Little white Sheriff punching above his weight

It was reported that the little country Australia sailed its 3 teeny weeny warships into the South China Sea to demonstrate freedom of navigation. The 3 ships were challenged by Chinese navy ships for encroaching into Chinese territorial waters. The western news as usual made a hue and cry on this encounter. And the little white Sheriff declared that they would continue to do so in the future.

This little country of 22m inhabitants, many descendants of convicts from England, is strutting around like they are the policeman in this part of the world, living in a piece of land they robbed from the natives and thinking that the natives and the hundreds of millions of Asians could not do a thing to them. They would not envisage that one day the hundreds of millions of Asian marauding hordes would swarm across their stolen land and drive them into the sea, hopefully they would be able to swim back to England or Europe.

China should put a stop to this little upstart and stop trading with this little country. The little country needs the 1.35b consumers from China while China can ignore the 22 m inhabitants of this little country. And better still, if China could garner the support of Asean countries to keep this little white brat in its place, close their doors to Australian goods, then we will see what would happen.

The little white brats still cannot see much further than their nose and behaving very badly. Their godmother was wiser, and sailed HMS Sutherland quietly to South Korea without making a hooha, knowing how sensitive the presence of the name Sutherland is to China. Well, the IQs of descendants of convicts are definitely more inferior to those normal natives of England, no comparison. The Brits were also goaded by the evil Empire to demonstrate in the South China Sea. But their acute sense of judgement saw the better of them, that it was unwise to do so now that they were only an ex Empire in history. The little white Sheriff could not appreciate the changes in the balance of power and still lived in the past. Maybe the daft Asians got a part to play in this, giving it too much credit as a big country. It is not.

Asian territories and countries would be better managed by Asians, the rightful owners of their land. The Asians would take charge of their own destinies. White natives from Europe must be prepared to run back to Europe when the time comes, sooner or later.

Little white Sheriff still dreaming of punching above its weight?


Virgo 49 said...

Australian Land Whales found that they are too big to swagger in their own backyards.

Upon instigation by the Americunts, they tried to swagger into the SCS.

DT had his hands full fire fighting his domestic affairs so he had his little crony to provoke the Chinese.

Unable to infuriate the Chinese to fire the first shot and watches the fireworks from far with the Asian and stupid Aussie duds killing one another.

China should follow the Indonesian Joker President and take the Aussie ships for live firing exercises to show the Taiwanese and the Rest of the World their might. The bullies will then put their tails behind and leave them in peace.

Free live targets practices.

Anonymous said...

Cannot blame the Little White Matar la cos they learn it from the Little Red Dotting Loon. Few mths ago Ah Gua loon went to teach the Art of IP Man Yew to Turning Bull, look like that Bull got carried away & flexing what he learn now, pretty fast learner.

Anonymous said...

Australia has a twisted attitude toward China, as it is usually friendly when it needs China economically but often holds the hostile stance when it comes to geopolitics.

Australia closely follows US' steps, which is escalating trade tensions with China and spearheading the Indo-Pacific strategy aimed at containing China.

According to the 2018 Westpac Australia-China Business Survey, almost 80 percent of more than 160 Australian businesses are optimistic about their operations in China for the next year. However, Australian companies cannot be immune to political tensions.

If Australia continues to stir up anti-China sentiments, it will suffer the consequences.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If Australia keeps provoking China, they would end up signing MOUs instead of contracts.

It was reported that Turnbull wanted to attend the Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan but was not invited. Australia also wanted to hold a trade fair in China but also turned down.

This is the only way to deal with such ill brats.

Anonymous said...

Whites are whites. Since time immemorial they have been fond of wars, seizing territories, forcing countries to pay obeisance to them, creating mischief all over the world.

And that CB mouth in the White House have the cheek to say that Russia and China are creating instability.

Who has the most military bases around the world and for what purpose? Who fought the most wars throughout history? Who detonated the first atomic bombs on another country in history? Who has been using chemical weapons on the sly and crying wolf all the time? Who has been trying to dictate what kind of system countries must follow or else they destabilise those who refuse to follow and instigate regime changes? And on and on.

Human nature can never change. Even descendants of convicts are the same. Like the Japanese samurais, they still harbour intentions of lording over all Asia.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkieland Naval Forces more garang.Small little fries with ex-Admirer of the Feet cannnot even solve MRT trains breakdowns want to join Patrols and enforce the Laws of Sea Passages with the
they themselves Pirates of the Seas cronies

Can sail round Pulau Bukom and Sisters Islands with impunity and they think they are Maaters of the Seas.

Have they seen the Fighter Jets that took off from the Aircraft's Carrier? ? Want to Stop and Search North Koreans ships? ?

Do they know the sinking of Cheonan by the Americans or North Koreans??

This Mother Hen goo Kia mm pak hor! Or chicken DONT know about the wolves.

Tiny winny Naval Force wants to act big and punch above its weight.

Anonymous said...

Die die must appear to punch above its weight, now that Sinkieland is the chair of ASEAN.

