Western catchphrases against China

Rule of Law, democracy, human rights, lack of transparency, theft of IP, debt traps, national security, China has no respect for international laws and agreements, China is a communist countries, state owned enterprises(SOEs) etc etc. All western journalists and half baked academics and CIA sponsored operators aka journalists or anal-lysts would spout these phrases as second nature, like taking breakfast and lunch. And Asian bananas would think it safe and right and correct to spout the same nonsense as a credibility badge or badge of honour. They cannot be wrong to utter the same phrases coming out from the fake western anal-lysts.

I think they have missed out a lot about how great the Americans and the West were and have been doing so successfully for peace and prosperity of this world. These anal-lysts have forgotten to praise the Americans and the West for their great achievements while devoted their full attention to badmouthing and smearing China.

Think again, how successful the Americans and the West are in formenting turmoil and incessant warfare in the Middle East and every corner of the world. It is because these people are wasting their time fighting among themselves and destroying their own countries and the lives of their own people that they have no time or not much time to create problems and troubles for other countries. They are so preoccupied in their own killings in their own countries and that allowed the rest of the world to live in peace. Thanks to the great effort put in by the Americans to keep them very busy.

Great job Americans and the West. Well done. They together deserve to be given a Nobel Prize for Peace just like Obama, and Trump in the waiting list as the next best candidate for Peace Prize. He will get his well deserved peace prize when he invaded Venezuela and start a war in his backyard, in Latin America so that the rest of Latin America and North America can live in peace.

Common western journalists and academics and bananas, do the honour to praise the great works of the Americans in the Middle East and paint them some glowing accolade.

Asian media should be more original, instate of being guided by western catchphrases and narratives, try to write or produce programmes starting from a different angle, the Asian angle, with Asian viewpoints and interests, and Asians behind the news or programmes. It would be more refreshing than just blindly apeing and regurgitating western narratives. Originality, creativity and be different, be Asian instead of stale news like debt traps, rule of law or badmouthing China. Incidentally when the West uttered we are a rule of law country, they are saying China is lawless, no rule of law. What about the outlaws in the USA and Canada? Any idiot that uttered this phrase in front of Chinese officials is going to get brickbrats from them.

I think they need editors or thinkers like redbeans to teach them new tricks of the trade to gain some credibility and respectability as independent news producers with independent thinking, not parrots of the West.


Anonymous said...

Rb, I agreed with u in my opinion.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Most of what China is accused of doing is true.

So what? They have a deadline to meet. They know exactly WHO they're competing against. Why in the fuck should anyone even think that China should "play fair"?

None of the so-called western free democracies play fair lah. So expecting China to do so is just fucking ignorant and gross denial of REALITY.

Anonymous said...

Redbean //I think they need editors or thinkers like redbeans to teach them new tricks of the trade to gain some credibility and respectability as independent news producers with independent thinking, not parrots of the West.//


What to expect (less much) from (some of) these "Parrots And Pariahs" (media) people (other than propagating to their (perceived) daft audience and getting their insidious propaganda machinery to run OVERTIME to carry out their pernicious indoctrination in enslaving unwitting minds and innocent ordinary people to "CON" their hard earned savings and "contracted" to a perpetual lifetime "conscription" ... oops "subscriptions"?

Typical wishful thinking of some "whites" smoking cracks in their decadent yachts surrounded by boobs drooping ugly Lao Kuay Boos trying to act young and sexy in scantily clad see through G-strings?

Anonymous said...


(Make people) Want to throw out liao?

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between perpetual subscriptions and perpetual bonds?

Virgo49 said...

Oldies thought Bonds like FDs.

Time Maturity, pay in full as well as Plus Interests.

Nowadays, James Bond can conned you all your Monies invested in Bonds.

When time for Maturity and Payments due, say No Monies. Just like Noble and CPF.

You yourselves want to loan me so don't KPKB as always said by Debtors when you asked them for payment.

Anonymous said...

ASEAN ex-Singapore will shun the US’ geopolitical game against China

If Singapore under the bananas keeps putting itself up with the US against China, it will isolate itself from the rest of ASEAN.

