Singapore Education - A feel good system

The O level results have just been announced and so many students and their parents are elated with their straight A1s. Throw a stone and you will definitely hit one with at least 5 A1s and often more than that. Getting anything less is probably a rarity.

I do not want to dampen their spirit as the Chinese New Year is around the corner. How many of these A1 students will make it to the top JCs, or how many will go to the lower rung JCs?

We have a feel good education system that makes getting straight A1s today as easy as getting straight passes in the past when getting just an A1 was a dream come true. What did all these say of the grades?

The top 4000 or 5000 students from the top schools did not even bother to sit for the O level. One day, don’t be surprised that employers may not want to look at the O level result in the future. Don’t ask me why. The two most important examinations today are the PSLE and the A level. With the bulk of the top students not taking the O level, one could simply slide the bell curve backwards on the grades of those taking the O levels, and viola, a new batch of A1 students is manufactured.

Getting O level results today is such a happy moment for many students and their parents. In the past, it was a nerve wrecking experience for both students and parents. Then they did not know of things like the bell curve and moderation or massaging. It is worthwhile paying for a good massage, definitely.

Please ask why the top schools and their top students are not taking the O level examination. And if they do sit for the same examination, how would the distribution of straight A1 students be like? Would it be that 99% of the top school students be getting 10 A1s? Maybe that is too high a number, 90% should be just right. Or would they slide the bell curve back to where it was supposed to be?

If all the top school students would to sit for the O level, it is not surprising if there will be a few hundred 10 A1s students and a few hundred 9 A1s students from each cohort. It is simply possible.


Anonymous said...

Sinkies need to be made to feel good about many things in life so that Pappy can continue with the wet dream. One day , if sinkies get a rude awakening , it would be very very ugly. So in the meantime , anuthing to keep sinkies sedated and inebriated, is good medicine for both sinkie and pappy.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

How wonderful it is to gain an O level. I only have PSLE, plus I had to take it a few times to pass.

Anonymous said...

Sin is not jus home to the most
millionaires and billionaires.

It is also the black dot with the
most happy population. Singaporeans
are so very proud of Sin or to be
in Sin.

Anonymous said...

O level or A level,
they are all not
Making millions is
more important than
Having a million
will surely make
one feels GOOD!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Your straight A students either end up as expensive over-paid, under productive civil servants/ politicians, or good, obedient and no-balls workers who'll kow tow and "do as they told".

Meanwhile, the true creatives will either leave or you'll have to hire them as expats.

Study harder, and harder. Chase that "paper", and ram your "qualifications" down the throats so you can feel good...regardless of the fact on whether you can actually make money to support yourself or not; or be of any use to yourself or create value others (who then pay you...over and over again)

Ever heard the term Educated Fools?

Feel Good? Great!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...



"Feel Good" is definitely a sickness of our time. Only fat, lazy, rich folks can have this sickness.

They are so entrapped by chasing "feel good" anything which feels bad, or even slightly uncomfortable or annoying becomes a "Big Deal".

The obsession to "feel good" all the time and deny any "bad" or negative feelings is a definite cause of anxiety, depression etc.

For fucks sake, women (and now an increasing amount of men) have BOTOX (poison made by dirty bacteria living in rotting meat) injections to get rid of "lines" so that they can not only "feel good", but have a permanent FAKE SMILE plastered on their fuck-faces.

Folks, how neurotic is that? No doubt in time, it'll get worse!


Anonymous said...

@ ANON January 19, 2012 4:36 PM
" Making millions is more important than anything."

Very true.

But once every 5 years.
During General Elections.
You get one vote.
Millionaire also get only one vote.
So vote wisely.
Don't spoil your vote.