Part 5: Thucydides Trap vs Kindleberger Trap

Current Harvard University Professor Joseph S. Nye Jr. who served as the Chairman of the National Intelligence Council between 1993 to 1994 under the Clinton Administration and subsequently as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs between 1994 to 1995, wrote in early Jan 2017 in an article in ProjectSydicate.org before the inauguration (20 Jan 2017) of current US President Donald Trump about what history has in store for him ... The following are extracts from that article:

"As US President-elect Donald Trump prepares his administration’s policy toward China, he should be wary of two major traps that history has set for him. The “Thucydides Trap,” cited by Chinese President Xi Jinping, refers to the warning by the ancient Greek historian that cataclysmic war can erupt if an established power (like the United States) becomes too fearful of a rising power (like China). But Trump also has to worry about the “Kindleberger Trap”: a China that seems too weak rather than too strong.
Charles Kindleberger, an intellectual architect of the Marshall Plan who later taught at MIT, argued that the disastrous decade of the 1930s was caused when the US replaced Britain as the largest global power but failed to take on Britain’s role in providing global public goods. The result was the collapse of the global system into depression, genocide, and world war. Today, as China’s power grows, will it help provide global public goods?
In domestic politics, governments produce public goods such as policing or a clean environment, from which all citizens can benefit and none are excluded. At the global level, public goods – such as a stable climate, financial stability, or freedom of the seas – are provided by coalitions led by the largest powers."

As many foreign ministers and public servants working in foreign affairs would be aware, the current international political system of nation states has existed since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. Another renowned Harvard University political scientist at the John F Kennedy School of Government Professor Graham T. Allison Jr. observed in his 2017 book "Destined for War: Can the Americans and China avoid Thucydides Trap?" that since the late 15th century, there were about 16 historical case studies of Thucydides' Trap out of which 75% of them (12 cases) ended up in wars and the remaining 25% (4 cases) avoidance of wars.

In 2015 when China President Xi JinPing met the then US President Barack Obama, President Xi noted in his speech: "The US and China need to work together to avoid Thucydides Trap - destructive tensions between an emerging power and established powers: should major countries time and again make the mistakes of strategic miscalculation, they might create such traps for themselves."

On that, former US President Barack Obama said: "I don't agree with the interpretation of Thucydides Trap that an established power must have conflict with an emerging power. Major powers like China and the US must prevent conflicts as much as possible. I believe the two countries are capable of managing the disagreement."

Alas, when current US President Donald Trump was elected, the first "act" he did was to "shred" the TPP agreement "into pieces" ...

Could US President Donald Trump still have gone ahead with his recent trade walls he erected against several countries' imports ranging from solar panels, refrigerators, steel, aluminium etc if he did not oppose TPP at the outset?

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Concerns of a Heartland Sinkie said...

Uncle Chua,

Below is Part 6 for your kind consideration (to post in MSN). Thank you.

Part 6:

On 4 April 2018, Larry Kudlow, US President Donald Trump's newly appointed Chief Economic Advisor reportedly said: "He wants to solve this with the least amount of pain.... this is a growth action. I can't emphasize that enough."

In his 1987 autobiography "Trump: The Art of the Deal" (at the age of 41), current US President Donald Trump wrote: "I like thinking big. I always have. To me it's very simple: if you're going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big."

Trade wars?

Think big?


What drives US economic growth?



Or domestic consumption spending (which constitutes 70% of the US GDP)?

In the 1950s, using Fisher's model of intertemporal consumption constraint namely: C1 + C2/1+r = Y1 + Y2/ 1+r, MIT economics Nobel Laureate Professor Franco Modigliani developed the consumption theory known as the Life Cycle Hypothesis which encompasses the concept of consumption smoothing.

With a potentially destructive trade war hanging over the head of American consumers, how would it affect their consumption behaviours?

Based on the Life Cycle Hypothesis, the US consumers' consumption is as much a function of current income as future income. Would American consumers expect their future incomes to go up if there is a full blown damaging trade wars between the US and its major trading partners?

What is US President Donald Trump's game plan?

In his 1987 autobiohraphy, he further wrote:

"I play it very loose. I don't carry a briefcase. I try not to schedule too many meetings. I leave my door open ... I prefer to come to work each day and just see what develops."

This sums up what character or rather who China is dealing with?

Someone who is totally "unpredictable"?

