How much political leadership?

I ask how much, not what is political leadership. And I say political leadership, not administrators or civil servants. Political leadership, is priceless, I mean the good ones, the really good ones, not those gold plated stuff.

Leading a country needs leaders, to motivate the people, to challenge the people, to lead the people. The reverse, to demotivate the people, to tell them there is no hope, to look for better people elsewhere, now that is a different kind of leadership not in the text book on leadership yet.

Good political leaders are found to be everywhere, especially when there is a problem, a crisis. They may not do much. But they talk and they lead. And when they talk, people listen. People will make appointments with them when they will be appearing on TV, to make time to listen to them. Aspiring political leaders that cannot talk, or are dumb, should just remain as civil servants or administrators.

When people do not bother to listen when a political leader talks, he is finished. He has lost his leadership, or there was no leadership in the first place. There is even a lower category, I won’t call it leadership, when people try to listen but not for wisdom but for entertainment, to have a good laugh. That is tough to be called a leader.

How much is political leadership? Yes priceless. But a good political leader does not thrive for money and or constantly ask for money. They are in a way a bit silly, idealistic and selfless in a sense. It is a calling, a mission, to lead a people and a country for the good of everyone. His reward is his work and recognition that he is a good and respectable man, a good leader.

Do not let greedy people and pigs who are used to swim in a pond of swill to tell you political leaders need to be fed like pigs, to grow as fat as pigs. They are of the same kind, the same thing, out to defend their kind. We have better people that will make better leaders if the system allows them to step forward to serve without a plate of gold.


Anonymous said...

can spell Tony Tan ?

Anonymous said...

T O N Y T A N. Ok done.

Anonymous said...

TT is just one of the many Jia Leow Bees up there in the clouds ... these are not political leaders , they are masters, no no no , not the masters you are thinking but masters of pillage/plunder/robbery type of masters.

Anonymous said...

so Tin Pei Ling has political leadership qualities ?? tell u , this tin-can ( empty type ) may not even be fit enuf to be an adminsitrator lah . So , if sinkies allow Tin empty-Can PEI LING to be a member of parliament , goes to show , how much/cheap political leadership in this litlle red dot is.

Sorry , we deserve the government we get. The rooster has come back to roost.

Anonymous said...

There is no political leadership since Lao Lee stepped down to seat warmer Woody. That was the start of the slippery slope. Yes, there is much to be said abt the old goat but he was the only rutheless political leader who knew quality and tolerated no fools. But of late , he senility os showing , so I repeat , he is a guy who used to have those qualities. On the other hand , our biggest loss was Ong T C. He had some guts and had real substance of a true political leader ... too bad ,he was not ruthless as harry.

Anonymous said...

China's first emperor Qin Shi Huang Ti's dynasty/government did not survive long after his death.

Other examples;
Hitler, Genghis Khan etc.

Great leaders (if you ignore their morals & methods).
Absolutely lousy and hopeless in leaving anything good behind.

Anonymous said...


Eh Tony , do something right for the people for once in your life time can ? Help the ordinary folks to get their CPF back in one lump sum ? Like that , we just might forgive you for the billions of tax-payer's money lost and the shenanigans with the NS saga. CAN ? or CANNOT ? you decide.

January 11, 2012 10:33 AM

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All those politicians who have taken out their pensions in one lump sum must have the decency to fight for the sinkies to have their CPF released immediately.

The opposition MPs must ask for their names in Parliament.

Holding back the people's money in small amount may be bearable, though painful. When the sum is huge and the pain goes pass the threshold, the people are not going to take it sitting down anymore.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As long as you have SHEEPLE, you'll have a market for political leaders.

Like everything else, it is market price.

Any formula is based on the axiom:

The people get the government they deserve

Thus it depends on how blur, scared and hostile the people/ sheeple are. The more kalam-kabut the sheeple, the higher the price commanded by any potential political leader, and hence the increase in competition for such coveted positions.

Therefore one not only can expect DIRTY TRICKS, but one should look forward to them, and enjoy the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

All things that need be said had been REPEATEDLY said by paper warriors all these years. Did it yield any result?

As for President Of Sin, Tony Tan, anybody who has hope that he can do anything good, must be him/herself living on wishful thinking.

Tony Tan, George Yeo and many of their cohorts should just spend more time reading religious scriptures instead of making more money which they have no time to spend. After all, these are some of the most pious and sinless folks in Sin.

On the LOSS OF about 42 Billions, just wonder how a person incharged of it, can proclaimed that he is able to steer Sin economic development to face Global Economic Downturn during his Presidential Election Campaign??? And even more unbelievable, Singaporeans voted him in!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Patriot , TT got 35% of the votes... damn suay balls... how come still got into Istana. Sinkies have no hope lah ... come 2016 even the 60.1% get reduced to 35%... maybe ... we still get PAP leh ??? Damn suay sinkies seah

Anonymous said...

Money cannot buy Caliber. It bought mediocracy.

Lao Lee -> Do you see the errors of your ways ?