The Quad – New terminology built on vanity and past glory

The Americans and the little self appointed sheriff in the southern hemisphere have cooked up a new term called the Indo Pacific Region, in short, the Quad, helmed in the north by Japan, in the south by Australia, in the east by India and the west by the USA. The whole intent and purpose is to contain the growing military and economic power of China in the centre.

Just a few years back the common terminology was the Pacific Century dominated by an emerging super power in China and a fading super power in the USA. This term does not bode well for the Americans as it is a matter of time before they fade away as a ‘has been’ super power to make way for China. This is unacceptable. The American Empire is not going to go away and is clinging tooth and nail to hold on to its dominance in the Pacific region. But knowing the painful truth in the making, out comes the new terminology, the Indo Pacific Region with two pretentious powers and a defeated WW2 power wanting to remilitarize to bring back its past military glory.

The little arrogant upstart in the southern hemisphere, with a population of barely 20 million, is acting as if it is a force to be reckoned with, punching above its weight when it could be easily swallowed by Indonesia if push come to shove in a war on its own without the American Empire. It is no more than a little pimple in geopolitics with barely enough hardware or soldiers to be even the equal of Singapore.

The Japanese are trying very hard to make a come back after its barbaric invasion of Asia and SE Asia failed miserably with the dropping of two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was a pity that the Americans did not complete the job by dropping a dozen atomic bombs and there would not be another militarized Japanese threat to the world. Despite the pain and suffering brought about on the people of Asia, SE Asia and its own natives in Japan, the Japanese are embarking on a new military path for glory and fame again. In terms of military might, only China could out match the Japanese in numbers and military technology. Forget about the dwarf in the southern hemisphere, insignificant militarily.

In the case of India, the Americans are playing on the vanity of this dysfunctional, ’democrazy’ state claiming to be a super power to be. India has been bragging about itself as the super power of tomorrow when its economy is not only miniature in size but also third world in technology and maturity. It is in all counts a backward country but masquerading as a developed super power in the making. The Americans know very well what the Indians are up to and its state of development that it would take another century if it is to outgrow even the economy of Japan. But it is good to rope in the willing, no matter how pretentious, to form a chain around China hoping to contain the growth of China. Anyone willing, dead or alive, crippled or sick, would be of some use as cronies in the struggle for world supremacy.

The Quad is basically a two legged chair held up by the USA and Japan and two weak legs in India and Australia, if at all Australia is a credible and meaningful military power. For the time being, the Americans would be trying to make the world think that this Quad is indeed a formidable force to ring in China and to hold on to its lead as the leader of the Old World Order.

This is as good as the saying a dying man would grasp a straw even knowing that it is in vain. But vanity knows no bound. And arrogance and fiction of greatness would make great recipe for self deception of power and glory.

The Quad is going to be a formidable force to ring China in this Hollywood fiction Made in the USA after the failure of pivot to Asia. Goodness me. If only talks can be real.


Anonymous said...

USA is under a weak leader. I believe it is talk only with no real action expected. China, under a powerful leader, is already a super power base on it's economic strength and military might. Any effort to dwarf it's progress is futile at best. This is the cycle of nature. No one is expected to be No. 1 forever, even with political parties.

Anonymous said...

No pt chasing tomolo.4 itmay not come.

Anonymous said...

No one is expected to be No. 1 forever, even with political parties.
December 08, 2017 8:52 am

You know this.
I know this.
Buy Yew does not know this.
Do you think he is the biggest daft of all?

Anonymous said...

But some seems to believe, confidently even to say that despite losing political capital as a result of what they do, they think they will remain forever in power. How arrogant can they be?

We all remember Hitler, Napolean, Ghenghis Khan, Suharto, Marcos, the Congress Party of India, The Military Regime in Myanmar, Khong Hee Fatt Choy etc. At their peak they do expect to rule forever.

Man proposes, God disposes.

Anonymous said...

Two days ago, Germany already declared that Germany does not recognize USA as a super power any more!

Germany is the leader of Europe. If Germany does so, many of the other European countries will follow soon.

UK's Prime Minister already canceled Dotard Tramp's (mis-spelling intended) scheduled visit in January 2018 because he had re-tweeted some of the Extreme Leftists' videos on Twitter, which aroused the wrath of UK citizens.

In the Middle-East, the Arabs are rising against Dotard Tramp, with Turkey and the Palestinians declaring war (diplomatic) against the US in anticipation of Dotard Tramp's intention to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In Mexico, the people and the government are rising against Dotard Tramp for the repatriation of millions of Mexican children born in USA, therefore US citizens by birth.

In Canada, the government and people are rising up against Dotard Tramp for causing difficulties for Canada, because of the refugees from US pouring into Canada.

In Latin America, the leaders are very unhappy with Dotard Tramp, especially Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Caribbean Islands, Peru, Puerto Rico and Cuba.

Within the US, an impeachment movement against Dotard Tramp is gaining momentum. In addition, a coup detat is also brewing against him.