But maybe "NOT"?

It will take someone who knows such personality "inside out, outside in", a personality like a snake, a deadly cobra whose few drops of venom can kill an adult human bean ...? In the jungle, a small animal knowns as the mongoose can handle snakes pretty well. In a duel, the cobra will prance and dance but nothing distract the mongoose ... In a deadly strike, the mongoose goes for the cobra neck and choke it to death. The mongoose is the deadly cobra's natural conqueror.

Is this the moment the talents of China's economic tsar the newly elected Vice-President Wang Qi Shan would be needed and strategies carefully but forcefully executed to "take the bulls by the horn"?

Donald Trump/ Larry Kudlow vs Xi JinPing/ Wang Qi Shan in this psychological trade chess war but with real global repercussion and reverberation, even the ripples could be like tidal waves when washing ashore some tiny islands ...?

In recent days, the US bond market yield curve seems to be trending down (becoming flatter) ...?


Anybody behind such "mega" move?

But is the yield curve "flat enough" before the "mongoose" makes his move?

To be continued ...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Obama was right. The Thucydides Trap is not a fait accompli. I tend to agree with him on this point, which is one of the few points I find myself concordant with the handsome, half-black arch-socialist.

As for the production of "public goods", on a global scale. 4 things come to mind:

1. One Belt One Road
2. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
3. The move to develop a Bretton-Woods style partial gold backed Yuan (loosely "pegged" to the oil price) so that China can trade without being tied to the USD

...and 4. The massive investment and development in Africa where former colonial masters fucked-up the whole continent and left it a warring, brutal, poverty-stricken shit-bucket after pillaging it for centuries. Look at the number of swarthy Africans conversing in Mandarin...and the numbers are growing. Those lucky black guys are going to fucking lily-white Chinese gals by the millions, and power to them! 🤵🏿🤵🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿

Africa is the world's chigger baby factory! New babies will look like Tiger Woods...ADORABLE! 😹

I still think there is more to this "Trade War" than what the pundits are saying. IMO something is OFF. Trump The Slimey has something up his sleeve, or he is being manipulated by the people with Big Money...the club this fake billionaire is not a part of, but might be their "useful idiot" in the White House. I don't know. I detest conspiracy theories...although conspiracies really do occur, and might even be occurring now.

I doubt there'll be a real war. Both cuntries are big cuntries which need big money to keep running. A war between them will be very costly and both will be worse off no matter which one "wins".

Both America and China can "bully kechik" the smaller cuntries, and the world is "OK" with it. i.e.: Except for a few annoying loudmouths on the internet, no one gives a shit. Most folks are happy to soak up American Culture, and Chinese manufacturers are happy to make the goods and sell it to these idiots. e.g. Apple---conceived in America, made in China!

China with Tibet, and the craven assholes of ASEAN (Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia...etc) who are pissed off at China's growing dominance of the South China Sea. America with countless of cuntries both "friend" (like UK, Australia and Singapore) and its enemies---mostly non-white people.

So, let the saga play out ❗️

Anonymous said...

Li Shengwu: My grandfather does not want Singaporeans build shrines to him

In an interview with international news media Al Jazeera, Li Shengwu reiterated that his grandfather Lee Kuan Yew did not want Singaporeans to build a memorial or heritage centre for him:

“My grandfather had a vision for how Singapore politics should be without him. And part of that vision was that we shouldn’t build shrines to him. That we shouldn’t be that kind of country.”

Li Shengwu also spoke out against his uncle Lee Hsien Loong’s PAP government, criticising that the dictator Prime Minister won the 2015 General Elections by milking the death of Lee Kuan Yew:

“I worry a lot about this. I don’t feel like the last election was fought on policies. I think a lot of the last election seems to have been a vote of gratitude for what my grandfather did, rather than a vote of confidence for what the party will do or plans to do.”

Commenting on the 38 Oxley Road saga, Li Shengwu also testified that his grandfather has repetitively emphasised to demolish the house:

“My grandfather didn’t ask much of them. But he did ask that they made sure that this wish was respected, and he was incredibly explicit about this. He said it on TV. He said it in writing. He said it over and over again.”

You may read the full interview here:

Al Jazeera: Singaporeans first got wind of the family dispute when your father put up a Facebook post titled, “What has happened to Lee Kuan Yew’s values?”. What were your grandfather’s values?

