Indian professor explaining the 1962 Sino Indian War

Mr. Nitin Shastree is a scholar about Indo-China war of 1962. He explains
the incidents of war in English language. Interviewer : Prof. Mahesh

I came across the above clip and quote where two Indian professors were explaining the Indian side of the story of the Sino Indian border war and how the Indians fought bravely and gloriously against the PLA. In one incident, the Indian soldiers ran out of ammunition. So they mounted their bayonets, all 90 of them and managed to kill 600 PLA soldiers as a result. Another glorious incident was how one Indian soldier fought and held out one battalion of PLA soldiers, singlehandedly.

Today is Good Friday, enjoy the short video. Happy Good Friday to all the believers.


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, they did not mentioned the notorious act of their black ants stomaches reaching the floor boards soldiers due to toddy drinking that when they ran out of ammunitions, they stripped their Black asres and painted a white circle on each of them.

Bending down in a row, they exposed their arses with white circles into the directions of the PRCs.

The PRC General in his flowery eyes on his binoculars thought that they were REAL Cannons and ordered withdrawal.


Anonymous said...

If that was the truth they would have won. But if you view many of the documentary u will only see the black ants with their hands up begging for mercy. Interview with many ex Chinese soildiers can not understand why their leaders asked them to stop as after the fierce battle they wanted to kill all the black ants that killed many of their fellow soildiers. Instead they were given good food and shelter and released with all their weapons.so the two dudes are talking cock and should be asked to tell the truth if not sodomize them to tell the truth. 😀

Anonymous said...

90 Indian soldiers with just bayonets killed 600 Chinese soldiers.

Wow! That's one Indian soldier killing 6.67 Chinese soldiers each.

Impressive ! They should make a film out of it !

Anonymous said...

They could do it because the Chinese soldiers were so stunned that they did not know how to fire their weapons at them. So they just stood there motionless to be bayoneted.

Anonymous said...

The professor was beaming with pride when he told the success stories, without giving away any hint that they were his wild imaginations. He thoroughly believed in his stories and wanted all Indian schools to tell these stories and all Indians to know and believe in them. Professors are very clever people, they know their facts. PhDs.

Virgo49 said...

These MFs Black Ants still living and believing in their Glories that they were fearless fighters in their Shits Holes Country.

Everywhere they go, they swaggered and only in gangs that they were able to intimidate you.

Yesterday morning whilst walking my dog in my estate, one young MF Black Ant punt here for survival in Office Attire staring at me from a distance till we met eyes to eyes.

I farked you : What's the fark you staring?? You came to my country and want to pick a fight with me?? He sheepishly just bowed his head and walked away.

Sinkies are too accommodating to these MFs, and they thought that we are Sick Cats.

Sinkies, waste of time in National Service and what's SPF like Ah Guas.


Anonymous said...

I farked you : What's the fark you staring?? You came to my country and want to pick a fight with me?? He sheepishly just bowed his head and walked away.
Virgo49 9:28 am

Count yourself lucky that he did not punch you in the face.

Or else you got whacked for nothing and at most he go to jail lah. And provided you willing to pay lawyer fee to sue him. Police report not enough OK.

So take my advice, don't ever do that again OK, senile old man.

Anonymous said...


Wish me huat ah!

Going to casino cruise over the weekend this evening!

Must enjoy life!

Happy more!.....Worry less!

Huat Ah!

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.04

Only Manure Millieninals like you will stay forever as slaves.

We oldies had lived thru tumultuous times and are not afraid to fight for our rights

Farking manuremillienials all like Ah Guas.

Wasted resources and time for whats NS?

Pui! Cannot even defended your arses and family. What's more the Nation.

Good, carry on sleeping and think all is well. You be crawling soon on fours with No Singaporeans and Dogs allowed.

Pui, chow ah guas.

Anonymous said...

i had contipution for the last few days.

Thks to the humor of this oinkel bean, i am cured. how?

Aftar seeing the clip, i laughing so hard that two big glob of shit shot out and fell into the shithole.


Anonymous said...

Pui, chow ah guas.
Virgo49 10:49 am

Don't anyhow pui pui hor, get punched then u know.

U pui here Ok lah, but it shows u not only senile but also very dirty as u grow old.

Anonymous said...

All movies are exaggerations. What else in this world is real? Superman, batman, wonder women etc......if not exaggeration, what else?

Those who watch movies are foolish, those who made movies are mad! That is roughly what a Chinese saying goes.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays not many things can be believed, even from the experts. For the sake of money, some are just vomiting shit! Nothing more, nothing less!

Indian Fairytales Teller said...

When black ants are filled with a drop of strong beer, they get hallucinations.

