When telling the truth is outrageous

LONDON: Britain and Gibraltar reacted with fury to a European Council document published on Friday (Feb 1) that described the British overseas territory as a colony.

The document, laying out proposals to give British nationals short-stay, visa-free access to the EU's borderless Schengen area after Brexit, contained the description in a footnote.

"It is completely unacceptable to describe Gibraltar in this way," British Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesman told reporters.

"Gibraltar is a full part of the UK family and this will not change due to our exit from the EU," he said.
Gibraltar, home to 33,000 people, was ceded to Britain by Spain in 1713, in perpetuity.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/britain-outraged-at-eu-s-gibraltar-colony-reference-11196706
To the Brits, Gibraltar is not a colony.  Saying that it is a colony is outrageous. Were Singapore and Hong Kong former colonies of the British Empire? This is how white men create their lies and demanded the rest of the world to accept them as the truth. How did the British seized Gibraltar from Spain? Spain willingly gave Gibraltar to the Brits? Gibraltar a part of the British islands in the north Atlantic Ocean?

Oh, the bananas in Gibraltar are also angry that they are called a colony of the Brits. I think Singapore bananas and Hong Kong bananas would not share the same feelings. They would want to be know as a full part of the UK family and sing God save the Queen and fly the Union Jack, colony or no colony never mind. This is what would happen when people has no pride in themselves, in their ability to govern themselves and would want to be governed by the white men despite being treated like second class, subjects of an Empire.

Singapore is going to celebrate big time on the bicentennial colonisation of Singapore.


Anonymous said...

With the millions of laws in this cunning-politicians dominated world, there is no need for another sickening law that deprives, limits, restricts, represses, stifles and suppress CREATIVITY, INITIATIVE, INNOVATION, DISCOVERY and INVENTION under the guise of Deliberate Falsehood (in simple term, Fake News).

It is my personal opinion that there is much behind the scene agenda, which cannot be divulged openly, that this particular Sickening New Law is created and enacted - basically from a very sick mind or minds. And I think this agenda is to give the culprits more power to control everybody. This SICK, REAL SICKENING.


Anonymous said...

Hi 840am


They deserved it!

They asked for it!

They voted for it!

It is very very very fair....dont blamed others...deserved it!


Virgo49 said...

Received a photo as WhatsApp by friend.

Finally the Fourth Ape..!

He is the sum of the first three.

He sees nobody, hears nobody and speaks to nobody.

Honkies and Sinkies loved to be called ex colonists of the Brits.

1997, Return to China.Honkies migrated feared their own. Loved to migrate to Ang Moh countries and screwed by them.
Till now still protests against the PRCs.

Sinkies want to celebrate Centinnineial of colonisation by the Brits.
Also, Conquest by the Japs.

Naming landmarks and memorials Sanyoyan.

No wonder they are slaves forever.


Anonymous said...

The followings are extracts from Baidu on ancient China history:

1. "秦始皇焚书坑儒,意在维护统一的集权政治,进一步排除不同的政治思想和见解,但并未收到预期的效果。这一点和秦始皇采用的其他措施有所不同,是秦始皇、丞相李斯所始料不及的。"

2. "焚书坑儒仅仅是秦始皇立国思维在治道上的投影,对于嬴政来说,作为旧道的代表,大儒们的作为无疑会对大秦带来危险,他害怕国家和军队的软化。对于这种力量的恐惧,导致嬴政确定了他的一套方略,最后反而加速了秦朝的灭亡。"

3. "虽然是为了加强思想控制,并在短时间内得到了成功;但不利于国家长治久安,不利于社会发展,钳制了当时人们的思想,并且手法残忍,残暴。"

4." “焚书坑儒”这一几乎可以肯定是很大一部分是杜撰的事件,却成为了秦始皇残酷暴戾的证据,使其被后世天下学人唾骂了两千多年,恨不能掘墓鞭尸。可以说,得罪文人特别是后来得到权柄的文人实在是一件很可怕的事,他们几乎成功的让一个立下不世之功的千古一帝遗臭万年。"

The translation for 1 and 2 is in the comments in rb's yesterday post.

