Boy PM biting more than he can chew

The highly controversial and political detention of Meng Wanzhou by the boy PM in Canada is still unresolved. China would not take it without giving the boy PM a kick in the ass. Other than a few Canadians being arrested and one sentenced to death, China is adding more economic pressure on Canada. Let me just talked a bit about the drug trafficker that was sentenced to death in China.

When relations were good, China could be very lenient to Canadians breaking Chinese laws. The Canadian drug trafficker was caught for trying to smuggle a quarter ton of drugs to Australia. Mind you, smuggling a quarter of an ounce of drugs in China will get the death sentence. His lawyer arrogantly appealed against the 15 year jail term, hoping for a lesser sentence. He could get his way when China was treating Canada as a very good friend. Unfortunately after the appealed, boy PM went crazy to arrest Meng Wanzhou under the instruction of the Americans and stubbornly and stupidly claiming that it was all a matter of rule of law, ie Canada is a country that respect law and China has no laws or does not respect law despite behaving like a gangster in arresting Meng Wanzhou, a top Huawei executive that did not commit any crime in Canada.

With such stupidity, the poor drug trafficker found himself in the centre of an unnecessary political conflict and ended not only failing in his appeal but the lenient 15 year sentence was converted to what he should be given in the first place, a death sentence.

In the economic front, China has discouraged its citizens from visiting Canada as tourists, stopped importing Canadian Canola oil resulting in Canada losing tens of billions of dollars and more when salmon, seafood, rapeseed, and other agricultural goods were also banned from the Chinese market. 250,000 Canadian workers are risking losing their jobs because of the stupidity of the boy PM who is still clinging to his stupid rule of law garbage and refusing to admit that he has turned himself into a pawn of Donald Trump, and Canada and Canadian farmers are paying heavily for it.

When would this stupid boy come to his senses and walk away from his stupidity? The farmers are crying and screaming and making many appeals in the Parliament demanding the boy PM to resolve the issue but in vain. As long as the stupid boy PM, incidentally his credential to be a PM was being the son of the former PM and a drama school teacher, he is probably thinking that all the drama is just another great performance and nothing serious, it was all play acting.

Do the Canadians deserve such a silly PM and his equally silly Foreign Minister, another little girl whose expertise is literature? Just imagine if the Americans settle their trade deal with China with the Americans agreeing to drop all charges against Meng Wanzhou and China continues to ban all imports of Canadian products even if Meng Wanzhou is released since there will be no more cases against her?

Where would the boy PM and girly FM going to hide their faces?


Virgo49 said...

What's also enormous HARM if Sinkieland also Ah Gua PM and his girlie FM does to Sinkies with their openlegged prostitution policies of having the trashes replacjng Singaporeans???

Ex FM, aiyo cannot find their standing in the Commercial World. Not kena sacked or put nicely QUIT.

Likewise all the Sinkieland Ministers and chiak liao bee PAP MPs.

Virgo49 said...


Now He planning to stand for Erection and Can Plough Soft Rice again into the Treasury.

Also can tell you dafts don't boh tua boh sua. Kena told off by Others in the Rough and Tumble Commercial World don't act act as though you still VIP.

Those who left are sure defenceless in the Commercial World.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hello.....

Where are all the fans?

Very very quiet here.

All gone to the casinos?

RB.....any more interesting article?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I find your lack of appreciation and understanding of realpolitik quite astounding for a gentleman of your experience and vintage.

Trudeau is a career politician, it.s THE family business, like our own cuntry has a political class which are family businesses. In fact, human history is peppered with examples of political elite families maintaing and increasing their power, wealth and political influence inter-generationally. You have the empires and monarchies, then The Khans of Mongolia, the Medicis of Florence, various caliphates, the Razaks of Malaysia, the Ghandi's in India, The Bushes and Kennedy's in the USA and our very own fledgling and fast fading Lee dynasty.

Trudeau will throw Canadian citizens under the bus but he'll play "global moralist and defender of freedom" when it comes to the China-Huawei thing. If China executes the drug mule, or makes the others she arrested "disappear", Trudeau will pull out his violin and play the same old tired "human rights concerto" gaining approval and boosted profile from the throngs of fans of (bullshit, no such thing, it's all made up from whole cloth) Human Rights.

The more "hardcore" China becomes, the higher Trudeau's standing as a great defender of democracy and human rights becomes.

He can fucking do anything with the Huawei CFO. Handing her over to the US makes Trudeau a "hero for international justice".

Realpolitik is all about PERCEPTION. And in political theatre Perception IS Reality. You get the MSM on your side, and voila, you can do the most awful things and tell the biggest lies, and come out looking like a modern day JESUS.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Western Law Enforcement LOVES the Death Penalty:

The last unofficial poll on the death penalty in Australia was 49-51% For-Against, pretty evenly matched, if you ignore the 2% spread as an acceptable error.

The Aust Federal Police hate the fact that Australia's drug traffiking laws are not punishable by death. And so for many years now they've handed over their intel to cuntries like China, Indonesia --- death penalty cuntries --- so that drug mules on their way to Australia are busted, charged and executed by those sovereign governments.

A bit of political wayang goes on---the Aussie govt pleads for clemency and for the accused to serve out their sentences in Australia...but that is all for show, to prove to the taxpayers that the govt will do something to protect citizens even if they are criminals under foreign laws. It is all PURE WAYANG.

Frankly speaking, western govts are sick and tired of the burgeoning drug trade which goes on like gangbusters because of the repeal of the death penalities in the so-called "enlightened" democracies.

So the unofficial line is "fuck those drug mules. We'll dob them in to the authorities and they can be hanged or shot, just fuck them, we don't want them here, nor do we want them alive to continue their shit".

