Unthinking Asian journalists perpetuating American agenda and narratives

‘This is why the two most watched diplomatic events of the past year or so - the negotiations between the United States and China to alleviate a trade war between the world's two largest economies and the two summits between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to avoid a nuclear war between the world's sole superpower and its most repressive communist state - have been so heavily intertwined…

Indeed, North Korea could not even survive without Beijing's support, let alone stand up to the might of America. Trump's key strategy on North Korea is to use sanctions to apply maximum pressure on the isolated country.’

The above is by Cary Huang from the South China Morning post. The bold emphasis is mine.
Why is North Korea a threat to the USA and not the USA a threat to North Korea? Simple, this is what the Americans and the West have been alleging and it has become a truth to unthinking Asians. North Korea is a threat to the USA is as good as what Trump has been drumming up about the immigrants from the Mexican border as a national crisis as if the USA is going to collapse immediately if Trump’s Great Wall of the USA is not built immediately. It is like the allegation that Huawei is a threat to the American’s and western countries national security because the Americans said so, no need any proof or evidence.

North Korea does not have a single soldier outside its territory. North Korea could not even survive without Beijing’s support, how could it be going around threatening the Americans? Punching above its weight? Only mad politicians would think this is possible and would brag about it like real.

The Americans are amassing thousands of troops on the North/South Korean border and conducting numerous military exercises simulating an invasion of North Korea by hundreds of thousands of soldiers. These are very offensive as the training exercises could turn real by changing the blanks with live bullets and moving across the border.

The Americans have always been threatening North Korea with a preventive strike against their nuclear and military facilities. And the Americans not only have soldiers and military bases in South Korea, but also in Japan and in Guam, that could hit the North Koreans at any moment.

The North Koreans could not do so and even if they do, it is sheer madness and inviting a total annihilation of the North Korean people. The North Koreans cannot be a threat to the Americans, only the Americans are the existential threat to the North Koreans, a clear and present danger.

Now why did the unthinking Asians keep on harping about the North Korean threat instead of the American threat? Why would the unthinking Asians be talking about debt trap of Chinese aid instead of the benefits China is offering to the countries receiving Chinese aids? Because the unthinking could not think, could not come up with their own agenda and narratives. They depended on the Americans to think for them, what to say, who to attack, who to badmouth.

When unthinking Asians have no ideas, the Americans would conveniently plant ideas into their thick skulls, to say what the Americans want them to say, to think and talk about what the Americans wanted them to. Without the American agenda and narratives, these unthinking Asians would not know what to write or talk about, except about what to eat and what to drink and how to take care of pets.


Anonymous said...

Monry is the life-line of every single individual, journalists or otherwise.

Money, therefore, makes the world goes round.

The greed for more money is, therefore, the actual root of all evils.

As such, money can even make the ghosts work for you.

Anonymous said...

Amend first word "Monry" to "Money".

Anonymous said...

"North Korea could not even survive without Beijing's support"

"Singapore could not survive without foreigners"

See! Fake news everywhere !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1st Principle of dominance,

If you want to dominate, you need a story; a narrative which repeated over and over morphs into the "truth" which few take time out to reflect upon and question, but most just accept wholesale. Any thinking which follows is based on the underlying assumption of the "truth".

To "dominate", you already must have some standing/ veritas/ influence on the group of potemtial followers and supporters. You then apply the "truth" to consolidate and increase your power.

One type of "truth" which has proven time and again to be effective is constructing an "enemy" such that you achieve an in-group/ out-group dynamic, i.e. us and them situation. The enemy must be painted as totally evil, possess some traits which are ruthless and unpredictable, and be constantly present and immediate, posing a big a threat as you can construct in the narrative.

The above are general principles which anyone (already possessing a reputation) can apply to gain market share, power, political favour etc etc. These techniques are used everyday by artists, activists, corporations, states, militaries, etc etc i.e. these techiniques are universally applied.

Without "enemies" and a compelling narrative which concretizes the "evil" and "threat-level" posed by these "enemies", THE USA IS NOTHING. The USA's own narrative is that it is the #1 cuntry in all of human civilization that is moral, upright without any equall in the entirety of human history.

And there you have it. aperfect fairy tale which most of the world's mainstream media, governments and ordinary people have bought hook, line, sinker, nicely distributed by the dominance of American culture and consumerism.

Since most people don't think clearly, refuse to consider the possibility of being "wrong" and are way too busy to read, choosing instead to engage in the narcism of our times...the American narrative has affixed itself into the minds of even the most highly educated (goes to show how fucked education systems are) and influential people.

Anonymous said...

Anything which are fakes or untrue, if repeated often enough will become true in the minds of simple people. If they release your CPF too early you will blow it all in Bangkok or Batam. True if you say it often. People will believe it.

Anonymous said...

Good story for my war stocks. I get richer. That's what important. End of story.

Counter-Intelligence said...

Propaganda, fake news, half truths, advertisements - all these are part and parcel of psychological warfare (against enemies) and psychological operations (against own people).

The primary aim of both psychological warfare and psychological operations is to deceive the enemies and oen people respectively.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous April 02, 2019 9:45 am
///Sorry....Please forgive me....I am no good in my england......

To me.....this subject is very very "si-peh" deep!....complicated!...confusing!......

Dont play play.......can kena jail hor!

So...what to do?.....the best....is to say nothing? Keep quiet?


According to Uncle rb, Sinkies "stupidity" is "legendary and unparalleled"?

Now, look at how daft the above IB comment is?

Is he laughing at his own "impending UNEMPLOYMENT"?

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