North Korea - Unconditional denuclearisation

US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis shakes hands with Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori OnoderaUS Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis shakes hands with Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori OnoderaUS Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis shakes hands with Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori OnoderaAfter decades of hard work and sacrifices, risking being nuked by the Americans and the Japanese, the North Koreans have developed the necessary nuclear weapons and delivery system to provide a second strike capability against anyone that nuked them first. This is the most important and safest guarantee from a fate similar to Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi after they agreed to give up their nuclear weapons plan. With the nuclear weapons and ICBMs, the North Koreans are in control of their own destiny, the guarantee of preventing a nuclear attack in their own hands. They need not trust anyone else or become dependent on anyone to guarantee from being nuked, without any fear of being betrayed or cheated.

From the news in the air, Kim Jong Un is giving up all his nuclear weapons unconditionally except for a guarantee from the US that they would not nuke him and his country. This guarantee by the American President, an individual that could serve a maximum of two terms or 8 years did not cover the guarantee that other countries would also do so. Japan could nuke NK as it is not bound by this guarantee. Neither would any future presidents of the USA. They could simply turn around and say that was Trump's stupid guarantee, go ask Trump, they would not abide by it.

So, the clever or stupid Kim Jong Un is going to dismantle his nuclear facilities, the Americans are going to send  their experts to check that all is done, fully verified, nothing left, and then Trump would give them his word. And Kim Jong Un would be very happy with the guarantee. And Trump and Abe would be even happier. Imagine what would happen when Trump meets Kim. Kim would say, here, take all my nuclear weapons and check all my cupboards, all empty now. And Trump would say, Good boy, and pat him on his back. I promise, as long as I am the President of the USA, NK will not be attacked, cross my heart.

And the next morning, North Korea is nuked, invaded, and Kim Jong Un murdered or hanged like Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi. End of sad story.

Is this a realistic narrative of what is going to happen to North Korea and Kim Jong Un and his family?


Anonymous said...

Based on Singapore's own history, even the Colonial Master, the Great British Empire East of Suez, the Mighty Britannia, the Impregnable Fortress of Singapore could not even defend Singapore when the slit-eye, pygmy Japanese invaded Malaya in only 70 days and Singapore The Pearl of The Orient was easily occupied by the Japanese Imperial Army in less than 7 days!

That was the reason why Singapore has National Service.


Hope Kim Jung-Un has the Cow Sense not to fall into the traps and tricks of the biggest con man in the world, Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his country would close its nuclear-test site and suspend long-range missile launches but hinted that he didn't intend to give up his nuclear arsenal -- at least not immediately.

Mr. Kim pledged that North Korea wouldn't share its nuclear know-how with other countries "under any circumstances," though he also added that exceptions could be made in the event of nuclear threats or provocations against the country. He also said North Korea wouldn't use its nuclear weapons unless provoked.

At the same time, Mr. Kim offered hints that he wouldn't be giving up nuclear weapons. In his address, Mr. Kim celebrated the completion of its nuclear-missile program, calling it a "miraculous victory" that had been "perfectly accomplished...in a short span of less than five years."

"No nuclear test and intermediate-range and inter-continental ballistic rocket test-fire are necessary...given that the work for mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic rockets was finished," Mr. Kim was quoted as saying.

Anonymous said...

The new strategy of Kim is actually a total surprise to everybody. All trump did was to make more economic sanctions on DPRK. Trump never started off saying, "Kim, USA will not attack you if dprk stop the nuclear research activities". And trump also used his usual crazy words on Kim, which should be taken lightly, because he does that to everybody.
What Kim is offering including peace treaty with south Korea after 50 years of war to date (technically) is extremely surprising. I don't think it's anything to do with Donald Trump. I am totally confused about why Kim is making 180 degree turn, anybody can explain why?

Virgo 49 said...

Kim is not that stupid to drop his Nuclear Armaments just believing in the Dotard Trump's forked tongues words.

He is just putting them guards down with the advice of the New China's Sun Tzse. Lured the Tiger from it's den and killed it in the open.

The Japs are now the most fearfully of Kim and kept cajoling Dotard to have Kim denuclearized.
If Kim were to put his Gun down, he be slaughtered when they swallowed the Ah Nehs salvia and overturned all agreements.

He only said No testing of long range missiles. But would not disarm as they ordered.Disarm? All disarm together. See whether our conventional forces and your conventional forces stronger.

Without the Nuclear arsenals, you are fighting with knives against their guns.

It's be sucidial. You get this far because you have also a Triumph Card in the Nuclear Bombs.

Anonymous said...

Trump will give his word? Look at his mouth when he talks. His CB mouth says things that he himself does not trust. He is fond of backtracking.

Kim would be dumb to give up nuclear weapons. He is asking for trouble. He will face the same fate as Saddam and Gaddafi. Without nuclear deterrent, the West is going to cook up reasons to get rid of him for sure.

Anonymous said...

Trust Kim. One moment he will act like a kitten. Next he will roar like a lion. He is just playing the game that his is best at. While the US and the West threatened to flatten his country, he continued to launch his missiles and test his weapons.

He is unlikely to let go of what he fought so hard to acquire. Trump and his poodles are unable to fathom the mind of Kim and what he wants to do next. That is good. Kim plays his cards close to his chest to put his foes guessing all the time.

Anonymous said...

Since time immemorial these whites people evils cannot be trusted, if anyone trust a wolf or fox then he/she deserves to be that little red riding hood, Kim is no gullible or 昏君 la, only the white loony chap is so happy to be talking with the wolves & even celebrate it, is he no shame or too thick la?

Anonymous said...

Why must every demand by the biggest bully in the world be one sided? DPRK should demand that the bully dismantle the THAAD first before she agrees to disarm.

Anonymous said...

Kim Jong Un is truly an iconic legendary leader who stood up against the hegemonistic bullying Americans to protect his nation and countrymen, not like some lackluster heads who tax its citizens even more so that it can have more money to flaunt on the international arena to punch above its tiny weight !

Anonymous said...

Singapore firms excited and salivating as North Korea announces suspension of nuke test to pave way for economic take-off.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

IMO, Kim and his bloodline are done. This young man will "retire" really rich. Hopefully he can then afford a better haircut, maybe join a gym. 🤡

Next phase: Trump Tower and Casino, Pyongyang. Singapore and Malaysia move in, business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Matilar your desire to see fatty Kim killed is terrible and wicked. I hope is not your evil fantasy on his pretty Wife like your fantasy on the UN byi woman.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

IMO, Kim and his bloodline are done. This young man will "retire" really rich. Hopefully he can then afford a better haircut, maybe join a gym. 🤡

Next phase: Trump Tower and Casino, Pyongyang. Singapore and Malaysia move in, business as usual.

Matilah may not admit it, still thinking he is objective and a thinking individual. This post exposed his inability to filter the shit being implanted in his head by the western media and narrative. He is seeing Kim as the West want him to see. And without fail, he always exhibit this tendency.

Kim has came out to prove himself that he is a leader in his own right, a man that thinks about his country and people first, not the philanderer that is good for nothing.

This is something that Matilah, after living with the whites for too long, could not see except to see and think like the whites and living in their white lies.

Anonymous said...

G-7 will never accept nuclear-armed North Korea, says Japanese foreign minister Taro Kono.

Group of Seven foreign ministers affirmed Sunday they will never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea and pledged to maintain “maximum pressure” on Pyongyang until it rids itself of nuclear weapons, Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono said.

So the Kim-Trump summit unlikely to be a success if US panders to Japan's concern.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are luring Kim out of NK to countries where they can assassinate him using a false flag.

This is how treacherous the evil Americans are.