SMRT – A very bad deal for General Desmond Kuek

Nothing personal, but to volunteer to helm the SMRT is not a very wise thing to do for General Kuek. I think he must be regretting everyday, just like Boon Wan, for volunteering to solve the SMRT problems. The deep seated technical and engineering problems cannot be solved, would not go away just be replacing a few heads, just like the deep seated cultural problems.

Why would a clever man like Gen Kuek, the top man commanding the Armed Forces with a few hundred thousand men and women, and everyone has to ‘ta beh’ him in his presence, volunteered for a trouble infested train company? Why would someone who was used to walk around decorated like a Christmas tree during official functions, walking with the President during National Day parade, want to walk the railway tracks, to dirty himself and look like another average Singaporeans when no one has to ‘ta beh’ him anymore, when his words are no longer commands or orders to obey?

Today, everyone is poking at him for his failure to solve the train problems and to be pushed around by civilians that knew nothing more about the trains than him. When he was once almighty, now even ex NS men working in the SMRT would rant at him if they are not happy. It is a very bad decision, in my opinion, to volunteer for this job. To be kind to him, we should appreciate his bravery to answer the call of duty, to sacrifice himself in a mission that no wise men would volunteer.

Is there really a way to solve the train problems just by money, by hiring the best men for the job instead of putting round pegs into square holes and hope that miracles would happen? With the money SMRT is paying, it really can buy the best men available in the world for this job. No train company really pays their top men this kind of money. Why didn’t SMRT go around the world like the elites used to do when a top job is vacant, hire the best foreign recruitment agencies to round the world to headhunt the most qualified men for the job? There would be thousands lining up for this job and dying for it if they go globe hunting. And I mean real talents, not fakes with fake qualifications and degrees from you know where.

For the same money, even Obama would be queuing up to apply for the job. He would not smell this kind of money as President of the USA. Heads of States all over the world would not mind trying their luck at his job that apparently anyone can do. The money is so good.

How, when are they going to hunt another foreign talent for this job since Singaporeans have proven that they could not do it? Maybe another foreign fake would be able to fake that everything is fine if given the job. General Kuek should take on an ambassador position instead of being punished sitting on this chair.

Yes, brave man, brave soldier. I really feel sorry for him. From being an untouchable, now everyone is throwing mud, stones and rotten tomatoes at him.

Mary Christmas everyone. Oops, I mean Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Millions a year; Duty, Honor, Country...is now Jio, See, Lang.
Our education of scholars have went to Jupiter.

Anonymous said...

When they are aspiring to be selected as PAP MP candidates for GE, they are termed "hopefuls".

When they are thrust into ministerial or CEO positions, they are termed "volunteers" !

Anonymous said...

Christmas day taking train on sinkieland should not have break down, correct? Talking about salary high for the top executive, this one and the anuntie are both the same in ability. When the train service trending to get worst, the anuntie had a statement saying or implying no one asked sinkies to take trains, implying something beyond a commercial contract. In a commercial contract, one pays the money, he is to receive the service in stated conditions:the train must move and not stop at one spot. The train stations provides offer with machines to collect acceptance all over, not to forget the advance payment on unezylink cards.
So this anunties should be sacked. She was gone.

The following one had a worst performance. Some trainees at work were knocked down by moving train, he had press conference in the evening after hours, declaring safety was complied. This man had the gut to say such things after hours of "investigations". No one could expect more from such a muddy head.

In time of war, general or not general will show. If an accident investigation was so out of fact, was that general or general worker or a top brass?

It reflected sinkieland leaders are idiots to have paid such quality service no body would recognize as acceptable. Sinkies can scream and scream, the leeders are not capable. Its was similar to little india riots, uniform groups ran for cover and some hide inside an ambulance which was burned later. It was lucky rioters saved them resulting no death. Note that: not the law enforcer save them.
The train service needs technical know how. Dont know train service, branded with decos on suits will not be translated to good service in a train company.

Go to Mumbai to hire top train service top executives. Sinkiesland can divide the salary of the current top executives into 14 parts. Each Mumbai ceo needs to work 2 days and night at train company will solve the problems. Total hiring 14 ceo. There should be some change left to be passed to christmas party budget.
Mumbai ceo needs to talk to mumbai graduate executives, so they will hire their village top men in train services to back up the 14 top executives, each can form their own teams. No need to work 30 days a month, the train service will run as smooth as Mumbai trains, of 100 years of experience.

The author in this blog is correct. Money paid to a muddy head has been a total waste. The shame on train break downs is world wide. The whole world know this problem at the tip top paid city, whose gdp is lower than Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzheng. Go ask how much shanghai train head get his pay. All will agree this sinkieland is money head heavy, tail money light. Workers get so little to work long hours, can produce good service in maintenance. So check pumps to avoid floods was this problem, partly also for hiring loyal staff, but not loyal to quality service to the company that paid them salary. Go to Mumbai to hire, the whole town will line up willing to work and get PR on sinkieland. Next christmas will see trains running smoothly like on silk track.

