US Destruction of Socialist Countries worldwide

          It is so disgusting that many naive or ignorant politicians in Asean countries are constantly asking the Evil Empire to come to Asia particularly South East Asia to provide a strategic balance to the region. They should know the United States has for centuries been creating choas, trouble, instabilities, corruption and wars of conquest and domination wherever it goes.

The native Americans never invite the Europeans, the Spanish, the British, France and Portugal to their countries. Nevertheless they went uninvited. What did they do then? For hundreds of years they went on a rampage to tear their lands and countries asunder, to rob, to kill, to destroy their culture, to genocide and to take possession of their lands and countries. Go and read to find out about the atrocities they committed against the natives of America. Africa, Australia and New Zealand. They said that happened in the past. How stupid can they be to say that. Don't they know the West especially the Evil Empire wicked deeds have never stopped and are still continuing.

The Evil Empire, the United States is the most wicked country on earth. It is a rogue terrorist state. It posts a dire threat to all people and all life due to its insidious drive for world hegemony.To ask the
Evil Empire to come to South East Asia is to court with death unnecessarily. The Hawaiians had learnt it in a hard way. They allowed the white Americans into the country too freely. The Americans grabbed all the best lands to plant thousands of acres of fruit trees. They exploited the Hawaiian labours to the bone with very meagre or low pay. When the local Hawiaan government wanted to tax their companies they refused to pay. They made things difficult for the Hawiian people and government. When the Hawiaan government threatened to nationalise their American United Fruit Company they called in the American military to overthrown the Hawiaan kingdom. The rest is all history for Hawaii became an American colony in 1905 and was annexed by America on the 21st August, 1959 against the wishes of the Hawiaans. The island is now flooded with white Americans the population of which is many times more than the local Haiwaiians. However the local Hawaiians have never given up their hope of fighting for their own independence. In this fight they need the help of all countries and the United Nations Organisation.

In the 1890s the United States undertook to help Cuba and the Philippines to fight for independence against Spanish rule. The fight against Spain ended with both Cuba and Philippines became the colonies of the Evil Empire, a change of colonial and imperial master. Both Cuba and the Philippines resisted fiercely against the Americans but to no avail against superior American military might. Hundreds of thousands of Cubans and Philippinos were brutally slaughtered by the savage Americans. Due to continuous fierce resistance from the Cubans the Evil Empire found it hard to retain its rule. It yielded to Cuba's independence but retain a province in Guantanamo as US military base and concentration camps. The Philippines got its quasi independence in 1948 after the Second World War for the Evil Empire continued to hold many strategic Philippine ports for its military bases.

In 1961 the Evil Empire again tried to invade Cuba to topple the socialist government of Fidel Castro. It was resoundly defeated by the Cubans in the Bay of Pigs.

The Evil Empire will attack and destroy small or weak countries with a socialist or leftist government whether  they are democratically elected or a leftist dictatorship. They hate countries with socialist governments that give no chance for American capitalists to exploit.

Thus from 1961 to 1973 United States tried to gain control over Vietnam by taking over the colonial war from France but was badly defeated by the Vietnamese.

US persistently tried to regime change of countries which do not toe its dictates.It attacked and invaded the Dominican Republic in 1965 to topple its leftist regime. In 1983 it attacked Grenada to topple a socialist government which was very close to Cuba.

In 1953 US overthrew the democratically elected government of Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran in a military coup after he threatened to nationalize British Petroleum  and replaced him with a pro US dictator, the Shah of Iran.

In 1954 US overthrew the democratically elected government of Jacob Arbenz of Guatemala in a CIA supported military coup because he wanted to nationalise the United Fruit Company owned by Rockefeller . CIA replaced Jacob Arbenz with pro US brutal dictators who killed over one hundred thousand Guatemalans.

Similarly democratically elected governments of Ecaudor, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and  Haiti were replaced or regime changed by CIA supported military coups and replaced with pro-US brutal dictators.

One of the most wicked and brutal plot of CIA in regime change in South America took place in Chile in1973. In that year CIA overthrew and assassinated Salvador Allende , Latin America first democratically elected socialist leader as president. When Allende's socialist government nationalized USA's exploitative companies in Chile, CIA planned a coup and replaced him with CIA backed General Augusto Pinochet who tortured and murdered thousands of Chileans in a crackdown on labour leaders and the socialist political parties.

