MIG 21 shot down F16, MIG did not shoot down F16….shot down, did not….

There is a heated debate going on in the internet about the Indian Air Force MIG 21 shooting down a Pakistani F16.  Many wonderful stories were spun about how this Korean War relic could shoot down one of the most advanced 4th generation aircraft are worth reading if one is in need of some laughters or cannot fall asleep. One version, the Pakistani pilot was a kopi licensed pilot and thought he was on vacation, or was snoozing when the Indian pilot closed in on him and shot him down with a catapult. Another version, the Indian pilot was so well trained that the Pakistani pilot was no match despite having a more advanced and modern aircraft. There are many fascinating stories of this dog fight, some claiming to have videos showing how it went.

The consequences of this modern myth, or was it a fake story, are more interesting. Lockheed Martin, the maker of F16 is going bankrupt as all orders for F16s were cancelled. F16s are now selling in the black market for the price of a song, like junks and no takers. All the American allies that have bought the F16s are retiring their fleet and moving them to the museums. No pilots would want to be seen flying a F16 for the fear of their lives.

On the other side of the coin, closed down MIG factories are roaring to life. Orders are coming in for more MIG 21s. Delivery time is 3 years from date of purchase order. The factories are running over time, working round the clock to reproduce these antiques that are now highly desired by many air forces for their air superiority, to be able to shoot down F16s. This is really a cheap and good story. But the prices would not hold for long as the demands outstripped the supplies and prices are shooting through the roof. Who cares about F16s or F22s or even F35s when all they need is MIG 21s?

Would Singapore be cancelling its buy orders for four F35s and ordering 200 MIG 21s instead for the same money? With the crash of the Japanese F35, Turkey is the first to chicken out and has cancelled its order for F35s and switching to SU 57s. Other European countries are also thinking of doing the same. Lockheed Martin is going to face the same fate as Boeing with more orders cancelled.

Actually I have another version of the truth. When the Pakistani pilot saw the MIG 21 he thought he was dreaming. Where on earth could one find such a relic flying, where was he, watching a Bollywood movie? It could not be true, no modern air forces in the world is flying such antique aircraft anymore. China has converted their MIGs to drones, fly by wire. The Pakistani pilot was in a daze. So, while he was musing about what he was seeing, he forgot that he was in a war zone and at war. So he was shot down before he knew what was happening.

And the shot was so accurate because he was not taking evasive action, and was so near he was blown to pieces, literary turned to dust, and his body could not be found, untraceable. If he was shot down like the MIG 21 by Pakistan, he would be able to bale out in time and be caught like Wing Commander Ahbinandan when he landed on his parachute. And he could then be sent home and received a hero’s welcome for being shot down and captured by the enemies and survived. And the remains of the wreckage would be found and filmed as proof.

This episode has given a big boost to Russian MIG aircraft manufacturer and big profits. There is no better advertisement than an antique shooting down a modern and advanced aircraft that cost a fortune to buy. The most unhappy people must be the Americans, unable to sell their modern aircraft anymore. Who would want to waste money buying expensive American aircraft that could easily be shot down by Russian antiques that could be bought for a song?

The above article first appeared in redbean’s Sunday tabloid.


Anonymous said...

The Indian Air Force MIG 21 pilot must be a great talent. We should welcome him to Singapore to join RSAF.

Anonymous said...

For the last 20 years American aviation technology, both commercial and military, have hit snacks after snacks.

But they are are good at covering each other's ass. They are good at covering-up. Most importantly, they are good salesmen (conmen).

And so many of the worlds Gullivers (gullibles) travel all the way to the White (Whitemen) House and beg Trump to buy the Boeing 738 MAX and F35s. Why?

Firstly, to carry balls, especially those who underestimated Trump's victory in the Presidential Race and kept banging Hillary (Hilarious) Rodham (Rotten) Clinton (Clitoris).

Second9, also went there to splurge taxpayers money and begged to buy F35s (so as to kill their best pilots before any war ever started.)

After that, felt so stupid because coffer empty already. Then went home quickly tell the stooge-puppet Financial Minion to think of how to increase taxes upon the already suffering dafts and idiots called citizens (sillyzens).

"Quite Easily Done!", so said the Master Mathematician who is very calculative and only good at spending other people's money.

Cheap and good, don't buy. Bought killer machines to kill own pilots and passengers. WTF! Yes, outstanding talent. Very outstanding. Stands out like a sore thumb. Only thingy is DON'T KNOW WHAT IS SHAME!

Anonymous said...

Correction: "snacks to read as snags.

Anonymous said...

Uncle, you didn't know that the Indian pilot is actually Capt. Marvel?

Anonymous said...

Who would want to waste money buying expensive American aircraft that could easily be shot down by Russian antiques that could be bought for a song?

Which Sinkie would want to waste their vote voting for expensive PAP ministers who could easily be criticised and cursed by cheap Sinkies who are jobless and money no enough due to foreign talents taking over their jobs?

70% did, I mean in GE 2015 lah.

