More lunches stolen by wildlife

The frustrations of PMETs being marginalized

Met and heard of the frustrations of PMETs being marginalised. Pitiful cases such as a 48 year old man out of job for 1.5 years after being retrenched from his previous work in logistics. Outcompeted by foreign PMETs. He has 4 children to feed and now works odd jobs to make ends meet. Fearful, angry and afraid for his family’s future.

Surely we had enough of the policies that were the caused of this misery to our own citizens made so by a Government focused on their self-serving political interest piling up and locking our money for God knows what.

Assured him and others like him, that we must not give up and believe in the collective power in our own hands and have the courage to use it. We can take back this country from the misguided elites.
Best quote for the night, “… if LKY in opposition now, i think he too cannot make it into parliament with all the mechanism to block the opposition now in place like GRC and others…”. Oh the irony of it all…..

*Facebook post by Damanhuri Bin Abas.

Should we say that he deserved it? Or should we say that he needs to go for retraining to become cleaners since his skills is not needed or he is not better than the wildlife that stole his lunch? Or should he go overseas to steal the lunches of wildlife in their home country?

Or should we say that cannot be helped, we have already signed the CECA, so cannot back out from it or this is the new normal, foreigners are welcomed here, or will be coming here, and we cannot shut the door in the face of the onslaught of the wildlife?

We are hapless, the world is changing and we must keep up with the time. Ohhhhh, why this is not happening in other countries? Why are other countries protecting jobs for their own citizens but we cannot do so?Why are all the wildlife coming just to this little island only and in great numbers, like paradise for them, but turning the island into a future hell for its citizens?

Is this our country or the country for wildlife?


Anonymous said...

India was ecstatic when they signed the CECA agreement with Singapore. They feel joyful excitement that they now 'own' Singapore, having established a pipeline for their millions of unemployed nationals to the tiny island state.

Anonymous said...

Singapore also esctatic without knowing that it has become an Indian colony.

Anonymous said...


life in SG must be very very very good lah

so so so good that 70% voted for the ruling party at the last GE

as one top top politician put it after the GE....."singaporeans get the government they deserve, so I don’t want to hear any more complains"


Virgo49 said...

See even that Indian Blogger at Botanical Gardens need NO police permit to have 2000 clowns to listen to his bullshits.

Sinkies, even more than three together,Ang Chiaks lie liao.

Kena soto mee by the Soto Mee Kings.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Hunt, Kill, Eat, or go hungry

If anyone thinks that the lunch-eating by hungry & motivated foreigners who play their own rules which aren’t always “clean”, will stop or even abate, they are living in Fantasy Land lah.

You need to be resourceful and smart, and sometimes play dirty to win this Game. You need to step out of your comfort zone and do things that you previously wouldn’t do, or you’ll be cast into the dustbin of history.

By now it should be obvious to everyone with a pulse that you can’t complain or fuck around anymore. Your mindset has got to change and you have to channel whatever negative emotions you experience --- anger, frustration, despondency --- into a hard, cold reality check and take MASSIVE ACTION based solely on your own BEST SELF INTEREST. If your mindset doesn’t change, you’re DONE.

The govt already played your backside once by opening the labour market to competition. If you think the same fucking govt has the answers to “help you” you are DELUDED.

People like War Stocks Guy ad other successful investors has scolded and chided you all. As hurtful as their opinions can seem, there’s more than a kernal of Hard Truths in what they say. For your own sakes, you’d better wake the fuck up, take the slaps to your ego and do something to benefit YOURSELF. Whatever “selfishness” you can muster, you’d be wise to amplify the motherfucker and think about yourself and your families futures. If you don’t care enough about you and yours, I promise you --- no one else will, not the govt, not your friends or associates, not even your FAITH.

It’s ok to be beaten down. It is nothing to be ashamed about. But you simply cannot STAY down. I have a filing cabinet with about 500 or so rejection letters from all the jobs I’ve applied and been rejected from in the 1980-1990s. That’s serves as a HARSH REMINDER to me everytime a project fails or I lose a deal. You simply have to keep going, no matter what.

If it is training you need, get it. If you need contacts, go and GuanXi (network). Never let your health deteriorate, look after yourself like never before. Think of your family and their dependence on you. Start a side-hustle --- anything, 50 bucks here 200 bucks there, do it and get fucking PAID.