Li Shengwu: You know, it [Singapore] is not sort of robustly democratic, right? There’s not great political competition, but at the very least there’s got to be competent excellence, there’s got to be rule of law, and there’s got to be very strict separation of the personal and the public. I think the worry is that this is being eroded quite substantially.

Al Jazeera: Your grandfather didn’t really believe in political competition.

Li Shengwu: I think the fair thing to say is that he believed in political competition as a very last resort. He didn’t want a model where there were multiple parties, where the parties took turns governing.

But there should be elections – if genuinely everything is going wrong then people should throw one set of politicians out. And that threat … should serve to discipline the party and keep it from abusing power.

I think the question is whether or not that’s a sustainable model. And in particular one worries if the very strong control of the present Singapore, the current legislative supermajority, allows for constitutional changes. All of these things very substantially mute the effects of electoral competition.

Al Jazeera: In your eulogy to your grandfather you spoke about the rule of law and about your grandfather’s desire not to have monuments to him. Was it because you believed that certain things would happen?

Li Shengwu: Having political legitimacy relate strongly to a brand name kind of inevitably mixes the personal and the public. The things I said in my eulogy come from a belief that there was a path for Singapore, there was a story for Singapore that says this is about a set of institutions and about abiding by the rule of law, and this isn’t about the cult of one man. At the time I gave the eulogy, I believed that was true. And I hope very much in the future that it will turn out to be true. But I’m less sure of that than I was back in 2015.

Read the rest at the statestimesreview.com

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


what do you know? It is Qing Ming...sweep up those fucken graves of long and very dead people who only exist in the minds of the living... (damn superstitions!)

Here are the objective realities:

1. Once you are dead, you are dead. "You" is no longer "you". "You" no longer exist in the real world...where all the interesting stuff happens.

2. Human beings are quirky. Whether you judge the entire species, or certain individuals as trustworthy or untrustworthy, sooner or later, you are going to have to trust somebody.

3. Trust is contextual e.g.: you can trust oncoming drivers (perfect strangers) in the opposite lanes not to swerve and collide head-on into you, but would give them the keys to your house and tell them "my home is your home"? Of course not. Similarly, people you choose to trust can change and betray that trust. Humans rationalise their actions, often . Like I said: Humans are quirky.

You're already dead, and the living are quirky, post-hoc rationalising sentient beings. How in the fuck are you going to ensure they will follow through with your post-death wishes, or even legal instructions in your last will? You can't. You can appoint "agents" (like lawyers) to ensure your last wishes are carried out...but there is no guarantee. Any antagonist can also hire lawyers to fight you in the courts, which justice is administered by quirky, post-hoc rationalising individuals with "authority".

In the 1960's and 70's, the PAP kapored a lot of land from private individuals. Kampongs were cleared, the land seized and the villagers "relocated" to new "housing estates" like Geylang Serai, Queenstown, Toa Payoh and such.

Rows of shophouses "mysteriously" caught fire, and the govt used the same type of laws---called "Eminent Domain" in legalese--- to take over the land.

If they had to widen the roads or build new ones, they would take your frontage and pay you fuck-all in "compensation". This shit went on until only recently where now they pay "market rates" (according to their definition)

All this was under Lee Kuan Yew. His Peoples' Action Party is a party of ACTION! Fuck you if you're against the ACTION!

I don't believe in karma...however, this certainly looks like super-duper karmic ACTION! 😂

Lee Kuan Yew's govt who stole peoples' land, is now stealing his. Lee Kuan Yew is the punchline to his own joke! Damnit Singapore, laugh lah! 🤣

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, how about the Bukit Ho Swee Big Fires???

I was only about 14 or 15 at Boon Tiong Road S.I.T.C Four storey flats when I saw the Big Fire just opposite at Bukit Ho Swee not called Kim Tian.

Understand Cheng Hoo Lang pang hey. My poor eldest sis got to stay in hut built in the little forest near Ho Fatt Ice Factory when their huts got burnt down.

How's about A/Prof Tham ask Shame Mugan on this matter just like the Cold Store Debacle.

They mentioned one Govt dick sneaked in one hut and overturned kerosene stove.

This dick must be in 20 storeys underground the Hades Emperor special guest till now with No Payroll.

Not Fake News. Top secret OSA.

The Dafts still loved the PAPies.