We very much like to be the little Sheriff around here, but we are not white. After all, Australia is already the de facto little Sheriff, officially or unofficially appointed by the evil empire.

If not for Australia, Sinkieland may still have a chance, because we are technically exhibit a little whiteness, being governed by the MIW for the last 50 years.

Anonymous said...

I still hope in the next 5 years can employed two blondes with large tits to serve me leh when their economy habis and they become desperate.

Anonymous said...

The Straits Times reported that SMRT's Chief Operations Officer for rail, ex-SAF Colonel Alvin Kek, was arrested for drink driving at Woodlands Checkpoint on Saturday morning.

The police confirmed to ST that a 50-year-old man was arrested for drink driving at Woodlands Checkpoint at about 5 am on Saturday.

When queried by the media, SMRT's VP for Corporate Communications, Margaret Teo, said:

"This matter is currently under police investigation. It is not appropriate for the company to comment as it concerns a personal matter. We request that the privacy of our staff, especially under the circumstances of his recent bereavement, be respected."

Looks like Friday night (long weekend?) went into JB to "togo" until drunk (because alcohol in JB is much cheaper?). Came back 5 am, tot he ex- SAF Colonel can pull rank on the Customs Officers? Some more COO of SMRT, who dared to check him har?

Alas, suay suay kena checked. God up there did not want to give chance. Jia lat liao.

Can pull string or not, har? Use crony connections, perhaps may work?

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that yet another chief executive of the SMRT will be someone without the relevant experience (SMRT confirms ex-general Neo Kian Hong as new CEO; April 18.)

When I visited Russia a year ago, I was impressed by its metro.

The lavish Moscow metro system was built way back in 1935 while Josef Stalin was in power.

Today it is over 300km long and consists of 12 lines serving 212 stations and transports about 10 million passengers daily.

Trains run more speedily than those we have here, there is free Wi-Fi, carriages are longer and the frequency of trains faster (minimal interval between trains is 90 seconds).

The former head of the Moscow Metro, Mr Dmitry Pegov, graduated as an electrical engineer, but did an MBA, and earned a law degree too.

He started his career as an assistant engineer in a locomotive depot, then worked as a train driver and even became a driving instructor of locomotive crews, and was eventually promoted to head of the St Petersburg-Moscow October Railway railcar depot and several other senior positions before being appointed as head of the metro in 2014.

With due respect, how did the relevant decision-makers end up appointing another SMRT chief with zero experience in the transport industry, zero experience working in the private sector and zero experience at the board level of any company, let alone a $1 billion company?

Michael Loh Toon Seng (Dr)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Michael, welcome to the blog.

Some people think that when one aced the O level and A level exam, one is good enough to do anything. And some people think that when one is a SAF scholar and senior officer some more, one is good enough to do anything.

Running a train is so easy, even sales girl can do it. So why not super talented scholar soldiers?

Anonymous said...

Some are promoted based on merit. Some are promoted based on connection. This is one sure way of going from first world to third, in record time.

A fish rots from the head. A country is just like a fish. If the head rots, everything else follows.

Anonymous said...

With only peace-time military administrative experience and a few pieces of papers generated by Cambridge, Oxford or American Universities, how good can a person be?

In Singapore's Aristocratic Cronyism, he has the "right heart" and "good leadersheep". These two qualities are sufficient for him to bold any position, from a Part-Time Speaker of the House of Passing Nonsensical Laws like changing underwears to President, from a back-bencher in Parliament to a Prime Minister, from CEO of SMRT to CEO of National Flag Ship such as NOL, from Labour Chief to Minister of Labour Ministry, etc. The sky may still not be the limit.

A truly good leader knows how to spot the right calibre of people and persuade them to help him run the country.

A bad leader is just the opposite. Not only he has no inkling of how to identify (let alone spot) the right calibre of talents to help him, but he feels threatened by those who are much capable than him in any field. Thereby, he avoids them and prefers to "appoint" those whom he feels "comfortable with" - those who subordinate themselves to him and obey his every "command".

As a result, he is surrounded by a bunch of "pseudo musicians" who plays soft and gentle soothing music to his ears every single day, until he is so accustomed to such treatment that he becomes so addicted that he simply cannot shake it off. And he feels great and elated every day, walking around in public without clothes on and spouting words of praise and greatness about himself and the way he runs (down) the country. Anyone who tries to point out to him that he is naked will be met with harsh punishment swift and immediate. There is no room for criticism. If he ever tells you to speak your mind, it is prudent to speak his mind instead of yours. Otherwise, your head will roll.

Such is the fate of a country of sheeple being led by a Military Paper General, together with many other paper generals as his side-kicks.

May God have mercy upon you who comprise the 70% of voters that decide the fate of Sinkingland.

Anonymous said...

Hi uncle RB, I hope when you say " Little white Sheriff still dreaming of punching above its weight? " you do not imply that Singapore is also in this category.

Anonymous said...

Forgot the Title to the above. It should be:

Rise of Paper Generals, Fall of Singapore