Best of luck! We all get knocked down. And so we fight. Never, ever QUIT.

Anonymous said...

They urinate down your back (open the floodgates) and tell you it's raining (foreigners create jobs for u). You believed and stay down, until your whole body smelled stink of dried urine (lose your job and cannot feed family, lunch stolen).

Anonymous said...

But anon 929am. Pls remember that 69.9% voted for this!

So how NOW?

Anonymous said...

Rb, besides Bombay financial center and chennai business park, do go visit the private condo at the east cost, it's all majority black ants residing there. Sinkies very small minority. 😀

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 9.47

One time Mandarin Gardens mostly Chinkee Sinkies as the name Mandarin is Cheena, Chenna.

Now infested by the Black Ants majority.My sis staying there long time told me a tale that if Sinkies of Singapore gonna fall into their same mistake gonna regret for as long as they lived and been cursed by their fore generations.

They like most bo chap and no hew sinkies were usurped by the Black Ants in their Mangement Committe and had HELL for the last few years with the Black Ants in Power.

Cronyism and favouritism were the Order of that few years.

Most sinkies only thought of fattening their pockets and rent and sell at favourable prices to these Black Ants.

Now, they looked back with regrets the mistake that they had made. At least, they still can shift away or sell their properties.

But, if the whole of Sinking Land were be to be in this Scenario, then we are DEAD ducks.

Had Sinkies themselves to be blame for this situation.

Hope that day will never come and they wake up in time.

Anonymous said...

@Virgo 10:26am

Haha! Is that why Mandarin Gardens can't get even get 80% signatures for their proposed $3B enbloc?!? LOL!!

Anyway since 2007, the ahnehs prefer condos in Tg Rhu & Katong (nearer to city lah!) e.g. Costa Rhu, Pebble Bay, Waterside, Seafront etc. I have a couple of friends renting to ahnehs in some of these condos. But rental properties not for me lah --- I tried it for 2 years ... too much trouble & legwork for my taste. I prefer stocks, especially War Stocks!! Hahaha!! Best is can be globally diversified in countries with much stronger human rights, legal rights & corporate governance than S'pore, and that SG govt cannot anyhow confiscate or control.

Like sinkies, cheenas & most asians, the ahnehs also judge people by their address --- the further away from city, the lower class you are. This is especially for condos & apartments. Landed property different lah --- obviously a Bt Timah GCB is nothing to sniff at, even though further from city than a Somerset condo.

I think most Sinkies still prefer to invest in local properties than in stocks, even though with high concentration risk & political risk. One method is to do a syndicated property investments to focus on high quality, in-demand, strong rental properties .... instead of going for ulu low-yield condos because that's all you can afford on your own. And even worse, you have to stay in it (and spend money instead of earning money) becoz you don't have the money to sustain at least 2 properties at the same time.

Unfortunately most Sinkies won't do syndicated property investments becoz (1) they treat properties too personally to trust others, (2) they are unable to build the business trust & network, (3) they aren't prepared to spend the money to structure it legally & properly. Come on, even among own relatives & siblings also cannot do it properly & successfully, let alone friends or business associates.

Anonymous said...

That 69.9 IB guy must have made lots of money for each post mentioning 69.9%. On each RB writeup he is sure to add his 69.9% comment. He practically has nothing else to add to the discussion. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Many top key appointments are held by Indian Singaporeans, eg. Shanmugam holds not one but TWO KEY Ministerial Appointments (Law and Home Affairs). Tharman also holds TWO KEY Appointments (DPM and Coordinating Minister For ?). Foreign Minister is held by Vivian Balakrishna. President-Specially-Reserved-For-Malay is now being held by an Indian Woman. Chief Justice is also justly held by another Indian Chief. Law Society Chief is also held by an Indian Chief, and so on.

So, these Indian Elites no matter how hard they may want us to believe that they do not hide favouritism, we must not be blind and dumb. We have to form our own conclusions.

How to form our own conclusions? Actions speak louder than words. Judge not their words but their actions. The facts displayed daily on the ground - especially those in the job markets, public transports and common facilities - speak for themselves. How have they affected you? You can feel and you can think for yourselves. I am sure.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 1.41

The Worse is that everyday the MSM propograte how wonderful and how smug and smart these Black Ants are.