Yeah, human rights. Fucking bullshit man. At the end of the day "human rights" is a nice sounding term, but it is entirely made up, and doesn't really mean anything. If a govt is going to fuck you up, they will find a way and throw any idea of "human rights" down the nearest jamban, and flush it away!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you should read a bit more about Canadian politics and the standing of this D grade boy. He is a joke whenever he opens his mouth. His credibility as a Trudeau is completely destroyed in his few months in office. The Canadians have grown fed up of his bunglings in destroying relations not just with China, but with Saudi Arabia, with the USA and with Latin America and Europe.

For his stupidity and the little girl that he has so much faith in, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are going to pay for it and all for what? What did he gain or Canada gains in this stupid Huawei affair?

When an idiot stood up, there is no need to say more, no explanation needed.

He is going to be dumped by the Canadians very soon. The Trudeau class is only from his father that has long been gone, history.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

From the Australian Federal Police website:

Through the operation of its International Liaison Officer Network, the AFP undertakes a wide range of operational and training activities with foreign law enforcement agencies. The AFP aims to disrupt transnational criminal syndicates operating offshore to ensure that illicit drugs are seized at the earliest opportunity, thereby reducing the supply to Australia.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Political families are in it for the BUSINESS. So ups and downs are bound to occur.

"Buyer's remorse" amongst voters in so-called democracies are a very common occurence. They vote for someone and it is rah rah rah, then after sometime they get to dislike the leader and the public gets to hate themselves for making a mistake. And so they vote someone else in, and the idiot out. But the public make the same mistake, again and again.

Trudeau came in because the last guy (a Trump-type conservative, but less bad) was a total nutcase, and the Canadians voted for him as a joke...because they thought he wouldn't win. Like Trump, when he actually did win, the Canadians looked really stupid. So next election they voted for another "hopeful", and now they're stuck with this clown until the next election, where they can get another clown to replace this fool.

Canadian politics and Aussie politics are sama-sama. The elctorate are bloody fools and consistently vote against their own best interests. That's why IMO, the authoritarian fake democracy PAP soft dictatorship is light years ahead of any of these so-called enlightened western democracies.

Many people in Singapore want a western-style democracy. This is TOTAL INSANITY. Our soft-dictatorship system has served us well. Many of us are WEALTHIER than our western brothers and sisters and we achieved that in a much shorter time than they did. The PAP is EXCELLENT for citizens who are entreprenuial or are on wealth-creation paths. They make wayang2, talk nonsense banyak, but if you want to make money, they're the best lah.

Canada has it's own internal French vs English bullshit going on too. That's a whole other level of cultural insanity. Other than that, I like their cuntry. Women are friendly, and marijuana is legal.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Some comments by Canadians on this joker boy PM.

Trudeau is making ‘Canada’ a dirty word around the world

National Post
Published on Jan 15, 2019
No wonder TransCanada Corp. is erasing the word ‘Canada’ from its name. No
one wants to invest here given what this Liberal government has done.

2 months ago
Trudeau Jr is the worst thing to ever happen to Canada.

Canadian Civilian
2 months ago
The word Canada isn't a dirty word, the name Trudeau is.

Sam Rossi Songwriter
3 months ago
PM sounds more like Anti-Christ moving Canada towards One World Gov. Wake
up Cdns this is no joke!

Dave Thomas
3 months ago
Well stated Stephen, Wake Up Canada time to rid our country of the Liberal
Party of Corruption. Why because it is 2019.

Feta Cheezz
3 months ago
Make Trudeau A Snowboard Instructor Again

3 months ago
This is what happens when pot heads & millennials vote.

Gisele Hetu
3 months ago
For every billion he spends in Canada, he sends 4 billion to EU-supported
"development" projects elsewhere. Why? So that Turdeau will have his seat
on the UN Security Council or some other shiny job. He doesn't give a
bleep about Canada - he just wants to be attached by the hip to Soros, the
Rothschilds, Rockefellers, big bankers and world trillion dollar companies.
But he is stabbing himself, as well as all of us Canadians in the back.
Nobody will want him around after he's bankrupted his own country - I am
sure that all of those wealthy elitists he covets are slandering him behind
his back on all of his idiotic trade deals and ridiculous politically
correct laws, his making a fool of himself on the world arena in various
costumes, his wastefulness... and that he is seen for what he truly is: an
idiotic, self-serving, uninteresting, soon to be thrown to the curb wannabe
internationally-in-demand-person-of- influence - NOT! The joke really is
on him - watch and see how quickly he will be forgotten - as quickly as
possible I am sure, after all of the damage he has done to Canada! He
doesn't have what it takes to hang with "them", however desperately he
wants to.

Bruce Holinight
2 months ago
He is competing with Obama for the worst world leader of all time ! I feel
like a stranger in my own country !

3 months ago
Should be HUNG FOR TREASON...why has he not been removed???

CCN Cross Canada News
2 months ago
Hopefully it gets fixed in October.

3 months ago
We have always been a country of great wealth and freedom. We have become
Lethargic in protecting that. We will be in for a rude awakening if we
allow Trudeau to continue his destructive policies. They have greater
impact then we realize on the economy and on investment and on personal
freedom. Far from making Canada less oppressive, he is actually doing the
exact opposite.

Stephanie Tibben
3 months ago
Trudeau and his government are traitors to Canada, and should be removed

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Those comments are to tame, even polite" compared to the previous guy Stephen Harper, whom the Canucks voted in as a joke --- because he is such a batshit insane guy and no one thought he would actually win. He did.

Enjoy :-)


Anonymous said...

It has been revealed in the latest report that IMH sees an increase of about 2500 young patients (students) every year. Well done MOE and PMO!

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