Is Phillip Ang underestimating the dignity of Chok Tong?

"....Lau Goh and LKY were each paid an estimated $4.123 million when Nathan’s pay increased to $4.267 million.  Just what did the ass-et enhancer, Swiss standard Lau Goh contribute to Singapore to deserve more than $4 million as SM has remained a mystery till today."

The above is quoted from Phillip Ang's article in the TRE on LKY and Chok Tong's more than $4 million salary. For the information of Phillip Ang, the salaries he quoted were just basic salaries. Their salaries included bonuses, 13th month, performance/productivity bonuses and dunno what which could come to many times more than what Phillip had mentioned. This is like not giving them due recognition to their dignity. They deserved more and were paid more in total salaries.

Give the men their due dignity and don't under estimate or under quote their annual income. I would accept Phillip's numbers if he qualified them by saying that they were basic salary.

I do not have the actual figures. Anyone of you know exactly how much they were paid in total?


Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, this is legalized 'corruption' at the highest order equivalent of Marcos or Suharto's Regime or even more worse. Just too bad the 69.9% dafts Sinkies voted for it & deserves to be screwed left right centre in another highest order.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiya, to them they still think that they are been paid PEANUTS.Even Hari Mau, Hari Hari pun Mau 8 over millions in a five year term also PEANUTS.

Why PEANUTS?? Compared to an uncle or even a Bangla Cleaner, with just one Dollah, or even Seven Dollah, you can have more than them slogging thru their donkey years in just a simple stroke of luck in the Singapore Tough Club or Pools Draws. In Matland, even RM63 Juta.

That's why, they still NO SHIOK! and still thinks they are underpaid. That's why they need to promote what's MM,or Mental Minister or SM or Suck Ministers and what's Senior Parliamentary Ministers and one portfolio with Two or Three Sub Ministers.

If not will lose to the Lau Unko who is richer than them.

Anonymous said...

First of all, in order to find out how much LKY and GCT, and Nathan and Tony, as well as Ho Ching (especially so) and her husband the present PM LHL, each of them has been paid over the past 20 years or so, we must know also how many job titles each hold and how each job title have been rewarded.

Secondly, especially for LKY. He had at least two other sources of income, i.e. from his law firm run by his wife Ah Choo. And from being Citi-bank's Chief Consultant in Asia.

Now, finding out their basic salary for the primary job is easy. But they have been rewarded not just by basic salary. There are several components in their overall remuneration:

1. Basic Salary.

2. 13th month or more pay (based on NWC recommendation).

3. Performance Bonus (based on GDP growth).

4. Variable Allowance (based on PM's Assessment of their work performance).

5. Secret Loyalty Bonus (based on PM's Assessment of their Ability in Balls-Carrying) or ABC Bonus.

Please take note that all the bonuses combined usually become much more than their basic annual salary. That's why many are complaining that most of the Ministers work for 11 months (minus one month leave) but get paid for 24 months or more.

In one year, probably in the year when GDP growth hit 14%, the PM paid himself 36 months pay for 11 months' work.

Jealous? DON'T be. You too can get that kind of pay, even more, if you learn the Art of Balls-Carrying instead of just working hard until you shit bricks.

Happy Carrying Balls!


jjgg said...

Philip got his sums wrong... I imagine the benefits in kind would easily cost 10million per person .. security detail..accomodatiion..first class air travel on visits etc.. what about pensions.. far as I know lky spent his last 15 years writing umpteen books n taking meditation lessons in order to improve the Singaporeans lot. Who knows what gct does.. perhaps giving advice that nobody wants or playing golf. What a metal... sorry ... golden rice bowl.. fuck u Singapore!!!!😂😂😂

Anonymous said...

Please don't ask how much is their total salary. Revealing that would be a danger to the national security of Sinkieland, just like the reason they gave for not revealing the true worth of GIC/Temasek.

When they tell you the remuneration of the whole cabinet comes to only about $56 million, it must be per month and not the annual figure.

But everything here is transparent, clean and legitimate.

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans are struggling hopelessly hard to make ends meet because either they are unemployed, lost their jobs, underpaid or doing irregulr insecure odd jobs with very low pay. Yet the politicians are living with pomp and glory with sinful astronomical salaries of millions of dollars plus other equivalent amounts in perks and bonuses and performance allowance. The politicians should have some conscience by elevating the people's lives with well planned fiscal policies and ensure that they all have decent jobs with decent salaries. These politicians are elected to serve the people but sad to say they are serving themselves avariciously by taking so much money from the government coffers without permission from the people. The daft Singaporeans should be bold and courageous enough to remove these plunderers and their party from political office.

Disheartened, Disenchanted, Disillusioned, Disenfrancised, Dispirited (Ex-to-be) Sin-ner -kee-poo-rean said...

@Virgo 49 April 28, 2018 9:33 am
//Aiya, to them they still think that they are been paid PEANUTS.//

Uncle Virgo 49, talking about peanut, heard there is this place in Melaka called Kampung Tengkera Pantai Dua where they sell fantastic sambal kacang?

What do u think of the Kampung Tengkera Pantai Dua area?

Viable area to escape the tentacles of more bad years of Swiss cost of leaving and the eternally elusive (gazillion) face palming GOAL 2010?

411 Flesh said...

Najib and his sifu Mama Tambi Doktor
Mahathir made more money lah.

We're not paying our top tiers enough. So poor thing one. I suggest we double what they're getting now.

(Future-to-be) Sinkieland Foreigner said...

Another place under consideration is Penang. Everayteh can enjoy nice food there --- Penang Laksa, Roti Bakar at Toh Soon Cafe, Cha Tao Kway Tiao at Lebuh Teochew, Nasi Kandar at Transit Rd, Chee Cheong Fun at New Lane, Skinny BBQ Duck at Red Garden, Dim Sum at Jln Penang, Roti Canai at Keling St, Ali Nasi Lemak at Weld Rd, RM80 Penang Durian, Cordon Bleu Glutinous Rice ...

Anonymous said...

Understand once they reach the magic age of 55 they also receive their humongous monthly pension on top of their stratospheric salaries, bonuses, fees, perks, etc. The details and total of what they receive is of course state secret of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

Its almost a guarantee in uniquely Singpeoplepoor, ministers retired as multi-millionaire, and still get paid incredible amount of money continuously. Hyprocrisy of highest order in public service, while sillyzens are to be better, cheaper n faster. Shameless n actually immoral.

Unknown said...

Fully agreed! Legalised corruption...