The translation for 3 and 4 shall follow soon.

As bananas ... oops... Chinese descendants, perhaps it is good to improve our Chinese language (since it is our 2nd language) and knowledge of our ancestors' history (since it is historically our roots) ?

Thus this short series posting in rb's blog ...

If anyone find such posts "offensive" or "manipulative" or "create hatred in any way" or feel that they are "fake", pls raise your hands (which is kee chiu in Hokkien) that is, pls kee chiu and say so and such posts shall be discontinued and RB perhaps can "take down" previous posts as well. In no way the posts are intended that way but just a "copy and paste" of what is recorded as history by Chinese scholars and historians. Nonetheless if they are deemed that way by any new law, the law is the law.

Who knows exactly "What is "can" and what is "cannot" under the (proposed new) law and be so kind, pls pray tell?

Also in MSN, to protect from one Maltida's suka suka "do re mi" ("intimidation") posted every now and then, it is better to "err" on the caution by "wearing Roman Empire armour gear" (in case he goes berserk again for no reason except by his own multipolar schizophrenic interpretation and go about his rampaging threats of "do re mi" ?)

There was a "warning" comment by an (IB?) anon yesterday immediately after the first two points of the above-mentioned were posted and his "warning" comment "copied and pasted" as below:

////Anonymous April 04, 2019 11:26 am
A word of warning to all who post on this blog or any other blog, be very careful what you write. The
Singapore Fake New Law will be far reaching and without mercy to those who trespasses. Be warned.////

Hope that clarifies the (reason for the) lo(oooooo)ng "disclaimer" above

For those bananas... Oops... anyone who needs help in the post in Chinese , pls feel free to kee chiu too. Nonetheless, Google and Bing Translate versions are also posted after the Chinese text for readers' convenience.

For those who are conversant in the Chinese language and thus find the translated version not helpful (or redundant) pls kee chiu too and voice out.

Anonymous said...

Google Translate:

3. "Although it is to strengthen the ideological control and succeed in a short period of time; it is not conducive to the long-term stability of the country, is not conducive to social development, has clamped down the minds of the people at that time, and is cruel and cruel."

4. ""Incinerating the book and burying the Confucianism" is almost certainly a large part of the incident, but it has become the evidence of the cruelty and violentness of Emperor Qin Shihuang, which has been reviled for more than two thousand years by the scholars of the world, and hates to dig the tomb. It can be said that it is a terrible thing to offend the literati, especially the literati who later gained authority. They have almost succeeded in letting a thousand-year-old emperor who has made a world's work unsuccessful."

Anonymous said...

Bing Translate:

3. "Although it is to strengthen ideological control, and in a short period of time has been successful, but not conducive to the country's long-term stability, not conducive to social development, clamping down on people's thinking at that time, and the manipulation of cruel, brutal."

4. "The "potholes", which is almost certainly a large part of the fabricated event, has become evidence of the brutal and violent violence of Qin Shihuang, so that he has been scolded by later generations of the world for more than 2000 years, hate can not dig the tomb whip corpse. It can be said that it is a terrible thing to offend the literati, especially the literati who later received authority, who have almost succeeded in making a fetishized years of the ancient emperor of Bushi."

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ I miss the good old days, but luckily Singapore turned out to be totally awesome!

One family in particular of the larger group of my banana families did exceeding well under the British colonists. Every family has at least one rich uncle, and we had ours.

Uncle Frank (not real name, actually Grand uncle) was Baba, married a Cantonese way back at the turn of the century. He was an entrepreneurial type very good with doing the capitalist thing, as a civil engineer. He was 90+ when he died in the 1960s and at the time of his death he owned around 20 shop houses, land and residential homes in the Tampines / Upper Serangoon area, a collection of cars, antiques and lord knows how much cash and gold. (Baba people like their gold).