What ASEAN ex-Singapore wants the most is joint development with China.

Although some ASEAN members believe they still need the military presence of the US to balance China, they have no urgent need to follow the US to confront China.

Anonymous said...

Rb//Incidentally when the West uttered we are a rule of law country, they are saying China is lawless, no rule of law. //

If you bother to read up old archived papers printed in the late 19th century / early 20th century, some of these "whites" (trash) were doing the same things to then China under the inept, promiscuous, decadent, useless, intransigent Empress Dowager Cixi-led crumpling Qing Empire?

In the end what happened to all these "whites" people who alleged their superiority?

After looting, raping and plundering the masses (in the Qing Empire) , the whites went for each other throats and their eventual destiny dictated by karma?

Anonymous said...

The "whites" going for each other throats?

They say history almost always repeat itself?

As the renowned Economics professor Joseph Schumpeter said, without "creative destruction", there is no renewal?

Anonymous said...

Bro against bro?

Sis against sis?

Son against son?

Daughter against daughter?

Father against father?

Mother against mother?

Society turned upside down liao?

The rest not directly involved kena dragged in as collateral damage?

Anonymous said...

Rule of Law: Ask the native American indigenous people whether white Americans follow Rule of Law. They break up all the rules and treaties signed at the earliest convenience to their advantage. The native Americans warn us about the untrustworthiness of white men. "White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted." There are endless thousands of instances in modern times where white Americans ignore international rules and laws and they justify it with the militant doctrine, "American Exceptionalism". In other words international rules and law do not apply to the rogue state United States, but others must follow or else they face sanctions, economic blockade and military action from the Evil Empire. This is the utmost and most profound arrogance. The Evil Empire needs to be taught a painful lesson one of these days.

Democracy : If you embrace American democracy it means you are embracing death from the Americans and the demise of your country. The Evil Empire will take over your country for sure.

Human Rights : White men genocided over 85 million native American indigenous people or 98 percent of the native population and keep the fateful survivors in "native American reservations, euphemism for slave camps where they are left to rot and suffer. Similarly the African Americans were ill treated and the Chinese Americans were frequently attacked and lynched in the past. Thus the White Americans should not put themselves on high moral ground to speak or lecture to others about human rights. It's best that they shut up and sincerely reflect on the evils and wicked things they have always been doing to other people. They should stop their aggressive brutal wars in many countries in the Middle East that kill millions of innocent lives. Hope 'Karma' will come around to destroy the white Americans.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ SG 1215

All true! The historical facts are plain for all to see.

... And yet, here we are, wealthy, reasonably free, living in awesome cuntries, can tok Kok on internet, can travel suka suka.

In the end, despite all the shit, it's not so bad lah. In fact, pretty darn good! 😂

Anonymous said...

There are now good informative documentaries, eg those made by CGTN on YouTube that have garnered quite good positive response from those who watched those programs.

China is now able to counter some of the bias presented by CNN and BBC and most people are quite surprised that these very informative programs were never aired on MSM. It may be a small step against the media giants of the USA, that most of the time all that we see are programs that painted China in very unflattering light. Or that China will collapse or have been collapsing over the last twenty years, but still going strong.

All the progress in Africa, South America being presented in such Chinese made documentaries have made people realised that all the real positive truth have been but suppressed and only the negative news about China is carried on the MSM.

There is so much progress in Africa that we never really get to see without those documentaries that detailed all the infrastructures being erected to enable those poor countries to develop economically.

And Africans have been comparing what the West did to them historically and what China is now doing, but in diametrically different ways. One is out to destroy and prevent progress with wars and sale of weapons while the other is helping to develop the country. It is a no brainer who the Africans will choose. The West can talk all about Chinese colonisation, but the progress is real for all to see.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agreed with Matilah. Just prayed that you are not a Red Indian or African Negro, or an Arab/Muslim or whoever the Americans would kill next.

