The main media’s narrative

Readers of the main media cannot go unnoticed the main narrative of the main media. The authors and the select articles all have one trend of thought. OK I am focusing only on international news, local news is not so nice to talk about.

Anyone heard of Jonathan Eyal, the ST European correspondence? His article on 23 Apr titled ‘The real war over Syria is not over air but online’. His main argument and assumptions, the poisoning of Skripal Sergei, the Russia double agent and his daughter, is fact beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Russians did it. And the alleged chemical attack on Syrians is undoubtedly the work of Assad and the Russians.

And the Russians are launching an online war to twist and turn the facts to deny their wrong doings. The holy Gods in the USA, UK and France are so pure and innocent and doing all the right things, to condemn and attack the Russians and Assad. Not only the Russians are indulging in fake news but all other media too, all sources of news, independent online actors, are also in cahoot to deny that the Russians and Assad are guilty. There is no need to have independent agents to investigate and verify the allegations by the Brits, Americans and the French. What they alleged is the unquestionable truth.

This kind of one sided narrative glorifying the evil Empire and the western rogue nations and demonising those on the other side of the political divide, opposite the evil Empire, has been going on for so long that no one can be faulted to think that the Singapore govt is condoning and supporting such a view. Is this true?

Hsien Loong has recently said in Buckingham Palace or somewhere in the UK, that Singapore needs friends, not enemies. Singapore needs friends in the region and also the big powers, and not to take sides or to be seen to be the cronies of super powers and pit itself against another super power. Did the govt know what is going on in the local main media? Did the govt know that the pages of the local main media are populated by one sided narratives that gave the impression that Singapore is but a crony of the evil Empire and the rogue nations of the West and happily making enemies of the Chinese and Russian camp?

Is this impression officially sanctioned or something that Singapore really wants? Would it better serve Singapore’s interest to tow a middle line and send some of these one sided narrative authors to be self employed and write their own blogs to champion their own affiliations and personal interests? The main media may think that rubbishing some countries is fair game, and incurring their displeasure is part and parcel of news reporting. At least they should be fair to their readers and not treat their leaders as fools to be told a one sided story of black and white and dictate to them who they should worship as the good Gods and who to be seen as the villains.

The news readers today are not daft and are very well informed and know what is fake news and what is not. Do not underestimate and insult the readers’ intelligence by printing political propaganda and misinformation and fake news and think it is alright. Printing and publishing one sided narrative to offend the victim countries do not serve the interest of the country as a neutral and independent state that wants to be friends of all and making enemies of none.

The least the main media should do is not to allow its pages to be used by individuals to peddle their private agenda or the agenda of nation states at the expense of other nation states. Can’t believe it if this is really happening to the main media, that they had been used knowingly or unknowingly to do the dirty works of individuals or states and paying for it.

Can you believe that?

PS. Last night CNA gave 5 minutes to an American woman from a HRW organization attacking Ali baba and Ten Cent for discriminatory employment adverts against women. She said many women were angry. Who were these women? And what the shit is such news of interest to Singaporeans to be given so much coverage? Singapore a little USA, serving American interest?

All the visits to China, with Ministers and even Hsien Loong leading the delegations came home with nothing except empty MOUs. The sacking of anti China diplomat would not do much to change the anti China agenda unless the editors of main media are removed or stopped from churning out more anti China rhetoric and smear articles.


Anonymous said...

Rb, I thought the think tank guy that was removed is pro China?

Anonymous said...

This little red dot is so small but always wanto punch above its weight in everything that the do. To them the elites think they can reach the sky & even the sky the limits to them. To bring or enrich themselves they must always reach out or do bziness with the superpowers nevermind bout the local sillyzens cos its u die ur own bziness mah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No comment.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, stay calm, mind your BP. Don't get too worked up about the MSM of Singapore. I call ST the " good " news newspaper. Always print the good news, never the not so good news. We all know that Singapore cannot have the cake and eat it, so becoming little USA has been the considered good for the country. Don't worry, the elites of Singapore cannot maintain their ways for too long, Karma will be with them soon.

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong says one thing but his actions and those under his command and control acts the opposite. So, can we still believe his words any more?

Today, after thrashing China openly for two solid years, sensing the economy slowing down, he is trying to persuade China into giving him a few business contracts for Singapore.