US Ex-Presidents Obama, Clinton, Old Bush and Junior Bush are plotting to undermine Dotard Tramp in every way possible.

The Specially Appointed Independent Investigator, Robert Mueller, is looking into Dotard Tramp's bank secret bank accounts in Germany.

Retired General Michael Flynn, previously Dotard Tramp's National Security Adviser has admitted that he lied to FBI and is now in the process of being charged. He is collaborating with the Special Investigator, Robert Mueller, who is likely working towards the Impeachment of Dotard Tramp.

The CIA and FBI seem to be plotting something against Dotard Tramp too.

Virgo49 said...

Read http://www.todayonline.com/world/china-scolds-australia-over -its-fears-foreign-influence.

Now Dotard Tramp is stirring Shits in Jerusalem.

Leaving Fat Boy alone. Hope the Extremists bombed and burn the America to ashes.

Behave bigger shot than the UN by declaring whatsoever wimps and fancies they want.

Now America in Shits with California burning.

Tramp ratings at 35%. Be burn soon.

Anonymous said...

The CIA and FBI seem to be plotting something against Dotard Tramp too.
December 08, 2017 10:38 am

Some countries retire their dotards as quickly as possible, before the rot sets in.
Some countries keep their dotards around (even after their "best before date") ... permanently damaging the country beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

Trump s declaration on Jerusalem as Jewstate s capital was an implementation of a congress resolution many years ago. Past presidents simply ignored it when came into power except Trump. Jerusalem was passed to UN by UK. The jewstate occupied the west side and in 1967 it took the entire Jerusalem. Now US said it belonged to the Jews.

One can see the world changes. If NK is occupied by US forces, the entire NK and SK will be US s state similar to Guam and Hawaii.
Trump s empire building in Asia is strategic, using China to weaken NK. Using India to weaken China. Using other allies Japan Australia SK to threaten the entire Asean and Asia.
China is allied to US against NK s nuke program while US is flying B1 B2 bombers and the precious F22 in drill to bomb NK. Some said Kim refused to meet UN envoy as strange. Who can guarantee no missile will fire when the meeting place is confirmed? Kim cannot trust China and UN.
India sent a drone into China. Unlucky it crashed onto China s land. Therefore who is enemy who is not is very confusing.

On the region, the danger is financial. IMF warned china s debts as 165% (private) over GDP. The prop up economy is dangerous when china engage in war.
Just to illustrate. A sinkieland PR, actress turned "millionaire" (a local TV s favorite bluffing program), "chao low". Her 4 companies at Beijing Chaowyang district all emptied up. Young millionaires used empty companies and borrowed funds to buy up existing companies was unheard of in the old generation. This is probably what many chinese are doing: borrow money to show rich, similar to sinkielands properties owners.

The 4 countries allied together are not free from troubles when war break out. It seems that the poorest ones like NK will not be too sad. They are too hungry for foods. When war breaks out, they can run south to rob the southerners. China chinese will suffer setback when interest goes up due to war. Same as sinkieland when there is war: foods, materials prices will shoot up. Buying medicines to help the 3 millions foreigners will be a big pain to citizens in terms of taxes.

Trump s Jerusalem plot will not end so easily. The Arabs are meeting. The terrorists are meeting. Sinkieland might be safe for now for supporting the US as close allied. No guarantee when US lose control in middle east. The Arabs are going crazy for Trump s risky move: reason is obvious. That piece of land was never belonged to Jews and Trump insisted it is now. US troops will be targeted and the allies Japan, Australia, India are helpless in middle east.

It is showdown time. Sinkieland millionaires bet on the wrong side will linger on to pay losses: china ignore it, muslim countries look awry at its relationship with the Jewish state. No way to get Aramco IPO for sure.

Virgo 49 said...

Now Sinkieland Dotard with wifey ate at Hawker's Centre.

Wah piang, the Security Men standing nearby watching and next tables.

DONT know whether wayang,wayang with the People to Show that he is with us, For Us and later Screw Us.

Or a sign that they are also going broke? ??

May be also invest their billions wrongly and now eat hawker's centres.

Anyway, Dotard Tramp greatest mistake in siding the Israelis and let all the Muslim World condemned him and turn to China.

Better safer with the Chinese than the White Supremacists.

Anonymous said...

Sinkeland's Dotard eating at hawker centre? I never read the MSM.

He cannot be broke! Temasek/GIC/MAS can be broke, but not them. Other people's money can go broke.

Is he trying to find out whether the poor are telling the truth about the high cost of living?

But I am sure the hawker will give him special price plus ingredients and more hum. Did he say how cheap the food was?

Virgo49 said...

MSM dared to report? ?

one gut discreetly took video and posted in some media.

some one what's app me.

Just like Redhill uncle bee hoon and chicken wing stall.

Still at $1.20 per pc.

Hard to say, what's go up can come down

Laws of Gravity

Anonymous said...

"Hard to say, what's go up can come down" unquote Virgo49

True. Even in politics. Laws of Gravity applies to all. No exception!

Anonymous said...

