Modi visits China

These two big countries of Asia met again in Wuhan, China, with Modi making a scale down official visit short of a state visit by the head of a state. Nonetheless it is a good step forward to minimise tension and perhaps a small step towards more talks to reach some understanding in the territorial dispute and India's hyped obsession that China is going to invade and take over India.

Historically the two states had not gone to war or invade each other until the sneaky border war in 1962. There were natural barriers separating the two states and the centre of economic and political activities were far from the border. Further more, there was no state called India until the British colonised the land of the maharajas and tribal chiefs and subsequently gave it independence. Even independence was subjective as far as national boundaries were concerned. Not only India was an artificiality, there were no Pakistans before the colonisation, and the British carved up two states in the east and west of India and called them East and West Pakistan.

The whole damn shit in the subcontinent was the work of the British colonial masters that sailed from distant Europe to create states. And they drew up the boundaries for the natives that were not nation states then. India's trouble with China is the McMahon Lines. Who is this cunt that thought he was the lord of the day to draw lines between China and India and dictated to the two countries that the lines were the boundaries?

The questionable act of arbitrarily drawing lines freely by a foreign agent, an agent of colonialism, is now quoted by India as the authoritative source of their claims to Chinese land. Why would China want to accept the dictates of the British colonial power and let their land be written away from them? On what ground or reasons?

Why would India, a non state that became a new state in 1947 so happy to accept the lines drawn by their ex colonial master to make claims against Chinese land? Simple, it is land that did not belong to India but the British Raj said it belonged to India. So India die die insists that the land belongs to India because their colonial master said so.

The two countries should start from a fresh ground and stop relying on the colonial shit as the governing principle to settle their land dispute. The British were there to claim and conquer land belonging to other states and people. They did everything for their own interest under the power of the gun. If India does not remove this colonial hangover and insists that the British Raj was the authority to decide the land belonged to which state, then it is an unacceptable premise to start with.

And India should stop its silly hallucination that China is there to invade and grab Indian land, even invading India. This kind of unfriendly and hostile mindset would not do any good to bilateral relations. This is the 21st Century and acquisition of territories by war and by force is no longer acceptable except for the evil Empire. There are many smaller states around China and there is no fear of China invading them and taking them by force. Outer Mongolia with a population of 5/6 million was part of China, seceded due to Russian betrayal, but China is not even attempting to take it back by force. It could if it wants to.

The earlier the Indians removed this self deluded hysteria of China harbouring an intention to want to invade and conquer India, the earlier would they come to terms of the new reality and their senses and be at peace with themselves and with China. The fear of China is self induced. The territorial dispute is created by the British Raj and China or any country would not accept a foreigner or foreign power from afar to decide their territories.

When would India let go of this colonial hangover and start to think clearly and talk to China with sincerity and not living with its self delusion and fear of China? Why would China want to invade and inherit a subcontinent of problems that have little commonality with China?


Anonymous said...

Actually the meaning of fake cannot
Use in history.either incident happened or did not happen./fake is something like imitation.eg.a fake Rolex watch.

Virgo 49 said...

Crazy, why would China wants to take over the Land of SHITS and Land of RAPISTS who do not even spare a child or grandmother.

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China Men must be crazy to invade this HELL on earth.

(Potentially Ex) Sinkie (to be) :))) said...

Helo Uncle,

U think good idea to keep Kolkata as alternative option to Melaka?

Virgo 49 said...

Helo bro, Melaka very few Indians. Only Negri Simi Lan next to them and further up Port Dickson and further up Klang and Bath Caves KL..
Nice place not much curry smell.

How can compare to Melaka. Heaven and Hell. Still figuring up your Pantak Sambal Belchan tempat.

Think should be near Hang Jebat Area near Malim or Kelbang Coastal kampong next to Kampong Bachang.


Yummy Nasi Kandar Flooded with 20 Curries said...

Thks uncle.

Anyway Kedai Kopi at Bath Cave & Brickfields in KL also got Nasi Kandar, Tanklori-chicken and Roti Chennai. Best eat with fingers. Licking gd ...

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Anonymous said...

The symbol of Snake visiting the symbol of Dragon.

Anonymous said...

