Grace Fu, feel sorry for you

I read what Grace Fu said. She came forward to serve the country with a cut in income, her career disrupted, the privacy of her life and family affected, and now this, a further cut in her salary.

This is indeed too much to ask for from a fellow citizen. Lose money, lost out in career and now lose more money. I can understand her unhappiness. I will support her if she chooses to leave politics and go back to advance her career and enjoy her higher income, and all the privacy of a normal citizen.

Sinkies are ungrateful indeed. Let’s all be more graceful and leave her alone. And if she so decides to return to the private sector, so be it, and wish her well. Happiness and peace of mind are important. If a political career is making her life so miserable, she should do what is good for herself and her family.


Anonymous said...

'If she so decides to return to the private sector, so be it' is exactly my sentiments and I am sure are also the sentiments of many, many Singaporeans.

Why always need to bring up the issue of how much they lost out in income by going into politics?

The people did not go out to choose her, the PAP did. Why should the people care a damn about how much she loses by going into politics? Blame the PAP!

If some people can just say, if you do not like it here, just leave, so should she.

Anonymous said...

Thought she got a big jump in income and a big career boost?

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of this pinoy who said that singaporeans should be grateful to have him in singapore because he helps to create jobs for singaporeans. He also said that his talent is needed more in pinoyland but he chooses to come here so that singaporeans can benefit from his talent.

He feels that, with the anti foreigners sentiment running high in cyberspace, singaporeans are a bunch of ungrateful lot for the sacrifices that he has made to make singapore a better place for singaporeans.

Grace Fu is right.Singaporeans are really ungrateful for her sacrifices. She should teach these ungrateful singaporeans a lesson and put her talent to better use in the private sector. That pinoy should also teach the ungrateful lot a harsh lesson by putting his talent to serve his real fellow countrymen who would certainly roll out the red carpet to welcome him home.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let's respect their decisions.

Our policies of forcing supertalents to make great sacrifices to serve the country involuntarily by coercing them with big sum of money is flawed. They should not threaten them with so much money.

Let those who want to serve step forward and let no one who stepped forward under the pressure of money utter the word sacrifice anymore. If they do, spit on their face.

No one should be forced to sacrifice for other ungrateful sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Grace, you got my support. Don't allow anyone to force you to lower your standard of living and sacrifice your family's privacy and lose out in your career.

Be strong.

Anonymous said...

If Grace Fu is unhappy, she should scold the person who tricked her into becoming a politician.

And also LHL for accepting a pay cut on her behalf.

Anonymous said...

Grace F.U.

Anonymous said...

You stepped into Politics with your eyes wide open. Nobody put a gun to your head to accept such high pay. You are a typical sinkie , ai qi ai pi ai tua liap Nee ... go , FU_urself

Anonymous said...

Grace Fu
We support you.
Don't lower your standard of living for these ungrateful Sinkies.

Resign immediately and get an immediate pay increment from the GLCs (I mean private sector).

Anonymous said...

Another foot in mouth after one another .... Sinkies got eye see or no eye see ??

Anonymous said...

Dominoes starting to fall , Saw is out , who's next ?

Anonymous said...

Banana Split

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

She's a twit. By responding in the manner she did, she's weakened her position.

Never clarify or defend what you write or say on Facebook or any public theater, unless you've been unclear to begin with -- which she wasn't -- she was very clear in her original FB post.

It is ok to be wrong. It is not WHAT you think but HOW you arrived at your conclusions.

It is not ok, however to "back pedal", and dance around the same point again and again, simply by changing the language. Your position is instantly weakened.

A controversial post on an emotive topic will definitely draw fire; no question about it. You do no favours to anyone, least of all yourself.

Better to stand up for yourself and say, directly and plainly...and above all HONESTLY:

"Yeah, I'm doing it because the money is great. While money isn't everything, good money is quite the incentive!

The money is great because I know I'm worth every penny, and probably more".

...and if you want to be cheeky and twist the knife, you might add:

"If anyone has a problem with that, suck it up and deal with it!"

Heck, you're going to get criticised anyway. Might as well be brutally honest, and have a good sleep with a clear conscience.

Sorry, this minister has NO CHARACTER and definitely no winning attitude. (sheesh...what a loser...malu lah)

Better for these embarrassing babies to stay "protected" in the public sector, because in the private sector someone like me will cut their head off, shit down her neck, and then stomp all over their lifeless corpse like a cheap suit in the rain.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Alamak. The unwashed mindless masses couldn't wait to shit all over her. Convenient scapegoat --- stick your head out, be the first to take a bullet.