Estate tax was so heavy, his children had to sell assets to pay the tax comptroller. Back then Singapore had death duties inherited from the British. (Actually death duties were abolished only very recently in 2008. Thank you IRAS 🥰😗)

Another Peranakan rich old man who only recently died in his mid 90s made his fortune in stevedoring and marine logistics under the British and early PAP Singapore. He (of course) bought property in the Bukit Timah / Coronation area, paying as little as 50¢ per square foot in those “ulu kampong” places. Lucky for his family, Singapore no longer has death duties.

So you see, colonialism comes with MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY to make money and buy land (always a fixed, limited supply).

China's “cheque book diplomacy” has created massive similar opportunistic situations in Cambodia, for example where the quick and the brave are loading up on land purchases from all the sexy filthy money they're making from China's foray into their cuntry with OBOR projects.

I think colonialism is vastly underrated and unfairly maligned. The world needs more colonialism. That's one of the reasons I'm long China. They're showing the old historical European ex colonists how to do this properly at a vastly enhanced scale. 😂🤑💪👍

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

PS No main should ever be ashamed of its conquests and colonialism. Be proud, man, embrace your history.

Colonisation proffered enormous benefits not only to the colonists but to the locals who were conversant with the way the world works and how capitalism functions. If you as a local are just too fucking lazy/ dumb/ slow, it's your own bloody fault.

I've repeated myself often enough, but here it is again:

On those rare occasions when the universe offers you a FREE KICK, you'd better step up and take it. That's a chance to score “goal”, so if you pass and miss out, that's your own self sabotage.

Anonymous said...

Singapore bananas happy to be CECA India family !

Anonymous said...


Need big war toys to do cololnialism (and manpower).

That's how USSR did it in the Caucasus (all the "-stan" countries). And how China did for Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongol, and parts of Manchuria. And how Russia did for Crimea & parts of Ukraine.

US do it by proxy. More efficient for faraway places.

That's why invest in war stocks!!

Anonymous said...

Below article was published by The Independent, which I had thought worth repeating here:

Singapore’s online falsehoods Bill – the death knell for trust in the public service?

By Howard Lee - April 4, 2019

I’ve always had a healthy respect for the Singapore public service. The ten years I spent there in public communication taught me a lot about the importance of a group of people who can put their minds together for the sake of the nation. It is for this reason that I believed, even if we were to have a change in government, the public service will still pull us through.

I’ve had the good fortune of serving with some of these people. My first boss once said that our role as public communicators is not just to be the organisation’s mouth, but to also be its ears. We listen to the needs of the people and feed those needs back up, hoping that they will somehow make a difference.

I’ve held that view dear, but my second boss was the one who lived it. I always remember this incident where we have an hours-long meeting with the CEO to decide on how to respond to a journalist who has written negatively about us. My boss was adamant that we should let it be – the journalist was entitled to her opinion, and what she said was not all incorrect. The final verdict was to send the newspaper a letter of clarification, which would not go on the journalist’s record but still get our point across.

I’ve learnt a lot during my time in the service, but eventually left – partly because I was annoying my colleagues by being a moody jackass with highfalutin ideals of what public communications should be about, but mainly because I felt we did not listen enough to the grouses on the ground that was fed to us through well-meaning journalists.

But I still help a glimmer of hope that someday, the public service would be willing to listen again.

Those hopes were dashed with the announcement of the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill. Much of the Bill can be seen as a deliberate attempt to further restrict the space for free expression, but the most critical point to me was the inclusion of “false statements” that “diminishes public confidence in the performance of any duty or function of, or in the exercise of any power by, the government” as fake news.

This essentially allows a government department that is not inclined to answer for things they do to, well, simply not answer them.

Dealing with confrontational media is messy business – it takes time away from family and other pressing deadlines, and it makes us uneasy that there is an odd chance that the journalist might just be right. So if there is path of less resistance, where a single factual inaccuracy can allow the public service to demand retractions, apologies and article take-downs – without even having to call upon Lady Justice herself – what is to prevent the public service from taking it?

With the new law-to-be, nothing. In fact, we might even imagine that it would be the new standard operating procedure.

