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Andrew Yang for President, not the Singapore President but the President of the USA, POTUS! Wow, is that true, fake news, or wild imagination?

Andrew Yang is the new American sensation for the yang, oops, young Americans. He is in the race out of nowhere, just like where Donald Trump hit the presidential trial, an outsider. No one serious enough would think Trump would be the POTUS then, and likewise no one would think Andrew Yang is gonna be the next POTUS. But don't be too sure.

Andrew Yang and his YangGang brand are starting to stir interest in who is this Andrew Yang. The Americans are waking up to the sound and images of an unlikely Asian candidate wanna be the President of America. Andrew Yang came from a Taiwanese immigrant family, his father an engineering professor who used to work for Ford Motors and GM and with a string of patents in his name. His brother is also a professor and his mother a medical doctor, I think. Andrew Yang was an attorney but gave up to become an entrepreneur.

His campaign cry is about Math, about numbers, using numbers to speak to his supporters. He is also the main candidate that is making full use of the internet and social media to run his campaign and is gaining ground day by day. The young Americans can identify with him. But his most powerful weapon is UBI. UBI is Universal Basic Income for every adult American 18 and above to protect them from the invasion of AI and automation that would make many Americans jobless. Many have already fell victims to unemployment cause by AI and automation and robotics.

Humanity First is his campaign logo. Here is a small 2 minute clips on who is this Andrew Yang.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRLRj6uEISU . Another clip about a rally in Boston, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiX-cs31FSs, a very stimulating 29 minutes rally worth listening on a Sunday morning.

He is fighting his campaign with new media plus the old traditional way of making town hall speeches. We used to call them political rallies, but with so many American influence, town hall meeting is now the new catchphrase.


Anonymous said...


This guy is alrdy old news lah. He is just another opportunist trying to cash in on free benefits for all using OPM. Ppl are questioning his numbers how to sustain UBI. His math don't add up. He belongs to the same clan as Bernie Sanders & AOC. Elizabeth Warren has also sadly cashed in using the same opportunist modus operandi.

I predict the Donald getting re-elected due to the economy surprising on the upside & having a strong bull run in stocks lasting into 2020.

Anonymous said...

I think Americans are not ready for a Chinese American President like Andrew Yang Lah.

Just as Sinkies are not ready for a Indian turned Malay President.

But unlike the Sinkie President who is a walkover President (thanks to PAP changing the rules), Andrew Yang will for sure be challenged one.

There is no "PAP" in America who will make him a walkover President. And that's where I think he will most likely lose, just as the Sinkie opposition will most likely lose the coming election, but for different reasons.

Anonymous said...

I predict the Donald getting re-elected due to the economy surprising on the upside & having a strong bull run in stocks lasting into 2020.
8:44 am

I would think so too, if it is between Donald Trump and Andrew Yang, although I think both are just showman. And that's where I think skin colour may make a difference.

Just as had Tan Cheng Bock been allowed to challenge Halimah last Presidential election, I am sure Tan Cheng Bock will win.

Foul Is Fair, Fair Is Foul! said...

Andrew Yang vs Donald Trump, Trump sure win hands down.

Halimah Yacob vs Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Dr Tan sure win hands down. That's why the PAP went all out of the way to change the Constitution to reserve for a Malay Only President Election, and also went out of the way to change Halimah Yacob's Indian by-birth identity to a Fake Malay President. Also went out of the way to interpret the count of Elected Presidency rightfully from ex-President Ong Teng Cheong as the First Honourably Elected President, as starting from ex-President Wee Kim Wee (a ceremonial never elected but appointed president) as the First Elected President. If the three went-out-of-the-ways were to happen in the US of A, the PAP would have been impeached without questioning.

Anonymous said...

...PAP went all out of the way to change the Constitution to reserve for a Malay Only President Election,...
11:06 am

This one make Sinkies angry but then Sinkies will still vote for PAP! LOL

RB, why like that one ah?

Any idea how to make Sinkies vote for their opposition, eg for their leaders like Chee Soon Juan, Goh Meng Seng, Lim Tean, Tan Jee Say etc?

Anonymous said...

The worst event (so far)happened in Sinkie (in my opinion) is someone out of nowhere changed the country's constitution to a reseved president. This is a kiasu mentality by the white elites. Bcos the prospective Presidential candidate was one favourite and a well-respected Doctor. Futhermore, NOT even one Malay citizen qualified according to the G standards !! And have to borrow an Indian Sinkie to turn it into a Malay. Overnight, this person became the Stinkie President and collect $$$millions without a fight, just to show the world on every NDP. As opposed to US President elections or other countries of the world, the candidates have to fight very hard for it. Sigh !

Anonymous said...