But the most gruesome and most brutal regime change carried out by CIA happened in a South East Asia country. President Sukarno of Indonesia had trusted the Americans too much so that over the years CIA infiltrated the Indonesian government administration deeply especially in the military. Then in 1965 CIA overthrew Sukarno with a military coup . In fact since 1957 , CIA had been trying to eliminate Sukarno with several attempted assassinations. CIA replaced Sukarno with a staunchly pro-US traitor General Suharto who to maintain and sustain his rule brutally murdered more than a million to two million civilians , a large proportion of which were Indonesian Chinese. It was the CIA which provided Suharto with the list of names of those countless suspects of being socialists or leftists politically.

At present in South East Asia the next target for regime change by the Evil Empire is the Duterte government of the Philippines. President Duterte had declared war on the international drug and narcotic traffickers whose illicit trafficking of drugs in the Phillipines had destroyed thousands of Philippinos every year and milked billions of dollars out of the Phillippines in foreign exchange. Of course the biggest and greatest drug rings and narcotic traffickers in the Philippines are run by CIA in cahoot with corrupted officials in the police and military and with the help of local runners. Thus the Evil Empire is not happy with the lost of billions of dollars from secret illicit drug and narcotic  businesss in the Philippines due to President Duterte.s crackdown on the illicit trade. President Duterte has to be very careful for CIA will never give up assassination attempts on him to replace him with a Pro-US dictator like the previous corrupted  dictator president Marcos who ruled from 1950s to around mid 1970s.

Now the Evil Empire is intent on creating choas, instabilities, trouble dissensions  and wars between Asean countries and China under the falsehood and guise of freedom of navigation and to provide balance of power in the region. Basically there was peace and tranquility in the South China Sea region until the Evil Empire pivot into the region with clandestine activities.

Asean countries must have the wisdom not to fall into the American trap of providing help and assistance in whatever circumstance because it is always a death trap and a sure way to lose your freedom and national sovereignty.

The above are only some examples of socialist countries destroyed by the United States. There are many ,more  countless socialist countries or countries refusing to toe US line being destroyed in Africa, Middle-East and Southern Europe.

NB : To get a better perspective of world affairs Netizens should go into these websites, the articles of which are being written by non-bias professors and academics, renowned journalists and authors.

The websites are :   1.  Counterpunch.Org  2. New Eastern Outlook.  3.  Strategic Culture Foundation.  4.  Press TV.  5.  Russia Insider.  6.  Global Times  and  7.  The 4th Media

Southernglory 1

Friday, 19th April, 2019


Anonymous said...

Asean countries must have the wisdom not to fall into the American trap of providing help and assistance in whatever circumstance because it is always a death trap and a sure way to lose your freedom and national sovereignty.
Southernglory 1

So PAP got fall into American trap or not?

Or is it Sinkies fall into PAP trap? LOL

Anonymous said...

America is very good lah, I mean for software.

If not, why we use Google, Facebook and Microsoft product?

Why PAP allow Changi Naval Base to be used by American aircraft carrier?

Why PAP buy American F35 and not Russian or China Fighter jet?

Why Lee Hsien Loong sent his son to MIT for his education?

Even Xi Jinping sent his daughter to Harvard for her further education, u know.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ SG

You are reading the whole thing wrong. Socialism is on the rise especially in the USA. Also in France, UK, Australia --- which is 1 month away from Federal Election. Conservative govt looks like it will lose. Socialist govt will win

Anonymous said...

Almost of those websites are no t independent lar. 😀

Anonymous said...