I can imagine another take of that hours-long meeting I had, but instead of having communication officers debating it as an engagement issue, we would have lawyers in that same room debating it as a legal issue.

The most dangerous part of the Bill is not that it allows for a curtailment of media freedom, much as the Law Minister wishes to declare otherwise. No doubt, it effectively opens a path to the censorship of anything that is critical of the government, over and above the concerns of social harmony and fair elections.

The most dangerous part of it is that it allows the public service unfettered jurisdiction to call anything it wants “false”, with no indication in the Bill for a need to provide good reason beyond “it is a false statement of fact” and “it defames our good reputation”. Anything published by anyone that criticises the government is subject to scrutiny under this law, whereupon only the government calls the shot on whether it is an opinion or a statement of fact.

Continues ...

Anonymous said...

Continues from above:

With the current focus on transparency and accountability following numerous data leaks, potential conflicts of interest and public policy failures, the correct approach should have been to ensure that any law passed be above reproach and inspire confidence that the government, this or the next, will not be able to abuse it.

There is no such assurance provided with the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill as it currently stands.

Yes, the Law Minister would declare that the courts are the final arbiters of whether statements are true or false. But I can tell you with dead certainty from experience that access to that arbitration would easily cost an independent news website two years in revenue. Without the goodwill of lawyers stepping up to take the risk, justice effectively ends with the mere proclamation of falsehood. To profess otherwise is to be either blissfully ignorant or deliberately insincere.

The public service needs to re-assert its position of public trust. It will not do so with a law that lays claim to such trust, without the need to earn it. It can only earn trust by listening and explaining, not by branding honest intentions to engage together with lies and falsehoods.

Moreover, we need to remember that in the original conception of what the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods should focus on, racial and religious harmony and free and fair elections were the two issues that were highlighted repeatedly as the reasons for contemplating legal action against fake news. Most Singaporeans would have no objections to these objectives, flawed as they might be.

That this section of the Bill – essentially a blanket provision to protect the government from “diminished public confidence” – was now included should give us cause to question if the government has indeed stuck to its end of the bargain, of if it has always had something else on its mind.

So I will state it clearly: If we do not question this Bill, if we do not press our Members of Parliament to scrutinise it properly, if we do not demand that such over-reaching power be curtailed, if we do not call for clarity and limits to how such a law can be used, the penalty is not a just a curtailment of our freedom of speech.

The penalty is a public service that is deaf to our concerns and blind to our needs, with an ever-diminishing respect for transparency and accountability, a public service that is only answerable to itself. This cannot be the public service we want for Singapore, and we are all to blame for letting it happen.

[Yes, the 70% is to be blamed by future generations without respite.]

Anonymous said...

@ 9.57am

Layman translation:

3. "Though Emperor Qin Shi Huang's atrocities of the "massive burning (and banning) of books and mass live burial of the Confucius scholars" were intended for ideological control, conditioning and manipulation of the people's minds, the effects were fairly temporary and short term. The cruel and brutal measures were insidious and extremely pernicious to long term social stability and socio-economic development. They stifled creative, independent and critical thinking in its people which is typical in a dystopia."

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.02am

Bangkok, R u implying the following :
Emperor Qin ShiHuang= PEeAm Ah Long San or
Emperor Qin Shi Huang = PAPies Minions = Min ShamUgan

If that is the case, probably u r asking for trouble? Else
U r oked.
Case closed .

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

I had a think about it. Now I'm 100% totally unworried and unconcerned about any proposed anti-freedom-of-speech-and expression Bill that is passed by parliament.

The public service has many like Howard Lee who will "pechah lobang" because their conscience won't allow them to let bad things go unnoticed if they occur. Do I have faith in Singaporeans? No. I have faith in our species, in human nature with all its (evolutionarily-based) successes and failings. No matter how extreme oppression is, there are those who will step up and expose the emperor for being naked. so the govt can be as oppressive as it likes to. While the majority will be cowed under the threat of The State's Iron Fist, it will never be 100% effective.