Especially Shits Times and CNA. All their reports and programmes will feature these Black Ants.

MOT, we be like the Chennaas in Matland.

Anonymous said...

@anon 141pm

If you got lobang get $5 $10 for posting pro-PAP, you will also do the same. Most sinkies like that one lah.

Anyway the IB most likely is PES E white horse keyboard warriors. I used to be assigned to a PES E "internet" unit although we focused more on foreign sites, so this things will be normal here.

PAPies are too cheap to pay for postings, unless for short periods of time during critical episodes e.g. election campaigning or when there is crisis of confidence in the top PAPies echelon.

Anonymous said...

Many of you are still so ignorant. The IBs are not paid by PAP. They are paid by the Government thru' the People's Association, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, National Library, Feedback Unit, Temasek Holdings and various Research Centres.

Anonymous said...

What has happened to Mandarin Garden would be what would happen to Singapore. They just take over. They have taken over Mandarin Garden. Soon they would take over the island.

Anonymous said...

@anon 256pm

Pls larr ... Those ppl got better things to do than to waste time posting anon comments. Trust me ... I used to work in a couple of those stat boards & agencies you mentioned. Pay was good but the rules & environment damn stifling. ;)

Anonymous said...

'PAPies are too cheap to pay for postings,...' unquote

Of course, where they can use public money thru PA etc, why go through the trouble of forking out unnecessary expense for the party.

As a matter of interest, what action have they taken over the misuse of funds by PA and other government bodies as reported by the Accountant General. Seems everything has quietened down.

Anonymous said...

Wow, many ex government insiders are here. This blog is obviously interesting to them as much as to the old ignorant uncles like me with time to spare and spar, perhaps!

Anonymous said...

6.57pm old anon, if u have spare time go spent sometime with China Mei Mei 100 per hour of comfort and companionship. If u cheapskate type then go Jalan Besar to get sodomize by USA sailor and earn some pocket money lor 😀

Anonymous said...

Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen, the largest stakeholder in the popular British online clothing retailer Asos.com, has lost three of his four children in the Sri Lanka attacks, the BBC reported on Monday (April 22).

The BBC confirmed the news, which was also reported by the Danish media.

Anonymous said...

Sri Lanka Easter Bombings - Government Brushed Aside Advanced Warnings!

Bombs exploded in eight locations - targeting churches and hotels.

Nobody has come out to claim responsibility.

Death toll nearing 300 and rising. More than 500 injured.

Those killed include at least 35 foreigners from 10 countries, namely Australia, China, Denmark, India, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, UK and USA.

Police have arrested 24 people, although they still do not know who was behind the attacks. However, they have confirmed that all the 8 attacks were done by suicide-bombers!

The first reports were at about 08:45 (03:15 GMT) local time on Sunday morning, 21 April. Six blasts took place within a short space of time.

Three were at churches - in Colombo's Kochchikade district, Negombo north of the capital, and Batticaloa in the east. The other three blasts rocked the Shangri-La, Kingsbury and Cinnamon Grand hotels in Colombo.

Two further explosions were reported later when police searched for suspects: one in Dehiwala in southern Colombo, and another one near the Colombo district of Dematagoda during a police raid.

The police have not given details about how many people died at each of the blast sites.

Late on Sunday, an improvised explosive device was found and disposed of close to the country's main airport, near Colombo.

And on Monday another blast rocked a street near a church in the capital. Police were attempting to defuse explosives in a vehicle used by the attackers when it blew up.

One of the blasts targeted St Sebastian's Church in Negombo.

Security remains on high alert and curfew has been imposed across the country.

Addressing reports that officials had had prior intelligence of forthcoming attacks, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said: "We must look into why adequate precautions were not taken. Neither I nor the ministers were kept informed." (This is a deliberate falsehood to cover the government's asses?)

Sunday's attacks were the worst ever against Sri Lanka's Christian minority, who make up 7% of the 21 million population.

Theravada Buddhism is Sri Lanka's biggest religious group, making up about 70% of the population. Hindus 12%. Muslims 10%.

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