Tin Pei Ling

I have abstained all this while from making reference to her directly with due respect to all parents, husbands and brothers and sisters of every young person. She is after all someone’s daughter, somebody’s wife and sister. It is not very kind to be so harsh in our comments on her. Many do not know her and made remarks based on the few things or comments they heard or read about her in the media.

She is just like any other young person, chasing her dreams, wanting to serve in her best capacity in her chosen endeavour. She has accepted the challenge to go into politics. Whether that is a right or wrong decision, it varies with individuals. If there is anything wrong with that, it must be the people who selected her and put her in the deep end.

Is she good enough for the job? The problem of Tin Pei Ling at the moment is more of PR and the image that the public perceived her. She is young and looked young, and that became a disadvantage. In politics, it is better to look matronly, with more girth and more meaty to look more substantive yah? Can she carry the responsibilities as a MP, to take care of her constituents, to discuss national issues in Parliament? Only time will tell.

When the perception of her is so wrong from the start, everything negative comes together to make things even worst for her. People are not happy that she is getting the huge MP allowance that was designed for super talent which people think is very excessive for someone that they think is still too young for it.

It is no longer about logic, about abilities, but about emotions and personal biases. And this is making life very tough for Tin Pei Ling. Every little movement from her will come up for criticism. I think this is grossly overdone. The rice has been cooked. If the people are unhappy, go after the people who cooked the rice. It was never her fault. She saw an opportunity, she seized it and thought she can do it. No one can fault her for this. For putting her on the high pedestal as another super talent, for thinking that she is good enough and that the people would embrace her, now looks like a bad judgement call from the people who made the decision to field her.

Tin Pei Ling is paying a very heavy price for the mistakes of others. She may blossom later and prove others wrong. For the moment, the public perception is that she is just not ready for political leadership. And the constant attack on her is not graceful and very unkind. Let’s be more graceful and let her have some peace and get on with life.

I say again. It was not her fault. She is just like any other young person starting out to work, to take the challenge in life. Let’s not make her life miserable and to pay for other people’s mistake. After the day is over, it may not be a mistake after all. No one knows better. People should refrain from attacking her at every opportunity. She did not create GRCs to get into politics.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If she were male I might judge her as "young dumb and full of cum" -- I don't know what the female equivalent is, but what I mean is enthusiasm and energy far exceeds the ability or maturity.

That's ok lah. It's good to look like an ass when you're young. Gives you room to grow. also gives you something to look back on later and laugh at yourself.

Laughing at yourself keeps you real. Some of the Angry Anon Monkeys lurking here should try it sometime :-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

One area I do support her in is her anti-welfarism stance, and the FACT that the government is not responsible for your bad luck in life.

If she adopted a more "garang" persona and publicly announced cutting her "connections" to the top in order to be her own person, I think she will win respect even though many may still not like her.

Anonymous said...

we are just as graceful as LKY. Who dare say publicly that LKY is not graceful ? We are just product of the system and our idol LKY.

we can only parrot what LKY says.

"CAVEAT EMPTOR. You went in with eyes wide open"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That's a good advice. If she has a PR manager, he may want to recommend that she go for broke. After all her image isn't good and there is nothing to lose.

Monday will be a great opportunity to break rank, stuff the whip, and speak with conscience. She may win a lot of public support and sympathy.

The party may be unhappy with her. But why bother? The party is already finished.

Anonymous said...

Ms Tin Pei Ling must be very consoled with your sympathy.
Yes! Fully concurs with You that she is a victim of circumstances.

Anonymous said...

She is naive. A straight As student giving speeches in the ghetto. A political liability who is in a wrong place at the wrong time.We take it that LKY walked out in shame and embarrassment.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are goodness in human beans. No need to bash her into pulps when she is down and defenceless. Everyone is distancing away from her and she is now all alone to face a nasty world.

I feel very sorry for her and her parents.

Anonymous said...

She can grow and blossom on her own time and money, not screw S'pore taxpayers. This is not a charity show, it's politics.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are right. Wrong place, wrong time.

Anonymous said...

True that political talent scouters made the wrong call. But she is not a victim. She is...ambitious and glory seeking.