So Shanmu and gang, go ahead, do your worst. See what happens. 😂


@ greedy opportunistic capitalists (aka my kaki nang 🤑 )

War Stocks Guy is quite correct. Modern colonialists need hardware and intelligent software-based products and services to attain their objectives and maintain their dominance.

Of course, there will be resistance from other contenders and push back from those who try to "police" and prevent global domination by select foreign entities.

This of course eventually leads to arms races by many players. These days "arms" included massive computing, IT and intelligence infrastructures and networks. Not just "smart weapons" are needed, but entire INTEGRATED SYSTEMS, encompassing finance, asset management, deployment of offensive and defensive strategies, energy, operational and civilian security, logistics (to ensure human life survives) etc.

Arms Race lah. China and Russia goes, US, UK, NATO, EU, S Korea Japan, Israel ramps up to match them. Cina and Russia no satisfied, pump some more...and the response from the others follows.

Who wins Arms Races? Greedy opportunistic people (all my kaki) who know how to take free kicks. 🤣😂

Anonymous said...

@ 12.42pm Shit-stirring Anon IB PLP bootlicker

Is there even a case to begin with?

"The most dangerous part of it is that it allows the public service unfettered jurisdiction to call anything it wants “false”, with no indication in the Bill for a need to provide good reason beyond “it is a false statement of fact” and “it defames our good reputation”. Anything published by anyone that criticises the government is subject to scrutiny under this law, whereupon only the government calls the shot on whether it is an opinion or a statement of fact." By Howard Lee (As copied and reposted here by Anon 11.58am (supposedly dated 4 April 2019) from The Independent)

Anonymous said...

Now talking anything pertaining to one red dot runs the risk of incorrect indoctrination (and thus subject to potential persecution and prosecution )?

So we turn to talk about history thousands of years back which should be quite safe right?

Talk about Emperor Qin who died in BC 210 also cannot???

There could be a case?

Asking for trouble?

12.42pm, what talking you?

You very free eat full nothing to do, Izit?

Must stir-shit?


How ludicrous do you want to make matters to be?

So if cannot talk about 2,000+ years ago history or people, is it "safe" to talk about anything?

Even if we talk about say the messy sanitary pads strewn around in coffee shop unisex toilets, the piles of cigarettes butts on top of the trash cans in the MBFC areas or the trail of black ants beside the small park in front of Plz Sing carrying white colour ball-shape food back to their colony further up, also cannot?

Then talk about the gloomy weather during Qing Ming also cannot?

Talk about the Bacang during dumbling festival also cannot, got some hidden message behind?

So sensitive for what?

Like that live in this world where got meaning?

See own shadow also jump up or get heart attack or faint?

So paranoid for what?

Anonymous said...

What the new Bill is trying to say is :

Thou shall not speak Anything~Bad about the G(od) of the Day lest you be Punished!
Thou shall Appeal First to G(od)of the Day before going to the High 10 Courts of Hell!
Thou shall Comply to the Orders set forth by the G(od) of the day!

Justice is on the G Courtyard.

Down right Dafts Sinkies 69.9% Wake Up lah!

Anonymous said...

@ 9.57am

Layman translation of point (4):

4. "These two incidents to a large extent are probably prefabrication but they became the evidence of the Qin Emperor's brutalities and atrocities. He was spitted at and cursed, lambasted by the literati over the past two millenniums and some wished that they could dig out his grave and whip his corpse. For to offend the literati especially those who attained power in later eras is a grave and fearsome misstep. They successfully portrayed Emperor Qin who achieved an unprecedented feat of unifying ancient China and instituted in the society a common language, implemented in the economy a common currency, a common measurement metric etc to be an incorrigible dictator, brutal tyrant, megalomaniacal despot, autocratic reprobate, permissive debauchee, schizophrenic rogue, decadent profligate, salacious ruffian and led Emperor Qin to be seen as such by generations in the billions in the past two thousand years and continue to be so in many countless millenniums to come and probably eventually numbers in the trillions."