Anonymous said...

ln the Law of Nature or the Law of the jungle,
the strongest and wildest always prevail.
The power and law invariably favour the most powerful, so victor dictates the Law and Rule.
The Lion is the King of the Jungle,
go and ask it for mercy.
Mankind is basically an animal species.

Anonymous said...

All news is biased -- whether in favour to the one putting it out, and/or in disfavour of another person/party/country/region.

Both China & the West (and also the rest of the World including Singapore) are engaging in the same underhanded tactics in order to gain the upperhand. Has been happening since we were caveman 1 million years ago.

The only thing is whether that country or group or person can get away with saying/doing certain things, or whether the benefits to himself/themselves outweigh the negative consequences.

For e.g. a minister won't openly go to brothels or punch someone for criticising his policy to his face. But he has no qualms in supporting plans to uphold multi-million dollar salaries for himself & his group, or policies which will jackup GDP but make the bottom 20% of S'poreans worse off for the "greater good".

E.g. 50% water tax & $100K-for-$20K cars is good for Singapore. $500K-for-$150K subsidised HDB is affordable. $1K salary can afford HDB. CPF allows S'poreans to retire. $2M ministers and $200K MPs will prevent corruption & get the best of the best to govern Singapore.

Are all these catchphrases or fake news or real news or opinions or facts?!?!?!?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Africa is not China's bitch... YET

Patience, my Oriental friends. In the memorable words of Black American fighter Mike Tyson:

So there's a bit of anti Chinese sentiment rising amongst Africans. China needs to fuck harder 🤣

Anonymous said...

Physical warfare is one thing?

Financial warfare is equally devastating?

Have not the AFC in 1998 taught sthg?

Also, at times the masses in the 3rd world (and even first world) are ruined by blatant crony capitalism?

The media, the CONglomerates provided "cover" by their gabrament (not unlike in physical warfare) run rampage with all kinds of toxic financial innovation aka CDS, MBS (mortgage backed securities), CDOs etc?

Look at the victims of some of the frauds like Enron who were cleaned of their retirement funds and some unwitting retiree investors ended up coming out of retirement in their twilight years to eke out a living doing the grave yard shift in 24-Hr retail outlets such as 9-11, Chicken-King etc as hourly rated workers paid enough to "enjoy" at least a small full bowl of soup and a bun each meal?

As "evidence", the US CB (central bank) aka Federal Reserve Board (FED) still has close to US$2,000,000,000,000.00 of the toxic MBS (mortgage backed securities) mopped up using "free $$$" printed via unorthodox MP (monetary policy) aka QE between 2009 and 2014 (effectively "SOCIALISING" the massive balance sheet losses of private conglomerates)?

Do they dare to unwind the position?

When are they going to unwind their position?

What they are allowing to mature now are the non-toxic T-Bills, T-Notes and T-Bonds?

Have they even unwind a single cent of the toxic almost US$2,000,000,000,000.00 MBS (mortgage backed securities) in their balance sheet?

In a typical modus operandi in crony capitalism such as in the 2008 GFC which originated from the subprime mortgage crisis, some financial institutions including some banks sleep in bed with poohliticians to CON the weak, feeble and old retirees, some unwitting middle class etc of their Quah Cha Png and cleaned them, vacuum them Taa Taa (aka dry dry sama sama empty empty)?

During the last GFC, many FIs which made reckless and horrendous mistakes walked away richer and the bills/ costs of their grisly, reckless and greedy mistakes shafted down the throats of the main street?

Even till now, it is still happening and lately occurred in some parts of Europe?

So far most of the FIs are cleared of any wrong doing but often the public are not at liberty to understand or know what went on in the process?

After the Lemon Butter collapse, what really happened?

So if such are not cronyism, what should it be?

The (supposed) role of media as the fourth branch of governance is just a myth to CON the daft for perpetual subscriptions?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ wah, shiok lah

Quick quick, call for "world peace" 🤡


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB, sooner or later another oppressor appears!