She will fight to correct perception after much chaos. This is unnecessarily as stupid as it comes. You might as well set your house on fire then give it a fresh paint.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We must be more forgiving for the young. Young people are rash, impulsive, impressionable, ambitious etc etc. These are the privilege of being young. That's why they are called young.

When one is older and supposedly wiser, then people will be less forgiving for silly mistakes like this. The negative attention she is getting is quite unfair. The anger should be directed to the right place.

When you are older your perspective of things will be different.

Anonymous said...

Precisely, the political arena is no playground for teens still suckling their momas nipples.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I may add that image packaging is very important. In the US, one may be a dounce, but with good packaging one can still win the Presidential election.

Anonymous said...

If it is about packaging, then join K PoP.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

She's (quite) young.

She's successful.

She's connected.

She knows how to market herself.

She's got "can do " attitude.

Naturally, one can expect scorn and jealousy from losers and people whose empty shallow lives are devoid of happiness, fulfillment and joy.

At least she has "can-do attitude, which is so much more refreshing than the "government-eat-my-rice" mentality of the blame-game, hand-out junkies of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

You sounded as rash and impulsive as Tin PL.

Anonymous said...

If whatever she has to show for is what we saw her in parliament , I think we better dun show it on TV. I very Paiseh for her , seawiously , PAISEH jialat jialat sial. Dun make me utter the word "prease" again horr

Anonymous said...

You better she doesn't succeed or more young guns will enter the fray and offer all kinds of substances.

Anonymous said...

You better HOPE she doesn't succeed or more young guns will enter the fray and offer all kinds of substances.

Anonymous said...

People are like fine wine. Generally, they get better with age.

We don't need overstayers anyway - life long career in politics. We need mature old horses to bring in some stability and good old common sense.

Let the young go fuck themselves happy before opening their mouths in the house.

Anonymous said...

Tin Pei Ling first and foremost should go do what Lao Lee wants all fertile creme de la creme do -? procreate and have lots of babies. That's why when she opened her mouth , he walked off . That's a very not subtle message to her oredi lah. Dun open your mouth , open your c_____ ( ooops -> censored)

Country_Or_Cuntry said...

Matilah , in this instance I agree with your favourite swear word : cunt . Given the context of this blog entry.

jjgg said...

RB..feel that i'm disagreeing more with your commentaries...TPL a babe in the woods..and being immersed in a political situation not of her doing?? Rather not suggest that you are naive..TPL knew exactly what she was getting into la..her hunger for recognition..the attraction of MP allowance which would have vaulted her above and beyond the earning power of her contemporaries..and also the off chance that she may be recognised as a true talent in the mould of Grace Fu whose main claim to fame is being somebody's daughter..won't that raise your passion and belief that you can be somebody more than shuffling papers in a professional firm...no need to feel sorry for her la...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@anon 132

>> We need mature old horses to bring in some stability and good old common sense. <

Yah sure. Keep Singapore a boring place for old farts and their outdated ideas they have the temerity to label as "common sense".

These days you have billionaires self-made below the age of 25. The world is way, way different now.

Get fucking real asshole. I like my Singapore to be hip, happening and young. (even though I myself am an old fart)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi jjgg and all, I don't disagree with all your comments that she asked for it too by jumping in, thinking that she too is up to it. In the past, when the allowance was more reasonable, I think people will be less angry.

Don't forget my own target own time fire. Many are shooting at the wrong target and the real targets are sitting pretty unblemished.

She has taken quite a lot of shit, actually too much shit for an error of judgement. Let's be more forgiving as she is really young and inexperience.

I rather be kinder to the young than the bloated egoistic elders. As for the yodas, every moment they stay it deprives a younger talent from surfacing and from learning the rope. They are suffocating the new talents for their own selfish gains, and grabbing more money in the process.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The old motherfuckers rarely challenge their own POV's. They think that their world view of the mid to end of the 1900's is still valid today.

Balls lah. Thank god humans get old and die out. Otherwise ideas and culture would be stuck in the past.

New brains, new ideas. New mistakes too...so what?

Victor said...

I cry caveat emptor as well.

'Can do' attitudes aren't necessarily all good. You 'can do' something good for the people, you also 'can do' something that makes you look good at everyone else's expense.

