Why Sri Lanka a target?

More than 300 died and more than 500 hospitalised due to the latest IS bombings in Sri Lanka. Imagine the same magnitude and death toll happened in Singapore! The question of why Sri Lanka, a Buddhist majority country with only 7% Muslims. According to expert interviewed by CNA, Rohan Gunaratna said it was because Sri Lanka was a soft target. See, being soft target, even a Buddhist country with a small Muslim minority would not be spared.

Singapore is also a soft target, with a small Muslim minority and with legs opened so wide that 10 elephants can crawl pass easily, with so many wildlife coming in and out like their hometown, do you think Singapore presents an excellent soft target for terrorist attacks? I think not, our secret weapon is Newater. I have written a piece on the unmentionable benefits of drinking Newater but have yet to post it here.

Newater is an antidote for many wildlife disorders. Wildlife that are here must have taken Newater, and that has in a way tempered their wildness. Just imagine if there is no Newater, how wild would the wildlife be. This could be a good reason why Singapore is spared, so far. Must be the Newater.

While we think we may be safe, a soft target is a soft target. And Gunaratna has warned in his interview that all govts must be on high alert especially in SE Asia when Muslims are a majority. And the silly asshole in Australia thought he could bomb mosques and killed Muslims and could get away with it. He has just stirred the hornet's nest. For every white extremist there is a Muslim extremist to match his evil and prejudiced ways. You can hit them, they can hit you.

In the Sri Lanka case, the intelligence services were warned of an impending attack but this information did not get to the govt leaders. Dunno what were they so busy about that such an important threat did not get to them in time, after 10 days. We can understand how busy our millionaire politicians are, now buried themselves with the threats from fake news. I think they should take the advice of the intelligence services seriously and give top priority to such threats even if fake news is important.

Which do you think is a bigger threat, a clear and present danger, terrorist threat or fake news? Does the govt or police have enough men and resources to attend to such deadly threats when they have to take care of fake news? Would they be spreaded so thin, just like during the Little India riot that they just don't have enough men in blue to take a hold on terrorist problem?

Is there a need to monitor and tighten the influx of potential terrorists coming in when the legs are open so widely? Would it be futile, too many but too few men to handle? Or should we have faith in our Newater that would make the terrorists lose their minds and become more docile and timid or less deadly like daft sinkies?


Anonymous said...

Hard target or soft target, arrogant and careless leadership breeds troubles for innocent citizens.

Wildlife or infected diseased life (with mental diseases of the unscrupulous money-grabbing kind), the daft Sinkies have to blame themselves. Complacency breeds contempt.

Anonymous said...

Mishap and accidents r dark side of "gdp."

Anonymous said...

If it happen in sg like the leaders said is not a question of whether it will happen but a question of when it will happen. The casualty rate will be even higher due to the high concentration of people per sq km here. Once it happen the foreigner run roads and the economy collapsed. 😰

Anonymous said...

For all u know the WSG and his family may accidentally be in the causality number😀

Virgo49 said...

If the Christchurch killings is indeed the reason for the Revenge,then the Real Revenge should be in Auss Land or Maroi Land and NOT Sri Lanka.

These Bastards are just too coward to kill others than are actually not their Real Perpetrators.

Some more Asians like them.

Go and Fight The Ones who are the Real Enemies.


Virgo49 said...

Anon 9.38

Karma befalls on those who lived on the miseries of others.

See that Millionaire Children who lived luxurious lives on others blood and sweat also killed in the bombings.

So,in life better let others take advantage of your generosity rather than taking others humility and pay a high price for your karma.


Anonymous said...




All you losers still need to work at 60, 70, 80 yrs old in order to survive.

If jobless can only come here KPKB or go HLP crying for CPF.

Pls larr ... at this rate your children & your children's children will also follow in your footsteps.



Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ no logical answer

RB asking “Why Sri Lanka” is the exact end game of the terrorists. CONFUSION and the propensity of human minds to formulate all sorts of way out theories to explain the unexplainable.

It’s in situations like this where a judicious application of OCCAM’S RAZOR really helps.

So from the point of view (POV) of ISIS, they would be asking the question: Why NOT Sri Lanka?

Who would expect Old Ceylon to be hit? The Tamil Tigers are quiet...no action from them for years now, peaceful Buddhist culture moderates a live-and-let-live, relac-lah society….even the govt which had received intel of a possible attack just adopted a tidak apa lah attitude --- “No lah, I think the intel is wrong...why would ISIS hit us...we’re peaceful, so we are SAFE”

Bzzzzzt! Wrong answer, sunshine. Very fucking wrong. Over 300 and increasing dead --- Christians, locals, foreigners, rich, poor...no one spared. If you happened to be in the blast radius of one of these bombs, your day just got ruined.

To add to the confusion’ ISIS waited 2 days before claiming “victory”. Normally they are immediate. This time the waited….and were probably laughing at folks like myself who thought that another radical group or the Tamil Tigers were responsible for mass murder. I should have taken my own advice and applied OCCAM’S RAZOR. Shame on me.

Terrorism is probably the most effective method in the toolkit of asymmetric warfare. The aftermath is usually the same: govt and security agencies end up fighting and blaming each other.. Sri Lanka is very lucky (if one could be “lucky” in such a horrific event) that ISIS didn’t doa “double tap”. This is a particularly nasty and brutal variant of bombing: a bomb is set off. When first responders and security personnel arrive to render assistance, a LARGER BOMB is detonated taking out 100s more victims, vehicles, equipment etc.

Terrorism “works” because of the INTENSE psychological effect of imposing an ongoing feeling of “terror” in a society, and the world, thanks to the instant news we have on our phones now.