>> Just prayed that you are not a Red Indian or African Negro, or an Arab/Muslim or whoever the Americans would kill next. <<

Nah lah, just pray you're not black African lah. First, they got fucked by their own --- Black African slave traders sold their own people into the European slave trade. Then Africans got fucked by Europeans, then by Arabs, Balck slaves fucked by Americans.

And now, after being fucked by black, brown and white people, it is the Yellow People's turn to fuck Africans!


Moral of story: best not to be black African. 😂


Anonymous said...

Best is to be Black African because at the End Times, only the Black Africans survive. All other races perished.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 April 09, 2019 9:58 am
//Oldies thought Bonds like FDs.//

Seems to be?

Some companies Debt to Ebita ratio is so high yet some oldies still chiong in to subscribe?

With the global financial market relatively fraught with risks given most if not all the macro measures taken were "steriod-like" stimulation of the economy such as the US$4.5 trillion printed from 2009 to 2014 during QE1, 2 & 3 by the US Fed under Bernanke and subsequently his success Yellen?

In Europe, about €3 Trillion were printed from 2015 to 2018 by the ECB under "Super Mario"?

In the UK and Japan, similar situation?

Many oldies know near to "NUTS" about Economics much less specifically global macroeconomics?

Yet some oldies like maciam "casino style show hand" hantam life savings into bonds as if bao chiak?

Some oldies already 70+ but with risk management maciam as if they are 20+ to 30+ young adults?

Almost unbelievable?

The last GFC in 2008 already highlighted the severe moral hazard in (risky) financial innovation and since then the undercurrent got worse, not better cos essentially problems weren't really solved but swept under carpet transferring private debts (socialisation) to public debts?

Meaning there are some financial time bombs ticking away?

On the micro side, some companies debt to Ebitda ratio is so high yet some oldies still chiong in (some) with "show-hand" of life-saving?

Under such macro &/ or micro scenarios, it is almost inconceivable anyone would choose to "show-hand" and hantam their life savings Quah Cha Png into significantly "high risks investment" (aka in some ways as good as casino gambling)?

In a way, it is maciam some oldies withdrew their life saving and show-hand at the casino gambling tables?

How can it be when oldies are generally known to be financially conservative with low risk appetite?

The only likely possibility was that it is as mentioned by Uncle Virgo49 which is

@ Virgo49 April 09, 2019 9:58 am
"Oldies thought Bonds like FDs."

Like that means what?

Nobody has learnt anything from last GFC (in 2008) or put in any safeguard to protect the vulnerables (from being "preyed upon")?

With about S$4,000,000,000.00 bond issues maturing by end 2019 and about S$10,000,000,000.00 maturing by end 2020, some oldies who have "bought into" high risks corporate bonds might be looking at "steep losses" if the companies experience significant earnings and cash flow issues?

For oldies to assume that investing in some utilities or water companies bonds is maciam putting in FDs could be over simplistic in today's or recent years financial market environment notwithstanding the fact that some people mentioned that water is existential to the country?

To learn some painful or costly financial lessons in the gray years of one's life maybe some lessons one would rather do without?

In the end, for some oldies who knew so little yet taking such high risks (probably without realising it) in a way conjures a rather worrisome outlook?

Anonymous said...



Should be "Ebitda" not Ebita

Anonymous said...

Wait for the derivative bubble to collapse. This one no way to save. Everything goes pop and turn into dust.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ dusty wasteland 1023

I'd wish they'd hurry up and bust. Been waiting too long already. Long overdue lah.

Finally, cheap prices again. Last recession buffet prices dropped to below $20. Semi Detached below one million, I like cheap. Money purchasing power up. Make sure you have money lah

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Macro Guy,

Dun worry. The world will start money printing again. Zero or negative interest rates, again.

Most cuntries are going to carry perpetual debt, like the USA. How ah? The richest cuntry in history OWES the most money in history, which it cannot possibly repay.

When it comes time to pay some of the bonds when they mature, they borrow and print more. 👍👍 Fantastic racket. Been going for over 50 years!

Must be some type magic, unknown to science. 😂

Anonymous said...

Matilar, your recent posts are quite logical. Is it because u no longer engage in incest activities that may affect your mind?

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