The evil Empire and its wicked allies will not leave Syria

They lost the war in Syria and their monster ISIS is about to be terminated for good. What can they do to keep the flame of ISIS burning and to keep Syria and the Arab/Muslim world in perpetual disorder, in unending turmoil?

The latest plan, threw a few chemical bombs at the Syrian civilians, get the western media to blow it up, then accused Assad and the Syrians for using chemical weapons at their own people. Keep shouting, keep beating the drum, get all the wicked and evil European powers to shout the same tune. This would make the unthinking believe that it was Assad and the Russians that used chemical weapons. And this is the perfect excuse, just like WMD, to start a new war in Syria. This time it would be the combined forces of the evil American Empire and their die hard rogue European powers to invade Syria and to attack Assad.

The AFP reported, “The US, backed by Britain and France, has said it is ready to act with or without support from the United Nations, where the Security Council was to vote on rival US and Russian proposals to probe chemical attacks in Syria.” Trump said the missiles would be flying into Syria. Such blatant act of war is received by the meek in the world as the right of the evil Empire and their equally bad European countries. The evil Empire and its rogue allies would not want to take any chances to prove that they were the real culprits that used chemical weapons on Syrians. They wanted to do a fait accompli, to attack Syria first before anyone could stop them. Their only agenda is to keep Syria burning and the troops from the evil Empire in Syrian soil.

The loudmouth school girl representing the US in the UN said, “History will record this as the moment when the Security Council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of Syria.” Who was she referring to, the evil Empires and the rogue European powers planning to invade Syria and kill Syrians and turned their country into another dysfunctional state like Libya and Iraq? Would the UN have the guts to say No to the evil Empire and stop them from invading Syria?

Unlikely, as the evil Empire is above international law and above the UN. They would invade Syria come what may. The UN is hopeless, hapless. The only man that can stop this evil Empire and the rogue nations from invading Syria and killing the Syrians is Putin. Would Putin stand up to face the evil Empire and the rogue nations of the world? This would be a severe test for Putin and Russia’s influence in the region and their ability to protect and defend their allies. His credibility already dented with the Israeli attack on the airbase and not doing anything. Should the evil Americans and the rogue European nations attack again and Russia not reacting, then it would be the end of Russia in the Middle East. They have fought so bravely to protect Assad so far but their effort would be wasted.

The world is now treated to another huge White Lie, that Assad would use chemical weapons on his own people and to give the evil Empire the very excuse to invade and kill him. How many more White Lies from the evil Empire and the rogue nations would the nations of world have to live with before calling a spade a spade, that all the troubles and wars are created and started by the evil Empire and the rogue nations in Europe?
The main agenda of the evil Empire and the rogue European powers is to keep the Arab and Muslim nations in a state of flux and turmoil and unable to rebuild their countries and their lives.

When would the evil Empire and the rogue European nations be punished and pay for the crimes against human rights, against the Arabs and Muslim nations, against humanity? Putin alone cannot do the job. The pack of wolves would eat him up. This is their standard op, joined forces to attack countries one at a time. They are going to attack Venezeula, the Russians in Europe, Iran, North Korea and China in the South China Sea. These countries must wise up and united to fight them. If they don’t they would be screwed real bad when their turn comes.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The lies that these white devils concocted to kill is not that frightening once you get used to them. The more frightening is the mass of the unthinking around the world that believed in them and praying to the white devils as gods and angels.

They will all be condemning the innocent Assad and the Russians for using chemical weapons against the Syrians so that the white devils can use it to attack and kill them.

Assad and the Russians so stupid?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the Syrians government forces have no reason to use chemical weapons as they already surrounded the pro-US terrorists forces and US-created ISIS. The ones who will benefit by using chemical weapons are the Evil US and its axis (as opposed to the word allies). So that they can use it as an EXCUSE to invade Syria.

However, Russia will not standby doing nothing.

Looks like the US and UK are gearing up for a showdown with Putin.

Anonymous said...

Russia is not a small country but country with advanced weapons. I doubt USA or uk have the balls to fight with Russia.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I can't believe I'm putting up a limited and constrained defense of Trump. I suspect in this case, he's being conned as a "useful idiot" I suspect from the Clinton-Obama cabal.