The next big Christian festival is Christmas. People are going to be jittery. Even if there are no attacks the fear of not knowing but expecting something bad to happen is going to fuck with all our heads. Security and law enforcement --- Christmas leave cancelled….everyone is to be on duty.

The terrorists win. Again.

Anonymous said...


U must be very very very rich!

Good for u and family!

Huat Ah!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ WSG is right again

I know there are many people who are annoyed at WSG. Well, haters are gonna hate...there’s no changing that.

But WSG is right. Horrible incidents like this are POSITIVE for equities in the defence, technology and security sectors. Sri Lanka will be beefing up their security (too late lah) and are likely to commit billions which of course China will sell them and structure the loan. China already holds a significant amount of Sri Lankan debt, so what is the problem of lending them a few more billion to buy China security and defense tech, which is not bad and improving, but their prices are very attractive.

Mark my words, we shall soon see body scanners and security checks at MRT stations, maybe more buildings, not just govt ones. All this gear costs BIG BUCKS, and the companies which make them, as well as the software and provide the training are going to be BOOM TOWN CHARLIES, earning shareholders Boom Town Charlie dividends and asset appreciation.

Yesterday I counted 60 cameras at one of the junctions in Nanjing Road. Plus all the cops on patrol their each had body cams mounted on their chests. China is a very serious player in security and surveillance. Facebook as the largest database for facial recognition...these are only 2 small (but BIG in market caps) examples of these sectors which make and sell everything from robot guns, to drones, to AI-powered malware detection, isolation and destruction, to zero-trust networks...from J-20s and F-35s, laser-guided weapons, satellite technology, stealth technology….BIG BUCKS, BIG OPPORTUNITIES, BIG MARKETS...all based on FEAR

Fucking amazing! Huat ah!

Anonymous said...

Cupboard Reshuffle - DPMs Chee Hean and Tharman will be dropped as DPM at end of April. Wef 1st May, Swee Kiat will be the sole DPM.

Chee Hean and Tharman will be "promoted" to the Singapore's Now-Famous Level-of-Incompetence called Senile oops sorry I mean Senior Ministers, because there is no such an official appointment to drain taxpayers' money in other countries. It is, for all intent and purposes, to allow them to continue drawing the Out-of-this-World Multi-Million Dollars salary and even bigger bonuses.

Nothing was said about the Deadwood Holy Ghost. Perhaps, Singaporeans should be glad that the green baret Husband of the infamous Peanut Wife has finally be got rid of?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The handover has begun.

Anonymous said...

About The Alleged Suicide Bombers of Sri Langar

From the Deputy Defence Minister of Sri Lanka (kena langar),:Mr Wijewardene.

"We believe that one of the suicide bombers studied in the UK and then later on did his postgraduate in Australia before coming back to settle in Sri Lanka.

"Most of the attackers are well educated and come from... middle or upper middle class" families.

"They are financially quite independent and their families are quite stable financially!"


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans better be alert.

Terrorism is borderless.
lt can happen anytime here.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Delusional thinking

Be alert? Don't joke lah. There is NO WAY you can stop a suicide bomber. You can't even identify them once they're moving thru a crowd. The only thing you can do, if you're lucky, is to scan security camera footage AFTER THE BOMBING.

Going back to 9-11 , same thing. It took them days after the twin towers were destroyed to identify the suicide pilots and passengers.

All those advertisements and PSA's from the various govts are just SECURITY THEATRE… as close to USELESS as you can get, designed with good intentions but have the opposite effect by keeping people in constant FEAR.

Be alert? Talk cock lah!

Anonymous said...

Hope Holland Village is not
a target.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 825

Oh man, I hope so too! It is not wise to be overconfident in these things, but thankfully HV is heavily patrolled by Singapore's best. Our police lockdown HV to vehicle traffic at around 6pm every day (since the Bai bombings nearly 20 years ago), and the cops hang around keeping a watchful eye. Usually, police presence is a good deterrent, but that simply means any bad guys will just go somewhere else to do their murderous shit on non-combatant civilians.

Now it seems the new IRA is sprouting legs. Just what we need: another group of crazy religious fundamentalists using the name of their god to commit mass murder.

Fucked up. 😡

Anonymous said...

PAP closed down TWO Holland Village carparks. Now business at Holland Village is very bad. So probably the target is not so lucrative. Likely only night time the Ang Mohs go there for drinks. When drunk they cannot drive cars. They park their cars (if they can afford) at home.

007 - Bond, James Bond, Bonded. said...

India's Intelligence Agency has warned Sri Lanka on 4th April 2019 about impending attacks by certain groups in Sri Lanka. Yet the President and the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka openly claimed that they did not receive the information.

As usual, leaders who have failed the people miserably will not take full responsibility. Their usual and most common is to put blame at the Intelligence Organisations' failure.

The simultaneous attacks at eight locations (should be ten locations but two were unsuccessful) on 21 April happened 17 days after the Intelligence Warning. Yet, the Highest Leadership has the cheek to openly claim innocence!

We all know fully well that in any country, the Intelligence Organisations work like cl9clockwork 24/7 365 days a year, non-stop. We all also know that Intelligence Reports are being sent to the Highest Authority directly on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis. The reports arrive on the table of the Highest Official(s) first thing in the morning, without fail.

Claiming innocence by the President and the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka makes them look not only stupid but blatantly IRRESPONSIBLE!

Only fools would be so easily deceived by irresponsible and lying politicians.

Anonymous said...

Another three explosions rocked the Sri Lankan city of Kalmunai on Friday 26 April 2019.

The incident took place in the eastern part of the country during an anti-terrorist operation held by local law enforcement agencies.

No reports of casualties were made.

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