military base here in Singapore.

The Bicentennial celebration doesn't help . . .

Anonymous said...

Singapore has been a British Naval Base (in Sembawang) for donkey years, even after the the British withdrew East of Suez.

Singaporeans also paid for the construction of the Changi Naval Base to accomodate large US warships. So, defacto, Singapore has also been the US Naval Base since the completion of the Changi Naval Base.

This is not fake news.

Anonymous said...

It isn't just a USA evil plot for South East Asia. It's a 'Five-Eyes' evil plot. In particular the Aussies -

"the current Australian government has made every effort to strengthen its alliance with the US, promote the full implementation of the Indo-Pacific strategy and to strive to make Australia the most important military hub of the strategy. Besides building joint military bases in partnership with the US in Australia and Papua New Guinea, it has repeatedly asked the UK, France and other Western countries to pay more attention to the "freedom of navigation" in the Indo-Pacific, especially in the South China Sea, and to increase their military presence in the region."

Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire needs to sabotage China's development in the name of democracy and freedom. When America brings democracy to other countries it means death to these countries. What did they bring to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya Syria, Yemen and many other victimised countries except death and suffering. The Evil Empire is trying to sabotage China's South China Sea under the false claim of freedom of navigation.

Anti Evil Empir's war mongering

Anonymous said...

China has never colonized any nation in the world or robbed any country in the world. But the wild savage West and United States have risen by colonizing, robbing killing and aggressive wars of conquest killing millions of innocent lives. The West / US had destroyed the ancient civilization of Iraq and China's cultural site Yi He Yuan and robbed all the gold and treasures of the two countries to enrich themselves. Now they stand on the moral high ground to mock third world in Africa and Asia as backward shitholes. Without those wealth and riches they accumulated by robbing and colonizing they would be miserably worst than the shithole countries now.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire has dug half of its grave in Iraq and Syria. It is now digging its full grave in Venezuela. If the Evil Empire dares to create wars in the South China Sea it will turn it into a burial ground for Americans and sound the death knell for the EVil Empire.

Anonymous said...

China will continue to develope economic opportunities for the common good of the world, while the Evil Empire will continue to bomb smaller and weaker countries for their oil and natural resourcse.

Anonymous said...

The third world and non-white countries must unite to bring down the Evil Empire otherewise there will be no peace in this world. The Evil Empire's objective of conquering the whole world under its totalitarian rule and hegemony has always been thwarted by Russia and China. If it continues to antagonize Russia and China it may bring the world to destruction and human annihilation through thermo nuclear war.

Anonymous said...

Trump's Homeland Security Chief (equivalent to Minister of Home Affairs) resigned after taking on the job for 1 year 3 months.

When so many key top officials keep resigning or sacked, there are three glaring weaknesses about the leader:

1. Pooe judgement of people - thereby led to poor selection of key appointment holders.

2. Poor man-management - thereby led to unhappy subordinates who cannot stay long on their jobs.

3. A bery difficult person to work and live with - thereby led to nobody can tolerate his nonsense.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ make money lah, Koteks 🤣

>>The Evil Empire has no interest in a peaceful world. It thrives on permanent warfare in the service of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionists Rothschild Cabal and the 1% elites war barons in Wall Street and Washington. US now has over one thousand military bases all over the world not just to contain Russia, China, Iran and DPRK but to hold all other countries in servitude and fear <<

And so thank Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Krishna and all the deities of the celestial realm for that. 👍🏻🤘

Massive US dominance is aided by the USD being the world's reserve, so they can (have to) print as much as required. In fact, when they cut back on the printing --- i.e. Quantitative Tightening, cuntries like Malaysia, Indonesia, India etc. all suffer, because they all untang money in USD-denominated loans. They might hate the USA, but they are hooked on USDs like a junkie on heroin. ☠️

US hegemony leads to ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITY for ordinary individuals who are amoral and savvy enough to PROFIT from this situation, masterfully engineered by lawyers, bankers, generals, politicians, corporations, technologists and industrialists, and not all of them Americans either. Even America’s “enemies” profit financially from a US-dominated world. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! 😹

“The Game” is huge. Anti-American assholes have been complaining about the USA’s “unfair advantage” for DECADES, and yet The Game keeps on going and going. I just have to ask these complainers: How's that working out for you? C'mon, surely your incessant whinging has had SOME effect? No? 🤣😂 I thought so!

>> It is worth to preserve the peace and live in harmony with China. <<

Hahah..are you sure China wants “harmony” with your cuntry? China is playing a long game, and they are SERIOUS about winning. They have no choice but to occasionally take “extreme measures” lah, like “chequebook diplomacy”. It is different from the
USA’s “gunboat diplomacy”, but the end result is similar: the command and control of more territory.

