Korean Summit – The tragedy of the Korean people will continue

Abe and his revisionist gang thought they could manipulate the Koreans to kill each other. They have been working with the Americans to keep provoking the North Koreans and instigating and forcing the South Koreans to take tough measures against the North. They thought the South Koreans were stupid enough to be their puppet on the string and be pulled in whatever direction they wanted.

The disclosure of the setup and layout of the meeting room between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In is making the Abe and his gang crying. They could not believe what they are seeing. The two Koreans put up their map prominently displaying the Dokto Island as part of Korea and not part of Japan. There was a big painting of Dokto Island as the centre piece. The chairs also have the Korean map with Docto in it. And the dessert too has Dokto Island in them. The highlighting of Dokto Island is the two Koreans’ way to telling the Japanese to go fuck off and don’t think the Koreans are stupid to be made to kill each other by the Japanese and the Americans.

After all the years of wayangings, pressures and string pullings, nothing works. The Koreans know what is good for them and would work to achieve peace and reunite as one people and as one proud country.

Bless the Koreans to find peace among themselves and the trouble makers can go to hell.

From another angle, many Koreans from both sides are hoping that there will be a peace agreement after the summit. They would be disappointed. As a semi colony of the USA, the South Koreans have no right to sign a peace agreement with their northern brothers without the consent of the Americans. And the Americans would not give the consent.

Why do you think Abe rushed to Washington to meet Trump? A unified Korea is bad of the interest of the USA and Japan. They would not allow peace between the two Koreans so that the Americans could continue to keep South Korean as their colony and to keep their soldiers in the country, to rule the South Koreans. Japan fears a united and strong Korea.

While peace is in the minds of the Koreans, today could be the start of another Korean War with more serious destructions and consequences. The Americans and the Japanese would love to put a bullet in the head of Kim Jong Un and all hell would break loose. This is the easiest way to start a war between the two Koreans.

The South Koreans would have a hard time trying to prevent this. The next few hours are very critical. It is life or death for the Korean people. The evil people are going all out to see that this summit will fail and better, if Kim is assassinated and war breaks out…And the Korean tragedy will start all over again.

South Korea must be an independent country to determine their own destiny, not when it is a semi colony of the USA.


Virgo 49 said...

Morning Mr.RB,

Just ten mins ago, Kim crossed into South Korea and invite Moon to go over the line of North Korea.

Now, ceremonial and both sides introduction

Whispering to Moon after crossing the Line, Kim told Moon: "Let's get the Farking Americunts and their cronies out of our Mother Land"

Together we be ONE.

Let that farking ABE shits in his pants.

Anonymous said...

Trump and Abe would not like the two Koreas to be one again. This meeting between KIm and Moon will not come to anything. If anything it could result in a disaster making Trump and Abe very happy.

Anonymous said...

Japan needs 20 nuclear bombs to be landed on their most populous 20 cities in order to learn never to have aggressive intent and action against any country.

Virgo 49 said...

South Korea had too many HELL YU YA White Men's God. They would be the stumbling blocks to the Reunification of the Two Koreas.

Too brains washed that the Northerners are Evils. Too afraid that their lucrative good lives been affected.

Just like Sinkies Sama Sama now having the head starts to their GOOO LIVES.

Too afraid of change.Bananas.

Anonymous said...

Even when united they are smaller the Japan in land mass and people ~it is senseless really to remain separated.
It really takes a strong leader to unite a country. It was one nation before those aggressive japs came ~invaded~
colonized them.

Anonymous said...

The only way for North and South Korea to reunite is to drive the American troops out of South Korea.

The only way to drive the Americas out of South Korea is to have another "Vietnam War", where the North will invade the South and destroy the American forces.

But in the Vietnam War, there were Vietcong forces in the South. In addition, in the country-side, rural areas, most of the Vietnamese were pro-reunification. Today, in South Korea, most of the younger generations are pro-Western life-style and pro-Hallelujah. They speak in tongue. Just like the "tang kee" being possessed temporarily by spirits or ghosts. Believing that they were possessed by the Holely Spirit, they feel great and mentally stoned. And started to convert the young primary school children.

Such is also happening in Sinkieland. Many younger generations bo-lin-chor already. Eaten too much potatoes and bananas. They need a huge shake-up before they can realise their folly. Otherwise, they think too highly of themselves and belittle their own roots and kins. These are potentially treacherous up-starts who are willing to do anything for personal gains. They can even screw their own fathers and mothers from the back.

Sinkies have no medicine can cure already.

Anonymous said...

"The only way for North and South Korea to reunite is to drive the American troops out of South Korea"' unquote.

Unfortunately the main reason that American troops can continue to remain in South Korea is not to let North and South Korea reunite. And by creating the divide, it served the purpose of the West perfectly.

And it is also true that the South Koreans, like the Taiwanese and Hongkongers, are too pro-Western minded to want any unification. Hence, in order to assume or hang on to power, politicians have to pander to the electorate and unification is an unlikely outcome, not with the evil empire continually sowing the seeds of discord among them.

I doubt the US will want to take part directly in another Korean War, having suffered the massive human casualties in their previous encounter. Further, the US citizens do not have the stomach to handle another massive human sacrifice that will be more disastrous than Vietnam.

A war won by the North is not going to be acceptable to the West and God knows what is to follow. A war won by the South will also be disastrous for the South Korean socially and economically, with the millions of refugees flooding into the South for sure, not to mention the same effect on China and Russia as well. Both scenarios have serious consequences for both North and South Korea.

Anonymous said...

It's a wayang ... end of day status quo will remain the same.

Fatty unwilling to relinquish ruler status for himself & his descendants. While ROK unwilling to accept Fatty dynasty any power over ROK people.

So Fatty dynasty will just continue ruling DPRK, while ROK does its own thing.

Fatty is now negotiating becoz his nuclear test site collapsed liao. In order to re-open floodgates of money, oil & goods from China, Fatty needs to wayang a bit.

At the end of the day, the objective is to ensure Fatty dynasty can sustain in DPRK.

Unknown said...

Inter-Korean Joint Statement:

Two Koreas Confirm Shared Goal of Complete Denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

Two Sides Agree to Transition From Armistice and to Declare a Peace Agreement This Year

Two Koreas Agree to Create Liaison Office at North Korean City of Kaesong

Two Koreas Agree to Pursue Trilateral Talks Involving U.S., or Four-Party Talks Involving U.S., China

Two Leaders Agree No More Conflict on the Korean Peninsula

Two Koreas Agree to Hold Red Cross Meetings to Discuss Possible Family Reunions

Two Koreas Agree to Work Toward Inter-Korean Rail Line

Two Koreas Agree to End Activities of Hostility Between the Two, Including Propaganda Broadcasts and Leaflet Scattering

Anonymous said...

When it is between two Koreas, the outcome is more positive. When the US comes into the picture, with all the pre-conditions attached, it can be anything but positive.

Between Kim and Trump, it will certainly not be that cordial, I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the North and South Koreans agree, it is between brothers.

When the US comes in, it is no more between brothers but between a Big Bully trying to Dominate and Control the Korean People and Land, and two US-deliberately divided Korean People of one small country, even smaller than Japan.

How can any agreement be made between an Overtly Aggressive Well-Known Intimidater and a Small Country that just want to live peacefully, without outside interference?