Virgo49 said...

Wah Lau, Kweilo also in Renovation businesses in Sinkieland? ?

Hello, go to Bidardari and put up tent there just like in the 70s.when new flats owners come and view their flats.

Sure be millionaires when the whole Estate fully developed. Also Seventh Month also got businesses in Paper Flats and Houses.

Advertise hard to get business lah.

Must follow Chinese Towkays Renovation Contractors ways of businesses.

Kweilo not much brainy.

Anonymous said...

Mati 2.13pm //this certainly looks like super-duper karmic ACTION! //

During Qin Dynasty, after the First Emperor dead, the Eunuchs helped the 2nd Emperor removed many threats.

In the end, the Eunuchs decided to remove the him too.

Isn't that super duper more karmic?

Anonymous said...

Evolution Of The PAP

The People's Action Party, once The Party from the People, by the People, for the People - fighting for independence and survival - has transformed into a Party of the Elites, by the Elites, for the Elites - fighting for Swiss Standards of Living for the Elites..

Then it further "chameleon" into The Party of the Lees, by the Lees and Cronies, for the Lees and Cronies - fighting for what, nobody knows, but against those fallen on the leeway;

obnoxious to those down-throaden, those poor elderlies "picking cardboards, cans and bottles just for physical exercises, and those selling tissues papers in order to pass time because they have nothing better to do;

and oblivious to those PMETs driving taxis, Grab and Uber pirate cars because "they do not have the skills good enough to maintain their jobs after acquiring years of hands-on experience, and losing to newbies with fake/bought degrees and fake or forged testimonials from third world countries, especially India because of CECA signed by George Yeo, who happened to be the one also who introduced Casino Gamblings into Singapore, yet projected himself as a very good God-Fearing man (or Man-Fearing God)?

All those are already history or they have become part of the routine life in Singapore.

However, now we are seeing the tensions building up towards the split, an internal split right in the centre of the Number One Family, right in the centre of the Heart of Hard Truths.

The latest development is that of a secretive Ministerial Committee of 4 Members, or widely known as the Singapore's Gang Of Four, which after being exposed by the younger children of LKY suddenly became an open Ministerial Committee. As claimed by the Gang Of Four, the Committee has been tasked to examine the various options to help a future government to decide what to do with the Number 38 Oxley Rise Residential House of LKY, of which LKY himself when he was still alive, repeatedly and openly told the whole world that he wanted his house to be demolished after his death.

The funny thing is: Why must a future government make use of the options proposed by this Gang Of Four? You mean a future government will comprise robots that require inputs in order to be able to think for themselves? May be. With Artificial Intelligence advancing at a break-neck pace, everything is possible. As it is, even at present, highly educated human beans can be easily turned into puppets pulled by strings in order to function as a country's President. Isn't it so?

The fact is that even before LKY died, he already knew what his son, the present PM, wanted to do with his (LKY) house after his death. He had already told his father what he wanted. And that is what he has been doing after LKY's death. He holds the power. He has the power. He is Power! And his Power is ABSOLUTE!

Perhaps, that is the cause of the split right in the centre. When a person has Absolute Power, he can simply do whatever he wants. Is it not?

Perhaps, the siblings, watching at close range, the closest scrutiny for which outsiders are unable to see, sense something not right? Something cynical? Something sinister? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. We outsiders will never know, unless ...... there is someone able to spell out the Hard Truths again - a new set of Hard Truths perhaps?

The question is: Will this split lead to a split in the PAP. Not likely. Why? Because you need a leader to lead the splinter faction. As it is now, there seems to be no available leader courageous enough to lead a walk-out and form a new party like the Barisan Socialis.

So, how?

Anonymous said...

So how?

So all Sinkies, except those who pay themselves obscene salary and their cronies, die cock-standing lah. Unless the daft can become smart and turn themselves into cronies too.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Guys, You know my monicker has been misinterpreted and myself misrepresented countless of times. Silly buggers think that "Matilah Singapura" means that I wish death upon Singapore.

Even if that were true, what a fucking joke...it defies even Primary 1 logic. I lone bugger on the vast internet "curses" a rich cuntry of nearly 6 million people...and people get offended by that. Please lah.