That’s the way The Game is played. If your adversary is a hard-ass, you have no choice but to match him. If he has a strong military, you also must have a strong military, If America has a strategic presence all over the world, China must have it too. If America is hacking networks, China must also hack back. If the US has a serious space program, China will match it. If the US has massive research in quantum computing, blockchain tech and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics...guess what China’s response is? And so on.

“Peace and harmony” could be very temporary. As long as it serves a purpose, ok. But if tensions escalate, all bets are off lah. Realpolitik

>> Sleeping with the predatory American eagle is a sure sign of death and potential demise of your country. <<

Not necessarily. Depends how your own corruptible “pragmatic” govt plays its hand. If they are smart like Singapore, they can profit from both the USA and China. How long they can do this before they are forced to “pick a side”...who knows? But until then, business as usual lah. And business is GREAT!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 500

>> China has never colonized any nation in the world or robbed any country in the world. <<

That depends who happens to be IN-CHARGE in China. Presently it is Xi. He definitely has global intentions. And he has the backing of the CCP to do it.

Xi is a "strong man" leader. To win this, China needs such a leader who is willing to step on toes, do hard things China has never done before and power forward at a RAPID pace.

What the fuck do you expect them to do? Be "nice guy", smile and kow tow to the world? You are NUTS if you think that. If America is the adversary, China also has to show some teeth lah. And they are.

Anonymous said...

The Lawless US President Trump

In defiance of federal law and court orders, U.S. President Donald Trump told Customs and Border Patrol agents last week to refuse to allow any migrants through the border, CNN reported late Monday.

Two sources told the network during a visit to Calexico, Calif. Friday, Trump told border patrol agents not to let any migrants in and, if ordered by a judge, to respond “Sorry judge, I can’t do it. We don’t have the room!"

Anonymous said...

Lawless USA and Lawless President Trump

US President Donald Trump has designated Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terrorist organisation.

It is the first time the US has labelled another nation's military as a terrorist organisation.

Iran retaliated by declaring US forces in the Middle East as a terrorist organisation, Iran state news reported.

USA-Iran tensions have risen since Lawless Donerd Trump withdrew USA from the International Iran Nuclear Pact, agreed upon and signed by the previous US President.

Labelling the Guards as a terrorist organisation for the purpose of using it as a pretext to impose more sanctions on Iran - particularly to strangle to death Iran's business sector, given the IRGC's involvement in Iran's economy - so as to create havoc to Iran's economy as what the US has done to Syrua, Yemen, Turkey and Venezuela; and now also trying to do Russia, India and China in using the same sanctions truck.

Anonymous said...

The whole world should declare CIA and US military as TERRORISTS and War Criminals!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The bananas would swear the CIA and American forces are for peace, policemen of the world. And the ugly and evil Americans, the majority of them, too believe in this sickness. They are welcome to the South China Sea to contain China, to stir shit for China!

Making wars all over the world so that the Americans can live in peace and prosper by selling arms and weapons of mass destruction, helping the Saudis to build nuclear bombs, not allowing the North Koreans to do so.

Anonymous said...

USA - The Devil Disguised As Angel

USA has been imposing sanctions on Iran for years. However, the sanctions could not make a big dent on the Iranian economy. As such, new ways must be found to bring down the Iranian economy so as to inflict rampant hardships and sufferings upon the Iranian people, who will then be instigated, supported and weaponize to revolt against and turnover the existing Iranian Revolutionary Government, like what is happening in Venezuela now.

What actually happened was that two months ago a false flag black operation was engineered by CIA in which a truck loaded full if explosives parked next to the bus that was carrying the Iranian Revolutionary Guards back from a border patrol mission and exploded. The explosion killed more than 20 Iranian soldiers.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards promised to hunt down and hit back at the perpetrators.

A week later, the IRGC launched a series of "search and destroy" operations to find the culprits, an organised gang under the payroll of the CIA, and captured many of the members of this US-sponsored, trained, equipped, financed and controlled group of TERRORISTS.

Cunningly, the US turned around and labelled the IRGC as a terrorist organization. How convenient!

And using that as an excuse, the US will impose further sanctions on the IRGC which virtually runs the business sector, like Temasek Holdings.

The viles and venoms of the Trump's Administration is the worst of all US Administrations.

The world has to be prepared for the Third World War! Those who have no money, be prepared to die.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Again, you're reading the situation wrongly.

>> The bananas would swear the CIA and American forces are for peace, policemen of the world <<

Since when lah? All the agencies of the US govt work to secure the American nation state lah. American Exceptionalism.