Read the book ' India - China border war, 1962, by Neville Maxwell, to get a true perspective of why and how the war started. In the 19th century from around 1800s to 1930s the treacherous imperial Britain had been competing with other European imperial powers like Russia and France to carve out Chinese lands for their colonisation. While imperial Russia was busy stealing huge swathes of Chinese lands in the north, England and France were aggressively grabbing Chinese lands in the south from Tibet to Yunnan and Indo-China region. Of course China never recognise those lands illegally taken from her. There was some negotiation between England and China regarding the return of those stolen lands from China but before the completion of the negotiations England was forced to decolonise her colonies worldwide after the Second World War in 1945. England just left the border between China and British colonial India at status quo when it granted independence to India in 1947. Subsequently India refused to talk or negotiate with China over the stolen lands from China. India under Nehru was even more ambitious and Nehru even schemed and plotted to detach Tibet from China. He encroached into more Chinese territories despite frequent warnings from Chairman Mao's People's Republic of China ( PRC ). India under Nehru had inherited huge quantities of the most modern powerful weapons from England whereas China under Chairman had only archaic rifles from the first world war and the second world war for his peasant armies. Nehru and his government thought that it was an opportunistic time of the day for India to strike at China first to grab Tibet since India had a preponderance of military power over China. However when the war started the Chinese peasant army routed the highly well armed Indian and drove them right down to almost near the Indian capital Delhi.

China captured more than ten thousand Indian soldiers. The Chinese treated the Indian prisoners well, gave them good food and clothing and after cleaning their their rifles gave them back the rifles before sending them back to the disputed border area.

The Chinese army then illaterally retreated to its own border. China could have taken back all the stolen lands and even more but it didn't. China wanted to show India and the world that the Chinese are not aggressive and imperialistic but would rather talk peace and negotiate. No country big or small should ever take advantage of China's gentleness, humility and peace loving intent. China will never bully others and neither will China be bullied by others. This is a crucial point the West headed by the Evil Empire USA and Japan need to pay heed.


Monday, 30th April, 2018

Anonymous said...

A man, who looks kind, charming and elegant, went to China to meet President Xi Jinping.

Xi asked who he was.

The other said: “I am the Devil.”

Xi replied, “But you cannot be, for the Devil is evil and ugly.”

“My friend,” said Satan, “you have been listening to my detractors.”

Anonymous said...

The Indian side of the story of the 1962 border war. India was caught unprepared, India had very inferior arms. It was China that attacked India.

According to Maxwell, not China, Nehru launched his Forward Policy to invade China with the formation of a 4th Army Corp, fully equipped and planned the invasion of China.

They failed badly and for the first time India had to find the excuses of inferiority and unpreparedness and there lost the war.

You want the truth or the Indian truth? Until today they refused to unclassify the reports and the military preparations on the border war. Maxwell leaked out the reports. They are too embarrassed to tell the truth and kept hiding behind their lies that China invaded an unprepared India.

Look at Doklam today and you know who is and was the aggressor.

Anonymous said...

From ancient times to mordern days China have 'made' many Military Strategists or Military Experts, one of their well-known Military Strategists are Sun Zi Art of War, Tai Gong Bing Fa (>3000 y.o), 36 Strategies (author unknown) & many military experts, knowledge acquired through real wars experienced & also many well known military generals. To protect China's borders & territories with all their lives without fear is one China's Leader Xi's goal & objective to prevent from invasion & taking away their territories - China will make its enemies suffer badly when the enemies wanto try their luck.

Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn I think Matilar would like to go to that kind of country lor

Anonymous said...

Why would China want to conquer India? Is India rich in minerals, oil or other valuable economic resources? Why would China want to take in more people under its care, who are living well below the poverty line?

China already managed to lift its own population of more than 300 million out of the poverty trap and still needs to do more. Why would China risk being targeted for human rights abuse by the West, if, after overcoming India, fail to eliminate the poverty stricken South Asian country?

Aung San Suu Kyi is going through the same experience of being targeted for not doing anything about the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. She is in a difficult situation right now if the West keeps on harping on the issue that refused to go away.

Anonymous said...

Xi needs to be careful of this black ant or as they called Hin in China the third Brother. Cause he will change his position within seconds.

Anonymous said...

Xi should learn from Singapore, import more super talents from India. Then the Chinese economy will grow like Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The Indian economy is largely based on services. The Chinese economy is built on manufacturing. Two entirely different set ups.

Indian super talents are welcomed in Sinkieland with open legs, firstly to inflate the population and secondly to augment the myth that they are really talented in all fields.

But Indian talents are really not helpful to China and moreover China already has the population numbers for growth.

And with the hidden animosity of the two countries, why would China want to invite trouble?