When in that state of mind, 90 soldiers without ammunition, only using bayonets, surrounded by 500 Chinese troops simply had no way to fight back but to surrender.

After having been released by the Chinese troops, they went home to tell grandfathers' stories to their grand children.

Indian profess-sirs must have heard lots of grandfather stories from their grandfathers!

Anonymous said...

Virgo, I tend to agree with the anon to ask you to be careful cause the black ant may be surveying you with the intent to sodomize you as its his Favourite. You are lucky youhave your dog with you to protect you if not I think your ass Kena Liao. 😀 He probably think he can overpower you as an old nan and take advantage of you lar

southernglory1 said...

This is an Indian claim synonymous version of "The Charge of The Light Brigade" rode the 600., a poem written by Lord Tennyson to honour and commemorate the heroism of the 600 British cavalry who owing to a mistaken command charged straight into Russian cannons - literalily into the jaws of death in the Crimean War between the British and the Russians in 1856.

The Indian professor egoism might lead him to falsely equate the fake Indian heroism to that of the British Light Brigade of 600 cavalry.

The India - China border war of 1962 is written in great detail by a famous British author, Neville Maxwell. His book was published in 1970 and initially sold in New Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta in September, 1970. However after much protest from disconcerted politicians and generals who didn't want to face the truth, the book was banned in India in 1971 and thereafter.

I have also written an article, a synopsis of the war base on Neville Maxwell book to present the truths elicited from facts to refute the false and fake representations by many overseas Asean Indian intellectuals who still have strong bonds to India that they cannot overcome their psychological pain of defeat in the Sino-Indian border war of 1962.

My article can be viewed in Redbeanforum.com , Global Affairs under the site for articles written by Southernglory1. The article was published on Friday, 13th July, 2018.

For the sake of those who missed my article I will republish the same article on tomorrow, Saturday, the 20th of April, 2019.


Friday, 19th April, 2019

Virgo49 said...

Young Punts braggarts are just lucky that we oldies in our younger days protected their grandfathers and mothers who are just as timid in genes as their now useless manure Millieninals.

If now, they won't be here today to take pot shots at us casting pearls on swines like them.

Without the oldies Chinatown Goo chiak chweo margin protecting their foreparents arses they won't be even born today to spout nonsense.

Time will come when they will regret what the oldies of today good advices and haunches of their bleak future.

Regrets at your own lesiure.

Virgo49 said...

Young punts have not seen old men and women defeated young punts with just a punch or just a kick.

Thinking that all oldies are helpless and defenceless.

Goo kia have not meet tigers in their life times.

Anonymous said...

Correct. One young black ant punk tot I (a grey hair 80 y.o. old man) can be easily maken by him.

Of course, he did not know that I am still a Karate Instructor (Master) in one of the big clubs. He tried to punch me in the face. Before he knew it, he was already on the floor more than t0 feet away from me. I just gave him a right front kick onto his chest and sent him flying backwards. Then I called the police. They arrested him and charged him for harrassing an elderly. Three witnesses testified in my favour. True story, not fake news.

Anonymous said...

Do not pray pray with lndia.
lt had glorious days during Sri Vijaya and Majapahit Periods.
Don't forget that China got its religion and martial art from lndia.
China has not taught the World anything yet.

Anonymous said...

China only got one religion meh? Taoism and Confucianism are also widely followed in China.

China only got one martial art school meh? There are so many other martial art schools in China besides Shaolin.

Are the above not also things that China taught to the rest of the world? Buddhism is not even that widely followed in the West, but only in Eastern and Southern Asia.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.40 pm

You are still asleep. China gave the world four important inventions - compass, gunpowder, paper making and printing. And the West later copied all these, but of course people like you never gave credit where credit is due, but only knows how to suck up what the West tells you on MSM.

Anonymous said...

8.40pm anon likely is a black ant like the professors have delusion too. He needs to be sodomized by Matilar to his senses.😰

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 7.17

Many does not even know that once a upon a time, we have to register with the CID with particulars and two photos in our Martial Arts Associations.

Young punks have not seen snakes passing urine. Have not seen fragile old men poking drinking straws into wooden tables. Poking straws into raw young coconuts. Throwing chopsticks like darts into tables.

Think all oldies fragile and helpless.

Have not see their coffins will not shed tears.

Read Newspapers reports of oldies fighting? Many were battered and even had to be hospitailsed.

Young punks fought like dancing in discos. When oldies of yesteryears fought, they were fearless as we had undergone such tumultuous times in our youths.

So do not think all oldies can makan.

Try Peter Chong of Oyama and you will never see the sunset.


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