The Americans should continue to do what they know best

The Americans have been indulging in smear campaign against anything that China is doing. They boycotted the AIIB claiming stupidly, that there is no transparency, low standard of rules and governance etc etc as if all the countries especially the European countries participating in the AIIB are there as sleeping partners and could not do anything. Such claims insult everyone, including those that are forced to believe in the American white lies.

Next big hit list is the BRI. Again all the stupid comments about no transparency, unfair practices, etc etc and the added thing called debt traps. The Americans are saying that all the countries participating in the BRI are so stupid that they willingly joined the BRI to get into debt traps. And those countries that borrowed money from IMF and World Bank would not get into debt traps if they managed to get a loan in the first place. 

More than 150 countries have joined the BRI, telling the Americans that they don’t believe in their lies of debt traps and all the shit they threw at the BRI.

And of course the infamous attack on Huawei as a security risk but not Apple, Google or Facebook or Twitter that have been doing worse thing than what the Americans accused Huawei of. Anything Americans is safe because the Americans have planted all their spying gadgets and softwares in these systems, and users just have to accept American monitoring and spying on them, cannot question, cannot object. These are givens for those using American systems and gadgets.

What the Americans should be doing instead of smearing and badmouthing what China is doing for the rest of the world is to focus on what they do best, ie sanctions, regime change and wars and selling weapons of mass destruction. While China is holding annual forum to engage countries of the world in infrastructure development to boost international trade, the Americans spent all their energy just to stir shit and to condemn these economic initiatives as expanding political influence and creating debt traps.

The Americans could do itself a big favour by conducting more forum to be held in the US on how to conduct regime change, which country to be shortlisted for regime change, how to support terrorist organizations, how to impose economic sanctions to cripple and destroy countries and to facilitate the bringing down of govts in order to put in place American lackeys that would run and ruin the countries in favour of the Americans.

The Americans can also hold big arms and weapon fairs to sell their weapons for countries to conduct wars, to blow each other up, to bring economies to ruins. Not to forget, to threaten countries with wars by provocations and aggression in sailing warships and warplanes to violate on national territories under the pretext of freedom of navigation. Americans are very good at these things, no one else could be their equal or coming near. All options are on the table, said the evil men in Washington.

These are the forte of the Americans and they would do very well to spend more time promoting such things and selling more weapons. No need to waste time and resources attacking and badmouthing China. They don’t work, the rest of the world see more benefits in trade and economic growth, not in wars, and would continue to support the Chinese initiatives to bring peace and better lives for their people. No unnecessary wars, death and destruction.

Do what you do best, conduct more wars, more sanctions and more regime change and sell more weapons….and tell more white lies.

Oh, I almost forgot, promote more rule of law, the American style or cowboy laws, or outlaws. The BRI is about bringing nations and people together, about cooperation, about a common destiny for human kind, unlike the building of walls and Americans first policy. The Americans should continue to cling to its dwindling hegemony and Evil Empire.

PS. Under questioning by Senator Rand Paul, Pompeo, the former CIA director said, ‘We lied, we cheated, we stole.’ That was, is and his CIA.


southernglory1 said...

The native Americans have been warning us since a few hundred years back, "Never trust white men. They speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted."

So long as the white Americans still practise their various evil doctrines of aggression like, 'The Doctrine of Christian Discovery', The Doctrine of American Destiny', 'The Doctrine of American Exceptionalism'. 'The Doctrine of American Essentialism' and the toxic Jewish American Neo-Con Wolfowitz Doctrine of Perennial Warfare', they will never allow the world to have peace.

The world may have a better chance of peace if the white Americans and their jewish Zionist Neo-Cons renounce and denounce their evil militant political religious doctrines to the world openly at the United Nations General Assembly, and sign a document to that extant concerning their denouncement and renouncement by all members of the Security Council.

In the meantime the world must be alert and be ready to stop all American aggressions.


Anonymous said...

How to stop the American when they have 7000 nukes. Only if they themselves wanted to stop, no one can stop them. In the past without nukes, even with superior firepower, they can be stopped but not nowπŸ˜€ So you are delusional if you think you can.

Anonymous said...




A modest $100K investment into the above dumb War Stocks ETF 10 years ago in Apr 2009 would be worth over $600K today (including reinvested dividends).

Direct investments into some of the individual companies can be even higher ... 10X or more!!


Anonymous said...

The white Americans are the most evil and most wicked people on earth especially their leaders. You can never finish telling the endless countless evil deeds they have done in this world. They used all the vile methods to decimate, kill and genocide the native Americans. The native Americans were killed brutally. Their villages were usually surrounded and put on fire. When the poor native villagers ran out of the burning huts they were brutally shot and killed mercilessly irrespective of whether they were adults, men or women or children. There are records of these wanton killings and it can be found in Wikipileaks or books like 'A People History of the United States' and 'The Unfinished Nation'.

Now the white Americans think they can do the same to other people like what they did to the native Americans. They claim that the world is overpopulated with over 7 billion people and most of them are non-whites. So to get rid of the non-whites they now resort to warfare to bomb out the people of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. They also use germ and biological warfare to decimate the countries and they have been using chemical to poison the third world countries in the form of deadly herbicide and toxic medicine found in medical capsules and tablets and liquid medicine like cough syrups and even in foods exporting to third world countries. They are using herbicide and toxic medicine to not only poisoning the people but also to inhibit the women folks from procreation as the herbicide and medicine cause infertility in both men and women. So the people of the world should stop importing and using American made herbicide and medicine. Beware of food products make by Monsanto like tomato ketchup, chilly sauce and thousands of other of their manuafactured food products. Their food kill with cumutative effect and cause all kinds of diseases like cancer, diabetes and kidney failure.