If you observe...he took his time to arrive at a "decision". If Clinton was President, she would have already hammered Syria,increased "covert support" for ISIS, and royally pissed of a very patient and measured Putin.

SpecOps would have hunted down Asad, and then after a mock trial, executed him like they did Saddam.

So in this case...(I still can't believe I'm supporting, Trump), Trump might be the lesser evil especially if he's being manipulated into doing stupid things.

The old, post War of Independence American doctrine was to "mind our own business" and not get into any "foreign entanglements", unless attacked. The US has no business attacking sovereign states...even if those sovereign states are run by mad men who brutalize their own people.

The People Get The Government and The Cuntry They DESERVE

Whether or not a nation accepts their regime is no business of anyone else. The people have to decide how "free" they want to be.

"Freedom IS NOT an 'automatic' HUMAN RIGHT! It has to be earned, usually by violent struggle because we are a warlike, power-jockeying species driven by negative emotion and post-hoc rationalizations, not by logic and reason; and "common sense".

Because of evolution, our brains are too easily fooled...mostly by ourselves. Smart con-artists take advantage of this...i.e. they con-vince us to con-vince ourselves.

Now Trump is going to make more trouble with Putin. Russia already is suffering from the pain of US sanctions. DJ is an idiot for testing the limits of a man like Putin, who is not only calculated and measured, but a trained SpecOps guy (that's why he's so patient until you push too far) and the 2nd smartest political operator in all of modern history. (1st place is none other than Lee Kuan Yew. A#1 master manipulator, strategic thinker and man of action. But he's dead, so Putin is now #1)

Anonymous said...

When US bombs killed civilians, they shrugged it off as collateral damage.

When enemy bombs killed civilians, they decried it as crimes against humanity.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.


Also by many others eg. Gothe, Bonaparte, Ingram...

We are an "evil seeking" species. In actuality, "evil" is just a made up idea, in made up systems of "morality". ie: there's no such thing as 'evil'.

We use the "evil" tag as a heuristic to explain the behaviour of others, usually people we don't like. They are evil, but we are good and morally upright. And so in all fiction, religion and politics (which are authoritative types of fiction), we have in group V's out group...Good vs Evil.

What Hanlon's Razor (like Occam's Razor) does is trim off the unnecessary, to make better, more robust arguments based on fact, not subjective and usually bullshit "morality".

The well known human traits of incompetence are far better explanations than just doing the intellectually lazy thing and playing the "evil card".

Smart people do the stupidest things. Because they are so smart, they manage to con-vince themselves that what they're doing is correct, and everyone who doesn't agree is an idiot.

...and thus, comedy is created. 🤣😂

Anonymous said...

RB you keep on talking about western warmongers & what fuck.

How about helping Sinkies in practical way?!?!?!

This is precisely why I keep telling your readers to invest in war stocks.

At least if you want to KPKB, provide practical stuff that can help Sinkies.

Otherwise all your readers know how to do is KPKB about their CPF ... which probably at most only $100,000 or maybe just $50K ... how many years can $100K last?!?! 3 yrs, 4 yrs max.

And all your HDB readers will end up die cock stand when nobody want to buy their 40+ yr old HDB flats and can only sell at below $150K for 4-rm flat.

PS: I've started to invest in Chinese war stocks (some have gone up 50% over last 12 months) .... much harder coz most of the companies are 100% state owned. But a few got publicly traded subsidiaries, and to use indirect manner ... buy strong industrial companies that provide services / goods to the Chinese war machines.

PPS: Many Chinese & Hongkies themselves have been buying up their Chinese war stocks liao.

PPPS: KJ was right ... Sinkies really deserve whatever shit they are experiencing now.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


China's war (defense) stocks, and associated industrials?

Thank you @221! Ducking brilliant mate!!😈😎

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:21, you think uncle is God?
Why don't you ask uncle to give you 4D numbers?

Anonymous said...


