Can PAP survive 2016?

This is an interesting question that many observers are wondering. In the last election there were signs that the ground had shifted. The support for PAP was weakening and all it needed was for the opposition to put up a stronger slate of candidates to make some inroad into Parliament. And we have seen a GRC fell. Actually another one or two could have gone to the opposition.

There was no lack of good candidates from the opposition camp to win a couple more GRCs. Goh Meng Seng was right in going at individual ministers that were weak and losing ground support with their bad policies. The fault was the dilution of opposition candidates, basically spread too thin. If they have adopted the same strategy like the WP, the NSP could have got Tampines hands down.

What would be the fortune of the political parties in 2016? The PAP will have a very tough time comes 2016. There is really nothing left to stand in favour of the party. After the ministerial salary debate in Parliament, all the political credits have vanished into thin air. The super talent and super salary myths have been shattered to pieces. Not many thinking people will find the super talents anything that super or unusual. The few good ministers could have held their grounds if not of flawed policies or the wrong direction that the country is being led to. And to keep to party line and direction, they could only go along but undermining their own credibility as super talents.

The policy of throwing money at problems is getting hilarious and comical. Money is not an issue. It is OPM. Just throw money at any problem. The more money is thrown the better the impression that great effort and intelligence are at work, and the problem will be solved.

The reverse is to make the people pay as much as they can afford, as long as there is money left in their pockets. Both do not need any intelligence to go with. Millions and billions have been blown away.

How many still believe that the PAP candidates in Parliament are the best people available to lead this country? Many of the opposition candidates in the last elections were many times better and several were even of ministerial material. It is regrettable that they are not in Parliament. It is equally regrettable that a few of the not deserving are now in Parliament.

Some corners of the public are lamenting that there are still not enough good candidates. Actually they were several very good candidates from the opposition in the last GE, definitely better than those from the PAP. And it is likely that more will be stepping forward in 2016. If each of the opposition party could attract enough good candidates to wrestle one GRC from the PAP and with the WP doing a little better, there is a good possibility of another 4 or 5 GRCs going to the opposition. It will deplete further the already dearth of real super talents in the ruling party.

The invincible wall of super talents has fallen. There were really no super talents to talk of. And with so many mediocre talents in the GRCs, if the opposition parties could concentrate their fire power with good candidates in their GRC teams, the balance can easily be tipped. The Tony and Hazel Poa, Benjamin Pwee, Vincent, Jee Say, Nicole, just to name a few, were equals to the PAP’s best and should rightfully be in Parliament. The electorate has seen them and is likely to place their bets on them and other equally good candidates that will show up in 2016.

What else is there in PAP to hold against a new slate of able and good candidates from the opposition when practically every minister is now looking so vulnerable? As for the rest of the MPs…well….

Can the PAP survive 2016?


Anonymous said...

2016 they can "throw" money at the daft sinkie?

Anonymous said...

With people like Teo Ser Luck, Josephine Teo, Masagoes, Sam Tan, Lawrence Wong, CCS, Sim Ann, Halimah, Iswaran, VB, LTY, NEH, LSS, GYK, LHK, Yacob, HSK and MPs like LWK, YGK, TPL, FMH, Vickram, Irene Ng, LBW, SHT and many more which I cannot even bother to recall, do you think the PAP can really make it???

Frankly, all the above can be replaced in a single stroke!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget , Singapore is a quasi military base of the Evil Empire -- US. The opposition parties must tread on carefully, otherwise the Party may be made used of by the Evil Empire to put them down on the slightest flimsy excuse. Remember the Party has been instrumental in coaxing The Evil Empire to create trouble in East Asia and the South China Sea. If little emperor of the Party dares to gang up with US against an imaginary enemy of a big Asian power what will deter it from grabbing power by force with the Evil Empire's backing should the opposition parties succeed being elected.

Remember what happened to Iraq, Libya and now Syria and Iran are being subjected to wanton proxy attacks by the Evil Empire's stooges and mafia gang members.

I believe Singaporeans and the opposition are smarter and wiser and my message is to prewarn them to take precaution to prempt such desperate scenario from the Party and the Evil Empire.


Anonymous said...

~Teo Ser Luck, Josephine Teo, Masagoes, Sam Tan, Lawrence Wong, CCS, Sim Ann, Halimah, Iswaran, VB, LTY, NEH, LSS, GYK, LHK, Yacob, HSK and MPs like LWK, YGK, TPL, FMH, Vickram, Irene Ng, LBW, SHT~
They are not the weakest link.

Anonymous said...

