Fake news or the real stuff?

'At end of China visit, DPM Teo highlights good relations and commonalities between Singapore and China'

Mr Teo said the visit was a good opportunity to reunite with longtime friends, forge new relationship ties, as well as to discover new ways for cooperation between the two nations, including a new bilateral council to be established in Shanghai for the purpose of exploring new paths of engagement for Singapore and Shanghai....

 Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean was jubilant in expressing his satisfaction in the country’s dealings with China as according to him,  “Bilateral relations between China and Singapore have grown from strength to strength in the past year.” He further said that Singapore’s relationship with China has progressed “very well” over the past year and hopes this can be taken further in 2019.
On his six-day visit to China, DPM Teo was welcomed by top Chinese anti-graft official Zhao Leji at the Great Hall of the People where both men reaffirmed the two countries’ “excellent state of bilateral relations.”....

The officials from both countries were one in their opinion that Singapore-China relations have been “progressive, forward-looking and strategic,” and they have committed to working closer together in a wide range of areas, from science and technology to trade and culture...

They also vowed to keep to the principles of mutual respect, sovereign equality and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.'

How many of you reading the above will say this is fake news, or how many of you will say this is real? What if I say the above is copied from a social media site, theindependent.sg, would this fact helps one to decide whether this is real or fake news?

Although many people in high places have been badmouthing social media as the source of fake news, unreliable, undependable, I think this is real, after discounting the dark days of fake courts of UN in the Hague ruling on the South China Sea claim by the Philippines, the Terrex affair, the rules of laws, the principle stand of not allowing foreigners to influence the policies of the govt, the regularity of unkind news about China, and the brazen 'Gang of Four' attacks on China, I must confirm that Singapore's relations have always been very good, excellent, with China.

Nowadays, because of the fake news law, I have this habit of asking people to feel free to disagree with me, especially my opinions posted here.

Oh, with Singapore China relations in such an excellent state, I think in the not too distance future Singapore would likely sign a CECA with China and also offer Chinese naval ships to make permanent calls at Changi Naval Base, to balance against the American Empire instead of to balance against Chinese presence in the region. Then the excellent relationship will be elevated to a strategic partnership level.

What do you think?


Virgo49 said...

DPM of Red Dot only have audience with PRC Anti-Graft Chief.

Not their PM or even Vice President.

That's told a lot of their GOOD realtions and commonalities.

Wah, Anti-Graft Chief. That's also told a lot of their relationships.

Is China hinting something?


Anonymous said...

Read the emphasis Mr Teo had made repeatedly, i.e. "in the past year" - meaning in the year 2018 only. He must be comparing what has happened in 2018 with all the years prior to 2018. Taking that as the case, then what the ex Rear Admirer has said could be true to a large extent.

His diplomatic and self-praise (as expected of a PAP ownself-check-ownself multi-million-dollars minister) approach is highly expected. No doubt about it. Just take a closer look at his poke-marked face, how thick is his skin?

To be really sincere, Singapore present government must open up the Changi Naval Base and the Sembawang Naval Base to China's warships. Not just exclusively for the Americans and the British use respectively.

Otherwise, words are free, and talks are cheap. Thick skin people will say anything to look good to themselves. Otherwise, how to justify the out-of-this-world unconscionable million-dollars salary and even more in terms of annual bonuses and directorship confidential payments?

Anonymous said...

If China had allowed DPM Teo to meet with their Anti-Graft Chief,
and not any other ministers or higher office-bearers, then the
"commonalities" could be about corruption.

Is DPM Teo trying to hint that Singapore corruption level is the same
as that of China - commonalities?

"... including a new bilateral council to be established in Shanghai for the purpose of exploring new paths of engagement ..." What really is this bilateral council established for? To see how corruption could be tackled? How much money some Chinese officials might have hidden in Singapore, or how many properties that Singapore officials might have secretly invested in China, especially Shanghai? What exactly is this bilateral thing about? I guess must be something to do with $$$$$?

Anonymous said...

Since DPM Teo is going to step-down and retire (not entirely from politics), could he be using
this particular trip to source for investment opportunities for others and for himself?

jjgg said...

So..if Gov says relationship is good n u say relationship can be better whose fake news is this.. anyway..in Singapore..all the ministers haven't changed for the past 8 years..so who is going to introduce a new mindset? U mean there are new positions n postures which were considered by the same old bunch to bring about a new relationship with China? I would say ..don't teach old dogs new tricks 😂😂

Anonymous said...