I somehow can't sense the altruism and compassion seething through TPL's speeches or any other form of oration.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Victor, I quite agree that her involvement in politics is a misfit. She would look better in social works.

Some of the attacks against her to my opinion are just too harsh. Let the young grow and mature with time.

Anonymous said...

The FOUNDATIONS of the world are as old as your mother fuckers. Old mother fuckers are most comfortable in that role

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hey Victor,

You are not duty bound to do anything for anyone other than yourself.

"Can do" means you look after #1 -- first, and always.

Rational selfishness.

Anonymous said...

When you are young, you have melons in your mind. Are they big enough or can i grab some of those.
Wisdom of the day: there are no balls beneath those melons

Anonymous said...

Send her to Chee Bay Garden for training

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Young punk, don't talk too much cock or this uncle will slap you ok?

Anonymous said...

Is that TPL longkang you are playing with?

Anonymous said...

Nobody has bashed her more than LKY ; he cdn't even bear to hear her spew anything from her mouth !

Anonymous said...

"Let the young grow and mature with time."

So in the meantime, she can work for free ?

Victor said...

I believe what the government should do is to get off its high horse and proactively engage people not with aloof nonchalance but with earnest sincerity.

Singapore does not have to be broke before someone repairs it.

If we do not engage the people with a constructive mindset that lets them see a problems at their root or have a more kaleidoscopic view and undersanding about problems and issues, how are we then to gain their faith and empathy?

Even though we have more educated people comprising a larger and larger proportion of society, it does not garuntee success and happiness.

Being highly educated is not equivalent to being well educated. You can see many instances of highly but badly educated people in today's world.

An example is when a young person joins politics and says alot without saying much, droning entire speeches to chant nothing but political mantra and reasons as to why the status quos are still status quos does nothing for society.

We do not need a Singaporean Joseph Goebbels period.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can understand how the young American boys hate the Talebans to even peeed on their dead bodies. This is how strong their indoctrination and hate machine had done to the unthinking young minds. The American young are just as innocent and programmable as our young.

I really cannot understand why the hatred for TPL can be so strong. It was a mistake, and she will continue to get her MP allowance, and this is what will be till the next GE. It is water under the bridge, like those big payouts. Never expect any one to return even a dollar.

I just got the feeling that she has become the bogey for all the anger against the party. It is misdirected anger. Wrong target, at your own time, fire.

lim said...


Her husband of 15 years difference and the remembered she said that everything is affordable and should be blame the government for the poor suffering is ready stupidity.

Worst, we have a Nicol Seah to compare and here you goes.....

She said she come from poor background, ha ha Father owns a coffeeshop(easily now 5 million dollars) , how to be poor and hubby top civil servant!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Lim, welcome to the blog. Those comments that she made did not reflect well on her and failed to change the public's perception of her. That's true.

I don't expect too much from the youth. Well, they made the decision, they will have to live with it. The party is taking the biggest hit for this.

The said...

/// Matilah_Singapura said...
If she were male I might judge her as "young dumb and full of cum" -- I don't know what the female equivalent is,... ///

The female equivalent is sama sama - young, dumb and full of cum [hopefully not from you, :)].

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Definitely not from me. I like my squeezes to be slutty and dirty looking. Cute/ goodie goodie not my thing. ;-)

Anonymous said...

>>>>>Definitely not from me. I like my squeezes to be slutty and dirty looking. Cute/ goodie goodie not my thing. ;-)<<<<<<

yah, like your mudder

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Anonymous said...

why wow? should it be ....wank?

Anonymous said...

prease dun mention that word or he will start spraying his curry

Anonymous said...

PAP or TPL = Ayn Rand's rational self-interest ?

Are our elites all Randian ideologues ?

The bankters are winning, so i guess
Ayn Rand is right ....


rex said...

i think the main problem with tingpeiling is the same as the problem with chanchunseng.

Both of them are very mediocre in fact sub mediocre in intellectual and other traits, and both of them hv NO mandate from the people. Not just because of the GRC thingie but also because of the 15 sec walkover nonsense in Tg Pagar.

When someone has no mandate to govern, and is made to lord over you, in charge of you, have power over you, it is not acceptable.