Why can't PAP survive? U r basing ur assumption that Sinkies can think logically and coherently. History has proven that 60% don't. As long as these 60% are still around, PAP will exploit the situation to gain majority seats. Majulah PAP and daft Sinkies!

Anonymous said...

Can the old F$%@ survive till 2016?

That's a better question.

Anonymous said...

"With people like Teo Ser Luck, Josephine Teo, Masagoes, Sam Tan, Lawrence Wong, CCS, Sim Ann, Halimah, Iswaran, VB, LTY, NEH, LSS, GYK, LHK, Yacob, HSK and MPs like LWK, YGK, TPL, FMH, Vickram, Irene Ng, LBW, SHT and many more which I cannot even bother to recall, do you think the PAP can really make it???". Unquote.

Haha, even if PAP puts in new candidates lesser than the above-mentioned, it will still win another election or two.

The majority of voters in Sin are not ready for a different government from the Incumbent as yet. Unless and until the Alternative Parties are able to provide the confidence to the people, a change of regime is still few elections away.

If the PAP Regime falls IN A FREAK ELECTION RESULT within the Next Two Coming Elections, rest assure that LKY's threat that the Armed Forces will be activated, will CERTAINLY takes place WITHOUT FAIL. And Southernglory is right that the US will be backing the Deployment of the Sin Armed Forces by the Regime.


Anonymous said...

40% = 6 seats in parliament.
80% = 12 seats in parliament.

There will be no freak election results in GE 2016.

PAP is perfectly capable of getting parliamentary majority with only 20% of the votes.

This is called gerrymandering.

Just vote your conscience.

Anonymous said...

All the capable and talented young people will be choped by the PAP when the PAP (I mean government) scholarships are handed out.

This is how PAP buys the silence (I mean identify) of our young talents.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Absolutely. The PAP will sweep the floor in the next election. They won't just "survive". If any opposition gets in, chances are they'll be ex-pap.

Watch what happens over the next 3 years. Europe on the verge of collapse, Japan's impending sovereign debt will become a crisis, China's capital base shakey, plus upward pressure on wages in China and India will make production more expensive, then there is Syria and brinksmanship with Iran.

I just got back from a great CNY @Hotel Singapore. Yes, prices are up, wages for the average guy stagnant. Can spend $100 + per day on cabs quite easily. Folks, there are going to be serious problems. If you own property and have capital, you'll probably do spectacularly well. A few friends of mine have "retired" in their mid 40's. Sold properties they bought in late 1990's to early 2000`s.

However many "less successful" Singaporeans will be hit. They'll also cop a nice serving of anxiety over uncertainty in the future, stress over the present moment, and remorse and regret about the past. Welcome to psychological HELL, fuckers.

If you don't have capital and/or property, you are essentially FUCKED. Unless you get "entrepreneurial ", chances are you'll be suffering painfully. You'll be screaming for mercy from the "fathers" who claim to be and thus are PERCEIVED TO BE the best at managing Singapore and its citizens. You'll vote PAP.

Redbean is trying in vain to argue with "logic" about pap failures. Being Singaporean, he and the "Greek chorus " don't understand balls about EMOTIONS, because in general Singaporeans are by and large sadly underdeveloped emotionally -- as a CULTURE. Thus they are easily manipulated. Once you press the Kiasu Button, you become puppet-master.

Look up Stockholm Syndrome. And there's your answer. If you want a better answer, get off your lazy uncompetitive arses and WIN in this glorious meritocracy.

Living well IS the best revenge.

Oh yah, fuck the PAP. I live well, with reasonable "success" (whatever that means) without them or their help. Zero. Nada. Duck's egg.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We like to wave the daft sinkies flag freely. Really, are the sinkies that daft? They were only called daft when they voted opposition.

What has proven over the years was that sinkies are pretty politically savvy and logical in their voting pattern. When the alternative is worst than what is available, then they will vote for status quo.

The dynamics have changed. What is available is no longer that attractive and what is coming on form the opposition camp are getting brighter. The ground shift is real and not flirtatious.

With the slate that the PAP is putting up, the choice of the opposition candidates are less difficult to make. And if they opposition can put up better candidates, please, the sinkies are not that daft not to accept them.

The PAP has nothing better to offer anymore. It is running out of ideas and anything can be better than what it is being offered now.

The country will not collapse with a change of govt. All the key people in the ministries and stats boards will still be there running the show.

There is not much value add coming from the politicians. What is needed is a change of values and priorities, for the average people than for the rich to get richer.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

When the time draws closer, I will back up my prediction with a wager -- i.e. dirty paper, filthy lucre, Vitamin M, hard currency.

Talk is cheap. Analysis is futile. Reality is the ultimate judge.

