Malaysia entering a new phase of freedom and accommodation

I was curious when the police allowed the rally in support of Anwar at the High Court. It could be a very serious demo if Anwar was found guilty. Now that the truth is out, very likely the verdict was already known and the goodwill for approving the rally was the final touches to a happy ending to a bad saga.

The opposition should appreciate this new openness and freedom they are enjoying under Najib and may they move forward towards a more inclusive society minus the vibes and acrimony of the Mahathir era. They could bury the past and be less combative and abusive towards each other.

Anwar can then go and contest the general election as a new man with a new ethos. Hopefully less of the bad blood will flow this time. What I don’t understand are the few bombs that exploded. Someone is still unhappy and did not want the party to go on. Someone wanted the bitching and fighting to continue, I guess.

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Inclusive? You have to be shitting me. Malaysia has got 2 legal systems and 2 empowered law enforcer agencies -- one the state, the other religious.

The religious motherfuckers are raiding joints including 5 star places to catch and prosecute "orang islam" drinking and rabah-ing and fucking. They even have religious "police" at road blocks for drink driving. And good luck if you are muslim and you are gay. Mapus. Big trouble.

Malaysia is a backward cuntree because of its adherence to islam, and allowing 2 legal entities to co exist.

After all, Anwar was "busted" under ISLAMIC LAW and any state law for sodomy or homosexuality has it's precedence in motherfucking RELIGION.

Ok, now it's over to my buddy Nam Wee to FUCK his own cuntree. Singaporeans lack the bola bola to tekan SMRT and their own cunt-tree betul betul. Please take a look at how Inche Nam Wee fucks TNB (Malaysia's National Energy Company) upside down for recurring blackouts.