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.57am

Hey, r u trying to compare the Ancient Event of Chinese Emperor Qin of burning books & killing the scholars to that Sinkie's new Proposed Bill on Fake News?
If yes, u r asking for trouble.
If not, better to err on the word of Caution, don't publish anything that 'imply' or relate or compare to the government of Sinkieland. Very dangerous lah!

Anonymous said...

lndeed there is similiarity in Singapore today with the Qinshihuang Era.
The Folks that organized activities were the Literati and mostly professionals in Financial lndustry. There were Financial Expert, Ex-insurance CEO, Former Member of Parliament of many terms with top score in General Election and many other educated, successful intellectuals who are much enlighten. They are dedicated to nation building and are most dedicated.
Most could enjoy living well for themselves and their families, however,
they have chosen to sacrifice for the betterments of the people and the society.
These patriots are highly critical of the Current Political Leadership. Some got themselves sued and penalized.
As pointed out, the opposite positions of the Regime to that of the Literati and that of the Active lntellect could lead to confrontional divide and the decay of a country.
This is not a play play affair.

Anonymous said...

When Vernacular,Dialect and the Chinese School were closed, including the Only Chinese Nantah University and English became the Only Language for Education, the Qingshihuang Era got replicated in Sin.

Anonymous said...

60-year old punched by foreigner on Thursday April 4

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 12.44

Sinkie Swceerty guards had normally no problems with sinkies been told off or asked to comply with their orders.

But Wildlife knew Sinkies can be easily bullied and they always took them as punching bags.

As what Matillah posted before, we had cleaned out our 108 heros of the Chinatown too clean that they cannot bash these wikdlifes to keep them in check.

A. Pond too clean cannot breed fishes as once said by our Mr Toothpicks King.

Anonymous said...

When a weak leader is at the helm of a totalitarian country, widespread force, coercion, intimidation, repression and suppressive actions would be carried out. In some countries, force is carried out by the military and police brutality. In Sinkingland, force is carried out by the legal process amd legality. One is brute force while the later is subtle. Either way, they are both using force to shaft down the throats of their citizens and fellow countrymen (women and children). Have no doubt about that. That's why the terms "knuckle-duster" and "cul de sac" have been used. Understood?

Anonymous said...

Malaysian govt must raise awareness of corruption so people don't idolise 'robbers', Anwar says in jibe at Najib.

Despite going on trial for multiple graft charges involving millions of ringgit siphoned from state investment fund 1MDB and its subsidiary, former Premier Najib Razak has gained newfound popularity as "Bossku", or my Boss.

The Malaysian government need to stop the people from idolising "robbers", Prime Minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim said in a swipe at corruption tainted former Premier Najib Razak.

Mr Anwar said the ruling Pakatan Harapan coalition's challenge was not only in governing the nation efficiently but also in raising public awareness on corruption and the financial damages left by the previous administration, reported The Star.

Across the causeway in the south, are there "robbers" disguised as honest-to-goodness god-sent outstanding Boss-ku's hanging tenaciously to power and making themselves millionaires?

When the only banyan tree gets sttonger, bigger and richer by the days, all the undergrowths will find it very difficult to survive. Only a handful of parasitic creepers and pests can flourish together with the lonely banyan tree. Why? Because the banyan tree covers up the sunlight using its extensive, widely-spread and huge leave-system. This is a fact if life. That's why the say: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

60-year old punched by foreigner on Thursday April 4
April 06, 2019 12:44 am

Singaporeans need to be whacked by such wildlife to wake up that this is their country and is gradually being taken over by the wildlife. Hope Sinkies would wake up that they have been invaded and have lost their country before it is too late.

I bet this wildlife would get away with whacking the security guard and boasting to his wildlife in the bars that he just did that and the law would not go after him. This country has not gone to the dogs, but to the wildlife. All the Ah Peks and Ah Mahs better be careful of their own safety in the presence of wildlife.

Anonymous said...

When wildlife beats up Sinkies, it would be a private matter. When sinkies got the guts to beat up wildlife, what would happen to the sinkies?

Anonymous said...