He thinks China and Russia are fools? These two big countries know how to play the political games too.

He thinks Singaporeans are fools who will believe every word he says?

PAP only believes in ACTION.That's why it is called People's Action Party. Therefore, everyone must observe, monitor and interpret all its ACTIONS, NOT WORDS!

The Straits Times under the tight control of SPH is headed by a paper General who is pro-West. Plus, he takes orders from the PM directly. Therefore, all those articles written by Westerners which are deliberately published in thr Strains Times MUST HAVE BEEN APPROVED AND SANCTIONED BY THE VERY TOP.

DON'T forget, there is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reading the newspapers everyday.

There is the Ministry of Communications reading the newspapers everyday.

There is the SID reading the newspapers everyday.

There is the Military Intelligence reading the newspapers everyday.

There is also the Military Security reading the newspapers everyday.

And there is the ISD reading the newspapers everyday.

All these six or seven specilist departments' personnel do not just read the articles. They analyze and interpret, and write reports to their respective bosses. Their bosses then make summaries and submit to the PMO.

So, nobody can say that the PM is not aware of what is going on in the Straits Times. In fact, if you asked for my view. I would readily say that the Straits Times has been infiltrated by Western Agents especially from CIA and MI5, and is paddling and championing the propaganda and official views of the West Powers, especially US and UK, and Alliance France.

Be fully aware. DON'T Be Fooled.

Anonymous said...

Official narrative is that many Sinkies support PAP's go-cashless initiative. However, reaction on the ground is different.

Hawkers at Yishun Park Hawker Centre are now suffering from poor crowds, with people avoiding the place since its opening last September as its cashless system forces patrons to pay for food via a mobile app.

One hawker said people are unlikely to go to the trouble of downloading and transferring credit to the app.

"For the app, older people don't know how to use it, and I became lazy to use it as it's troublesome to use the kiosk to top up," said a customer.

Anonymous said...

Hongkong have otopus cards for decades. Up to now, they still have cash top-up at every outlets. Look at our situation, still lagged behind and have the chick to withdraw cash top up services. No eye to see.

Anonymous said...

Goodu running down this cuntry. Spending time appointing the wrong people n fixing others than themselves. Sillyzens are fixed.

Anonymous said...

Those fuckers pushing for cashless society think everyone got money in bank accounts. Pity those that have no money, especially the students, how to use mobile apps to pay when no money in accounts?

Real chee bye.

Virgo 49 said...

PAP been using own citiens to sabo and stabbed own fellow men for decades without the Dafts aware of their dirty tactics.

Main reason for going cashless? ?

They want a system to track and tax you, you Dafts.

Everything also licensed so that you fall into their mercy of controls and strangulations.

Aiya, SINKIELAND government under the control and influence by the Western Imperialists.Our bananas tried to brainwash everyday in their media of Newspapers and TV media to the Chinese Sinkies especially not to lean too close to China.

You see the Articles and even the Channels of our channel Five. All the Chow Ang Mohs chiap Cheng and the Black Ants and Bibi and Babas prominently featured as main stars.

That's why they have these Foreign Chow Hey prominently in the main articles.

Anonymous said...

That's why Beijing despises the little red dot.

The pee-sai's leaders visit China claiming to be friends to woo economic benefits, but its state media is mouthing anti-China rhetoric to carry the Americans' and Westerners' big balls.

Anonymous said...

Fortune said... April 24, 2018 9:12 am
// PAP only believes in ACTION.That's why it is called People's Action Party. Therefore, everyone must observe, monitor and interpret all its ACTIONS, NOT WORDS! //

So true!

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Anonymous said...


" If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed... Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it... The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one... What good fortune for governments that the people do not think. "

Adolf Hitler

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Virgo49 said...

Army General Prime Minister

Army General Deputy Prime minister

Army General Speaker of Parliament

Army General NTUC Chief

Army General People's Association

Army General SMRT Corporation

Army General Education Minister

Army General Elections only reserved for Generals Elections

Or is it Army Junta???

Red Dot how many Real Battalions of Real Soldiers so many Army Generals???

Chio See Liangs!!!

Anonymous said...

Not Army Generals but Paper Army Generals. Not a single one has real combat experience lah.