Futhermore, NOT even one Malay citizen qualified according to the G standards !!
11:52 am

I think PAP knows that it is unlikely to have a qualified Malay willing to come forward to challenge Halimah.

Even if there is one willing, PAP can always easily find ways to disqualify this challenger to Halimah. And their decision to disqualify is final.

Whereas it is not that easy to disqualify Tan Cheng Bock, that's why PAP changed the rules to disqualify Tan Cheng Bock from contesting in the first place.

This is only my opinion, which of course PAP will deny it lah. They will say since there is no Malay President after 47 years, so need to have one in 2017. But if so, I wonder why they did not do so in PE 2005, and instead gave SR Nathan a 2nd term.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Democrats gonna kena main pantat:

Here's my prediction (not truth, opinion, therefore there's a good chance I'm wrong)

1 Whether it's Yang, Warren (fake American Indian), Sanders, Biden, Cortez or Hillary if she runs, or Michelle Obama if she decides to have a crack, the USA will get some form of UBI, funded by some form of MMT (Modern Monetary Theory --- money printing without debt), and issue some form of govt (fiat) digital crypto currency (every transaction is traceable).

2. China and the rest of the non democratic world will continue to laugh their balls off as western democracies self cannibalise and gradually self destruct as they collapse into Entitlement Minded driven socialism and unplayable debt, and CAPITAL FLIGHT TO ASIA of whatever money rich corporations and individuals have left, as the capitalists stampede for the EXITS.

Asset prices will plummet, Chinese and other rich Asians will move in and buy at BARGAIN BASEMENT prices, eventually OWNING huge chunks of western cuntries.

3. The Democrats will all get their Anti Trump backsides played by political genius Donald J Trump. All the Dems are furiously campaigning on an anti Trump platform, tearing into the thick skinned guy like hungry pack animals... to no or little effect. Trumps fan base is strong despite all the hate from the Dems, Hollywood and the fake news mainstream media.

At the last minute or just after he's re elected, DJ Trump will resign, leaving the Dems looking like bloody fools. Trump's constant hammering of the fake news media will final make sense when he starts his TNN --- TRUMP NEWS NETWORK, which apparently was his plan all along according to some pundits; and I believe them.

TNN will be politically incorrect, constantly on the attack on the mainstream media. The MSM will be so shocked they won't know what to do. Under free speech guarantee (1st Amendment) Trump will be free to editorialise and talk shit, insult world leaders, fuck everyone and everything to his heart's content, broadcasting on the “free” internet and once again DESTROYING the status quo, and generating a SHIT TON in advertisement revenue, plus flog whatever balls crazy businesses he'd be starting. TNN will OWN a huge slice of the internet bandwidth as even his HATERS will be clicking on his links.

Just my prediction of a more bat shit insane world to come. Stay tuned folks, it's going to be wildly ENTERTAINING.

At the end of the day, Trump is a ego-driven SHOWMAN. And he's excellent at that gig. He has the propensity to fight with anyone, even allies. He doesn't give a flying fuck. He has no conscience and most importantly… He's action-oriented and a bloody hard worker.

Anonymous said...


If they run up MMT on crack & issue fiat crypto, inflation is gonna shoot thru the roof. And we'll have another decade-long go-nowhere economy like in the 1970s for the US.

US assets will have a mini collapse, but those that can hold (or better yet more buy) will be the victors in this economic upheaval. While not fantastic in a hyper-inflation environment, owners of capital & assets will still survive & eventually thrive.

Can hedge by owning a significant percentage of chaos hedges like precious metals, farmlands, oil, precious metal royalty companies, MLPs for oil/gas logistics, and other commodities investments.

Anonymous said...

when are the folks going to understand that the hoarding of money and wealth is a sin of the Highest Order. Wealth wasted on vanity instead of benevolent purpose is evil doing.
Vainpot has only limited time to enjoy his wealth and lust.

Anonymous said...

3.07pm, Knn u have issue with people who are rich is it? Some people working very hard to be rich and then spent on things they desired, Knn what is wrong with that, example if you are willing to sell your ass to be sodomized by rich dude,, what is therefor me to say, Tio bo?😀

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 224

>> If they run up MMT on crack & issue fiat crypto, inflation is gonna shoot thru the roof <<

That's what I think too. However even "capitalist" pundits says MMT is ok --- because now Treasuries are not being used as collateral to print money, the nation actually "finances" it's own money printing and so no inflation is "exported" like it is now. The US would probably have to give up it's "exorbitant privilege" of being the world's reserve currency. No problem, China and Russia are working on a solution and they're supported by the EU.

MMT will cause inflation if the money supply was left alone to run amok sending the velocity of money into insane levels. However, to "mop up" excess liquidity, MMT proposes TAXATION, in case there are signs of runaway inflation. Inflation around 2-3% is acceptable and often is targeted as it is thought to be a stable balance between economic growth and relative price stability.