Eagles Eyes


Anonymous said...

WSG bring it on, bring your ass on as I wanted to sodomize you for all the sins u committed and the ill gotten gain built on suffering and misery of many. πŸ˜€

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ competition is GREAT!

I agree with War Stocks Guy. There's enormous opportunity to exploit in USA China rivalry.

The worst situation is if the US and China are allies. We all die lah. 2 super powers aligned with each other. HABIS πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Anonymous said...

Why Swine fever always happened only in China? Why not in Europe or the USA or Australia, Canada?

Anonymous said...


AI is another area/theme for medium term outperformance. In the long term it's going to become embedded as a normal staple like electricity.

Remisiers & traders are specially singled out to be replaced by AI soon

UG said...

Ask everyone come read this blog. No need see Lim Tean long video.

Shaw pay money piak and piak go peh. Next time all pay money piak and piak one remember check nric before piak and piak. Best all take lie detector test like my dad and paste sticker on nric. Make sure the woman report correct age before printing on nric. When you are baby in KK hospital, ask the police tie lie detector to the baby, ask the baby question. See the police can understand a not.

So who is going to pay Monica Baey money ah? And who is going to go peh? The police how many Malay? Pray to how many Allah or One Allah? Got bear false witness a not? No wonder some white evil regime call you all terrorist is it? Chio Si Lang. Is the Chief Justice Catholic a not ah?

Hi Da Jia Hao. I am strawberry cao mei, cao liao fah mei millenial generation. I am luffing at old leaders. I want learn TCB support PAP. Buy landed property. Sometime later open own party. Rhyme a not ah?

Anonymous said...

Matilar for supporting WSG u also need to be sodomized too😰

Anonymous said...

The two individuals are as evil as USA, always aim and act to benefit themselves at the expense if others (majority) miseries and sufferings. Evil, like stupidity, has no cures.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 650

I don't support anyone lah. I gauge their arguments. WSG is a snarky character, but that's his business --- he likes to take the mickey out of know-it-alls. I just happen to agree with him in the area of "making your money work for you instead of you working for money". This makes COMPLETE SENSE to me, but too many people believe that being wealthy and financially independent is somehow “bad” and people who sacrifice, and apply years of focused effort into achieving financial FREEDOM are somehow “evil”. And the complete opposite is true: if you truly want to “help the poor”, make sure FIRST that you are not one of them. Because if you are, you are just one more sorry-assed loser competing for increasingly scarce resources.

When you are financially independent, you are in a much better position to help, or not consume any of those limited resources financially dependent people rely upon.

I disagree with WSG on one point: I could not exist if I didn’t work. I love to work in my field of choice. I used to sneak out of the house at 14-15 years old to work. In NS, I had a sideline which earned me 2-3k a month, quite a nice sum back in the 1970s. When I was in Australia studying, my peers were partying and carousing on weekends. I was selling real estate. They were driving beat up old “bombs”. At age 24 I could afford to buy CASH-outright a brand new Porsche 944. I just loved the job.

So that’s where WSG and I differ. He likes his free time, I like working and meeting lots of people, enjoying the work and most importantly, the SOCIAL ASPECTS --- lunches, dinners, conventions, networking...and in my younger days, the wild and dirty SEX with motivated and intelligent women. I will work until I draw my last breath lah.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, what you wrote make sense and I can not argue with you on that. I asked you to be sodomized not because of what you wrote above but by supporting WSG on making money from war and hope to have more wars and make his money on the misery of many. Now if u do support this then I am afraid I also want to sodomize you too.πŸ˜€

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Anonymous said...

All those accusations about China stealing technology are all hogwash, that can only be conjured up by the biggest thief and terrorist of all.

Why does the MSM not say much about the West stealing whole countries, including their resources, from others on the pretext of spreading democracy and upholding human rights. Where is the human rights factor of the Red Indians and Aborigines whose lands the white robbers and terrorist stole?

The operation procedure of the US, since becoming a global power, is to first create unrest in countries they are eyeing, using the CIA. When legally elected Governments tried putting down protest, the West will shout human rights violation and imposed sanctions on the legally elected regime. Sanctions will ultimately lead to more unrest if citizens find difficulty surviving. Their leaders do not suffer because of the sanctions. The US is actually punishing the ordinary folks. Where is their human rights conscience?

Next, the devil will play his card by playing the angel with offer of humanitarian aid when the crisis escalates, which will ultimately be rejected. Why? Because such aids sometimes comes with weapons smuggled in as well, and what is the point of giving aid when you imposed sanctions in the first place. The devil is playing the angel to get world support for their next course of action, which is military intervention.

We all know what it means when the US takes military action. All the resources - oil particularly, will be taken over, not to mention setting up more military bases. The US can deny all they want about oil not being their main objective, because Venezuela, since the rule of Chavez, had wanted to trade oil in other currencies other than the Petrodollar.

But now the US has shot it's own foot, when Venezuela invited both Russia and China to provide aid together with a presence in Venezuela and the US is now stuck between a rock and a hard place. Nothing is more damaging to the US than having Venezuela providing Russia and China a stepping stone close to the US shore, and is another Cuban crisis in the making. Only this time, it is two nuclear powers to be reckoned with. Russian missiles are now in Venezuela.

The decline of the evil empire is slowly becoming evident and imminent. The whole world can now see it's real face, because the MSM is not the only source of information in this digital age. Even close allies of the evil empire are deserting or refusing to bow to threats by the evil empire. Without resorting to threats to keep them close, would those allies still want US dictating terms and conditions on who they can trade with?