" The myths of the original cold war live on and are accepted as true despite the mountains of evidence discrediting these myths. Americans prefer to remember the comforting lies rather then to face the awful truths of their own history. The cold war was in retrospect one of the most successful psychological warfare campaigns in history it aimed to crush dissent at home and revolution abroad. It unleashed fascism at home and abroad. By purging communists from American society it did great damage to the labor, peace, and civil rights movements and created a toothless cowardly american left that slowly but inevitably lead to the completely bankrupt politics of today where no one in the public eye dares to oppose capitalism, imperialism, or even fascism. A world where al Qaeda terrorists receive oscars and Ukrainian fascists are celebrated as champions of democracy. ...."

The link,
The Origins of the Cold War - Anti- Imperialist U - Blogspot

Russia paid hundreds of millions of Tsarist-era debts but it's not ...

Anti- Imperialist U: America, The CIA, and Fascism

Beyond the Iran-Contra Affair Part 3: The World Anti-Communist ... - Sott

Journey To Aleppo Part I: Exposing The Truth Buried Under NATO ...

Anti- Imperialist U: The Plots Against Syria & Venezuela

Essence of neoliberal empire — Social chaos and world destruction ...

Disinformation: How it works - Personal Liberty

Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media | NWO ...

Anonymous said...

As the Americans and British are positioning their naval ships to strike Syria, how would the Russians and Syrians respond? Would they hit back at the naval ships or would they attack UK and American bases?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The allegation of Assad using chemical weapons is similar to the WMD ploy used against Saddam. History is repeating itself and this time it would be Trump/May attacking Syria in the name of fake chemical weapon attacks.

The main difference this time is that Putin is in play and would hit back. And any attempt to invade Syria will be attacked by Syrian and Russian forces.

Anonymous said...

Even god cannot help sinkies like yourself. RB is an old stockbroker ... He has seen many achieve financial independence thru prudent & patient savings n investing.

I myself built up a steady portfolio within 15 yrs that can survive GFC of 2008/09 and still continuously provide $5+K monthly dividends ... And increasing dividends somemore.

Even if not financial independence but just financial security can totally change the mindset n attitude. Imagine you already have dividend machine spitting out $2K every month to cover your basic costs n bills. Even if need to work to get extra income also much lesser stress.

RB has the knowledge to guide. Not saying spoonfeed. Just basic wake up your idea hard truths about markets & investing & what works in real world.

Anonymous said...

Hope Putin fight back with a war against US. Then stocks collapse. We are short stocks!

Anonymous said...

US war stocks are going to collapse. Just watch closely.

Anonymous said...

China Tells America To Take Its Garbage Back

Chinese customs officials have refused entry to 469 tons of solid waste from the US, the import of which has recently been banned, and sent the garbage back to America, Xinhua news agency reported.

Inspectors in Hangzhou, the capital of east China's Zhejiang Province, found the shipment consisting of scrap paper mixed with waste metal parts and used drinking bottles, according to the agency. Shipments with solid waste are prohibited by Beijing.

The customs authorities demanded the garbage be returned to America as soon as possible.

Read more at: https://www.rt.com/business/423798-us-china-garbage-ban/

Also: China's Xi to Trump: 'Get off your high horse'


Anonymous said...

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson: No Doubt Russia Carried out Attack on Skripals

France's Macron Says Has Proof Assad Regime Responsible for Syria Chemical Attack

PARIS--French president Emmanuel Macron said Thursday that there is proof the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons in an attack in the rebel-held city of Douma Saturday.

"We have the proof that last week chemical weapons were used--at least chlorine--and they were used by the regime of Bashar al-Assad," Mr. Macron said in a television interview.

Mr. Macron did not give details of the proof or how it was obtained.

The French leader said he is working closely with President Donald Trump and they will decide how to respond "when it is the most useful and effective."

Beijing’s Imperial Gardens, an architectural wonder, were destroyed and looted by British and French troops in 1860.

Anonymous said...

These international gangsters are behaving exactly like those war criminals accusing Saddam of having WMD. Colin Powell even waved a pack of detergent in the UN claiming that it was chemical weapons.

Hope they would have a taste of their own medicine. Putin must whack back.