The police then came and took a statement, he said.

According to Mr Bhaskaran, the security company will pay Mr Lim's legal and medical fees. He described Mr Lim, who has worked for the firm for two years, as a "very polite and capable guy", and condemned the other man's actions.

"I would say he's a bully. Such a huge-sized guy tackling a 60-year-old man half the size of him, that is why I'm taking this very personal(ly)," he said.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/police-man-punch-strikes-security-guard-car-park-roxy-square-11417468

Anonymous said...

Banana, mangosteen and coconut have no qualm to uproot themselves.
Like some here, they just like angmo tuakee and to be sodomized.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 8.44

When sinkies fought with wildlife, they be either charged in Courts for creating a farcas.

Or alternatively given a Stern Police Warnings.

The PAP simply adored the Wikdlifes.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ can't say I'm surprised

Firstly, what is a skinny uncle doing working as a security officer, and carrying no baton, no body cam no handcuffs?

Also, big mistake #2: you never let the perpetrator(aka perp) out of your sight. The idiot security guard walked ahead of the guy with his back to the perp. Then the perp "pasang kaki" him. Sorry lah, the uncle is a kotek. Never evaluate threat properly. This mat saleh already displayed hostility, bravado and disrespect -- i.e. "clear and present danger" threat assessment. A perp like that with that kind of attitude will hantam somebody at some point. Uncle is not "street wise". Sorry to say, he's a blur king. and probably inthe wrong job. Just take job, shake legs, collect money. Now he kena terok terbokok.

That's why I say lah. In the old days the bloody paikia will come and keropok this mat saleh to the point must call an ambulance. Or the paikia will wallop the mat saleh first, then talk later...if the mat saleh is still conscious or hasn't had his jaw broken or head kicked in.

See the matsaleh hantam the uncle, the uncle drop like nangkah busok. Some more, cannot get up. Like blur blur lying on the ground. Damn lucky the matsaleh didn't kick him lah.

Anyway evidence very clear. Police should have a very easy case to hand over to the courts.

Anonymous said...

brings back the good old days when brotherhood was alive and justice was made good during the pre-independent days.
The Colonialist Brits had bases at Sembawang, Tengah, Changi and at other places in Sg.
The Army of the Then Empire came here for rest and recreation and pf course there were resident officers as well.
At that time,
the Locals were most happy to have the Brits and its allied forces visit Sg.
drunk and aggressive angmos bullied the local taxi driver, bargirl, bartender and others. If and whence that happened, the aggressor was likely served justice by the local as fast as it could be done.
The brother, sisterhoods of the day shall mete out justice by themselves, if the British Military Police was not around to provide the justice.
Those days of local protecting each other from alien aggressor had died since the local took over the rein of Sg.
Similarly, philanthropist goving alms to new immigrant and building school to educate the youngs also atrophied when Sg was handed over to the locals.
It is not unusual that Singaporeans today are getting bullied by aliens as the latter are consider talents and the locals are branded daft by their very own local rulers.

Virgo49 said...

Ms and Anon 8.24

Well said.

Anyway, the SPF toeing the policy of the Welcome Foreign Wikdlifes to Singapore by the PAPies may take different course of action.

With this video they are hands tied not to take at least a minimum course of justice.

You be surprised that they even allow this wildlife to just compensate the poor guy and simply close the matter.

Even with discrimating evidence, you be surprised that justice would not be even served.

Or just a warning.

I had undergone this happening in my fight with my upstairs nusiasnce ang moh and me the victim was even given a Stern warning for creating a farcas with him.

Firstly, I had no proof that he whacked me unaware. The SPF IO got the cheeks to tell me that in future if I want to confront him, get someone or my family members to standby and took videos of my confrontation with him.

Just imagine that we expect a fight with him and have evidence to prove this.

Secondly, I am the aggressor as I went up to his unit. If I did not go up, then how to reason with him.

Anyway, the PAPies gave too much leeway and faces to these wikdlifes.

Missed the good old days when our neighbourhood tattoo bros will have these wildlifes bashed into mashed potatoes.