The silly twit should have just shut the fuck up and taken her time responding -- like maybe a few days or a week....or perhaps NEVER! Let's face it: Complainers are gonna complain, no matter what.

Ref: pg 25 "Silence Is Gold-Plated"

Have you ever experienced a first date where a lapse in con-versation caused uneasiness or anxiety? When you're uncomfortable, silence adds to your discomfort.

Conversely, some married couples can be comfortable in each other's presence for hours without a single word being exchanged.

The guilty are uncomfortable with silence

Anonymous said...

Grace Fu.
Resign immediately.
And show the ungrateful Sinkies how much talent they are losing to the private sector.

Show the Sinkies that 3 Foreign Talents will have to be hired at 3 times your salary to fill in the big shoes you leave behind.

Anonymous said...

"Sinkies are ungrateful indeed. Let’s all be more graceful and leave her alone."

We would have been graceful has it not that we have been paying for her undeserved millions dollars perk and salary. She forgets that even she shitting in the toilet, the time been pay for shitting is the same salary a average income person get paid in full-day.

that is how obscene her salary is, and my example not even out-obscene her.

Anonymous said...

Three times her salary?

Who is going to pay?


Trash talking rubbish!

Anonymous said...

Can you attract highly qualified individuals from the private sector without obscenely high pay. Yes, you can!

~Lee Myung-bak, President of South Korea (former CEO of Hyundai Construction & Engineering) - current annual Salary: $162,000
~John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand (former trader with Merrill Lynch, annual income $2.25 million) - current annual Salary: $310,000
~Yoshihiko Noda, Prime Minister of Japan (Former CEO of Nissan)
Current annual Salary: $316,000

Anonymous said...

Another greedy person.
Just look at her past career before joining politics will reveal that she is from GLC. All knows GLC top management is grossly overpaid like the ministers. the whole system is corrupted. She only worked for private companies during her early few years after schooling. What is she talking about past private income? GLCs are government organization under a fake privatization policy. GLCs are also monopoly companies locally and are highly inefficient in the international playground where most require government to government link to obtain contracts overseas. GLCs are more like the State Owned Companies in China or other non-democratic countries. Private sector in Singapore is dead many years ago since 1965.

Anonymous said...

Foreign Talent will not work for such a low salary as Grace Fu.

So of course have to pay Foreign Talent three times Grace Fu's current salary; which is the fair market rate.
Foreign Talent is not going to do national service you know.

Ungrateful Sinkies

Anonymous said...

Time to Go , Grace, F_U. Sinkies baying for blood, after SMRT CEO's fall from grace , there will be no stopping , out with all foot in mouth , hand covering backside PAPPY !!

Anonymous said...

Wonder when she returns to pte sector , how much of a pay cut she will get ? Hmmmm....... she must now be regretting using FB , it has cost her literally millions worrr ... Orrrrrrbeeeee gooot.

Anonymous said...

Come on Guys ! Lets chant together for Grace Fu to exit gracefully lah. If Saw of SMRT can do it ( by our chanting ) , so can Grace FU. Get Out , NOW !!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's sing this GOODBYE song in GE 2016.


Let's all sing it for Ms Saw today.

Anonymous said...

Please dig a bigger hole for yourself and others who are soon to join you , dis-Grace-Fu !!!!!!

gwen said...

She talks about a lost of a mere fraction of her exorbitant salary which we, the taxpayers have been paying through our noses so she n her cronies can enjoy the lap of luxury. There r many thousands of Sgreans who r struggling just to survive n make ends meet bcoz they had a huge deduction in their meagre income or even have lost their jobs n a total lost of income due to the high influx of Fts.. These Sgreans r the ppl we have to feel for.

I most definitely welcome her move out of politics into the private sector if she so chooses. The sooner, the better. There r many others who r really dedicated to serving the ppl n our country n r willing to serve for much lesser than what she is earning now, even wif the reduction in salary.

gwen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi gwen or qwen, welcome to the blog.

There are two talent kites that have been so often that the 'talents' really believe that the sinkies owed them a living. One is the foreign talent myth. Every one of them believes they are really so talented that sinkies are just a bunch of daftees and they are here to help the helpless sinkies.

The second kite is of course the best talents they could find in the whole island, even scouring the whole world, to pay them super talented pay to be political leaders. Without them you know what would happen to the sinkies?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Some may think they are like Mahathir. Just put up an act of resigning and all the fakies would go down on their knees to beg them to stay.

Abdullah and his gang were waiting for that moment to quickly say thank you to good riddance and bungled him out.

Anonymous said...