Anonymous said...

To Redbean & all at My Singapore News:
"The blessings of peace,
the beauty of hope,
the spirit of love,
the comfort of faith"
Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

He is not worried about people poking at him.

As long as his boss don't poke at him is OK.

His KPI is by his boss, not by the people.

So far his boss is very very very OK with him.

His sky high salary and fat bonus are not affected!

He still can sing,,,,,,,,Merry Xmas!

Yam Seng! Yam Seng! Yam Seng!

Virgo49 said...

Mr Red Bean, nowadays young generation unlike us where most of us are just as satisfied holding the same position for years and awaiting the time to be push up or been so called structural restructuring to chiak Kia Ker.

Nowadays, any positions not to their satisfying ego whether they qualified for their jobs are not are reckless to them. They are just eyeing to sit over the chairs of their higher ups.

So, every few years they have their own What's restructuring to have the lower downs promoted to a higher ranking or else they be dissatisfied.

So, in the SAF or elsewhere, they are pushed up needlessly not like our old BG Winston Choo that can hold his post till retirement.

LG Quek and his cohorts all got Run Out Dates.

So, the only way to keep them satisfied and respectfully in the loop is for them to hold other Respectable Appointments.

So, it's bullshits of what's volunteering.

Same as other BGs, MGs and LGs in other Statutory and Civil Executive Appointments.

They are just Round holes in Square Pegs.

Anonymous said...

Can we just set up a private company.
Donate $2 billion dollars of Singaporeans' tax money.

And let the SAF run the private company by themselves.
And hire exclusively from retired SAF personnel.

Just please, please keep the PAP Generals out of:
- Education Ministry
- Singapore Parliament
- NOL (too late)
- SMRT (hopefully not too late)
- and etc.

Anonymous said...

@ December 25, 2017 12:49 pm

I think appointing them as ambassadors to other countries is a good idea.
Mars or Jupiter .... are they countries?
Can we open an embassy there?

Anonymous said...

How can a highly intelligent scholar, commander of the Singapore Armed Forces, so stupidly volunteered for such a shitty job? As I see it, it was a set-up by the Dishourable Son. The aim was to get rid of him by making him look incompetent and silly - a laughing stock by all and sundry. It is a dirty political move.

Think about it. The whole pattern fits in nicely.

Anonymous said...

George Yeo was also fixed by him? Think deeply. If he had wanted to keep GY he could have moved him out of Aljunied GRC way before GE 2011.

Think again.

Anonymous said...

Volunteering for the job? Who else wants to volunteer for the million $ job? I am sure most Sinkies want that job.

The word 'volunteering' has taken on a new meaning in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Pls lah Son where got so smart? He tells the world his moves. No no fixed George Yeo lah. Just Teochew Choo KerLiang, LTK indeed outsmart n beat the Pappies despite all odds.

Rocket said...

Trump declared National State of Emergency today.

This gives him extraordinary and special powers.

Is the US going to war?

Anonymous said...

Ya hor, Sinkie land got so many million dollar jobs for people to volunteer, and no accountability and responsibility. No need to perform also would not be fired. And so easy to collect million dollars. Just said, I volunteer.

Anonymous said...

Just said, I volunteer.
December 25, 2017 9:00 pm

Do you think volunteers can only come from PAP citizens?
Singaporeans got no chance liao?

Anonymous said...

Million Dollars per year makes anyone instant millionaire in one year. We work for whole life also cannot become millionaires. Even with the fake inflated prices of HDB "owning"a long-term rented flat paid in full in advance for 99 years (using loans to service for 35 years) yet cannot become millionaires.

So, this little Red Dot is actually a communist country in Disguise. Lots of Propaganda and Bullshits.

Anonymous said...

You are sexist!!!
Why only a Mary Christmas?
I demand a Christmas for Joseph as well.

b said...

The wise men from the east. East is where christianity belongs. The anti christ roman empire hijacked christianity and sold a big fat lie back to the east - communism.
May peace be on earth. Have a Peaceful and Joyful Christmas season!

Anonymous said...

Jobs paying millions are so plentiful, no one wants it and we have to look for volunteers. No wonder foreigners are flocking to red dot to become citizens and eventually volunteer. That locals are shunning such jobs is probably the tooth. The situation is so extraordinary, it can only happen in red dot.

Anonymous said...

Our Paper generals are proven lightweights.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.57

KLIA at Matland had "Mary Christmas "

In Sinkieland Red Dot SBS had "Marry Christmas"

Matland had their Malay spellings for English

Red Dot Foreign Talents had also their Talented Spellings.

Ah Nehs is it? ?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My apologies, Mary is wrong, should have two 'r'. So SBS is right. Oops, should be 'e' and not 'a'. So silly of me. Mary, Marry, Merry.