V49 841

Don't read too much into it.

Worry not.

Maybe the top top leaders were not freeeeee.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ dun worry lah, China- Singapore still like abang-adek

I had dinner with a bunch of Singaporeans last night, in the French Concession, Shanghai. The people in the group have been living and working in China for 3-6 years, so I got the "scuttlebutt" of what it's like to work here, and run a team of local Chinese/ Shanghainese

The almost universal opinion was that, everyone of them kena "makan" by the locals until they developed in themselves a "toughness" and thus gained respect from their local subordinates. China is still like that lah. Singapore Peranakan Chinese vs Chinese PRC will always have "challenges"....it's a "pissing contest" to see which type of Chinese-culture is better.

But as far as corporate relations go, Singapore and China is AOK. Govt to govt always got a bit of wayang lah, so I don't pay too much attention. To me relationships will always be between individuals, so you have to find the "keys" to that if your relationships are to prosper and flourish. Even when it comes to cuntry-cuntry, it is the relationship between the Heads Of State which set the mood.

Singapore-China? No sweat lah. No relationship is perfect, there will be areas of disagreement. But you can still have a genuine relationship, by respecting and acknowledging those differences.

Anonymous said...

After Italy and Greece joined China's Belt and Road Initiative, and Malaysia's China-backed East Coast Rail Link project back on track, the Singapore bananas are waking up . . .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah said no Spore KL HSR, cutting Singapore from the BRI?

Anonymous said...


At govt & politician level, there is always BS & wayang going on. Despite what TCH or the Cheenas publicly say, there is absolutely nothing special in the relationship between Sinkieland and Cheenaland. It's simply business as usual and whether I can get any benefits from you or not.

The good thing about modern finance & financial technology is that it doesn't matter what the relationship is between Sinkieland & Cheenaland to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Even if both Cheenaland and Sinkieland declare War on each other, I can still invest in good profit-making companies in both countries, as well as in other 3rd-party countries who may be helping 1 country against the other country.

Even during relatively old-fashioned times like in WW2, smart investors were invested in Swiss companies that initially helped German war efforts but later turned around to help Allied war efforts when it was clear Germany's resources (and fate) in the war started going down. Or in Japanese war-related companies like Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Sumitomo, Nissan, Nomura, Kawasaki etc before selling them when Japs faced repeated defeats & repulsions in the 2nd half of the war. The only thing was that you had to be very rich & very connected to do such international foreign investing in the old days --- no longer today.

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir said, "KL-SG HSR Project can take a step back until the present railway is upgraded completely.

So, in the meanest mean time, Singapore can also take a step back before joining the BRI.

The BRI will be linked to Malaysia's East and West Coasts plus KL. Johore can take a long holiday.

Anonymous said...

In order for Singapore to improve relationship with China, the present Foreign Minister of Pro-India Indian must be replaced by a Pro-China Chinese. And more importantly, the present Pro-US Western-educated Peranakan (half-baked Chinese) PM must be replaced by a Pro-China True Chinese PM. Common sense. Period.

Anonymous said...


Not so simple lah.

If so simple, everyone can be PM!

Anyway, good suggestions!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ the average goondo of the "chattering classes"

War Stocks Guy is right. Now any Ah Cher Ah Chor can invest in the global capitalist game, and from nothing become comfortably wealthy, good enough to tell your boss to go fly kite. Investing/ speculating is DEMOCRATISED now, you don't have to be connected or of a certain upper class.

Every society has its "chattering classes". These are the folk who chit chat about how "imperfect", "unjust" and "unfair" the world is, and everything around them in their world seems to be a "problem" that requires govt intervention.

Meanwhile, thru their idle chit chat, the world moved on and the focused, motivated and action-oriented win more and more, making the world in the eyes of the chattering classes even more unfair, unjust and imperfect.

They gravitate to their favourite tropes that people are evil, selfish and greedy...as if they themselves are so perfect and have been sent by gods almighty to judge the entirely of the human species.

Since misery loves company, they bond with kindred spirits who also see the world and the people of the world as a huge bucket of shit, whilst elevating their own self worth to "sainthood status". 😂 In the meantime the best they can muster is their month to month paycheck, working in a job they hate for a boss they constantly curse, but are too shit scared to do anything about it.

Good lah. Govt wayang and international relations as reported in the MSM are designed to waste people's time so they don't really pay attention to the important things which have a serious impact on their lives: like personal finance, their own enterprise (entrepreneurial pursuits) and most important: Guan Xi.