Anonymous said...


Award winning documentary film by current US National Trade Council director based on his best selling book of the same name: "Death By China".

In 2016, supposedly after watching this film, shortly Donald Trump sent his assistant to bring Professor Peter Navarro on board.

This is an intriguing documentary film on relationship between China & US and how China got to where she is today.

Professor Navarro supposedly spent many years researching on this area and even visited mainland China several times to find out "the truth" before he wrote this book and later got sponsored in several million dollars to make it into a documentary.

Worth spending many hours to watch it many times ...

Fascinating and riveting account of "the truth' --- according to Professor Navarro, current director of US National Trade Council.

Arguably one of the most thought provoking documentary ever made.

After watching, one's view of this world arguably could be forever changed ...?

Amanda Liu Sui89 said...

@ 3.58pm //He has seen many achieve financial independence thru prudent & patient savings n investing.//

How u know?

Cannot just assume, rt?

Amanda Liu Sui89 said...

@ 3.58pm //Imagine you already have dividend machine spitting out $2K every month to cover your basic costs n bills.//

Uncle, how much principle ($$$) are you talking abt?

600k, 800k, 1m? All in stocks? Bonds?

Talk is cheap? For the younger generation, notwithstanding those so called survey reported, even for recent years uni graduates, which at most comprise abt 30 to 35% of each cohort, the average starting pay is more like nearer to $3,000 than $3,500 with net T H at $2,400. Assuming increment of 5% per year in the first 5 years and no disruption in employment, for the average HDB students after paying off student's loan and probably some loans from relatives, the amount left after subtracting living expenses, minimal clothing/ shoes/ bags/ cosmetics/ social circles network expenditure etc, the amt left during those 5 years to accumulate even $40k is a tall order for most young adults in this world's most EXPENSIVE city. Some are even relying on their parents' subsidy to partially pay off their student's loans bc their starting pay are below $3,000 meaning they struggled to land a job after graduation and has to settle for jobs paying around $2.5k in what the ivory tower residing blood sucking JLBs called the new GIG ECONOMY jobs which is just another fanciful term for jobs at the bottom of the ladder for degree holders. Many new grads temp for many months in low paying jobs before getting a "permanent job" of a 1-year contract paying $2000+ and probably the 2nd job after that is slightly better nearer $3k.

Yes there are better jobs paying $4k to 5k+ in engineering/ info sys industries but from empirical evidence many become ex-pmets by 35 to 40 years old and jobless or underemployed for a long period after that. Look at how qualified some of the pte hire drivers in their 30s & 40s are.

Anyway it looks like a dead end for many in the younger generation in each cohort and many wont have enough for their retirement. That is why the birth rate is so freaking low and it wont be surprising that the TFR of the chinese are already below 1.0 long ago and will likely continue to fall closer and closer to 0.5 in years to come and more and more difficult to mask it in each passing year with higher TFR from other ethnic groups as the numbers deteriorate drastically over the coming years.

The earlier generation leaders after the old guards had screwed up the future for many in the younger generation with their unsustainable 1990s so called asset enhancement policy and in the process greedily & selfishly MONETISE, beyond the max, the fruits and labour of the old guards and the PG and make themselves FILTHY rich at the expense of FUTURE generations.

Anon 3.58pm, what u wrote abt dividend spitting passive income is easier said than done! Try put yourselves in the younger generation shoes and imagine how many can save enough for their retirement in a turbulent filled career path in these days and going forward?

Anyway, many of the younger generation are AWARE what GCK, TT, TCB, MBT, YNH, SD, LBY, LBH etc etc in their generation who have amssed tens of millions and more likely hundreds of millions each had done to the future generations and to say many in the younger generation are not hopeful of their future is a GROSS understatement.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When would the white men stop killing the Arabs and muslims and coloured people?

When would the Arabs and muslims wake up to see that they have been duped and manipulated by the white men to kill each other, or be killed by the white men?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> When would the white men stop killing the Arabs and muslims and coloured people? <

Hopefully never. Those fucks need to find better ways to defend themselves..at least the Chinese are on the right track building their defensive and offensive capabilities.