But really, I'm just shooting shit here. I am a HARD MONEY guy, a rare species in the fiat world of shit-paper money. So I really don't know hwt's going to happen under MMT, but I am CONVINCED it will happen because of POLITICAL PRESSURES from the masses who will lose thier jobs thru automation and lepak smoking too much legal ganja.

Erik Townsend has a new book explaining the new digital crypto. He goes into great detail.

Even had money people need to be careful. The US and other cuntries have in the past CONFISCATED GOLD from citizens or outlawed BitCoin and othe cryptos. Govt has the Rule Of Law, so anytime they want to VIOLATE PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS, THEY CAN AND THEY WILL.

Whatever the case, we are going to enter phases in human society and the political economy which is going to be totally NEW to our history and our species.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

UBS in its basic form proposes $30k per annum for everybody of working age, regardless of whether you're working or not.

How to finance it? MMT lah, plus taxation on excess liquidity. Use digital currency to credit directly into individual bank accounts. Helicopter money. High tech version. 🤣

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Correction: UBS should be UBI

Anonymous said...

Trump has been branded "A THREAT TO WORLD ORDER" by the UK's Shadow Government and added that he is unfit to be granted a visit to the UK.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ mad carnival barker

I don’t think Trump cares. Better people than Jeremy Corbyn’s rabble of barking-mad socialists have called Trump much worse names.

Trump, if he gets the urge, will just post on his Twitter some offensive rejoinder to Corbyn’s barking mad dogs, and half the world will laugh, and the other half will get mad. Trump is divisive, to say the least, that’s why he’s such good value in realpolitik comedik 🤣

Trump will be visiting the UK. and he’s going to meet the Queen. Fuck, I so hope he insults Her Majesty, and that pompous arse of a husband: Prince Philip.

Anonymous said...

Come to Singapore, Andrew Yang versus PAP's candidate, who would win ??

Anonymous said...

7.05pm anon, don't be stupid lar. If in Singapore of course pap will win. U need sodomy is it? 😀

Anonymous said...

Come to Singapore, Andrew Yang will become Andrew Yin because he will be sued until pants and balls dropped.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:29pm.

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Rude FBI Director Christopher Wray openly accuses China of mobilizing its entire society to steal

"China has pioneered a societal approach to stealing innovation any way it can, from a wide array of businesses, universities, and organizations," FBI Director Christopher Wray said at an event on Friday in Washington. "Put plainly, China seems determined to steal its way up the economic ladder, at our expense," Wray said.

US officials have already suggested that China has stolen its modernization from the US. But Wray said it most straightforwardly and rudely. His words were far more than accusing China of violating US companies' intellectual property. He was openly despising Chinese society.

We do not know where Wray's arrogance comes from. Although the West took the lead in the development of human society in the past few centuries, it had no such arrogance. From the perspective of history, the US played the leader for only about a century. It can be interpreted in such a way: Some Europeans grabbed Native Americans' homeland and built an upstart country. It achieved today's prosperity by the slave trade, immigration, unfair trade and other unfair ways to plunder global fortunes.

Wray accused China of stealing, but which country in history could rise by stealing? The current US government and many US elites fear China's development, because they know that Chinese people are diligent and wise, and that the Chinese social organization is effective. Why should they be afraid if China's development is based on stealing?

It only took China decades to achieve real stability. China rose to become the world's second-largest economy, and has surpassed the US in mobile communications technology and rapid transit technology. Today, China's internet is faster, and China's high-speed railway is longer than that of the rest of the world. This is the wisdom and inner motivation of the Chinese people.

Looking back at history, when China already developed its civilization during Qin and Han dynasties, Europe, as the source of US culture, was mostly the land of barbarians. The Travels of Marco Polo proved that European people admired Chinese civilization back then.

After that, Western civilization rose and led the world. But arrogant people also surfaced, such as Wray, who accused other civilizations of stealing. People like Wray are shallow and vulgar. Today's US government is full of such vulgarity.

Many high-ranking US officials act like former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon. They have a superiority complex, and their minds are rigid. Their poor common sense and command of basic logic is shocking. How can Wray become one of the US' intelligence leaders? His understanding of China and Russia is highly subjective and ideological. Such a leader will definitely mislead Washington's understanding of Beijing.

We hope some US elites still have common sense toward China. Wray also said in February that Chinese students and scholars in the US posed intelligence risks on US society. The FBI seems irrational. We hope the US intelligence community can retain its basic rationality.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be WAR! China and the Chinese people all over the world must not take it sitting down. This is similar or worse than the irreparable insult the White Supremacist Clique hurled upon the Chinese People 150 years ago: "No dogs and Chinese are allowed".

Anonymous said...

"No PRs and Sinkies are allowed - without paying $150"

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