To much idle chit chat. Not enough productive action. Sustained productive action, over years and years.

Anonymous said...

All roads lead to China: 17 Arab countries join Beijing’s new Silk Road

Arab countries have shown great interest in cooperation with Beijing. Apart from joining the Belt and Road Initiative, 12 Arab states established strategic partnerships, including comprehensive ones, with China.

“The Arab representatives said the BRI cooperation with China brings immense opportunities to Arab countries to advance reform and accelerate growth,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang told journalists at a news conference on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

And who is the most long-winded chat box around here?

Talk is cheap. Do it and show others that you have done it. And you are there already.

And if you are there already, you don't need to depend on that 1 cent per letter income as a fucked-up IB.

And if you are there, then you won't be hanging around here for so fucking long. There are better things to do in this whole wide world for a multi-millionaire.

Peter Drucker said...

Coincidence, Jinx or Incompetence?

SPH’s net profit has been on the decline since the ex-Chief of Defence Force, Paper General Ng Yat Chung took over as Chief Executive Officer, after his blundering failure as the CEO of NOL.

SPH's profit consecutively., for two years, have declined by more than 25% each.

SPH's shares have reached the lowest since 2005, now hovering at $2.36 to $2.45.

Is the downfall/decline of NOL and SPH just a mere coincidence that has nothing to do with who the CEO was/is?

Or is he a jinx? Every business he touches, just simply go downwards spirals?

Or, more realistically, he has been promoted to the level of incompetence yet nobody dares to admit it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1048pm

If you know your SG companies, you'll know that even before the general joined SPH, it was already having many years of revenue & profit declines in the publishing division.

Since he joined SPH, the losses in the publishing division has accelerated & increased.

Newspaper companies have been disrupted since the mid-to-late 2000s. Only those able to capitalise on technology & mobile & cater to what customers want are able to not only survive, but also to increase revenue & profits e.g. NY Times, WSJ, FT etc.

Maybe like NOL, Singapore needs to sell SPH to foreigners in order for SPH to turn around & start generating profits again.

Time Traveller said...

A Peek Into The Future Of Singapore

YOU are in the year 2069.

Population of Singapore is 15 million, comprising 3 million Northern Indians, 6 million Southern Indians, 2 million Malays, 1 million Chinese, 1 million Arabs, 1 million Americans and 1 million Others.

National Service has been abolished. The island and its extended territory are protected by a mercenary force of 10,000 elite soldiers trained by SEAL. In addition, the US has established a permanent military base comprising the four services: marines, navy, air force (mainly drones and stealth fighters) and the army (20,000 troops).

India has also established a naval base (with state-of-the-artist latest designs of computer 3D printings of submarines and destroyers) and an army camp of 30,000 personnel.

After the fall of the PAP, there was an exodus of people who had supported the PAP. These were mainly the cronies who had secretly amassed enormous wealth, living off the miseries and sufferings of others. They were being hunted down by both the locals and foreigners alike.

Local population of original true-blue Singaporeans have all emigrated even before the demise of the PAP Government. Only about 100,000 left - mainly cardboard collectors, toilet cleaners, tissue paper sellers, dish washers, oldies and sickly people.

The country is now being run by a new political party known as the United Foreign Mercenaries Group Party, or UFMGP in short. The locals referred to it as the U Fuck Me Good and Proper party. They have a Council of Rulers that controls everything under the sun.

To continue....

Virgo49 said...

Wow Time Traveller.

I concurred with your Peek into the Future of Sinking Land and I thought that I am the only bean to realise that that this will be the Future or NO Future of Sinkieland.

Anyway, NO Eyes See as I be either in Nirvana Matland or ashes scattered to freedom. Maybe can still visit The City Above The Clouds and have the Adrenalin flowing again.

This is the likely Scenario of our future Slaves True Blue Singaporeans whose forefathers built the Nation and their decadent descendants threw and sold away the Nation.

So much for those millionaires or million hairs and those WSG braggarts who made their millions thinking that they are Smug and Smart only to be slaves to their Tribes who overpowered them.

Still thinking that with their millions, the Tribes and Trashes will LOVE them. Not knowing that once they loss their Nation, they be SLAVES to their Conquerors.

Looking forward to your part II


Anonymous said...

Real real, false false

False false, real real


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Time Traveler

I hope you make a YouTube video. Lots of talented kids around who can help with the animation.

Great writing mate. Nice and snarky.

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