Mr Matilah

You are totally correct,the common people in the Evil Empire and Western Europe only want socialism. Right now they don't get much benefit from extreme toxic western capitalism which only benefits the one percent financial rogues in Wall Street and Washington, in London, Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam and Berlin or Hamburg and may be around five to ten percent of the higher echelon bureaucrats in the governments' administrations and the big business conglomerates. But the political and financial power is in the hands of big time rogues and scoundrels who constitute only one percent of the population but own and control almost ninety to ninety-eight percent of the country's money, wealth and finance. These rogues have a strangle hold on the capitalist countries and thus for their own selfish ends they would never allow socialist governments to succeed. They practice pseudo democracy to deceive the people. The Evil Empire's Democrats and Republican parties are in actual fact duo dictatorships in which they commonly subscribe to fascism and have a tight police control over the people and the country.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ SG

Ever since the end of WW1, then WW2, when the USD was chosen as the defacto World Reserve Currency, we haven't had real capitalism. What we have is crony capitalism, where sovereign govts and big business interests and cartels join together to screw the average person.

I am an old school capitalist, meaning: I do enterprise, I lose or win my business, I dun kachau anyone else. In Crony Capitalism the wins are privatised whilst the losses are socialised thru bailouts, tax breaks, subsidies etc. That means the connected rich keep amassing power and wealth, and the working people or small business person gets screwed.

I am not against socialism, as long as it is voluntary. For e.g. every family is a socialist concern: "To each according to their ability to each according to their need". The young kid or old person in the family gets taken care of the others because the others are able to do so and the young and old are not. No family can function properly as a "meritocracy" aka old-school capitalist system.

Meritocracy, in theory, and whenever it has been practised is the best system we know to allocate resources, get things done and to raise the standard of living for all. Unfortunately, it has been HIJACKED by special interests and the political elite. i.e. humans like to CHEAT systems when the find the means to do so.

Luckily, crony capitalism is not 100% pervasive. There are still pockets of opportunity for the old school capitalist --- that is the people who want to make money and be left alone; people who are not interested in power, except their own personal power to become better, more well-rounded human being.

China functions under the rubric of State Communism, but there are many Chinese people who are independently productive. Those are the small holders who set up shops or food outlets, or the more big time ones who develop property on their own --- unconnected with govt but connected to their fellow countrymen.

I am working with such people now. The govt develops a certain area, they destroy the natural environment and sometimes 1000s of years of heritage. But there are some quite rich folk who will use their own money to save their heritage and find some way to monetize/finance their efforts. Funny thing: many of these China rich people have PANIC ROOMS built below their houses. They don't trust their govt. They try to take a great part of their wealth OUT of China, which is getting harder to do due to govt crackdown on funds going out.

Old school capitalists are everywhere, but they are hard to spot because they do not "action borak" and give themselves away. They are quiet.

The world can go socialist. Maybe it's about time to route these fucking cronies who have RUINED capitalism We need a RESET. Dun worry, the old school capitalists will still do ok under socialism. In fact, they can survive and profit from almost any situation. They don't stick their heads out, so it is unlikely they'll attract any "bullets".

southernglory1 said...

Hi! Mr Matilah , I must say I like your analysis and I agree with most of your points. But don't you think 'meritocracy' is now vastly corrupted and distorted through cronyism and relationship or connections. Meritocracy has for over two thousand years been used by the Chinese government of various Chinese dynasties to select qualified candidates for government service. It started with the Han-lin Academy of the Han Dynasty in around 226BC when Candidates for various degree of government posts must sit for the different type of examinations. This Chinese system of picking or selecting people through exams to serve in the government administration has long been copied by all governments in the world both East and West.


Anonymous said...

Cheenas have embraced capitalism since 1990s & 2000s. During 2010s cheena govt has cracked down on some bo tua bo suay billionaires. But many enterprising cheenas are using simple retail consumer business to become billionaires. Just like US in the early 20th century, smart capitalists are capitalising on growing urbanisation & middle class of china to hyper accelerate growth & profits.

A typical example are the founders of Haidilao. The founding couple is now worth US$13.6B while the co-founding couple is worth over US$6B. The founder used to be a blue collar welder.

BTW the founding couple are new SG citizens -- easiest way to funnel their billions out.

ShawnTan117 said...

Your articles clearly aren't objective and far too one-sided to even take seriously. Besides, socialist countries are responsible of the deaths of over 100 million people. The real threat and enemy is the idea of socialism pushed by anyone. It's the worst idea and has brought more death and destruction to people compared to capitalism that has brought people out of poverty more than anything

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