These wildlifes are tame in Matland and Thailand as they knew that they be unable to see the sunset of that day when they behaved thus.

Mars will mashed them and the Thais will chopped off both limbs and arms and leave them wrigging in the sand with only their heads and testicles rolling.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Old timers

That is the problem. Now the only people with tattoos are "hipsters" who flock to Starbucks, pay $8 (or more) for a coffee, pretend to be "writers" on their latest Mac Books and definitely look like if you gave them ONE SLAP, they would fall to the ground and cry for their mother tetek.

In the old days, tattoos used to MEAN SOMETHING. You had to earn your "colours". Despite all the bad shit the gangs used to do, they also did a lot of good by keeping the peace...in ways legal POLICE cannot.

Many of these paikias were the first defenders of Singapore --- especially during the Communist Insurgency of the 50s and 60s.

Singapore is a fucking awesome, rich modern society. But unfortunately, there are those who would take advantage of our success and SHIT ALL OVER THE LOCALS disrespecting everything about us as get it: GUESTS in our cuntry. Wah, chow cheebye, I smash you lah, no panchan one.

As a katek ayam, I know eventually there will be some big bully come and kwai lan with me. 100% guarantee, especially living in a cuntry where many of the dudes are 6ft 200 pounders, and not all of them are white. So I developed "street smarts" and learned to defend myself with hands and feet and edged weapons (Kukri and tomahawks my favourite). Needless to say I've had a few "confrontations" and have lost a few too (i.e. I kena hantam terok). However, there are times when victory is SWEET. One time I chased a bunch of aboriginal thugs with an axe and a machete (parang) --- screaming obscenities in Hokkien and Cantonese 😂 Wah lau, they run damn fast...kena chased by amok Asian with sharp objects 🤣🤣 Another time I put a matsaleh in hospital. I whack his knee cap (he was much taller than me), once he was down I kicked him in the side and broke at least one rib. Of course, I never stayed around for the police...immediately chabut.

And as (bad) luck would have it, in 2011 I kena keropok by one big Lebanese/ Egyptian guy. His punch connected, I went flying into a parked car, denting the entire left side and kena broken rib. Oh well, sometimes you just don't win. The point is, there are bullies everywhere, although not common, thank god. You have to be able to defend yourself, or to run away very quickly, or both. Oh yah, if you are a katek, you'd better be a dirty fighter. Now "multiracial" Australia has all sorts of assholes --- i.e. "international kwai lan kia" from Africa, India, Middle East...

So uncles, learn how to defend yourself lah. Don't learn to fight --- no point. You have to learn how to TAKE DOWN your adversary ASAP, if you fight at our age, sure lose one. Guaranteed. And never neverr ever do what the security guard did: trun your back on your adversary. He will strike. You will be hurt, or worse.

Anyway the last time I nearly keropok a matsaleh was in BoatQuay a few years ago. The motherfucker was abusing a taxi driver, sitting on the taxi bonnet and bouncing the car up and down. The cab driver asked him to stop, the matsaleh just fucked him off and taunted him. I saw this, and I tak boleh tahan. I went and threatened the matsaleh calling him a CUNT etc. The matsaleh made an angry face at me, got up off the taxi and walked away. Boat Quay at night is full of cops. I was hoping the matsaleh was going to call one of the cops over. But he didn't.

No lah, fuck this shit. It is about time we started to stand up, fuck the police and bring in good old fashioned VIGILANTISM back into our culture. That's necessary to keep Singapore awesome. smash these motherfuckers lah, Send a message to the world: "don't fuck with us, don't even TRY"

Virgo49 said...

Matillah, today's manure labs do not even realise that they won't be here or even born to enjoy their Starbub kopi if not for the 108 Heros of the China Town Margin who fought and defended their own in the 1965 and 1969 and beyond riots.

Today's manure lahs still looked down on the tattoes lau ah peks who one time defended their ah kongs and ah mahs from harm.

Pond been cleaned too clean that now Sinkies fishes cannot survive these bullings.

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