Putting money in the wrong place

China has woken up to its folly of investing its money in American stocks. The last decade had seen China losing billions in pouring money into American stocks while neglecting its own stock market. Instead of making money, it burnt a big hole for its blind belief and adolation of Wall Street and the great American financial con game. While doing it, it also in a way allowed the hollowing of its own stock market and the value of Chinese stocks in Shanghai and Hongkong.

Now that it has learnt its lesson well, that Wall Street is another rotten apple and a bottomless pit, China is turning its interest back home. It is going to invest in its own market and stocks. China is also encouraging its pension funds and other financial institutions to boost its own stock markets.

The stupidity of Asians and their blind infatuation of everything American are turning full circle. The Chinese have learnt well and no longer behaving like little boys and girls pouring money into American stocks and assets. They rather put money to support their own markets and not look so stupid to the Americans.

The Chinese are now taking the lead to return to Asian. They used to believe and were misled by dumb American believers.
The Chinese stock markets can look forward to more Chinese funds supporting their own stocks.

Would Temasek and GIC now learn from China and cut their losses in America and Europe and bring back their foreign invested funds to support the local market and local stocks? Or would they continue in their blind belief that the American and European markets are the safest and most promising place to invest while hollowing out the local markets and abandoning local stocks?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Listen lah. Western culture (post Renaissance ) is far superior to any other alternative on this planet.

And the epitome of western culture is American culture.

China stock market also big on game lah. Don't be blind. China's financial meddlings are not that much different from the cowboys on Wall Street.

It is not a matter of race here. It is a matter of human nature in the presence of big, big money.

All of a sudden, people get "high" as if they were on drugs.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Western culture (post Renaissance ) is far superior to any other alternative on this planet

Market democracy. Most people in the world perceive/ believe this to be TRUE. It thus becomes self-fulfilling.

No one except a few new age hippie mat salehs wants to be "Asian" or "African" or even "South American". Balls lah. If not them, at least their kids want to be westernized in the American sense.

Want to see something else that's fucked up:

Many people of dark skinned cultures all want to copy US Black Culture.

I consider this both funny and ridiculous :-) But the moment I dare comment about it, immediately I become a "racist".

Humans are silly scared monkeys lah!

Anonymous said...

Any country big on paper trades will ultimately be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Are Singaporeans ok or not.
Compare Singapore to this country tat country!
What does the tiny dot have? The fortune left by the angmo are nearly depleted and the usefulness of the entrepot port is diminishing. How long can the Vice Industry support tiny dot?

jjgg said...

RB...cannot agree with u la..everybody's in the market to try n make money...whether it be US or Chinese...Chinese govt prob realize that Chinese market full of fanciful accounting n hesitate to invest...only dumbos like sgx list chinese trash n hope it turns to gold. Now big problem for sgx..all the chinese trash promoters have taken money n run..so what happens to the ah peks who lost everything?? Want to trade equities? Still better to trade at the big apple..at least can eat some fruit before you get to the rotten core

Anonymous said...

Dear Frens,

Its the Laws of nature to find its equilibrium, soooo

Cheers Guys ! and Hang Loose :) i m over it beating myself about the injustices played upon our beloved country

“A fish rots from the head.”

Lets Party like its 2012!



i was so piss at the system, why when they screw us in the Ass and wont show any decency to give us the reach around and at the lest jerk us off?

All in good time it will surely collapse, lets just educate our fellow men/women when it does ....

Political Bengster


You cannot reason with Political Psychopaths

They have no empathy at all and those that do(empathic)are considered weak

I gave up understanding our elites long time ago ....

I m Fish Head “A fish rots from the head.”


Anonymous said...


We are all slaves to the systems one way or the other


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> We are all slaves to the systems one way or the other

Speak for yourself, brudder. -- you and your sweeping generalizations.

I'm no one's bitch. And I'm not alone.

BTW,what the fuck is "the system"? Got such thing ah? You got tangible, irrefutable proof or not? Or do we take the existence of "the system" on faith, like the existence of Ah Lah?

Alamak, eventually some guilty white do-gooder will come and in this case Ms Blanchett boosts her own “image”. Makes her look more like a saint ;-)

Anyway, a few things are immediately apparent:

1.If you don't want to be exploited, make sure you have means, are able to think for yourself and are able to be mobile and offer some resistance or defence if you are under threat.

2.Make sure you live in a fairly wealthy society. Dead shit economic basket-case Turd Whirled spittoon cuntrees are swirling sewers of shit where if you are poor, chances are you'll get fucked if you live, or die very early and probably very horribly.

3.If you can think and use reason, chances are you'll be OK. If you can't, then you will fall victim to liars, superstition and your own fears.

4.There are many reasons for poverty – lack of market economy, intellectual ignorance, inequality of women. Political corruption and exploitation are a RESULT not THE CAUSE of poverty. If you are rich, chances are you can defend yourself against “bullying”, and chances are you will not be a FORCED slave.

5.The first way to help the poor hopeless basket cases of the world is to ensure you don't become one of them competing on that level for the same limited resources. When you yourself are out of poverty, and a free individual, you have the choice to help the less fortunate.

Restated points: EXPLOITATION does not cause poverty, because if you are reasonably wealthy – like most people in the developed world – you have cgoice. If your boss pushes too hard, you can tell him to FUCK OFF and go find another job.

However if you are POOR, the chances that you will be exploited – normally by people in the same socio-economic status as you – is great, as is the chances of being bullied or threatened by violence.

Lesson: Don't be poor. It is a lousy and dangerous situation to be in.

As far as I know, there are no slaves in Singapore. So don't exaggerate lah.

Also note that slavery is ILLEGAL in Singapore. Don't believe me. Go check the law yourself.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> http://www.peopleactionpartyrocking.com/


Good job!

Here's one: "Fuck this budak kecil, I'm outta here!!"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A lot of people cannot smell the stench of rotten fish. A lot of people did not know that they are being exploited, not even when their CPF is locked away from them.

The daft sinkies deserved to be screwed.

Anonymous said...

Bcos sinkies r not smart like Matilah Singapura!