Latest on Ministerial Salary cut

This is not confirmed but came out from the wire. The recommendations could see a 28% cut for Hsien Loong, 31% cut for junior ministers and 51% cut for the President. MPs will get a 3% cut.

And this will be back dated to 21 May 2011.


Anonymous said...

Best Part : NO MORE PENSION !!! Can't believe... too good to be true ?

Anonymous said...

No wonder SR Nathan,
George Yeo & Aljunied GRC
all retired from politics.

Gravy train has stopped temporarily.

Anonymous said...

Phew .... just in time. you forget , the old goat oso.

Anonymous said...

This could be seen as another property cooling measure. Got chance to release CPF earlier. No more need to raise fees, rentals, charges etc etc. Cost of living will come down.

GDP sure to come down. But that is okay if inflation also comes down.

Anonymous said...


FFFFFFFFFF !! ( very very loud )

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Salaries still high lah. All that money, all those years...they're still way ahead of the curve lah.

Keep on chanting the CPF mantra. I think jesus will cum long before you get "your" CPF. ;-)

Anonymous said...

They will have to come to terms with it.

Anonymous said...

As employees of Spore Inc, they should go on strike. How can cut pay like that. Get Swee Say and the unions to rally the workers for support. They can start by Occupying Hong Lim then move to Parliament House.