What did Parliament approve?

The approval of the Salary Recommendation by the Review Committee also means that all the assumptions and logics are accepted as valid. The major points are, need to pay high salary to attract talent, right to peg ministerial salary to top 1000 income earners, right to pay allowances and variable bonuses based on the formula submitted.

The other things that are accepted include a clean wage bill. Clean here means everything that is approved by parliament. Just wonder if clean means whatever is paid, now that it is public knowledge, be reported in Parliament? What if there are other additions, other appointments, would they be part of the approval as well and Parliament be informed as well? One thing for sure, they are definitely clean as they are known, and unclean if unknown to the public.

After the big debate, I thought something is missing? Are the people involved in this debate? Are their opinions important?

What is really important is that the MPs are representing the people in Parliament and voted for the salary recommendation. One question, did they ask the people they represented for their opinions? When they voted, were they voting as an individual or voting on behalf of the people? Is this a matter that concerns them only or a matter that concerns the people?
How many MPs have consulted the people on this matter, please kee chiu.


Anonymous said...

Gerard Ee was appointed to represent the people and the politicians rite?


Anonymous said...

When the PAP MPs vote, they vote for the party because the whip is there.

Anyone not a yes man or yes woman will be whipped into obedience.

Anonymous said...

Told you the house is a sham. Time to restructure the order and damn the western model to hell

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With all the cries that the salary is a clean salary and transparent, there is no affirmation that the govt will report on how much the minister finally get, today, yesterday, or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The word "clean" has just taken a whole new meaning. really no eye see.

Anonymous said...

If PAP says it's white , it's white. If PAP says it's black , it's black.

If they say it's clean , surely no one can say it stinks and wreaks of putrid decay.

Why need Parliament to approve in the first place ? Absolute JOKE !

Anonymous said...

PAP won this battle but has lost the war. The reason, nothing really changed. How much is the change in salary only tells when you look at the gross pay eventually.

Give the people some time to chew this over and the anger will return.

Anonymous said...

Red Bean, think those who caught off-guard cannot Kee Chiu but have to Kee kar or Kee kar- churn liao

Anonymous said...

DPM Teo wants Singaporeans not to pursue the remunerations of our political leaders, now that it is approved with the Oppositions in agreement.
The Result of the Pay Revision will be a very sore and regrettable exercise to the people. DPM Teo will get to know it.
The onslaught on Worker Party Member Gerald Giam will be deemed as bullying by the Citizenry.

Anonymous said...

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