While the US, South Korea and Japan are jointly conducting an aggressive pre-emptive military "exercise" along the border between North and South Korea and in the seas and airspace around North Korea, obviously meant to be a show of force, or a disguise for an invasion of North Korea, the Russians and Chinese troop are being deployed along the borders between North Korea, China and Russia.

Chinese troops and the Russian military expeditionary forces are also conducting joint military "exercises" along the borders between North Korea and China, and North Korea and Russia.

Chinese and Russian submarines are also reportedly seen trailing the US aircraft carriers and battleships, while Russian military aircraft have been actively on surveillance above the airspace of North Korea.

Chinese and Russian satelites have been deployed above the Earth's stratosphere, covering the Korean Peninsular and the Sea of Japan.

It has been reported that Chinese troops along the Yalu River have increased to around 130,000 and Russian troops along the Sakhalin region has grown to about 150,000. There is no way anyone can verify these reports. However, due to the tensions created by Donald Trump and US Military Power, it is normal for China and Russia to take precautionary measures rather than being caught with their pants down.

In the mean time, North Korea has just announced that "War with the US is inevitable!" given the present threats being actively forced upon the peaceful, humble an united Korean people. There would not have a problem today, if the US had not occupied Korea after World War II. All the problems today has been created by the US alone, caused by their intention to dominate and control the whole world since 1945.

From the present situation, it is. therefore, certain that any war in the Korean Peninsular will be a complext multi-national war involving the US, South Kora, Japan, Australia, India and UK (5 main countries with other coalitions like Singapore and Israel) on the one side and China, Russia and North Korea on the other side.

It can also be surmised that the war will be a Nuclear War, not a simple short-term Conventional War.

I would also go on to assume that Singapore, being a US stooge, would be involved in one way or another - either militarily, logistically, medically or financially. Therefore, all the NS boys and men, plus their families, please be prepared for the eventual consequences.

It is better to be prepared than to be caught with pants down, with a Xmas Gift from Pyongyang!

However, knowing that stupidity has no cure, I think the 70% DAFT Sinkies will continue their lives as usual - without a care in the world, just like the arrogant Hare racing with the humble Tortoise?

Anonymous said...

As a follow-up to the above:

In terms of ground forces, the combined troops of China, Russia and North Korea amounting to
1,480,000 (North Korea 1,200,000 + Russian 150,000 + China 130,000) against

the combined ground forces of the US, South Korea and Japan amounting to
690,000 (South Korea 500,000 + Japan 150,000 + US 40,000).

In addition, to counter the US armada of three very powerful fleets, China has deployed conventional nuclear weapons to destroy and annihilate them in the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan Straits, Okinawa, Sea of Japan and South China Sea.

China's satellite-killer-beam weapons have been deployed to destroy potential US satellites that will be involved in the war, so as to destroy US military communications.

Russian signal intelligence units and cyberspace infiltration units are ready to jam all US military communications in times of war.

Anonymous said...

Caution to the US Administration, the Number One Enemy of the World:

In a nuclear war,
Japan and South Korea will be utterly destroyed, not North Korea,
and Guam and Hawaii will be totally obliterated;
New York City and Washington DC will not see the daylight for years;
All 900 US Military Bases will each receive a Xmas Gift by Special Delivery
from Three Wise Santa Clauses from the East.

Anonymous said...

In an incident in the Baltic Sea, the Russian flew an aircraft across an American destroyer and completely killed its communication and radar system. The destroyer was as good as blind and deaf, totally immobilised and useless as a war machine.

Immediately after the incident more than 20 American soldiers from the destroyer sent in their resignation. They knew that they were sitting duck if war breaks out, and as good as dead.

b said...

The QUAD is a stupid idea. The real danger is EU - united states of europe. European masters are evil creatures. They have done a lot of evil things to people all over mother earth. URC must work together and destroy this eu hegemony idea before it grows into an enormous evil monster.

b said...

Learn from history. They were the ones that used usa to invade vietnam and libya. They were the ones that used japan to invade china. They were the ones that used muslims to invade russia.

Anonymous said...

Stupid ideas dictated to daft people almost always seem to work.

We have seen it, heard about it and experienced it at home too.

History showed to us how the Europeans went to America and massacred the Red Indians. They went to Australia and massacred the Aborigines. And they proclaimed themselves the discoverer of America and Australia. As if the natives do not exists.

These are evil monsters all right. But they have been doing their evil work throughout history, not only at present. Now they are out to destroy the world and mankind.

Rocket said...

Aborigines of the World, Africans, Asians and Arabs must unite and rise up as one united force to fight against the Europeans.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's Dotard said that the State's Propaganda Hub (SPH) which is the Main Fake News Producer is facing competition from New Media's Fake News.

If the State keep producing fake news and half-truths, plus propaganda and twisted logics, sooner or later the citizens will catch up and give it a run for the money. This is called indirect uprising against manipulative monopoly.

Anonymous said...

This is called indirect uprising against manipulative monopoly.
December 08, 2017 8:04 pm

Not happy, just cancel subscription lor.