If you're not American, all bets are off for your cuntry. Whether you're ally or foe depends entirely on whether your cuntry serves American Exceptionalism or not, and will change if necessary.

This is very clear. So clear you can pick which side of The Trade you prefer to be. For profit lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you need to change your banana thinking and stop thinking like the Americans.

The world has changed so much that today no country can ever dream of conquering and ruling another country no matter how small is that country.

The only country that still thinks conquering and ruling is an option is the Americans, and a few 'has been' European countries. See how the Americans are faring after invading Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan? The people of these countries would rise against the Americans and bogged them down forever until they leave on a limb.

China is not so stupid to think of conquering another country and get itself destroyed in the process. The Chinese philosophy is trade and get rich together without meddling in the internal affairs of another country. No export of political system, they would trade with all the countries in the world, democracy, fake democracy, authoritarian, dictatorship, socialist, communist, the Chinese do not care as long as both sides can benefit from trade and commerce.

Imperialism and colonialism are passe, unworkable today unless you want to pay the cost of fighting an unending war with the people you occupied.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Please lah, you don't have any substance to tell me how to think or what to change. Work on yourself mate, you could use an upgrade.

Anyway, my position has always been opportunity. You have to seize it. China is seizing it, AND creating more opportunity.

You can't be friends with everyone, all the time. Sometimes you need enemies to "define you" and to kick your arse into creativity and ACTION.

You are ex military. I thought you knew that.

Anonymous said...

To Southern Glory,
You said,quote Venezuela is now facing the gaunlet of American aggression. Other victimised countries are Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Mexico, Ecaudor, Chile, Brazil, Peru and Argentina unqoute.
However, many of the countries within this same group you mentioned, are bitterly AGAINST venezuela's Maduro regime. Namely,Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Peru, which formed LIMA GROUP in 2017 to oppose Venezuela madur0.
Venezuela's Maduro is evidently no angel. Even almost all their neighbours don't like him and wants him out. Of course the USA take advantage and stir more trouble. But we must never never position ourselves to support and defend someone whom we really don't know. RB is one of the Maduro worshippers. For RB, anyone who is anti American is Good. Very shallow thinking man.IMHO


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ HI

The bottom line is that The People don't want Maduro as they're president. They want him GONE.
Brazil's Bolsonaro doesn't want civil war in Venezuela, obviously. So be has ideas of sorting dissent in the Venezuelan military

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Dun worry about RB lah. To him China is as pure as the driven snow. Everything that is wrong with the world is the fault of the Americans and their banana enablers 😂

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Spot on humbleideas and Matilah.

I am just looking at the other side of the coin that bananas would not look at, never heard of, never knew exists.

Anonymous said...

Whilst it's true that there are indeed yellow bananas who honestly worship USA and Western civilization and derides Chinese, I don't think Mr MATilah fits this profile you paint of him. M is more sophisticated than that, he is a ripe old banana , rotten to the core, but he knows about the unfairness of this world and views everybody as selfish and there is no such thing as good and bad, right or wrong. In some ways I find his ideas more appealing than your boring and naive one dimensional analysis of world politics.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ HI

"Rotten to the core"? Best compliment I've had in a long time.

The world is unfair. Humans act in their own self interest, rationally and irrationally.

Therefore, entertainment.😂

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Humbleideas, my naive ideas are as naive as the western professors, academics and anal lysts especially the likes of the Japanese masquerading as a Chinese, Gordan Chang, and many angmohs with one dimensional views on America is always right and China always wrong.

Agree that Matilah is an old rotten ripe banana. But he has been a banana for too long and unsconsciously often revealed what were planted inside him by the West in his younger days.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB & HI

I like western culture. I like Singapore culture, which is not typical Asian culture.

I am comfortably at home with both. Suits me and my selfish self just fine, which is all I care about.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oops, I mean Gordon Chang. Look at him immediately you know he is Japanese, but claiming to be a Chinese. As a Chinese, one can easily tell the difference between a Korean, Japanese and Chinese by their special and distinct features.

This Japanese Gordon Chang will go insane at the mention of the word China and you can see the hatred in his eyes and facial expression, a typical Japanese Imperialist.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

GC is a Amrican-born interracial (chap cheng) --- dad from China, mum from Scotland. He's been a harsh critic of China for about 20 years. If you ook at his media profile, you know being a critic has been financially rewarding. An appearance on prime time TV can pay big bucks.

However his book "The Coming Collapse of China" was written ages ago, and China isn't even close to collapsing, although they have suffered ---like everyone else --- the ups and downs of a modern economy. I think Jesus Christ might "come" before a collapse in China. Someone should also inform Dr Chang that since he wrote the book, I've come a few thousand times 😂🤣...and China is still ok, no collapse.

He's great entertainment value!

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