That is why people are angry. I am not angry with her about the money. I am angry with tpl n ccs for accepting a post most ungraciously. If they have any honour in them, they would reject the post. They wouldnt starve by remaining in whatever old jobs they are doing. It is a matter of integrity. TPL and CCS has no integrity. They should have rejected the post because they were not properly voted into parliament in a clear unequivocal way.
Sorry i have no pity for such scums.


Anonymous said...

It will be surprised that Sinky government needs mandate from the people to appoint CCS or TPL or whoever to the political office. This is a feudal dynasty political system in modern time and it is implemented very cleverly like the so-called high competitive salary for politicians to prevent corruption and attract talents. Besides North Korea, Sinkapore perhaps is the only only country that practices passing political power from father to son but did it cleverly by using seat warmer tactic to smoke screen the motive. Japan is still having royal family but they are not having political power.

Anonymous said...

TPL is probably finding out right now, who her real friends are.

She's also learning what it feels like to be on the wrong side of PAP's value system of "You die your business."
She's now PAP's sacrificial lamb to placate the masses.

Her out-of-touch bosses dis not understand the political ground and chose to field her. She was equally out-of-touch by choosing to accept the career "challenge".

But she won't be allowed to resign or PAP will lose face. So die die must finish at least one term as MP.

I'll feel sorry for her when she spits on her white uniform.

Anonymous said...

>I say again. It was not her fault. She is just like any other young person starting out to work, to take the challenge in life.<

I disagree

The 60% had put her into the Parliament but she has been giving the 40% every reasons to hate her more. Example, energy saving light bulb, anyone?

Look at Putu-Cherry, Scandalous FMH. They having been keeping quiet all these while and the 40% do not seem to hate them more than in May 2011

> Let’s not make her life miserable and to pay for other people’s mistake. <

Agree. Provided she does not make an even bigger ass out of herself or others mistake

I hope her parents will be wise enough to teach her silence is golden, sometimes. Especially when you have nothing to show

>After the day is over, it may not be a mistake after all. No one knows better. <


Only daft taxpayers pay someone untested, unproven to learn and hope for the best

On second thought, looking at the 60%, I take that statement back

I just pity the children of the 60% have to pay for their parents' mistake/choice during GE2011

-Singaporean Parent

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, she should remain quiet like the two new citizen MPs. They are really smart. Silence in golden. Stay out of the limelight, stay out of trouble.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Tin Pei Ling, I don't know what to say

Din said...

Completely disagree.

An analogy here. If you decide to join a company and realise very quickly that you don't fit in, what do you do?

Do u blame the hiring manager for hiring you for that role?

You can decide to leave. Like the last minute withdrawal of the PAP candidate from Tampines GRC.

She could decide to withdraw from standing in GRC or stand in SMC. So she chose this path herself and she had ample opportunity to take a different path before nomination day!

So no need to feel sorry for her. She was milking the system all the way and it backfired!

As the saying goes, It's not personal, just business!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Din, welcome to the blog.

In Hotel California, one can check out but just cannot leave.

Anonymous said...

Have to disagree. TPL is not an exceptional girl; in fact she is bland. There are loads and loads of young talented people who are better qualified/more mature&intellient than TPL. Sure TPL is a nice enough girl except for the cheek...i mean honour to want to be of service to SGs. Serve for free till she is ready & we will honour her.

Anonymous said...


She may just be all that you have said here, but politics, holding a responsible position in govt is NO place for a learner to be. An intern belongs in the wings learning on the job. When she decide to participate full time in the mainstream she has to be ready because the ordinary folks who voted for her or who got her as their MP BY DEFAULT, their problems are important even life saving in some instances to them. Their problems are not something for a novice like TPL to make use as part of her tuition package!

Any mistakes she may potentially make can have a potential of making or breaking a person's or his or her family members lives!

Sometimes I do wonder about the moral values of those who push her into it and HER own motivation and maturity for accepting it? While it may not be like a doctor's responsibility, I believe her role as an MP is not too far away from the ballpark.

Anonymous said...

The selectors must think they are seeing a Margaret Thatcher in the making. Just give Chok Tong some time to train her up.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What happen to the gracious Singaporeans? Can we be a bit kinder and more forgiving?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, most of the points made in your article will immediately become moot if Nicole Seah was elected.

Anonymous said...


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