"Matilah Singapura" is a PREDICTION. When I first coined it, I lay the blame squarely on the govt. But the govt so square one. Dun know even if these people enjoy sex or watch the occasional porn flick or even use vulgar speech or tell a dirty joke...you know, like NORMAL PEOPLE DO all the time, in the company of good friends.

No lah. The fuckers voted in to form govt in Singapore are really the tan-chiak, by-the-book, inflexible type...the type of people which NORMAL FUN LOVERS avoid. Cannot even joke with these fuckers...why waste time hanging out with them. These kinds of humourless dickwads are an annoying bunch to be around. What's more, they like to lecture people "lower" than them. They think they very clever...fuck lah. Run away as fast as possible, or be guaranteed misery if you stay too long in their presence.

...and then, I changed my "theory". The people who will fuck up Singapore are not these boring overpaid, opinionated and annoying bunch of squares. The people who will fuck up Singapore are Singaporeans themselves.

Why? Because Singaporeans delight in fighting and squabbling with each other. And they are envious of each others' successes. EVERYTHING a competition---either I win or you win. "I always must win". EVERY ACHIEVEMENT is a "trophy". "My kids are smarter than your kids". "Your Ah Boy got Phd ah? My Ah Boy got two leh, and now he studying for his 3rd".

The top 10% or so are not like that. They cooperate, and make shit-loads of money. But the hoi-polloi , chattering class (formerly known as "middle class") are always "not satisfied" with each other. They treat each other like shit.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I live in a city where when people get off the bus they say "Thank you driver". If you go out for a run, people smile and greet each other. In Singapore, most motherfuckers won't even give you eye contact, let alone a "Good morning!". Basic politeness, is often forced and unnatural. You go to Japan, people are gentle with each other. Same with Thailand. Malaysia and Singapore...motherfucking barbarians lah. China...forget it. But I give them a pass, because politeness was never a part of The Great Leap Forward Manifesto...and Mao and post-Mao culture will take a long time to change.

(5000 year old Chinese culture stressed the importance of good manners and respect to foster good relationships)

Today, whenever I come back which is 5 or 6 times a year, I'm hit with the same (lack of) culture shock, and for a few regrettable moments, it is fucking shameful to be Singaporeans.

Goh Chok Tong tried to implement the idea of a "gracious society". Soon after came "The Kindness Movement" For awhile, it seemed to be getting better. Sadly, that didn't last.

Singapore wil matilah, because Singaporeans are fucking hostile to each other. Singapore's achievements are legion---no other cuntry in all of history has ever matched our success story. And the whole thing is going to come apart because of nasty people. They don't appreciate each other. The cab or bus drivers are "invisible" to the people even slightly higher up the social ladder.

Of course there are exceptions. There are many Singaporeans who are exceedingly well mannered in the most genuine sense. Most of them have spent time living abroad. Sounds snobbish, doesn't it. Maybe it is, maybe it's your mind making a judgement in spite of the evidence.

Many times I said "thank you" to the bus driver. The look on the faces of many of the other passengers...priceless. Fuck me, if a basic bit of decency can spark such a reaction....sorry to say, you motherfucking rude cocksuckers have a long long way to go.

Fuck you, Singapore. My rude response to your appalling manners is well deserved. 🤡

That's my theory.

Anonymous said...

On 21 Oct, 2017, Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong and his second wife Ho Ching visited President Trump and his third wife at the Whitemen House in the US. Lee brought along a contract of $19 billion to please Trump.

On 23 Oct, Lee and Trump witnessed the signing of the contract between SIA (under the control of Temasek Holdings, which is controlled by Ho Ching) and Boeing for the purchase of 29 aircraft.

Trump was so happy and pleased that the contract would create numerous jobs for US citizens for the next ten years

Not only that. This creation of new jobs brought about by Singapore's PM's wisdom and generosity to the US also fired up Trump's creative juices. It must have stirred him to ask his Secretary of State, "What else can we squeeze out of Singapore?"

So, the moment Lee returned to Singapore, something significant happened. What was that something?

Broadcom. Yes, Broadcom was told to move its HQ to the US.

On Wednesday , 4 April, 2018, the President and CEO of Broadcom Inc., Hock Tan, announced the completion of the redomiciliation process to change the parent company of the Broadcom corporate group from a Singapore company to a Delaware corporation.

The re-domiciliation was approved overwhelmingly by Broadcom stockholders at a Special Meeting held on 23 March 2018 and confirmed by the Singapore High Court on 2 April 2018.