Anonymous said...

Hi 10.23am

U said....."70% did, I mean in GE 2015 lah".

How about next GE? What %?

What say U?

Anonymous said...

Who shot down who depends on which side you are looking at from.

Similarly while China is helping with developments in Africa and South America, the other side is throwing spanners and creating all kinds of conjectures and accusations about Chinese colonisation.

You see, whatever China does, it seems everything they do is doomed to failure or disaster. The Three Gorges Dam, the Mega Port in the middle of the South China Sea, The high speed rail system, the belt and road initiative, the AIIB were all butt of jokes conjured up by the West. But most have succeeded well enough, and the West is now insecure and obviously unsure knowing how successful when China embarks on or talks about come 2025. And the West is not sure how to counter China's rise and is taking all the desperate measures to stop China from overtaking the West.

Now India is also moving ahead very fast and the West is also mindful and resorting to sanctions and tariffs to prevent India from rising as well. India should know the West's evil intention if they know their history and take a leaf from the manner the West treated China. The East India Company controlled every aspect of ancient India to make sure it never rise. The East India Company even deprived starving Indians of food, which they shipped back to England to feed their own.

Anonymous said...

Anything made in China was a joke in the Western MSM, calling them junks that fall apart within a short time.

Now, what will they say about Boeing (Boh Eng meaning useless in Chinese) brand new planes that fall apart in the air?

Ever wonder why the US sells F35 to so many countries when initially they refused to do so in the past? You believe they want their allies to have the latest fighter jets to protect themselves, or just disposing of faulty proned planes that took a enormous chunk of money to but failed to correct over many many years?

By the way, how do they track their own stealth fighters when the enemies cannot do so? How do they know where the stealth fighter went down if it does not appear on their own radar? Beats me!

Anonymous said...

How about next GE? What %?
10:56 am

Doesn't matter how screw up PAP govt is, as long as the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt, PAP will continue to get 60 to 70% or even more votes every election.

Anonymous said...

How do they know where the stealth fighter went down if it does not appear on their own radar? Beats me!
11:31 am

Please lah, their radar to track their stealth fighter is different from other people's radar.

That's why only their radar can track their own stealth fighter, whereas other people's radar cannot.

It's that simple. Understand?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Hollywood (Bollywood) dogfight

Hai seh lah. If updated to their respective upgraded current specs, the F-16s and the MIG-21 Bisons are pretty well evenly matched. Remember these airframes are from the time when many uncles here were still in school jacking off to smuggled Playboy and Penthouse magazines, roti prata cost 10 cents, and you could watch a movie at Lido in the front stalls for ONE DOLLAR. The MIG-21 is as old as many of the uncles here. Both planes have been proven in so many battles, by various operators. They are classics lah. Lau chiau, old soldiers.

So it eventually comes down to the skill of the warrior-pilot. In this case, (if it's true) the Indian fella had luck and skill on his side.

There is still much life in these old warplanes, when they've had their hardware and software upgraded. Changing an entire fleet is bloody expensive. Not everyone can afford J-20s or F-35s, and those who can only can afford to buy a few. at the end of the day, war is subject to economic law --- if you spend too much, your cuntry will go broke.

Anonymous said...

Who down who depends on who is the better con men. Con men win wars just by talking, using their mouths to fight.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ shit talking cultures:

That's right. The cultures of India and Pakistan are cultures of shit talkers. You simply cannot be foolish enough to believe what they say, especially about each other.

When dealing with such people, you have to gather the evidence yourself, and even then know that they could have faked the evidence. So the evidence had to be (if possible) independently verified.

Anonymous said...

Rb//MIG 21 shot down F16, MIG did not shoot down F16….shot down, did not….//

Aiyo ...

Anonymous said...


Fight!! Fight!! Fight!!

Shoot!! Shoot!! Shoot!!

Kill!! Kill!! Kill!!

All VERY GOOD for my War Stocks!!! Like Lockheed Martin!! Hahahahaha!!!!!

Actually the real deal as cross-checked by various 3rd-party intelligence services is that it was a JF-17 Pakistani fighter that shot down an Indian Mig-21bis. The Indians didn't shoot down a single Paki plane in this encounter.

The JF-17 is a joint China-Paki fighter jet development. The Chinese designation is FC-1 Xiaolong.

The China company that was involved with the fighter's development, Chengdu Aviation Corporation, is investible on Shenzhen stock exchange. But the share price performance sucks over the years. Chengdu Aviation Mfg Corp

Anonymous said...

WSG, the only thing that Indian pilot shot like you was shooting his Wife each night lar. Only in his dream that he shot the pakis plane but he was actually shooting his Wife.😰

Anonymous said...

The claim that India made - that their MIG 21 shot down a Pakistani F16 - is total BULLSHIT! Period.

Pakistani fighters (irrespective of what aircraft) did shot down and Indian fighter plane and captured its pilot. That's why India asked for the return of their pilot, which Pakistan obliged for the sake of peace.

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