So redbean, since you are so sure of your position, as I am also so sure of mine, I would like to wager with you as to the outcome of the 2016 election. To make things interesting, let's bet in troy ounces of gold. Say, 5 oz? Not now, say 4 weeks from election day?

BTW, the idea is to beat poverty and become wealthy, and the fairest, most just system is a Republican Meritocracy, not a social or liberal democracy.

The bar is not set to "the average guy", it is set to "the best". That's what makes Singapore great -- you can virtually choose how high you want to go...no one is stopping you.

If you set the bar to "the average Jo", the cuntree will be fucked in a very short time. every motherfucker and his extended family of morons will have their hands out for "freebies".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If you set the bar to "the average Jo", the cuntree will be fucked in a very short time. every motherfucker and his extended family of morons will have their hands out for "freebies". - Matilah.

When will the above happen? Happening now?

Btw, when have I even claim that my views are right? dummy.

We will talk about your 5 oz of gold when the time comes. Please remind me of it ok. The real talents are out there making their money. The fake talents are out them grabbing other people's money.

Anonymous said...

"The real talents are out there making their money. The fake talents are out them grabbing other people's money".
February 01, 2012 12:37 PM

Me cannot help liking the above-quote.
Just beautiful!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No one is grabbing the money lah. People are willingly handing it over. "Fake" or "real" talent has nothing to do with it.

You can't cheat an honest man.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That is a dumb statement. Daily millions of honest men are being cheated.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Nonsense. It is impossible to cheat honest people. People get cheated because they believe that /have the intent to get MORE than what they're obliged to exchange.

Really good confidence tricksters know this. They understand very well that so-called "honest" (according to chin chai standards such as redbean) people are ALWAYS looking for that "better deal".

Of course it is only natural to claim how "honest" and "upright" you are in fuming indignation after a clever con artist has fucked you good and prper.

Anonymous said...

You think the Sinkies being made to pay for those astronomical prices for HDB flats are not cheated? They got no choice. They were cooked.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Eh harlo, no one forced you to buy lah. No one "made you" buy HDB.

You can't cheat an honest man.

Got some more for me or not?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, do I have to call you dumb before you come to know it?

In Sin, you can't even pitch a tent in the park or you will be arrested. And being sinkie, they can't flip around the world and stay in hotels like you do unless they have so much money to do it.

Here they say who can buy HDB who can't. And if they think you got some money, they said, go and buy private. Cheap HDB flats are for cheap new citizens and PRs.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean, you are the dumb one, it is incredible that you are still breathing.

NO ONE IS FORCED to buy HDB. You can stay where you are -- usually at home with the parents, or emigrate, or buy in JB, or rent or share, or buy private property...you are not, and never have been FORCED into buying HDB.

You ALWAYS have options and choice. So don't start stomping your feet like a spoilt kid and complain...about nothing.

Yes, I am aware that pitching a tent is illegal, and it should be.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Your kind of argument is like telling the world that being poor in Sin is better than being poor elsewhere. And our poor will be celebrating and be thankful that they are poor here and not somewhere else.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Your words, not mine. I'm not telling people anything. In my business "advice" is not free.

All you get here is one man's opinion. So knock yourself out. Put words in my mouth if you must when you've run out of ideas and arguments :)

Die die you must "win" one. Typical fucking Singaporean. ;)

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Anonymous said...

It's going to be a uphill battle for the non-PAP parties to win another GRC this time round since nothing important is at stake unlike last round in 2011 whereby the 20-year independent voice in parliament could be lost resulting in more Singaporeans voting for Mr Low without consideration for the 4 Ministers / Minister-to-be that could be lost.

Anonymous said...

Which GRC is vulnerable next election? Honestly, I could not see even a single one. The weakest one probably is Tampines GRC which NSP garnered 42.78% of the votes last election. But the PAP team has been doing ground work for the past 4 years and Mah Bow Tan has already stepped down from his Minister position. Likewise Nocole Seah already resigned from NSP and could not take anymore votes away from Goh Chok Tong's team at Marine Parade GRC which saw NSP taking 43.35% of the votes. Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC is also very safe since Chiam See Tong is already too old to fight and Benjamin Phew and Wilfred Leong have already left him and his party although they managed a respectable 43.07% of the votes. East Coast GRC which WP won 45.2% of the votes seems like a vulnerable one but is not since three of WP's candidates including team leader Eric Tan already left the party or went to other SMC. It is unlikely that NCMP Gerald Giam would be able to uproot two Ministers from PAP's East Coast Team. It would be interesting to see how he could lead other team members as Team Leader this time as most other WP's candidates are likely to be older than him.