With effect from the closing of trading on 4 April 2018, all issued ordinary shares of Broadcom Limited have been exchanged on a one-for-one basis for newly issued shares of common stock of Broadcom Inc. Broadcom Inc.common stock will begin trading on 5 April 2018.

Hock Tan said, "The completion of our redomiciliation to the United States marks an important milestone in our company's history as Broadcom has been an American company in every respect but our legal domicile. As I said when we announced our intention to redomicile from the Oval Office in November 2017, we believe that America is once again the best place for Broadcom to do business."

"With over 8,300 employees across more than 35 states, Broadcom will invest $3 billion annually in research and engineering and $6 billion annually in manufacturing, and we expect that we will pay several hundred million dollars in additional taxes to the U.S."

What the US will gain means what Singapore has lost? Most probably but not entirely. Singapore also gains something. Singaporeans learnt that the US President Trump cannot be trusted, no matter how one tries to get into his good book.

P/S: Broadcom Inc. is a leading designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of digital and analog semiconductor connectivity solutions. Broadcom Inc.'s extensive product portfolio serves four primary end markets: wired infrastructure, wireless communications, enterprise storage and industrial & other.

Applications for its products in these end markets include: data center networking, home connectivity, set-top box, broadband access, telecommunications equipment, smartphones and base stations, data center servers and storage, factory automation, power generation and alternative energy systems, and electronic displays.

Virgo49 said...

Wah Matilah, so sober at 12.20am.
Took your medications at this hour??

Since LKY' time after kena kicked out of Matland, he began to mould the Sinkies as what you described.

No one OWE you a living!!!! Drums into your numb skills heads.

From the Pioneer Generations filtered till today Yuppies Generation, the Sinkies behaved in this manner.Think now worst than the Pioneer Veneration.They create a Monstrous Generation.

That's why even now and then, have to seek sojourn in Melaka kamping apartment and the Hills in Genting to keep sober and still be a human bean. It not worst than Green Eyed Monsters.

Next week going Melaka for Meditation.

But you Cannnot said the Elites are Angels.They are the Worst Devils to exploit their own fellow men.

Anonymous said...

@ Matilah April 06, 2018 1:32 am
>>>>>On 21 Oct, 2017, Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong and his second wife Ho Ching visited President Trump and his third wife at the Whitemen House in the US. Lee brought along a contract of $19 billion to please Trump.

On 23 Oct, Lee and Trump witnessed the signing of the contract between SIA (under the control of Temasek Holdings, which is controlled by Ho Ching) and Boeing for the purchase of 29 aircraft.

Trump was so happy and pleased that the contract would create numerous jobs for US citizens for the next ten years

Not only that. This creation of new jobs brought about by Singapore's PM's wisdom and generosity to the US also fired up Trump's creative juices. It must have stirred him to ask his Secretary of State, "What else can we squeeze out of Singapore?"

So, the moment Lee returned to Singapore, something significant happened. What was that something?

Broadcom. Yes, Broadcom was told to move its HQ to the US.<<<<<<

So how?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo:

Yah, very sober. Only drink on Saturday nights now when I get together with my humsup brother-kakis for rich food (non vegetarian) and alcohol, with the occasional stripper thrown in for entertainment. I limit myself to 2 gin tonics (Hendricks gin of course...with cucumber!) and 2 glasses of fine cabernet sauvignon.

>> Next week going Melaka for Meditation <<

Yah, I oso go occasionally. I "meditate" in Jalan Tun Ali. Metropole Hotel, recommended 🤣 Plenty nice young gur, agongkia approved... Viagra/ cialis no need prescription. Your apek koo koo chiau can stand for 3 days if you want. 🐓👀

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, there many many Ah Guas.
Be careful if turn wrong side kena your backsides koyak.

If front, swords fighting. Maybe two lame swords with Hui Kei.

Aiya, Matland no need prescription except rape tablets.

Still can get from clinics. Online better 100 x 50 mg only at Sin $300 plus for vigara.

Last until you shifted to CCK.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo,

I worked in Thailand for 11 years lah. I think I know how to identify transgenders 😉

But I'll bet money, YOU CAN'T! Yes, Aydian Dowling is biologically female. He's a transgender MALE. And he can kick your apek arse.

I think you need your own Wikipedia page. You're such a wealth of information 🤣