If you can't defend yourself, you will be conquered and eaten...just like the way nature likes to play. Only those which can adapt to the reality of their environment get to not only survive, but THRIVE.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1253

You beat me to it! Good job!

I was going to post a piece about Trump's advisor, Prof Peter Navaro and leading China skeptic, and also included the views from American born Chinese Gary Chang, another harsh critic and China skeptic.

In the words of wise rich old man, Charlie Munger...if you cannot argue all sides of an issue, you don't understand the issue and are going to fall prey to your own biases.

This bodes well with my own koptiam lonkang philosophy: Don't fool yourself! You have biases, that's how your brain works.

What Navaro and Chang say are basically TRUE. My response to them is: yah, so what? Who ask you go China for the sole purpose of making plenty plenty money?

Of course they are going to lanyak you? What did you expect? "Anything goes" in China lah.

"Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, three times...over and over again...shame on [fill in the blank lah]"

Knn, how many times people kena makan in China. Singapore govt lost BILLIONS , kena makan terok terbokok. Lee Kuan Yew...wah, damn angry. Usually if you try to fuck LKY, he will use his hatchets and knuckledusters to fuck you back 10x. When the Chinese gave the SG.GOV a nice lesson in conman psychology, the SG.GOV couldn't do jack shit.

So yah. If you expect other people to respect your values when YOU WANT to make money from them...fuck you if you kena makan. 🤣😂

Amanda Liu Sui89 said...

@ 2.21pm //I've started to invest in Chinese war stocks (some have gone up 50% over last 12 months) .... much harder coz most of the companies are 100% state owned. But a few got publicly traded subsidiaries, and to use indirect manner ... buy strong industrial companies that provide services / goods to the Chinese war machines.//

U only paint the bright and upside ...?

Even these lao bu si charlie & warren made huge losses many times

So unlikely u are better than them otherwise u will be the one just behind bill gate in net worth when the richest in red dot does not even come close to 5% of bill gate's total wealth?

Many oldies got burned badly when China stocks crashed in 2016 when Shanghai index crashed from 5,000+ to below 3,000. These are the blue chips. Some others crashed much more than the index in percentage term ...

Since then it has threaded water and marching around same spot like nsf recruits marching in parade sq under hot sun in a tight 3,000 to 3,200 most of the time.

Many old uncles are still sitting on huge paper losses. Some cut loss and took back a fraction of their initial investment.

Nonetheless, good that u bothered to share your experience which is always good for the younger generation to learn the ropes

Just that to play in certain markets or stocks, it may take "spare $$$" than basic retirement fund to dabble in them and going forward China vice-premier cum politburo member Liu He may be introducing some financial reform in coming years amid this potentially turbulent times.

So there is no free lunch

The good old investment motto "high gain high risk" is as valid as the gold taels used in ancient time as they are now

Anonymous said...

Our very uncompetitive used-laws type of politicians n their friends to make money will be expected to be makan big time n lose lots n lots of money including from US investment banks, China n India. Becos it has been so easy for them to makan Sinkies money by monopoly power...just hike rates, taxes, tariffs, etc. Such kind of money making skill is no skill at all in the Real outside world. These book smart scholars appointed as business n investment decision makers have grossly over-estimated their money making skills.

Bluff who? said...

@ mati 9.46am world's best copycator even the chinese also concede their inferiority in their immitation skills:
//In the words of wise rich old man, Charlie Munger...if you cannot argue all sides of an issue, you don't understand the issue and are going to fall prey to your own biases.//

Aiya ... just be more direct lah ...

Just say which old obstinate bugger u have in mind lah who pretends to be a victim of his emotional nationalistic biases and swing like lalang according to the wind of fortune

When Mao and his comrades were poor like dirt, where was he and did he sing any praises?

To know whether some mf are fair weather pple, care not what they say or said but what they doing or did.

When Mao's comrades become poor again, these bananas will be sxxking Trump's oblong dxxk in the first moment and singing his praises each and every moment

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1031

Ya, I agree. Words ultimately have to be backed up by action. If words and actions not same same...wah siong lah