When she chose to move into politics because of money, she shouldn't be there in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Ask anyone(40and above) in the street now....if they are happier now or 30 years ago!
Without the bloated inflation created by government, all our politicians won't be paid so much.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see a real passionate PAP minister to come forward and suggest the minimum wage law to take care of the under-privileged fellow citizen. They are struggling everyday to make ends meet.
Receving millions and still not satisfied?
How many hours does she work? For the same pay, a factory worker have to slot a few hundred hours per day to get the same pay, FAIR!?

Anonymous said...

Our Ministers only attend this function that function, remainder time read their CPF Statement to get high. Sometimes learn a little acting to please the crowds.
One even told the people how healthy he was with regular exercise and boasted that he looked younger than his age. He also proclaimed himself a pious man. Then when he was required to undergo Bypass, he boasted how cheap it was at $8.
Have Singaporeans come across any parliamentarian talking about citizens struggling for survival? Did any one of them ever care whether there are sufficient beds in hospital?
Never heard any of them lamenting of heart-aching encounter with oldies working as toilet cleaners and trash collectors.
Worse, they now have younger foreigners working as cleaners at Changi Airport to avoid negative impression. AND THE OLD SINGAPOREANS LOST THEIR JOBS!

What else can we say about our parliamentarians?

Anonymous said...

She could have just GRACEFULLY RESIGN.

Anonymous said...

Share these two posts below. The posts are very logical.

Propose a formula for your own salary and present the proposal to the parliament for approval. The parliament is dominant by you and your cronies and you know your proposal is definitely passed.

After the people object to your proposal, you appoint one of your cronies to review the proposal and he recommend a revised proposal that you and your cronies (not the people) are happy about it. Then you present the revised proposal to the parliament again for approval. You know that all your cronies in the parliament will support the revised proposal because the revised proposal is for their own good. The parliament is still dominant by your cronies and the revised proposal will be approved. 

Tell me what sort of parliament system is this? Is this corruption at the highest level? If not, what is it?
You propose a salary formula for you and your cronies to base on a group of top earners who are mostly from GLCs and your cronies' companies. You also know that your controlled parliament will pass your proposal. 

Next thing you do is to get GLCs and your cronies' companies to pay the chief very very well. As such, your and your cronies' salary will be increased accordingly. 

What is this? Is this corruption at the highest level? 

After the revised salary proposal, one of your cronies can say she suffer pay cut by joining politics. She claimed she can earn much more in 'private' sector. Look at what 'private' sector she has worked before joining politics. Are GLCs really 'private' sector? If she is right, GLC must have paid her very very high salary. This proves that you have artificially raised the GLCs chief salary having know that this will effect higher salary for you and your cronies. 

You see, based on logic and deduction, the people can prove the current system is very very clever. On the surface, it is not corruption at the highest level and abuse of power granted by the people to you. Is this 'legalized' corruption at the highest level?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@redbean 148
> > There are two talent kites.. [..]

Err.. These are not all myths. There is a huge truth behind these kites. Here are things to consider

Firstly go to TM review and forums like this one and judge for yourself the mentality, emotional state and general intellect of your average Singaporean.

Sorry to say, it's a case of Dumb and Dumber. The brain drain has definitely had a serious effect.

Add to that the widespread Entitlement Mentality that is infecting an increasing amount of the LOCAL population. Sorry to state another observation: the general attitude of foreigners is FAR SUPERIOR to your average spoilt local who still is thinking :
"my cuntry OWES ME ". Before it used to be "my cuntry owes me a living". Nowadays it's upgraded to my cuntry owes me: house, job, education, healthcare, transport, pension... everything imaginable AND MORE.

Middle class welfare from cradle to grave , rock on folks with The ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY!!

Anonymous said...

MPs' hot topics are pay cut, GDP, Fire fighting on problems such as floods, housing, and fortune telling. LKY call it Farsighted. They also talked about the availability of Homes for the Aged. How many MPs really work on how to reduce utility bills, the senior citizens get free medical support. During the PAP era, they only talked about how to retain our CPFs, but how to let the citizens make the best out of it.
Why is the Govt not working to let its citizens have a peace of mind when they finally cannot work anymore?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A lot of questions will be asked in Parliament to day. Some will be very sensitive, embarrassing but very pertinent and informative, like how many months of bonuses were paid over the years, how many are getting pension and how much, how many have withdrawn their pension in one lump sum and how much is that, and how come got so many interesting allowances in the package, how did they got in, who introduced them, when and who approved them....And what is the total annual income including all other appointments and allowances.

Anonymous said...

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